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    1. She did it with machine-like precision, and it looked like she would have been able to pick them up all by herself if they didn’t cooperate

    2. Functional diversity is how organisms cooperate with each other

    3. "We have individual sovereignty and cooperate with each other as we feel like

    4. Cooperative - A man who is not willing to cooperate with others and feels he

    5. church to cooperate in this endeavor

    6. JOYCE: Is it not true that she did not cooperate with you in your act of sex?

    7. ability to obey, or cooperate with your intention

    8. defiant even as his body refused to cooperate

    9. Cooperate, with Amanda

    10. “I'll cooperate, but on my terms this time

    11. It told me to cooperate with you and stay on the outside

    12. I as principal can lessen the penalty, but since the two of you fail to cooperate or

    13. If you cooperate I won't do that to you again

    14. country, if he would cooperate with the USSR, the world

    15. Cooperate and you’ll be released

    16. Ben could be got up and dressed in a mere quarter of an hour – if he was in the mood to cooperate

    17. ‘Roidon, I will not cooperate in this experiment

    18. Vangie would not cooperate with the therapist

    19. As separated-parents of the children you both love – you need the grace of God to cooperate for the children's best interest

    20. ” These principles are based on the premise that despite the joint-responsibility for the upbringing of your children, there are challenges that need to be overcome so that the two of you can cooperate and be effective as parents

    21. She decided it would be best to cooperate

    22. Yes, you need to cooperate and communicate

    23. The things that it does make sense to discuss are issues of safety, scheduling (only as it relates to the need to cooperate with moving the children back and forth between homes), discipline and holidays

    24. You’re better off to cooperate,” and then the sergeant abruptly hung up

    25. Mutely, in trembling disconnected movements, having trouble getting her shaking hands to cooperate, she lifted her possessions, one by one, from the floor and stuffed them into the torn remnants of her bag while her ear pounded its beat of pain and heat, pulsing the entire side of her head

    26. Not until the 1842 Treaty of Webster Ashburton did the two nations cooperate to end slavery

    27. The Vice President informed his attorney that he was going to comply and cooperate

    28. If we could keep doing that sort of thing we would be all right, bearing in mind that the rail net didn’t always cooperate

    29. “You are advised to cooperate,” the chief bug said finally

    30. Couldn’t God cooperate, or see that he was suffering?

    31. “I will instruct everyone that they are to cooperate with the authorities and tell them we have fled westwards,” said Colling, his words more confident than his thoughts

    32. Even as the Roman Imperial elite took over the main persecutorial role, the Jewish minorities in many different places and times found it expedient to cooperate in the suppression of this growing, then burgeoning challenger to their primacy in the Hebrew world

    33. He threatened the contractors, ordered his own employees not to cooperate, had

    34. the household items to storage, but she did not want to cooperate

    35. This assistance for housing was discontinued due to the family‘s inability to cooperate with motel staff around room access for housekeeping

    36. On January 7, 2005, the court issued another protective order that included Susan and Adam inform the DCF and their attorney of any change of address; the family should remain in the Eastern Seaboard area if they relocate there; they should cooperate with the Eastern Seaboard social service agency; Maine should communicate concerns to Eastern Seaboard Department for Children, Youth and Families; they should satisfy the court that the children‘s medical and educational needs were addressed in Maine; the children should be enrolled in an approved home school program in Maine; and Adam should sign medical and educational releases for the children prior to leaving court

    37. I knew from Mary, though, that there had been some hellish experiences the foster parents went through as the older ones, Cindy, Brian and Keith were the worst, would not cooperate in their new circumstances

    38. He informed me that he had seen the Matron, he didn’t elaborate (I didn’t tell him about her interview with me) and she would not cooperate with him

    39. “All I did was force Caleb to cooperate

    40. Cooperate in a win-win way to improve the product and relationships

    41. When Ignace presented himself to the priests, they all bowed down and announced that Pachacamac, himself, had told them we were coming and urged them to cooperate with us since he had sent us to bring order in the land

    42. This World will cooperate with you in full force only if your task is beneficial to the World

    43. a project and need the World’s help to complete it, take the time to prepare a comprehensive presentation to convince the powers that be that it is in their best interest to cooperate with you

