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Contention en una oración (en ingles)

  1. This is my third contention.
  2. There was no contention in.
  3. This is my fifth contention.
  4. This is my fourth contention.
  5. This is my second contention.

  6. He’d grown sick of all the contention.
  7. Which brings us to our contention, Rami.
  8. Our contention in this chapter is that the.
  9. To verify the contention that email is one-.
  10. Her weight is a point of contention in her.
  11. Great contention therefore arose between them.
  12. Entering The Battlefield of Doctrinal Contention.
  13. It was a well-chewed bone of contention between us.
  14. Is this contention not opposite to the statements of God?
  15. One more point of contention between Shri Maharaj and the Prabhu.

  16. Communist Party was the contention that it was a grassroots orga-.
  17. It is my contention that Aesop was writing for the tortoise market.
  18. The contention is that they built things for him and on his behalf.
  19. That's a real bone of contention between Chuck and his neighbors.
  20. Only by pride cometh contention: but with the well advised is wisdom.
  21. Which to choose, ITM or OTM, is a big bone of contention with traders.
  22. The Elder smiled, You were of some contention in the meeting, Child.
  23. And this solution was in favor of Alexey Alexandrovitch’s contention.
  24. And listening to the conversation, he supported Sviazhsky’s contention.
  25. But there was no mistaking it, there was little justice in this contention.

