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Corrupting en una oración (en ingles)

  1. We are corrupting the people.
  2. The effect of all ownership is corrupting.
  3. Without corrupting and violating living humans.
  4. There seemed to be a new corrupting air that was.
  5. That fellow's a blackguard and he's corrupting them.
  6. America’s corrupting influence cannot be overestimated.
  7. Judas showed how merciless and corrupting the money can be.
  8. The corrupting idea is adorned with the most attractive beauty.
  9. They used different ways as pretexts to justify their corrupting.
  10. The idea…of corrupting all the native people of North America!.
  11. The corrupting effect of all power is arrogance-blindness-ignorance.
  12. Do you ever feel bad for corrupting that data? that cherub asked her.
  13. How? Why by insidiously corrupting all of Mankind into the paths of Evil.
  14. By corrupting a computer's knowledge of IP addresses, the attacker causes.
  15. John saw all too well the corrupting influences in the churches of his day.
  16. But whatever you cannot get enough of: is addictive, and ultimately corrupting.
  17. But I was waiting for John and was afraid he would find me corrupting his sister.
  18. How do you think that works? And how do you think you can avoid corrupting it?
  19. Force them to become honest and to stop corrupting students with intentional malice.
  20. The need to win transcends all other considerations, thereby corrupting ones humanity.
  21. Yet improperly used, or not used at all: it becomes a corrupting influence or worthless.
  22. We have come here to purge those sins far away from the corrupting influence of the city.
  23. Instantaneous panic gripped his mental faculties and he could feel it corrupting his whole.
  24. Unseen undead entities are corrupting living humans today just as they did over 2,000 years ago.
  25. Al'lah veils the corrupting means off those who have the capability of believing truly and doing good.
  26. Plantard, was exposed later as a forger and fantasist and had a court conviction for corrupting minors.
  27. Here, it was as if they wanted to isolate the inmates and keep them away from any corrupting influences.
  28. The soul too has her own corrupting principles, which are injustice, intemperance, cowardice, and the like.
  29. She relates details of these new procedures in her book PC, How Political Correctness Is Corrupting Medicine.
  30. The knowledge of the scroll is corrupting and if it were possible my masters would have destroyed it long ago.
  31. Yes, yes, it ended in my corrupting them all! How it could come to pass I do not know, but I remember it clearly.
  32. Dickens killed the moral watchdog of English speaking humans when he wrote that lying corrupting poisonous tale.
  33. The most condemnable aspect was that they occasioned the moral degradation in society with their corrupting influence.
  34. Satan loves corrupting the young and innocent because the Kingdom of God is promised to them and he’s jealous of that.
  35. This is why he tries to corrupt them when they are young that way they can spend the rest of their lives corrupting others.
  36. By corrupting her with fame and fortune: she became the most submissive starlet who did everything which was asked of her.
  37. That is an abstract of their corruption and their corrupting, and of their upper hand then their destruction in the first time.
  38. But corruption is not limited to seducement by desires, yet it is also followed by corrupting the creeds which nations embrace.
  39. Knowledge is so corrupting isn’t it? In fact it has already begun! You’re too late to stop us and it is worse than you know.
  40. A sale of indulgences which were ten thousand times more effective at corrupting the lives and bodies and souls of living humans.
  41. More condemning evidence is yet to come because the astrophysics tricksters did not leave the corrupting of evidence just at that.
  42. We must deal with the undead human scum who have been actively poisoning and corrupting our living lives for at least 75,000 years.
  43. And with the inevitable corrupting result of this power, they used it to completely control, manipulate and dominate the entire tribe.
  44. The corrupting effect of any form of greed is universal for all humans: whether it is the greed for knowledge, power, wealth, or fame.
  45. Merely the fact of living in civilization while attempting to practice such teachings has ended up corrupting the teachings themselves.
  46. It merely was transported by the same British to Hong Kong, and there they set about corrupting the people in an even more sinister way.
  47. By removing as much hardship as possible, while increasing ease as much as possible: the effect is universally corrupting for all humans.
  48. Would you agree with me in thinking that the corrupting and destroying element is the evil, and the saving and improving element the good?
  49. How anything… even the practice of voluntary poverty can be turned into the richest church on earth, into a misleading, corrupting religion.
