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    1. "About the shuttle craft or that some of it is missing?"

    2. The only hope of mankind, now, would to be to craft more weapons like this, ones that hopefully would be used to kill other giants

    3. I can watch for it as soon as it lights, but those probes won't see the inert craft

    4. Soon after that they saw the wagon brought to the other end of the craft

    5. The daemon coordinating input from the fighters' and the junks' LiDAR arrays had compared all the available views of the stars from all the friendly craft in the immediate vicinity, and those views of the surrounding stars should have been identical, but they weren’t

    6. Some of the stars weren’t where they should have been by only a tenth of a degree, but when the images from all the friendly craft were combined, the positional discrepancies were enough to make the stars appear to grow in angular diameter in one, moving location

    7. The powerful craft was much easier to maneuver at high speed on open water than at a crawl in crowded chop

    8. She may have made fun of this craft, but once she was on it at speed, she was clearly excited

    9. Sailing craft kept to the middle two thirds of its two thousand foot width

    10. They thought the snug cabin of the craft was quite romantic and had audio cubes on them that sounded great on these speakers

    11. While you craft this blade you will allow

    12. We could build on Idi Amins efforts by having training centers for Afronauts and setting up launch pads along the equator where space craft can take off

    13. So that when African nations want to launch satellites and space craft they would do it in Uganda

    14. Alfred brought the craft in as quickly as he could, knowing that the rumble of re-entry would give Alan more warning than he really wanted to

    15. The landscape was becoming more built up as is drew nearer to the City … more farmsteads along the river, many with wharves selling produce, more large barn-like constructions doubtless used for craft activities, and, as they drew nearer to the city, glass houses covering vast areas of land, growing produce to be shipped to markets of London

    16. ‘What guild do you belong to, Joris?’ No-one has mentioned any special craft where Joris is concerned

    17. Unfortunately, Cyberia’s appreciation of art and craft was based on the experience gained at her finishing school, where she had spent relaxed Wednesday afternoons fiddling with watercolours and making decoupage kittens out of old socks and yoghurt pot lids

    18. The man was very adept and seemed to know his craft well; he had obviously done this many times before

    19. The craft came down and bounced once at the outer edge of the runway and then all of a sudden they were thrown forward as the tail hook was grabbed and the craft slowed

    20. Duncan turned to Rayne and winked as the craft jerked once

    21. Just as suddenly they were released and the craft coasted to a landing dock and came to a stop

    22. Kai went towards the back of the craft and unlocked the door; there was a hiss and the door opened

    23. Along with a craft museum and village

    24. Unfortunately, Cyberia’s appreciation of art and craft was based

    25. craft and sunk at least half of them

    26. Belle introduced her daughters to the amazing craft of weaving to which the twins took with enthusiasm and creativity

    27. It was of course George's Great-uncle Fong Li who had directed the construction, and it was Fong Li who meticulously explained the subtleties of sailing a small craft to Belle and George during the long construction process

    28. ” They sighted along their mother's arm and they began the steady push and pull on the tandem oars, always keeping the craft headed for the two boulders

    29. He takes pride in his craft

    30. He figured that was a lie, figured she had a sleeker craft of her own

    31. If it pleases you, we wish you to live with us and teach us the secrets of your craft

    32. The air intakes to the motor were on the top of the deck behind him and trapped, so the motor kept running and the craft kept moving but more as a submarine at conning tower depth than a boat

    33. the wood working very quickly and six months into it had mastered the craft

    34. The small craft now making its

    35. sat waiting in line behind several other craft

    36. waited as he steered his craft to the bank

    37. probably pressing the numbers into a phone that will finally craft our doom

    38. exploring these attractions, as well as the craft and art

    39. Rafe turned to Brice and continued, "What say you, Master Brice? Are you ready to craft a hero?"

    40. A huge passenger craft

    41. shutter open in time to position their craft beneath it

    42. and their craft had just passed under the arches of the

    43. She showed him how to draw war craft on his tablet, then traced the words ocean, wind, and sail for him

    44. craft had loaded its new contingent of passengers and

    45. Lyons to Macon, where the craft docked for Jean and

    46. The craft settled to the earth, and the flames dissipated

    47. Izzy watched the movie, The Craft the night before and got it in her head that changing her hair or eye color would be a fun activity

