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    1. girls who crave love with low rent boys,

    2. girls who crave true love with short haired boys,

    3. Berndt stands, arms folded in resignation, as Joris goes on to explain that Leos frequently appear confident but underneath are insecure and crave affection

    4. Those that crave sympathy are always victims, always complaining,

    5. those glittering people whose lives are full of the excitement they crave

    6. religion, but the new wineskin of the renewed mind will crave

    7. crave meat, and the meat made them sick when they ate it

    8. She’d never been one to crave

    9. The more you have, the more you crave until nothing can sate your craving and you’re willing to give up anything, to have more of it

    10. Once you’ve had that experience you’ll crave it until the day you die!” Helez was astounded at the passion with which Crissy uttered those words

    11. The problem for runners and other athletes, who crave the high from pushing their bodies hard, is that the body wears out

    12. Or perhaps you crave the companionship of this flea-bitten hound here?"

    13. Some people crave more attention than others

    14. I will give you what you crave!”

    15. "Come, come, Baby Charles," he cried, "stand no more parleying, but out and over with the boon ye crave as guerdon for your lucky plum

    16. "And now, Baby Charles, let us hear the boon ye were to crave of us at

    17. “His crime was to crave ownership of Serenor a bit too strongly

    18. We are born to crave you, Cora

    19. I never thought I would crave that place

    20. During initiation, is it selfish of Tris to crave victory, or is it brave? Do Tris’s friends have a right to be jealous when she’s ranked above them? If you were Tris, would you forgive them for their reactions?

    21. When you crave the attention for yourself and have to be the center of everything, that is pride

    22. She did not crave human blood or titan blood, but she did crave the blood of small animals at times

    23. I crave being appreciated, and one way of getting this adoration, is by serving someone to the very best of my ability

    24. loneliness, and addictions, not the peace and fulfillment we truly crave

    25. The ones who reach The Self don't need cooperation, is like a block, but we still crave art and creation

    26. We crave it, we live on it, and it’s what sustains us

    27. Though PAX should eventually wipe violent crime from the face of the earth, we"ll still be troubled by those who crave the bad stuff

    28. I guess it’s in a person’s nature to crave power

    29. Zerch’s hold over her had been alarmingly strong but after she had discovered how life could be on the other side she began to crave it more and more

    30. This is because they crave security

    31. The sheep CRAVE ultimate safety and security because they are timid and afraid

    32. When palates crave the opposite of Javanese sweetness, this pickled

    33. We crave the thrill of joining in

    34. “I crave an audience

    35. The separate energies of the neighboring planes they crave in their endless pursuit of power and influence

    36. And, I did not crave to be

    37. And I apologize for my rudeness to them -- I crave their forgiveness

    38. They can tell you their story, but I surmise they have had much trouble, and their very presence here in your house testifies how earnestly they crave to know good people, and how willingly they will embrace the opportunity to show all the world -- and even the angels of heaven -- what brave and noble women they can become

    39. Judge justly, even mercifully, even as you shall some day thus crave merciful consideration at the hands of the Supreme Arbiter

    40. You are intrusted with a great work, and I crave your undivided service

    41. You might crave foods, such as chocolate, precisely because of its high fat/high sugar content

    42. It would be normal to crave more solitude – more quiet time – now (nothing is wrong with you!)

    43. They crave that

    44. 2 You have come out from among those of your fellows who choose to remain satisfied with a religion of mind, who crave security and prefer conformity

    45. 1 They remained overnight with Celsus, and that evening in the garden, after they had eaten and rested, the twelve gathered about Jesus, and Thomas said: "Master, while we who tarried behind still remain ignorant of what transpired up on the mountain, and which so greatly cheered our brethren who were with you, we crave to have you talk with us concerning our defeat and instruct us in these matters, seeing that those things which happened on the mountain cannot be disclosed at this time

    46. Woe upon all who shun justice, spurn mercy, and reject truth! Woe upon all those who despise the revelation of the Father while they seek the chief seats in the synagogue and crave flattering salutations in the market places!"

    47. As Jesus awoke them, he said: "What! can you not watch with me even for one hour? Cannot you see that my soul is exceedingly sorrowful, even to death, and that I crave your companionship?" After the three had aroused from their slumber, the Master again went apart by himself and, falling down on the ground, again prayed: "Father, I know it is possible to avoid this cup -- all things are possible with you -- but I have come to do your will, and while this is a bitter cup, I would drink it if it is your will

    48. The religions of pessimistic despair seek to obtain release from the burdens of life; they crave extinction in endless slumber and rest

    49. Many spiritually indolent souls crave an ancient and authoritative religion of ritual and sacred traditions

    50. DNA chains that crave

    1. I wanted to go home, I craved a cigarette, but I could have neither, and the indignity of my sordid life made me wish for the ultimate release

    2. I craved the touch of another’s hand, soft and warm, a hand that did not smell of oil and gunmetal

    3. Everyone seemed to know that Arthur's wife craved far more carnal pleasure than the archbishop thought proper, much less had time for

    4. After consulting with the Queen, Altera received a judgment that the girl be trained so she could be part of the justice she craved when it was dealt out

    5. Now what he craved was electronic

    6. They craved more

    7. He felt the hunger and craved to devour

    8. Moments ago the Plague had feasted upon the last of the elven army but still it craved more

    9. I yearned for him and when he touched me I craved him

    10. She’d learned to ignore hunger so often in the past two years, she hadn’t realized how much her empty stomach craved food