  50. This is one small historical example how the sin of corrupting the celebration of a child called Jesus, was sneakily corrupted into gift-giving.
  51. It took hundreds of years of undead filth unsuccessfully trying to keep the status-quo in France as it was by corrupting their souls from birth.
  52. Dark forces formed a government that ruled over the entire world, corrupting the world with the worst vices, hedonism, and ignorance of many forms.
  53. And, to be fair, Rohsail’s attitude towards Thirsk seemed to have mellowed somewhat under the corrupting influence of the earl’s sheer competence.
  54. Ultimately, Socrates was tried for corrupting the youth and believing in one god who did good, certainly a divinity different than the gods of Athens.
  55. At that time, she dreamt that the devils had put all their belongings on a donkey after losing hope and despairing of corrupting this truthful repentant.
  56. Due to warfare with other bands… the fear of attack, the fear of death, being killed; this outer threat created the emotional corrupting climate of fear.
  57. Many people of this nation were always spreading corrupting and they are still doing that whenever they have the chance and find the circumstances opportune.
  58. And… because these entities worked all of that once-living person’s life corrupting him; so that he already enjoyed corrupting others while he was still alive.
  59. Yet Rome was the inverted symbol of the city, the anti city, a corrupted and corrupting mother who, instead of bringing life and blessing brought death and a curse.
  60. As he daydreamed his self-conscious revived thoughts of the past, corrupting his sense of mental conviction as it replayed moments of humiliation, embarrassment and pain.
  61. There was an aura of twistedness about her, as if everything good and wholesome had been thrown out the door and been replaced with every corrupting influence imaginable.
  62. After corrupting the whole world into the worship of money, the undead are ruining the hoax on purpose; confident that living human dupes will never see through the sham.
  63. I know you‘re seventeen and legal and more experienced than me in many ways, but as your teacher I‘d lose everything and probably serve a jail term for corrupting you.
  64. Unless you step outside the global normality of civilization, and examine how and why this dynamic works: you will not be able to realize how universally corrupting it is.
  65. I was not corrupting him! But I must leave him, too—I wanted to leave them all—there was not one of them—not one! I wanted to be a man of action—I had a right to be.
  66. There are many stories in their books which uncover the circuitous ways they followed for corrupting, such as using the women, the money, the lechery and spreading the luxury.
  67. They have all, perhaps, been corrupting one another; but if they are so much fonder of her than she is of them, she is the less likely to have been hurt, except by their flattery.
  68. Today: every political power-group on Earth has turned the right to vote into a powerless joke by fighting against each other, and by corrupting the system every way they possibly can.
  69. Any hard knock, and any painful blow, and they instantly flee out of the living person they are corrupting so they will not have to experience pain, so they will not be hurt and damaged.
  70. Could that be it? The weakness and trembling she had felt when the stranger had looked at her? Was he corrupting her innocence? The thought of it sent a delicious thrill through her body.
  71. All the gothic horror stories seen in movies, all gothic romances and ghost stories have ancient castles: they all tell tales of evil undead spirits who are hell-bent upon corrupting living people.
  72. Then there are all the ordinary goods of life--beauty, wealth, strength, rank, and great connections in the State--you understand the sort of things--these also have a corrupting and distracting effect.
  73. Keeping feelings bottled up, allowing them to accumulate and fester, keeping one’s thoughts and feelings to oneself, keeping them secret, are all different descriptions of the same corrupting process.
  74. When in fact undead filth have been unnaturally selecting the worst, sickest to survive, and attacking, corrupting, poisoning and killing the best and the healthiest of every species for untold millennia.
  75. For this superiority, envy and rage arise in the spirits of the unbelievers, and there they seek for corrupting the believers so as to wipe out that superiority and to keep their falseness hidden from people.
  76. An execution, such as Zhukóvski proposed to arrange, when men, as Zhukóvski assumed, would even experience a religious feeling of meekness of spirit, would be the most corrupting action that can be imagined.
  77. If one person profits from this exchange while the other person loses, then it becomes a human imbalance, corrupting the profiteer by his greed and selfishness and harming the loser through destitution and poverty.
  78. And even if he wanted to, the chances of successfully corrupting the monitor program with a virus was minimal, something even the highest rated programmer would struggle to accomplish, given its diagnostic ability.