    48. It was a craft that was passed down to her children, even though her son would only very grudgingly accept her instruction

    49. Craft messages around consumer behavior

    50. Pong takes offence at this, reading into it an attack on his craft

    1. Son picked up the sword that he had crafted in the temple

    2. “This rod is one of the best crafted fishing equipment in the state of California,” said Hasting and handed a pole to one of the gentlemen for his consideration

    3. As I said, this is a poorly crafted specimen

    4. It was all aging crafted structure, nothing grown

    5. Therefore the inaugural production of the Village Theatrical Society shall be that same play which Shakespeare himself crafted to demand the best of his own company and elicit the greatest imagination from his audience

    6. crafted his flawless first four innings the crowd began to cheer for what they

    7. The woodwork was heavy and ornate, everything was crafted, not grown

    8. They were made from skins and finely crafted archwood

    9. The one who crafted the bond was powerful indeed

    10. Galileo, utterly shocked and offended but not being stupid, did profess his “error,” and thereby escaped months or perhaps years of excruciating torture—a Hell on Earth, ironically to have been skillfully crafted and carried out…by the Church

    11. “Remember what I told you before: we worship the true God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth – not some idol crafted by human hands

    12. From the cabins we took a nice windowed bookcase, a beautifully crafted wood dresser, a large sturdy trunk, a world globe, game boards, books, clothes, shoes, pistols and sabers, towels, blankets, pillows, soaps, lanterns, lantern oil, matches, a clock, pocket watches, writing paper, pens, ink, and wine skins

    13. E: -- Designing the text in such a manner that future parts, which were still not written at the time when the earliest books were written, would be crafted to link in with those future texts, capturing the names of people who were yet to exist

    14. Their features were so perfectly crafted even a

    15. Odin’s Harp: The Harp of Souls, the Daghda Harp, crafted by Odin during the First Age, to summon the Heroes of Will, who are bound to the Shield of Fire by the Hero Chain

    16. Their response – carefully crafted to comply with erstwhile doctrine and in so doing exploit a loophole – involved an elaborate plan to avoid direct contact with the species of that era (further detail restricted to file Mission Freedom)

    17. Modern additions such as picture windows, glass doors, and new wings crafted from brick and timber suggested the building had seen numerous renovations over the years

    18. Recently I moaned that I had no sex for years and the real man I crafted into J

    19. His beautifully crafted bow was made from the finest supple Yew

    20. The Wood Sprites had cleverly crafted the lean to blend in with the forest

    21. The large leaves were crafted into pots, containing the highly flammable mixture of tar and tree sap

    22. And it seemed certainly implausible that a tribe of nomads on the brink of savagery could have fashioned a finely crafted blade without expert knowledge, foundries, forges and artisans capable of supreme craftsmanship

    23. He concluded in his mind that the knife must be a thing of a long forgotten past, a treasured relic that was handed down from one generation to the next, indeed crafted by a civilization the likes of which had erected the Necropolis

    24. regulations can be crafted in a balanced way that sustains both the environment jobs

    25. The stone steps felt uneven as he made his descent, as if crafted

    26. The rectangular box was painted with checks, crafted in the mountain

    27. thoughts are open books to Him Who crafted all creation

    28. In Anglo-American culture this extended at least from Shakespeare and Milton to the Federalist Papers, and the beautifully crafted histories of Winston Churchill or the novels of William Faulkner

    29. As I held the paper that Isabelle had so carefully crafted, I thought about her

    30. It was slightly on hill so we walked up the crafted steps into the entrance

    31. psychologists with wide experience in sexual problems that has been specifically crafted to help

    32. then experience a skillfully crafted Hypnotherapy session that will teach your mind and body a new