    44. If your presentation is successful, not only will the necessary participants cooperate with you, the World might deliver your success to you on

    45. dictions, fears, and phobias—because you must convince your emotions to cooperate with your intellect and

    46. ” I doubted that her petite frame could support enough muscle power to readjust my shoulder, but even more I doubted that it would not hurt! Ah, well, I had better cooperate; she was, after all, their medic

    47. Ruminating on the younger generation’s abilities to cooperate and complement with an intelligence she had found so late herself, the aunt was silent

    48. She tried to keep her face in an angry pose but her lips refused to cooperate

    49. “Yes,” Gabriel said, “and if Israel refuses to cooperate and give up the area, the world may use that as an excuse to turn on the nation more than they already have

    50. But, to Roosevelt, the Chief Justice’s coolness to the idea was simply evidence of the Court’s “unwillingness to cooperate

    1. He already knew Saint O'Connor outranked him and he knew he had little if any real control over Systems Administration, but Ava cooperated with him most of the time

    2. The others couldn’t think of a reason they would be under suspicion and cooperated fully

    3. �My client has cooperated to the best of his ability, detective, and� he has declared his innocence

    4. Jasper cooperated with a slow trot around the paddock

    5. If so, it had been a fool’s errand: his soul wouldn’t be bought for a handful of golden coins! Never had they cooperated in a single venture, with the exception of an unwritten or spoken pact of mutual non-interference

    6. He almost laughed aloud when he thought about it; there he was, imprisoned by his brother, probably about to be executed unless he cooperated in an assassination for the benefit of the French Intelligence Service

    7. We need each other to survive, and we have always cooperated with each other,” says Johanna

    8. She probably reasoned that if it weren’t for me, you would have cooperated and none of this would have happened

    9. “Chofsky cooperated with me and consented to arrange an exchange of the money for his daughter

    10. And you cooperated with this evil plan

    11. The last years of his life were marked by a complete identification with the Jewish nation and with its needs as he saw them, and to this end he cooperated with the greater majority of the Jews of Eretz Israel who regarded him in every respect a Jewish king and the heir to the Hasmonean rather than the Herodian dynasty

    12. It was also a struggle against the upper classes of Judea who for many years had cooperated with the Roman regime

    13. The monsters have cooperated in thousands of simultaneous brutal attacks against our brothers living in society

    14. “There were people at the Station who cooperated with him?”

    15. The Coast Guard cooperated in the war against terrorism with other U

    16. Navy cooperated in tracking, communicating with, and ultimately searching for Earhart and Noonan

    17. In the Spring of 2002 Coast Guard boat crews from a maritime safety and security team led by a tactical law enforcement unit cooperated with the USMC in rigorous terrorist training exercises in the harbor waters off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina

    18. The naval services have cooperated in missions and planning for littoral security

    19. Stanley Spurgeon, of the USCG Marine Safety Office (MSO) Duluth, said Twin Ports officials cooperated in drug searches

    20. Local, state and federal public safety agencies cooperated with Canadian maritime security officials to enforce area restrictions (“Super Bowl…,” 2006)

    21. The two nations have cooperated in commercial shipping, safety, and port security matters in a maritime domain that has handled an estimated 200 million tons of cargo per year

    22. Nature cooperated by covering the land with one of those beautiful glistening snowfalls that come from windless skies, frosting field and house and tree with faultless crystalline mantles

    23. Despite the little bit of torture he'd been forced to endure, as part of his Intel Wing training, he knew that most people put under Rotham torture for any amount of time died, whether or not they cooperated

    24. If it did rain, I hoped the weather cooperated and the rain would stop early in the morning

    25. We let him sit, gave him a meal and a bucket of water for ablutions, threw a rug over his shoulders to remind him that life would be better if he cooperated, and discussed the story he was going to use to set the trap for his boss and Glaze

    26. “What in hell are you doing here? I thought we were finished since I fully cooperated in your investigation

    27. She more than cooperated

    28. We would prefer it if you cooperated voluntarily

    29. Humans and Stargazers cooperated to rebuild society

    30. Responsibility for the child's safety rested squarely with the parent and although the manufacturer cooperated to improve the product, gone were the days of liability lawsuits and government intervention in legal battles