  79. Since all workers are actually would-be, wanna-be owners, the owners have already won you over without even having to fight at all by brainwashing you and corrupting you without you even knowing they did it to you.
  80. Because newspapers accused the government of derailing its original intention, and corrupting the masses with lies and propaganda… so the government banned Christmas and the worship of Jesus the infant altogether.
  81. Unless you factor in the existence of undead ghouls controlling and manipulating Hitler and his cronies, and cunningly corrupting him to do the opposite of what his initial instincts told him was the right thing to do.
  82. This is what evil undead have been doing for millions of years to living souls: reversing their best intentions into the most evil intentions possible by corrupting them insidiously and systematically… secretly and invisibly.
  83. Simply by the over-intensive use of tools, simply by the evolving dynamic of accumulation within civilization and all of its corrupting effects: all child-rearing practices and norms are hopelessly corrupted and out-of-balance.
  84. The great thinker of the third age, Almani Zolandric, who has been credited as the primary contributor to the Temporal Directive, had not envisioned such extraordinary events brought about by the corrupting influence of technology.
  85. However…it was the corrupting compromises of those christianized communities; that saved them from being completely obliterated; along with the other purer and poorer fishing communities who did not practice enough civilized principles.
  86. Once the accumulation of knowledge grew so that no single person could master all of it, once people's roles forced them to specialize in some kind of expertise: then, unavoidably, knowledge became a corrupting dynamic within human society.
  87. Oh how she has been wrecking her vengeance on Hindustan by taking the Indian political morality to new lows by corrupting everyone and everything in her sight that is whatever her mother-in-law left uncorrupted in the country’s systemic vitals!.
  88. Most intelligent Colonists knew there was no excuse whatsoever for the practice of stealing their land and killing them, cheating them, corrupting them lying to them, stealing from them, massacring them, raping their women and killing their babies.
  89. By corrupting us he is essentially saying to his father look, look what you’ve created, the creatures you say are your greatest creation look at what they do, are you not proud of them are they still your greatest creation look, pay attention to me.
  90. Reason is subject to a variety of propositions, uncertain assumptions and questionable councils that oftentimes limit its ability to estimate things correctly or by passions likely to promote a corrupting influence on its ability to make rational decisions.
  91. The Party, in its great magnanimity, has decided to free you and to let you emigrate to your said ‘Holy Land’, where you will be able to rebuild your miserable lives without corrupting anymore the Soviet people with your cosmopolitanism and your Zionism.
  92. In the previous verse, the Almighty revealed that He judged in the Book that they would corrupt in the land twice and would become of high worldly position; we have referred to a part of their own corruption but we mentioned nothing about their corrupting to the others.
  93. It was a two-pronged attack upon the living human beings of Europe: Both sales of indulgences: secular and religious succeeded in corrupting living humans into believing that they has a god given right to indulge themselves in anything religious and also in anything secular.
  94. Soon, our proposal creates healthy competition of money’ power for the nonprofit organizations and it obtains the sinecures of the new alternative system with utilization of the same current market rule, without being predatory, without corrupting or to be corrupted by the money.
  95. Do you have any idea of how deeply, personally, corrupting it is; to take somebody's money and give virtually no beneficial result in return? Or refuse to help those who cannot afford it? It requires that you place your own self-interest above the person you are supposedly trying to help.
  96. Until the human species became a species that was brainwashed into killing destroying and poisoning, weakening and corrupting the best of everything, and sacrificing and burning as offerings to these dead abominations of evil filth every week, every month, every year for millions of years.
  97. What’s so fascinating about sex? Is it worthy of so much attention and impassioned emotions? Is it the pinnacle of pleasure that approximates heaven on earth as some suggest, or is it the work of the devil corrupting mankind? To answer that, one needs to ask what sex is and what it isn’t.
  98. Authority is in the hands of men who, like all the rest, are ever ready to sacrifice the common weal if their own personal interests are at stake; with the sole difference that these men, encountering no resistance from the oppressed, are wholly subject to the corrupting influence of authority itself.
  99. They have been doing it by corrupting us the living with their pride, and their arrogance, and their assumption of superior intelligence, and their superior cunning, and their lies, and their deceptions, and their delusions, and their insane hatred, and their envy, and their fear of all living creatures.