    33. The rustic silver ring is crafted with a leaf patterned band

    34. A special rule for each piece of major legislation is crafted in the Rules Committee and then ratified by the full House

    35. crafted punishments, I would think about my friend and wish my

    36. You crafted for

    37. “So you just gave the answer to the question of why the premise of the police suddenly changed! They could not let those whom they hate the most, in other words, you, be responsible for locating the body of Madeleine! Can you imagine? Television, radio, magazines, and newspapers around the world announcing that the Love Spirits had discovered, through the spiritual means of Love, what had happened to Madeleine? They crafted and executed this case with one sole intention: T H E L O V E S P I R I T S

    38. nies he owned, and all of his business practices did not reflect the humble, sincere and positive qualities he voiced in this beautifully crafted letter

    39. “The crafting of items is Kragorram’s only real use of the power, beyond his inherent abilities, but the items he makes are wondrous, crafted with strong hand and strong power, forged with his own fiery breath focused white hot

    40. And of what material should the plaque be crafted? Brass perhaps?”

    41. “I myself was a jeweler on the project and crafted the metals, and I contributed a few spells, not the least of which are those that ensure that these will always remain light, comfortable, and securely in place, no matter how long and eventful, or uneventful, your state occasions may be

    42. Barrad had immediately put it on, although he doubted its powers as the tatty necklace appeared to be crafted from what looked like a bunch of crocodiles’ teeth

    43. Senator Max Baucus, chair of the Senate Finance Committee that crafted

    44. She crafted a warm and comfortable bed in her new home

    45. my sister, who does handmade crafted tee shirts or beaded bracelets with the team logo on them,

    46. These methods are running into rejections because people know the game and are not buying it, regardless of how good or entertaining a message is crafted

    47. intentionally crafted with semiotic awareness? Do those who specialize in aesthetic

    48. Places like this still exist throughout the sands, crafted drift wood bodegas half covered, billowing big top tents bought in the wave left blowing in the wind, their covers bleached out by sunlight still staked to the ground by the bits of magic that gave them their first life

    49. Orlando took a puff of the Cuban made, hand crafted cigar and inhaled the great smoke

    50. He had on a finely crafted leather cape and uniform, and he too wore a golden helmet

    1. And when they sang and I saw such a bold display of pride and such skill in crafting mantinada they left me astonished and full

    2. Some of the more clever ones were even able to replicate his ability, crafting their own weapons with the dark power

    3. Here are seven tips to remember when crafting your ad:

    4. And let’s talk about crafting the plates themselves

    5. For the first time, she was crafting her own destiny instead of working within someone else’s framework

    6. The Democrats have been crafting this national health care bill during 2009 and it has little to do with

    7. I will see what I can learn about crafting wands, staves, and other magical tools, as we will need to know how to make our own

    8. While waiting for dinner, I went to the ship’s library and focused on crafting the scrolls I would need for the battle

    9. What is more, you have only 140 characters to work with, which means crafting the perfect tweet is all the more difficult

    10. None-the-less, if I’ve transposed the notes I used correctly, and made no mistake in the theory, the mathematics, or the crafting of it, this should do the trick

    11. “The crafting of items is Kragorram’s only real use of the power, beyond his inherent abilities, but the items he makes are wondrous, crafted with strong hand and strong power, forged with his own fiery breath focused white hot

    12. “Such as the fact that due to your meddling in the way of things by your crafting of the stone, we may be forced to annihilate these Candidates in order to prevent conflict between the gods?!!!” Amirgath demanded in irritation

    13. Even if a being of dark intent were capable of crafting such an item, they would never consider spending the effort to do so

    14. “I asked Kragorram for his assistance in this, since he is one of our most skilled at using his flame in the crafting of items, and of course Povon accompanied him

    15. These six are astronomers I have worked with who still remember the crafting of large lenses, a skill which is unfortunately in decline since the advent of high-quality magnification spells

    16. The reality of writing is the writer puts huge amounts of time and effort into crafting their story, most of the time without any promise of reward for their efforts