    31. See good old Joe, cooperated after all”

    32. From 1932 to 1972, black and white professionals from Tuskegee University and public health services cooperated on the destructive Tuskegee Syphilis Study

    33. Everything looked perfect, and as long as the guests all showed up and cooperated, all should go just as planned

    34. Since Oman is not on our list of ‘American Haters’, and has cooperated with us in the past in

    35. Star was ready, with all pubic hair removed except a short landing strip, and cooperated fully

    36. If they cooperated and stayed out of his

    37. We also fully cooperated with the police investigation which was sadly slipshod (the police, for example, never sought the phone conversations of the MPs involved in the operation which were later obtained by Tehelka magazine)

    38. The weather just hadn't cooperated

    39. invested in depollutants, we cooperated internationally

    40. The Iranians had cooperated with North

    41. the traffic lights cooperated, turning green when they

    42. Everyone cooperated except the two Welsh ruffians

    43. I cooperated as much as I could without getting a little impatient and annoyed

    44. I was honest and cooperated

    45. Earl, the security guard, had cooperated with a composite artist skilled at high-tech computer sketches, but after a few hours of poring over hundreds of different eyes, noses, chins, mouths and hairlines, his brain was fried

    46. He cooperated and got a year

    47. institutions formed or cooperated with the ruling classes

    48. People cooperated because they both had to and wanted to

    49. husband who just missed becoming her foster father, had cooperated with him to produce a heiress for the flat and now looked after some of her other needs that hubby"s decrepit and deteriorating physical condition was unable to satisfy

    50. It was a strange experience and my body pulsed on its own, cooperated with the two penises with a mixture of sensuality and contempt

    1. There is a tree, but then there is the soil, and often a fungus in the soil that cooperates with the tree, and the air and wind, and the sun of course

    2. The Coast Guard cooperates with other government agencies in carrying out its multiple missions, including the Maritime Administration (MARAD)

    3. Coast Guard STANT Saginaw River cooperates with public safety (police and fire department) agencies in the Saginaw Bay region

    4. computer granting him immunity then he cooperates

    5. On the negative side, lacking the single-mindedness of the one's, they can come across as being indecisive, bland, and wishy-washy: too lacking in firmness to be masterful (unless the rest of the chart cooperates)

    6. d) A majority of your bulk traffic comes from US (solution: block all US traffic with the IP deny manger of your control panel, and be happy losing tons of money everyday ( unless yours is a local business site), because internet has not penetrated anywhere else as deep as it ahs in US, if my web stats are anything to go by); Then you are better off complying with FTC than trying to find "loopholes" in their ruling! Most certainly, you won’t be slapped with a lawsuit; you would probably surrender out-of-court (unless you happen with be a big gun with fat wallets and hefty bank balance; however FTC is more likely to go after the "little guys" who can be more easily and economically subdued than the big cooperates), but what would suffer in the end is your business - the months or years of hard work and sweat that you invested to built it from scratch would all go waste!

    7. Not only that: it is organized as an informational code which creates all of the cells of every living organism on Earth, and organizes them into a single living creature where every single cell cooperates with all of its neighbors without fighting or going to war or exploding apart

    8. In a society without money where everyone cooperates to insure the well being of everyone

    9. main reason why the government not only tolerates superheroes, but sometimes cooperates with them, and occasional y

    10. “If your daughter cooperates with Dr

    11. The Order of the Sword is a militant order which often cooperates closely with the Schuelerites and the Inquisition

    1. The last data we had from the Brazilian and the remainder of the Christial expedition indicated that they were cooperating with the Kassikan fully

    2. For the other's the bombshell was that the remains of the Christial expedition was also cooperating with the Kassikan

    3. We are offered the possibility of cooperating more intimately with our subconscious with the intention to improve our condition

    4. Don’t think about not cooperating with me or Major Warlock

    5. He got four years in federal prison in 2008, even though his cooperating with the justice department resulted in the conviction of an Ohio congressman, an ex-deputy interior secretary, and