  100. SIN ter CLASS… was the sin of corrupting their once less corrupt class of formerly poor… with the sin of holding extravagant feasts, inside their own lower class… Inside… meaning: ‘to Intern’; meaning to hold inside… SINTER; holding a sin inside… INTER… your own KLAAS… your own class, get it?
  1. It has not corrupted me.
  2. Over time, it corrupted them.
  3. But programs can be corrupted.
  4. He has been corrupted, Isis said.
  5. Have they so corrupted you?
  6. The life corrupted you can't see.
  7. Not only has he corrupted his own.
  8. You have corrupted young magicians.
  9. It was about the corrupted heart of.
  10. But now this place has been corrupted.
  11. How he became corrupted, I do not know.
  12. You have corrupted the office you hold.
  13. She corrupted him from beyond the grave.
  14. And How It was Systematically Corrupted.
  15. Yet the heart of the mature is corrupted.
  16. In the corrupted currents of this world.
  17. Mark will not be corrupted by GrimFang.
  18. Oh great, he’s already corrupted her.
  19. Pure courage can never be corrupted by fear.
  20. True-hearted Men, they will not be corrupted.
  21. I corrupted myself, you were just a catalyst.
  22. The Fallen Angels had corrupted most of the.
  23. Sprugs taken from the Anointed always corrupted.
  24. As they were corrupted: they seek to corrupt you.
  25. This is just more "corrupted Christian teaching";.
  26. The doctor was the banker who was corrupted by her.
  27. In this way the humans will be corrupted from birth.
  28. You have corrupted your Hold and the people in it.
  29. What matters is that this time line is not corrupted.
  30. This was how the church corrupted the words of Jesus.
  31. Pure honesty can never be corrupted by lies and evil.
  32. The truth of the matter is that I have corrupted you.
  33. The lucky ones get burned out, corrupted or possessed.
  34. And that is what Paul said which Nichols has corrupted.
  35. It seems this entire realm has become corrupted, Jimmy.
  36. Man’s will is corrupted and in slavery to sin (John.
  37. Everyone I make successful is corrupted by that success.
  38. Stoke wondered when and how Pengrove had become corrupted.
  39. Just as it has corrupted and poisoned the idea of Beauty.
  40. He visits princes, though he is only a peasant corrupted.
  41. Any last words? Corrupted Andrew asked with a smirk.
  42. For he was convinced that Thutmekri had corrupted Gorulga.
  43. Those who seek and desire power are easily corrupted by it.
  44. Under the name Jetar, which later became corrupted to the.
  45. Hugh had corrupted the court and Peter had perjured himself.
  46. According to him, the security footage was somehow corrupted.
  47. It’s too bad she’s been corrupted and I have to kill her.
  48. Both jobs are being corrupted by the benchmark of exclusivity.
  49. These damned bracelets cannot be charmed, conned or corrupted.
  50. And besides, it seems you’ve already corrupted the time line.
  51. And poisoned by them and depraved by them and corrupted by them.
  52. How was the original Ancient Chinese Tao, or the Dao corrupted?
  53. My betrayal of the Reverend had corrupted my soul beyond repair.
  54. It is being systematically corrupted worse and worse; every year.
  55. Under the name Jetar, which later became corrupted to the better.
  56. That is how corrupted and sick our sense of Pure Wonder has become.
  57. With their nature corrupted by their dependence on a mistaken out-.
  58. This is an example of how human values have been corrupted by money.
  59. Beneath her perfect body was a corrupted soul and a blackened heart.
  60. Darkened–Defiled, corrupted, reduced in good, truth and/or justice.
  61. Their muzz corrupted brains ain't up to Sherlock Holmes that's for.
  62. She had two friends, one of which corrupted her and often taught her.
  63. The teachings of the historical Jesus were corrupted by Jesus himself.
  64. The corrupted religionists shall be deprived of their illicit earnings.
  65. And they corrupted their children because of their need for perfection.
  66. Let Paul prove that is correct and that we have not corrupted his words.
  67. Slang, being the dialect of corruption, quickly becomes corrupted itself.
  68. Yes, yes! Kill them! Kill them all! The corrupted form of Jack said.
  69. Her human was looking for Indians not corrupted by the European settlers.
  70. The heart had been corrupted with attacks coiled with dangerous emotions.
  71. The point is, not all jews are completely corrupted by these undead things.
  72. The programming of time is corrupted and the effect that seem supernatural.
  73. Nearly everything humans do is corrupted by some kind of ego-gratification.
  74. Our direct ancestors became corrupted with the arrogance of their own tools.