    17. There is plenty of inventory management here, especially when handling the weapon crafting

    18. again during the crafting process

    19. She’s crafting a whole new set of characters and situations

    20. I still refer to my list regularly, realizing that I’m crafting a new life for

    21. response, which he had been crafting in the back of his mind

    22. It is important for both the client and the attorney to face tough questions and to look toward non-idealized versions of the future when crafting estate planning strategies

    23. inadvertently crafting an astute criminal that would learn to be very careful

    24. Besides the crafting arts considered more on the feminine side, there are also those holiday gift seekers who are into woodworking

    25. It is an important step in crafting cast iron to beautiful designs for furniture

    26. She sometimes purchased leather crafting materials from him and used them as a way to relax and de-stress

    27. He always imagined the woman to be middle-aged, puttering around her home crafting dolls and making quilts, not a petite and pretty twenty-five year old brunette

    28. “He was a carpenter by trade, and he had a lucrative business in carpentry and cabinetmaking, but he loved crafting pianos and wooden guitars and violins on the side

    29. Stevie really had a great run during the early to mid ‘70s, crafting six magnificent albums in a row during a five-year period

    30. By now, you are conversant with all the aspects of crafting out a good sales

    31. "My first directions to you are to cut down the oak tree that we had selected during the hike and to begin crafting it into the hub axle for a waterwheel

    32. She worked hard with her crafting as Kinney watched

    33. But perhaps their vast success in crafting these thinkers and

    34. He's not interested in promoting you, only in crafting a story that will make readers stop and say "Hmmm, I never knew that

    35. Unlike the previous stories, which were formed by months of crafting when I can find the time away from my full time employment, this story was an idea floating around in my head that became a story I wrote in one sitting

    36. Together, they spent countless hours crafting the foreign policy that would come to define the Reagan administration, ending the Cold War and bringing an end to Communist influence around the world

    37. Through it all, Pocock’s overriding passion remained the simple pleasure of shaping cedar, crafting his exquisite and delicate shells

    38. I’d spend an hour crafting a casual e-mail to her, I became a student of arcana so I could keep her interested: the Lake poets, the code duello, the French Revolution

    39. I’m extremely relieved and very happy, I was saying, crafting my own bland PR statement, when the doors parted and Jacqueline Collings entered, her lips a tight red scar, her face powder lined with tears

    40. You cannot simply pick and choose random ideas, put them together, and expect good results; you must do the hard analytical work and be sure that you are crafting a rule set that really has an edge

    41. Two weeks flew by in a fever of activity with Professor Astor, Evan, and me crafting a ritual that would end

    1. On the mantelpiece above a red-brick crafts movement fireplace, she

    2. sewing crafts that will cause harm and corruption in the daylight

    3. By the break between terms just before Thanksgiving, homes all through the village sported construction paper pilgrims and turkeys, red and green paper chains and all the other crafts projects which spring from the elementary classes of schools everywhere, like apples on apple trees

    4. Enclosed is Sal’s sales memo for the kimono that he bought at the Chinese Arts and Crafts store in Hong Kong

    5. The trades, the crafts, the mysteries, would all be losers

    6. He hoped to contact his friends and to summon help from the crafts above

    7. She was known to have experience in the ju-ju crafts and a cabinet full of all sorts of dead animal parts, as well as all the spunk and the ferocity of a really old black lady that had raised Eileen like she had been her own

    8. The excursion that Roger and Lucille chose took them to Sarchí, home of the renowned arts and crafts of the country

    9. Raoul and Fred expressed their appreciation to Roger for having taken them to the “Herrería”, for that unique relic of arts and crafts of old captures the imagination, curiosity and interest of the visitor in a way that no other remnant of ancient technology does

    10. are wise in the arts and crafts that can construct this tabernacle

    11. Of the crafts interior

    12. haulers, builders, and workers in the crafts in which Hebrews were allowed to engage