    6. ‘I know you're worried that by not cooperating with it your consciousness will be eradicated, but that will happen eventually anyway

    7. These differences could interfere with you cooperating with her

    8. “So; he’s not cooperating with the coppers?” Bill asked

    9. There were concerns with Adam and Susan‘s housing instability, resistance to cooperating with the CPS and compliance matters associated with the children‘s education

    10. Christ daily and by faithfully cooperating with the

    11. Most of them were merely cooperating with the flow of power as they saw it and were not intentionally rebellious

    12. Most likely Calvin thought the image of them cooperating would help secure his hold over the ship

    13. "Could they be cooperating?" Calvin asked

    14. com, is defined as the act or process of working, one with another; cooperating, colluding, joining, assisting, or abetting

    15. sense of duty to society, joy of cooperating with

    16. He’d spring back from the grave if I sullied it by cooperating with you

    17. Her voice was lost, and the rest of her wasn’t cooperating either

    18. It's a gift from your subconscious, but you have to goose it into cooperating

    19. Repeat the exercise – they will be astounded at how quickly they complete the task this second time by cooperating with each other

    20. "Damn it, Mainwaring, when are you cloak and dagger fanatics going to start cooperating

    21. A DNA sample has proven that the third perpetrator was indeed a cat and the Lansing Police are cooperating with the Ontario Provincial Police to capture the iPhone kitty before he harms anyone else

    22. Coachees are always cooperating

    23. All of these events were cooperating in the cleansing and rejuvenating of a host that had endured such a monumental onslaught, in a Universal blink of an eye, as to stun its perceptions

    24. “Ladies and gentlemen, please, I don’t feel that you’re cooperating

    25. would have to consult with their leadership, but they could see no problem with cooperating

    26. Security was handled by three separate, cooperating, elements

    27. “Look, now you're not cooperating with me on this matter,”

    28. workers cooperating together in witness against you in testimony

    29. “Moe is cooperating after all

    30. But instead of cooperating as he promised, Hitler soon took control of the government

    31. Instead of cooperating with the DRV however, the United States supported the French in

    32. They chose to rely on divine fantasy instead of cooperating and prospering by their labor

    33. My opinion is that she should be considered dangerous if working against us, but also opened to loosely cooperating with us when both American and Iranian interests converge, even though that should be quite rare indeed

    34. “I have every intention of cooperating,” I said, “and I’m fairly sure I can get the dingus that was in that crate back for you, whatever it is

    35. I guess Bob will be cooperating with us without him knowing it

    36. Cooperating with us is the only chance that you have of us going easy on you

    37. The next few weeks were like Hell for me, with the captain beating me when I was not cooperating

    38. Bob had told me about his capture by Colonel Wapple and how Wapple had tried to coerce him into cooperating with Operation NewVision

    39. We were able to cover quite a bit of ground and fortunately, the weather was cooperating; although, the higher we climbed the colder it became

    40. “He was not cooperating

    41. This kind of inner transformation and sanctification can be accomplished in this life if you are willing to do your part by fully cooperating with the Lord once He starts it up with you

    42. What was initially seen as a negotiator’s ploy – threatening an existing supplier with their competition – has turned into a real negotiating opportunity for O’Leary with his announcement on 21 June 2011 at the Paris Air Show that he is cooperating with a Chinese aircraft manufacturer, Comac to help them develop a 200-seater version of their new plane, the C919

    43. These organizational systems can interact with other organizational systems, either of greater or lesser complexity, by cooperating, integrating, conflicting, annihilating, synthesizing, mutating, hybridizing or transcending together into higher inter-intra-organizations

    44. If it is liberated minds cooperating to find solutions to a collective dilemma, then the habitude of “School is work” is replaced with the habitude “Learning plays

    45. If we minimally did this, it would free in-class teachers to mentor the students in thinking and cooperating, not rote replication and competition

    46. "He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with

    47. Having held ourselves hostage by competing, rather than cooperating, with each other, we had no choice but to offer a deity's reward for a planet saved

    48. The killing was scheduled for two in the afternoon and the weather was cooperating for now

    49. Only by cooperating with them, he was told, could he hope to save his daughter

    50. wasn't cooperating with her

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