  75. However, the number of good churches were far fewer than the corrupted ones.
  76. How has tool-use corrupted the sense of play in humans? It has mechanized it.
  77. In England, the public schools are much less corrupted than the universities.
  78. Before they become corrupted by an older, usually fucking flitty.
  79. Is that all your western education has done for you? It corrupted you?
  80. Then you will understand why your behavior is corrupted and poisoned by them.
  81. A symbol of a tiny part of her childhood the organization hadn’t corrupted.
  82. So when a person has been resurrected, their body can never be corrupted again.
  83. Muhammad showed his feet of clay under a corrupted power and wordly ambitions.
  84. This compulsory enforcement corrupted the basic cooperative dynamic of the band.
  85. Jesus was the first blind, poisoned, mistaken, corrupted step in this direction.
  86. She had been beautiful, now she was corrupted with excrement and gastric juices.
  87. Do you really think that I care about the gold that has corrupted your heart.
  88. What do you think Aya would do? They're obviously corrupted and well past saving.
  89. It was this girl, itching for a bit of fun, who had corrupted her doting husband.
  90. The reason all humans born are born corrupted: is the causality of human history.
  91. It was sickening to think they’d been corrupted every bit as easily as the Fleet.
  92. Patrice Marraud is loyal to the West, he is too far gone; corrupted over the years.
  93. They successfully corrupted them with exclusive rights and privileges of hierarchy.
  94. Hence, the works of art corrupted by virtue of having been obtained illicitly end.
  95. The Puritans were quickly corrupted by their own work ethic and by their own greed.
  96. Until their entire spirituality becomes corrupted and poisoned by their consumption.
  97. Roehm was too healthy and too simple-minded to be as corrupted as Hitler had become.
  98. Successful is he who has made it pure, and unsuccessful is he that has corrupted it.
  99. The Haven was right, Rowena had been corrupted and ultimately freed the Sinsar Dubh.
  100. But their direct energy was corrupted by a change in direction billions of years ago.
  1. Failing is he who corrupts it.
  2. It corrupts the mind and the soul.
  3. The Almighty Sprug corrupts absolutely.
  4. Acton's truism: power, itself, corrupts.
  5. Built that way or not, all power corrupts.
  6. Power corrupts and the absolute raw power.
  7. This is why absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  8. Power corrupts and the absolute raw power of.
  9. The disease of idolatry is that it corrupts the.
  10. And unsuccessful is that who corrupts it!.
  11. People always want more power, and power corrupts.
  12. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts.
  13. He is almost at his last gasp, yet he corrupts others.
  14. Power and Wealth corrupts everyone: no matter who you are.
  15. Well, I said, and is there no evil which corrupts the soul?
  16. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  17. Giving money to other people just corrupts other people into the love of money.
  18. And one who takes and corrupts My gifts, for their own gain, shall be left desolate.
  19. This is how civilization successfully poisons and corrupts all love within its boundaries.
  20. But nobody ever mentions… that this unwritten rule is precisely the dynamic which corrupts your own humanity.
  21. Is anything any different? Human society corrupts truth very easily, by sanctifying two convenient hypocrisies:.
  22. Charity corrupts giver and taker alike; and, what's more, does not attain its object, as it only increases poverty.
  23. It poisons, pollutes and corrupts every new idea until that new idea becomes the opposite of what it originally was.
  24. The maxim that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely was as true in those far off days as it is today.
  25. As long as you remain an isolated spectator in a consumer society you will have no power except the money that only corrupts you.
  26. God knows that power corrupts, and he doesn’t give it out lightly, but what if he could find a generation that lives in his presence and knows his ways?
  27. Whereas that who shuns away from Al’lah and corrupts his spirit by immersing it in lechery, the misery will be his fate and he will incur nothing other than smarts and failure.
  28. The uniformity of his stationary life naturally corrupts the courage of his mind, and makes him regard, with abhorrence, the irregular, uncertain, and adventurous life of a soldier.
  29. It corrupts even the activity of his body, and renders him incapable of exerting his strength with vigour and perseverance in any other employment, than that to which he has been bred.