    13. Benton looked at the water crafts, the powerful current flow,

    14. While in Anchorage, another place worth visiting is the native arts and crafts museum of Wells Fargo Bank

    15. I could understand all of a sudden why Athena, Goddess of Crafts and Wisdom, had taken a liking to him

    16. the lookout for Neith’s arts and crafts projects

    17. People strain in the fields every day, just for rice that will be eaten, they labor over crafts that will some day be broken—everything they do is temporary, yet still they struggle

    18. He would point to photos of space crafts and then point up thinking I had a clue of what is was asking me

    19. I lied to him and said that we were a very patient people but if we were not released tens of thousands of crafts will shell this planet with blasts unimaginable to his species

    20. Create fun and unique arts and crafts projects with the kids

    21. Both crafts then separated, each taking a different course toward the rear of the armada, and both simultaneously phased into invisibility

    22. The hundreds of Veiled escape crafts caught in the cataclysm were quickly overtaken, and destroyed by the planet’s shrapnel

    23. The ship was forced to move out of its path with only a few seconds to spare, resulting in the destruction of dozens of escape crafts as they impacted on the planet chunk’s surface

    24. They were survivors of a huge fleet of automated crafts that had dispersed droplets of water into the atmosphere in an attempt to generate clouds and effect a cooling of the planet, but the project had been quickly abandoned

    25. Steering away from the shores as fast as they could get their crafts to go

    26. A few of the crafts tracking

    27. I was at an arts and crafts festival in the summer of 2009, when an individual asked if the recipes in The Read My Lips Cookbook had any preservatives in them

    28. The beet recipe was suggested by a woman I met somewhere over the summer of that same year at some arts and crafts festival

    29. A few summers ago at an arts and crafts festival in Western New York, someone mentioned that his granddaughter was an avid reader, adding that she has read Harry Potter fifteen times

    30. � Knowing that two high-speed crafts were on their way, the pilot had the position, speed and heading of the German ships sent immediately by radio

    31. � They came on board at least thirty of those new skimmer crafts of theirs and destroyed everything before pulling back with us and many of our men as prisoners

    32. � As best as it could be reconstructed, the British, using over 200 of their new skimmer crafts, showed up on the German North Sea coast just before sunrise, with a heavy mechanized brigade of Royal Guards on board

    33. Pulling on the rope linking the two crafts, Caramanlis got the raft closer to the rowboat, then stepped in the raft

    34. The transfer proved difficult, with waves constantly swaying the crafts around and with the survivors’ muscles nearly paralyzed by the cold

    35. The rescue operation took a good forty minute, the waves shaking the crafts making difficult the approach of the basket and the maneuvers of the plane

    36. The village folks are mainly depend on agriculture, fishculture, cattle rearing, crafts, handicrafts, and handlooms

    37. The two sets of gates, one which was structured with locks and three sets of huge sliding doors to allow larger machinery to pass in or out and a smaller set of sliding doors, used for traffic consisting of people or smaller vehicles such as two man patroller crafts, were built into the huge base of the dome for the purpose of keeping the city from being exposed to the outside elements of the planet, and also to keep out the toral

    38. The children have physical education, arts and crafts, we sing our ABC’s—“

    39. monthly and offers ideas about country décor, crafts, and

    40. He backs away from the Molter and motions at the other crafts in the dock

    41. Yours Honor! Such marines running beneath waters and large air crafts carriers sailing over sea waters do not run with water

    42. Other officers run to each transport, data orbs in hand, and climb inside once the crafts are empty

    43. Every human endeavor has a cadre of spirits proper to it, which guides individual practitioners and also helps humanity as a whole expand its knowledge of the various arts, crafts, and sciences

    44. where the air crafts were, was also fine, with

    45. read and paint, knowledgeable in a hundred crafts but he had shown none of the

    46. specialization; food production, masonry, crafts, government

    47. This means may be the atomic bombs which are carried by the space crafts and satellites

    48. Then, with all his might, he pulled the huge table that served as Pal’s crafts and arts spot in front of the door

    49. - Associate typical centers for modern crafts and skills that we need from the money of Zakat

    50. - Provide them by what they needs for their crafts

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