  26. There is still contention and disagreement; there are accidents and ailments.
  27. The myth’s primary contention is that we became human not when our skeletal.
  28. Pro 13:10 Only by pride cometh contention: but with the well advised is wisdom.
  29. There was no substance in this contention in view of the TRAI recommended re-.
  30. It is his contention that this crisis is as important as the underground cause.
  31. Our main contention should be a moral appeal for unity in the industrial world.
  32. The main source of contention, though, is the assumed trend profit growth rate G.
  33. Still, proving this contention is as likely as being able to ‘prove a negative.
  34. It is my contention that the smart money in this business profits from the mundane.
  35. The Pharisees believed in it, and it, too, was a bone of contention in the schools.
  36. Still an area of contention, more so because this theory touches on religion, the.
  37. The contention that the main headquarters is in that unprotected dome is ludicrous.
  38. So suddenly and smartly did he do this, that we all stopped in our foolish contention.
  39. Concerning their contention that the study of magic is a class or a branch of science:.
  40. The leader of the Democratic Left would not back down on the points causing contention.
  41. Given the historical record and comparative studies, the contention appears to be soundly.
  42. My point of contention is that Jesus' gift of forgiveness and salvation is not conditional.
  43. In the commission this question had been a ground of contention between several departments.
  44. Presently, there are no studies of any kind to support this contention, and as is the case.
  45. This would support the contention that dairy hormones are a risk for human breast cancer (8).
  46. Empiricism is an epistemology (theory of knowledge) based on the contention that knowing is.
  47. In addition, the contention is that there is not even one superfluous word in the Pentateuch.
  48. It was a bone of contention with Ellen’s brother Kevin and her sister Theresa in particular.
  49. It is the Leader’s contention that most people do not understand this or relate to it at all.
  50. But the contention is that their teaching and direction are loftier than those of the messengers.
  51. Walston remained unyielding in his contention that he and Frazer weren’t personally acquainted.
  52. His illustration borrowed from boxing is very apt, and in a certain sense makes for my contention.
  53. The British boat, once it got going, also went out hard, charging furiously back up into contention.
  54. There was a lot of contention on whether or not Shultz had anything to do with the kidnapping or not.
  55. Almost more importantly before going into a negotiation test yourself on possible areas of contention.
  56. No proof of this contention was ever discovered, but the story kept many Federation commanders in line.
  57. She refused to acknowledge this, her strong contention that she was fine dismissing his concerns.
  58. The contention is that the two noble Fortresses were sent to the prophet Mohammad (cpth) for this reason.
  59. However, our contention is that approximately 80% of options held through expiration will expire worthless.
  60. Firstly, there was the will that was to become a bitter bone of contention for most of the immediate family.
  61. Not to mention the attempts on her own life, which led to contention between her and your father’s family.
  62. They also reject the contention that he had been harassed at school any more than would be considered normal.
  63. If the system did not receive one of these frames within 18 seconds, it initiated a monitor contention process.
  64. It had become a serious object of contention for her, that she hadn’t been able to shake him from her thoughts.
  65. Consistently the main point of contention reared its head, namely who was the fourth member of Blauner’s party.
  66. It simply happens to be our contention that the base fundamentals of the underlying market are much more important.
  67. The fact that the same joke, the same style, has no effect in France or England or Italy makes this contention valid.
  68. He took some consolation from the fact that Ulbrickson had told the press that the third boat was still in contention.
  69. It was still higher than Moch wanted to row, nearly a sprinting pace, but it was what he needed to stay in contention.
  70. It is your contention, Nick, that you never bought or touched the items in the woodshed on your sister’s property.
  71. I think, said Adeimantus, that in the spirit of contention which characterises him, he is not unlike our friend Glaucon.
  72. The schools of Judea were pretty well balanced in talent, and the resurrection was one of their chief bones of contention.
  73. Captain Lord entered a sweeping denial of Gill's accusations and read from the Californian's log to support his contention.
  74. Some warriors had not been in contact with the enemy yet, and I suspected this was a bone of contention among many of them.
  75. Well there is the core of our contention then, for you can plainly see that I was as responsible for that one as you!.
  76. Long tails express volatile, even violent contention over the direction, and small tails reveal consensus or lack of interest.
  77. Let me illustrate my contention by citing the example of a lustful man who thus wickedly looks upon his intended consort in sin.
  78. In fact this very example supplies a useful demonstration of our contention that a coverage of two times interest is inadequate.
  79. My tumble to the mat knocked me out of contention completely and I could no longer follow the pattern of moves that Doug Green.
  80. But that’s fine with firm A since they have nine other candidates and at the same time they have flushed firm B from contention.
  81. The second point I will address will be the contention that the defendant is no longer human and no longer is subject to human laws.
  82. It is also my contention that much that is in doubt and that cannot be proved, today, will become provable with this model in place.
  83. Once the object of contention is completely destroyed the wave recedes back into the depths of the soul only to begin churning again.
  84. If the author’s contention is true, it would only indicate that the Second World War was unnecessary, at least for the United States.
  85. This would then be weakened, becoming fragile, and therefore their life together would later be filled with disagreement and contention.
  86. Several peasants and soldiers who refused to take part in a drill and to use weapons were put under arrest for disobedience and contention.
  87. We have, he said, a stronger lineup than in the spring of 1935, and we figure to have three good fast boats in contention in January.
  88. It is the business of all parties to settle amicably as they can any subject of contention between persons of different political persuasions.
  89. The active monitor did not have any special programming or hardware; it was simply elected to the role by a process called monitor contention.
  90. It was evident to Levin that Sviazhsky knew an answer to this gentleman’s complaints, which would at once demolish his whole contention, but.
  91. This refusal to accede to the Jerusalem decree was based on their contention of congregational autonomy rather than on sympathy with Jesus' cause.
  92. Dory went at her with a will, refusing to consider Charly's contention the story was all a big mistake, a misunderstanding, the rumors certainly false.
  93. The centuries are filled with philosophical contention between supporters of deductive and inductive logic as to which gives a truer picture of reality.
  94. There is evidence to support the contention that she killed one of the men, but what is clear is that as a fighting unit, they are a formidable force.
  95. Re: Husband and wife: (Locke’s response to a monarchist’s contention that the marriage relationship is the prototype for monarchy, as per the Bible).
  96. There was an expression that seemed appropriate to support that last contention, something about a house built on sand, but Jameer couldn't come up with it.
  97. That inward disunion, the members ceasing to have a reciprocal love ‘one for another,’ is the very root of all contention, and every outward separation.
  98. They had ordered their snakes to attack rival groups of monsters, and of the eight generals who headed the eight groups in contention, only one had survived.
  99. The contention came, after all, to this;—the secret was such an old one now, had so grown into me and become a part of myself, that I could not tear it away.
  100. The court was simply stunned with amazement as the very man whose fate had been the subject of so much contention appeared bodily before them in the witness-box.

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