  30. The use of violence only weakens this force, hinders it and corrupts it, and tries to replace it by another which, far from being conducive to the progress of humanity, is detrimental to it.
  31. Civilization corrupts this dynamic of cooperation and the sharing of knowledge by overriding it with the need to accumulate that knowledge, hoard it, in order to gain some kind of advantage from it.
  32. He (cpth) also said about the radio 'the antichrist's donkey' that: "No home it shall enter but corrupts it": that is: it corrupts the spirits of its listeners because of what immortal sexual low songs it broadcasts.
  33. But civilization corrupts and poisons the human potential for living and life in humans living outside these prisons just as effectively as it poisons and blocks human development of criminals in bird-cages called prisons.
  34. ALLAH is a non-human ruler and an absolute ruler whose words must be obeyed without discussion, without doubt and without question, There is no bargaining, and if power corrupts then absolute power of ALLAH corrupt absolutely.
  35. Although truth can be shocking, it is in the interest of these forces to amplify and perpetuate the negative state, for this not only slows and possibly corrupts the spiritual progress but this also creates an abundance of negative energy upon which they feed.
  36. The attempt to treat the human body as a machine which can be fixed, the conflicting motives of trying to profit from helping others while helping them, its goal of trying to kill disease rather than improve health; are all tool dynamics which corrupts any humanity involved.
  37. The idleness of the greater part of the people who are maintained by the expense of revenue, corrupts, it is probable, the industry of those who ought to be maintained by the employment of capital, and renders it less advantageous to employ a capital there than in other places.
  38. This cannot be otherwise, because the possession of power not only corrupts men, but the purpose or even unconscious tendency of the violators will consist in bringing the violated to the greatest degree of weakening, since, the weaker the violated man is, the less effort will it take to suppress him.
  39. Then once that new idea is completely destroyed and turned into an evil idea: if the idea is still too good: civilization either corrupts it and then preserves the corrupted idea throwing away the original good idea; or lets the good idea go out of fashion, and lets it be laughed at as old fashioned and out-of-date.
  40. And still those who have the charge of youth may find a way by watchfulness, by affection, by the manliness and innocence of their own lives, by occasional hints, by general admonitions which every one can apply for himself, to mitigate this terrible evil which eats out the heart of individuals and corrupts the moral sentiments of nations.
  41. One execution, which is performed by well-to-do, cultured men, not under the influence of passion, but with the approval and coöperation of Christian pastors, and presented as something necessary, corrupts and bestializes men more than hundreds and thousands of murders, committed by uncultured labouring men, especially under the incitement of passion.
  42. It is neither theft, nor robbery, nor murder, nor fornication, nor fraud, but falsehood, that particular hypocritical falsehood, which destroys in men's conscience the distinction between good and evil, which corrupts them and takes from them the possibility of avoiding evil and of seeking good, which deprives them of that which constitutes the essence of a true human life,—it is this which bars the way to all improvement.
  43. The question must stand thus: “In what manner am I, a helpless, useless man, who, owing to the misfortune of my conditions, have wasted my best years of study in conning the scientific Talmud which corrupts soul and body, to correct this mistake, and learn to serve the people?” But it presents itself to them thus: “How am I, a man who has acquired so much very fine learning, to turn this very fine learning to the use of the people?” And such a man will never answer the question, “What is to be done?” until he repents.
  44. Every war, however short its duration, with its usual accompanying losses, destruction of the crops, thieving, admissible debauchery, looting, murders, with the invented justifications of its necessity and its justice, with the exaltation and eulogizing of military exploits, of love of flag and country, with the hypocritical cares for the wounded, and so forth, corrupts in one year more than do millions of robberies, incendiarisms, murders, committed in the course of hundreds of years by individual men under the influence of the passions.
  45. One fortune acquired by the trade in articles necessary for the masses or by corrupting the people, or by speculations on 'Change, or by the acquisition of cheap land, which later grows more expensive on account of the popular want, or by the establishment of plants ruining the health and the life of men, or by civil or military service to the state, or by any means which pamper to the vices of men—a fortune gained by such means, not only with the consent, but even with the approval of the leaders of society, corrupts people incomparably more than millions of thefts, rascalities, plunderings, which are committed outside the forms recognized by law and subject to criminal prosecution.