    11. Higher knowledge is destructive for the craved spirit

    12. No, I craved something

    13. But now that she was slipping further and further away from him, he craved her touch, just wanting to hold her close to him, to bridge the gap that had opened up between them

    14. The more he thought about her the more he craved her presence

    15. She craved the exercise, the action that she normally found in her swordplay with the soldiers here and at her father’s home

    16. It alone is enough to show the world what weak and small men the nationalists were behind the bravado of respectability they craved

    17. The only difference with my dad and your husband was that his parents were not as loving and my dad always craved to find out more about his origins

    18. She craved their

    19. Could it be that, when their man was arrested in Boston that Caroline had decided they should switch their delivery method from mules to horses, and that was why when he made the arrest at the airport nothing had been found? How he craved a look around those stables, but it was out of the question: almost the entire length of the switchback entrance was clearly visible from the hotel, and any nighttime attempt without lights was an invitation to be dashed to bits at the base of a cliff; besides, if he was so much as seen on the property, he would likely lose his badge

    20. It created just the sort of powerful man of the world image he had craved, and brought confidence to his every gesture

    21. Physically demanding as the flying was, it was the mental disruption we craved

    22. His body craved it, and his mind told him he could more than use some sleep right at that moment

    23. And he craved a little companionship more than ever

    24. he thought he may have, and craved its retrieval before

    25. But the few gorgons that existed were lonely creatures and craved attention so they tried to multiply in great numbers

    26. What he really craved was normality again, the constant

    27. She wasn’t having fun and she craved that in abundance

    28. Marilee was to ensure that Sunni went to one of Melbourne's top Private schools, and finish her training in Europe, but it had not helped Sunni anymore, than the lack of the same Societal hand-me -downs that Marilee had craved, that she presented to her daughter, to see them ripped apart and discarded when Sunni went Mafia

    29. craved for love above everything else and love, the simple, in-

    30. I craved her company, it was something I had been denying myself and it was pure torture

    31. I w’d had not have craved for love of yours, If you’re wrong

    32. proposed to her and she agreed to marry him, just as soon as he was earning enough money to keep her in the luxury she craved

    33. urges of her body, and like most, craved a settled family life with a loving husband and children

    34. He had his own life, his own friends, he didn't care much for the family but the family loved him and always craved for his attention

    35. No, craved it, even though what they’d done together had been wrong

    36. Athene took her mind off things, busying herself by preparing the fireplace with logs stacked nearby; she craved warmth after her gallivanting about in this frozen wasteland

    37. At last his appetite for battle would be fulfilled once again as for years now, he had craved for that which he could not have

    38. He thanked his Gods as it had been some years since he had killed the last Su-Katii in the arena and today would grant him the further glory and recognition that he craved

    39. Thatch-roofed and wind-protected, it allowed Cerdic the breezes and fresh air he craved

    40. I craved a vision of our grandchildren, of Lovern teaching them about the plants and gods of our land

    41. woman though—it was Torie he craved

    42. She craved his lips, his hands as

    43. they wove their magic, and she craved him, his physical presence in

    44. such reckless and violent force that the scream he craved shot from

    45. It wasn’t food for which he craved but answers locked within himself

    46. I relished this feeling, I craved it

    47. My head throbbed and my body craved for sleep

    48. I landed on a small rocky outcrop and dug with my claws into a deposit of the blue stone that I craved

    49. Then God forgave, and gave the help they craved

    50. all that his mother ever craved

    1. ~ Researchers in the US have found that skipping breakfast routinely can indirectly increase the chances of developing diabetes and heart disease as the sugar deficient body craves for fatty foods which are hard to resist

    2. Not one of them wants to know what he’s been doing all these years, but still he craves the attention

    3. Prayer that craves a particular commodity, anything less than all good, is vicious

    4. end of it is the ways of death; He who labours, he labours for himself, because his mouth craves something from him; an ungodly

    5. to smoke in order to give it what it mistakenly craves the most, the

    6. This generation craves something more directly related to its own experience, however difficult it might be for them to articulate just what that experience is

    7. am that’, that fears loss and craves gain and suffers when frus-

    8. But the mind craves for formulations and definitions, always

    9. mind craves for content and variety, while reality is, to the mind,

    10. "Here's another complaint come in that craves your special touch

    11. greedy craves for more and more profits

    12. I could not watch the spectacle as willingly—in ignorance—the feeding frenzy was allowed to take the place of what he craves

    13. Your body craves nutrients and that is what you are going to be giving it

    14. 6 "The fool has said in his heart, `Evil shall not overtake me'; but safety is found only when the soul craves reproof and the mind seeks wisdom

    15. There has been nothing much to feed it, though she craves knowledge, light, love and life

    16. your cat craves the wool provide it with an oral stimulation

    17. violent we crave war and destruction the way a vampire craves

    18. There are too many programs with fighting, beating, blood and mayhem, but the public craves it

    19. She craves for love,

    20. They can’t provide the experiences that the acorn craves;

    21. knows what it needs, and will find the experiences it craves

    22. A Violator needs the acquiescence of a Poor Me in order to create the energy sucking polarity he craves

    23. mind constantly craves pleasure and is insatiable

    24. She craves his touch, but she has to run and hide from him as fast and furious as she can to save both her world and his

    25. But what bowled me in the end are these from the Bhakti Yoga - Scores thought over mere rotting / Betters meditation awareness too / What helps man to find moorings / Are acts his with no axe to grind; Kind-hearted ’n considerate / Friendly natured, forgiving too / Lays no store on highs and lows / