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    1. it be a cosmopolitan settlement; not just all Americans, The key then, for the individual, is to know when to Russians, or Chinese

    2. Harry spent all his remaining time with them playing the part of the dapper cosmopolitan and yielding to their every whim

    3. In the evenings and into the nights he attended performances with the Spelmans at the Cosmopolitan Theater at 41st and Broadway, or the Madison Square Theater W

    4. The few days of the visit enabled the ladies ample opportunity to walk Union Street down to the Square, peruse Gump's, to window shop, and to generally enjoy the cosmopolitan pulse of the traffic along all the neighboring streets

    5. Jessie was glad that she was able to have more pictures taken during this stopover at the Cosmopolitan

    6. Within a few minutes, his train left the tenements’ and streets with their cosmopolitan hustle and bustle of life

    7. It embodies a blend of enjoyable colonial charm and a cosmopolitan touch of old buildings that relate the history of the city as well as of the island

    8. Seated at the outer edge of the Pacific Ocean and comfortably nestled in the slopes of Mountains Coast topped with snow, Vancouver shines as one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in North America

    9. Toby wanted desperately to be cosmopolitan and witty and to lead sparkling conversation, but he found he was all but tongue-tied in the presence of this remarkable girl

    10. While idly absorbing the lively, cosmopolitan ambience of Plaza Del Sol I was accosted by a woman who, covering the eyes of her two young offspring, hurled venomous abuse

    11. Not as cosmopolitan or touristy as Bondi up the road but still close to the

    12. His desire to study and mingle with this cosmopolitan aggregation of Urantia mortals was the chief reason why Jesus consented to make this journey

    13. Next to Alexandria and Rome, it was the most cosmopolitan city of the Mediterranean empire

    14. It was a logical destination; all the sea-ports of Argos were cosmopolitan, in strong contrast with the inland provinces, and Messantia was the most polyglot of all

    15. He thought Liverpool would be big enough and cosmopolitan enough for him to blend into the background

    16. They had a town house in nearby Randwick not far from the fashionable Peters Corner and it's cosmopolitan shops

    17. The elegance of the condo suited the handsome, cosmopolitan

    18. she had a recent issue of Cosmopolitan in her hands, it was apparent

    19. cosmopolitan climate in general – the outline is made clear to all involved

    20. and, as Hillbrow was then the cosmopolitan capital of South Africa, spent happy

    21. Above all, the British bestowed upon India their English that gave class to its middle class, and all this led to the advent of the cosmopolitan India

    22. Victorian love and twenty-first century cosmopolitan love as experience and expression are very different

    23. this cosmopolitan melting pot was a confusing

    24. For all his cosmopolitan cleverness, he still had a youthful recklessness about him which was hazardous in a place like this

    25. It was so cosmopolitan

    26. “But I’m having a Cosmopolitan

    27. “Ethan,” said Susan, who I noticed was finished with her Cosmopolitan

    28. While it's the third largest city in Australia, Brisbane tends to come up short compared to the cosmopolitan and showy city of Sydney or the culturally mature and sophisticated styling of 5 star luxury that's

    29. I often walked the streets in a daze, imagining I was in the cosmopolitan Alexandria of his time and searching for spots and places he described

    30. The cosmopolitan atmosphere, the English Canal Zone soldiers ambling by on their day off, the French employees of the Compagnie Internationale du Canal de Suez, the horse-drawn carriage drive to Gianola for refreshment and pastry

    31. Was it because of its Hellenistic history? Of the novels I have read about it? Of its cosmopolitan air and its large foreign communities?

    32. remained, preserving at least some of that cosmopolitan aura celebrated by writers and novelists

    33. From her last near-experience and her multiple reading of a few Cosmopolitan magazines, she had known just enough about sex, except the feeling that she would not ever have unless she experienced it herself

    34. Coober Pedy is a cosmopolitan town and provides good hospitality to the tourists

    35. This is understandable since within a city which offers the historic as well as cosmopolitan vibes of London it is difficult to select the best sights for your planned excursion

    36. On the other hand, being prevented from moving beyond level 3 could be a serious drawback when living in a modern cosmopolitan environment

    37. Another curious fact is that this, the most cosmopolitan book in the world, is one of the most intensely national

    38. One of the great merits of "Don Quixote," and one of the qualities that have secured its acceptance by all classes of readers and made it the most cosmopolitan of books, is its simplicity

    39. In Der Angriff, his principal propaganda publication, Joseph Goebbels had handed Berliners the script for their part in the performance, detailing how they should conduct themselves toward Jews and how they should welcome the foreigners when they arrived: “We must be more charming than the Parisians, more easygoing than the Viennese, more vivacious than the Romans, more cosmopolitan than London, more practical than New York

    40. “Well, that’s very cosmopolitan of the Agency, Rick, but what the hell does that have to do with me?”

    41. The self she’d put together was a kind of Minerva of suburbia: fierce, cosmopolitan, dependent on no one

    42. Why would he? They were just friends, after all, who, on the cosmopolitan model, owed each other neither explanation nor apology

    43. IT HAD BEEN A LONG TIME since he’d prepared a canvas, and his toolbox was on the bottom of a shelf blocked by a shopping cart he’d found somewhere, which was filled now with old issues of Cosmopolitan and Wrecking Ball and anatomy books shoplifted from the Strand

    44. He composed, in his own mind, with Combeferre's philosophical and penetrating eloquence, Feuilly's cosmopolitan enthusiasm, Courfeyrac's dash, Bahorel's smile, Jean Prouvaire's melancholy, Joly's

    45. The story of Eve, adapted from a Cosmopolitan short story, is well known—a ruthless, conniving ingénue, Eve Harrington (Anne Baxter), insinuates herself into the life and career of a legendary, aging Broadway star, Margo Channing (Bette Davis), wrecking the lives of all those she touches, as she claws her way to the very pinnacle of theatrical stardom

    46. At about this same time—in mid-June 1962—Marilyn Monroe was scheduled to participate in a number of photo shoots for Vogue and Cosmopolitan magazines

    47. “Hotel Cosmopolitan Jewel Robbery

    48. Head attendant at the Hotel Cosmopolitan

    49. We have no drawing rooms here like that of Madeleine Lemaire, in Paris, or like that of a certain cosmopolitan, Corinne of Venice, now, alas! closed forever

    50. Washington, though now more cosmopolitan than Southern, gives, from the social standpoint, warm encouragement to racing

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