  46. A single fortune gained by trading in goods necessary to the people or in goods pernicious in their effects, or by financial speculations, or by acquiring land at a low price the value of which is increased by the needs of the population, or by an industry ruinous to the health and life of those employed in it, or by military or civil service of the state, or by any employment which trades on men's evil instincts—a single fortune acquired in any of these ways, not only with the sanction, but even with the approbation of the leading men in society, and masked with an ostentation of philanthropy, corrupts men incomparably more than millions of thefts and robberies committed against the recognized forms of law and punishable as crimes.
  47. Christianity destroys the State—Which is more necessary, Christianity or the State?—There are men who defend the necessity of the State, and others who, on the same grounds, deny this necessity—Neither can be proved by abstract reasoning—The question decides the character of a man's consciousness, which either allows or forbids him to participate in the organization of the State—Realization of the uselessness and immorality of taking part in the organization of the State, which is contradictory to Christian doctrine, decides this question for each one, regardless of the destiny of the State—Argument of the defenders of the State, as a form of social life indispensable for the defense of the good from the wicked, until all nations, and all members of each nation, shall have become Christians—The more wicked are always those in power—History is but a recital of the usurpation of power by the bad over the good—The acknowledgment by authority of the necessity of struggle with evil by violence is equivalent to self-destruction—The annihilation of violence is not only possible, but is going on before our eyes—However, it is not destroyed by State violence, but through those men who, obtaining power by violence, and recognizing its vanity and futility, benefit by experience and become incapable of using violence—This is the process through which individual men, as well as whole nations, have passed—It is in that way that Christianity penetrates into the consciousness of men, and not only is this accomplished despite the violence used by authority, but through its agency, and therefore the abolition of authority is not only without danger, but it goes on continually as life itself—Objection of the defenders of the State system that the diffusion of Christianity is improbable—Diffusion of Christian truth interdicting violence accomplished not only slowly and gradually, by the internal method, by individual recognition of the truth, by prophetic intuition, by the realizing of the emptiness of power and abandonment of it by individual men, but accomplished also by the external method, by which large numbers of men, inferior in intellectual development, at once, in view of their confidence in the others, adopt the new truth—The diffusion of truth at a certain stage creates a public opinion, which compels the majority of men who have previously opposed it to recognize the new truth at once—Therefore a universal renunciation of violence may very soon come to pass; namely, when a Christian public opinion shall be established—The conviction of the necessity of violence prevents the establishment of Christian public opinion—Violence compels men to discredit the moral force which can alone exalt them—Neither nations nor individual men have been conquered by violence, but by public opinion, which no violence can resist—It is possible to conquer savage men and nations only by the diffusion of Christian public opinion among them, whereas the Christian nations, in order to conquer them, do everything in their power to destroy the establishment of a Christian public opinion—These unsuccessful experiments cannot be cited as a proof of the impossibility of conquering men by Christianity—Violence which corrupts public opinion only prevents the social organization from becoming what it should be, and with the abolition of violence Christian public opinion will be established—Whatever may take place when violence has been abolished, the unknown future can be no worse than the present, and therefore one need not fear it—To penetrate to the unknown and move toward it is the essence of life.
  48. There is an expression: ‘power corrupts,.
  49. Sin corrupts, and in time, enslaves, in addition to which it has a master, the Devil,.

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1. He saw unions as corrupt.
2. He thinks I may corrupt you.
3. The whole society is corrupt.
4. It’s a pretty corrupt place.
5. Even children are being corrupt.
6. We are here to corrupt, daughter.
7. Influence corrupt in votes to win.
8. Book Review: Corrupt to the Core.
9. But as evil and corrupt as he was.
10. The system was corrupt and inefficient.
11. Egypt relies on false, corrupt priests.
12. I'll not let them corrupt your innocence.
13. The nation is corrupt and full of idolatry.
14. If I am bad, if I am corrupt, I have the.
15. This was how corrupt Egyptian justice was.
16. Anointed would quickly corrupt the Central.
17. But if they turn away-God knows the corrupt.
18. Poland is still a corrupt 3rd world country.
19. The nation had long been notoriously corrupt.
20. Then let the corrupt, dead-eyed West shudder.
21. They weren’t just flawed, they were corrupt.
22. Undead poison and corrupt all love and beauty.
23. It had become totally corrupt in a short time.
24. God does not foster the efforts of the corrupt.
25. You have money, and the people here are corrupt.
26. Everything was renewed, and could never corrupt.
27. As they were corrupted: they seek to corrupt you.
28. The American landed Gentry had become so corrupt.
29. No honor, no heart, no religion; a corrupt woman.
30. And unsuccessful are those who corrupt it!.
31. Here comes the same corrupt idea of investment….
32. To the pure al things are pure, but to the corrupt.
33. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts.
34. All forms of hierarchical enlightenment are corrupt.
35. The most corrupt union bosses gained the most power.
36. Our Father, bless this food to our foul, corrupt.
37. We're getting a divorce, she could corrupt this gear.
38. Croesus was the richest most corrupt King of that Age.
39. Don’t be deceived by the world, the world is corrupt.
40. We refuse any further complicity with a corrupt system.
41. The simpler any process is; the harder it is to corrupt.
42. It had become corrupt because it was pagan and God had.
43. We all know that Washington is corrupt on every level.
44. So that corrupt hierarchal society merely changed heads.
45. In this way, the two bloodlines will corrupt themselves.
46. Old enough to be ambitions, but too young to be corrupt.
47. The following cases illustrate this corrupt organization.
48. The local leaders, I was told, were disgustingly corrupt.
49. Truman was their obedient corrupt corporate-owned lapdog.
50. The hearts of man is corrupt and only concerned with evil.
51. Remember that title, position and power can corrupt a man.
52. Corrupt weapons do not give me and ask me where Antsaratk.
53. They are just as corrupt as the corporations who rob them.
54. The victim was a corrupt DEA agent, and he had to have.
55. Power that corrupt will not forfeit power without a fight.
56. Dangerous and corrupt persons control these organizations.
57. The SAPS is now despised for being incompetent and corrupt.
58. Court or church with corrupt priests in charge? Tough call.
59. An article about a corrupt politician caught her attention.
60. Another way that a corrupt Congress lines their individual.
61. The police state was empowered by a corrupt court system:.
62. The Allies were the most corrupt evil cultures in the world.
63. I didn't think TV executives at that time were so corrupt.
64. Corrupt: Being completely destroyed from its state of purity.
65. Instead of fighting corrupt authority: Socrates obeyed them.
66. The cities make ferocious men because they make corrupt men.
67. The church itself was even more corrupt than the kings were.
68. He was tired of these bad experiences and corrupt employees.
69. No matter how corrupt you are: you cannot be jailed or fined.
70. The girl hated her corrupt friend and was mad at me anytime.
71. Now, at the end there is, The Corrupt Church (Thyatira).
72. That is how most modern sports corrupt our children every day.
73. Are they real y teaching the Bible when they corrupt it into.
74. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
75. The masses had become even more corrupt than they were before.
76. China was enormous but it was also backward, corrupt, and weak.
77. Corrupt corporations feed on money and power, The former comes.
78. A view that would change the minds of all but the most corrupt.
79. National leaders and politicians will become even more corrupt.
80. Evil seeks to corrupt all good… all evil hates all other evil.
81. Most other leaders in Suharto's New Order were equally corrupt.
82. Inevitably there were corrupt and depraved people in the force.
83. What was worse, he came to equate riches with corrupt practices.
84. That is how sick and corrupt the capitalist/corporate system is.
85. They knew these institutions were corrupt, false, and malicious.
86. Doctrine) is also depicted in Revelations as a corrupt woman or.
87. Politics is another element of the corrupt American legal system.
88. Why is Western legality so corrupt? It is based upon criminality.
89. You are villains brainwashing students to corrupt their thinking.
90. Lack of ethics leads to a mind corrupt, unprevilleged in dynamics.
91. They seek to poison and corrupt and destroy all Love in the world.
92. They are simply ignorant, lazy, with no feelings and often corrupt.
93. It is also by far the continent with the most corrupt governments.
94. Evil communications corrupt good manners through vices of passions.
95. Human culture is still progressively becoming more and more corrupt.
96. It takes years for the undead to corrupt living unsuspecting humans.
97. Then he pinned all the blame on Kepler by naming this corrupt lot.
98. He uttered his part with a most corrupt indulgence, the syllables.
99. They have made sure that the living corrupt themselves the same way.
100. The taint will corrupt his mind completely! Terese interjected.

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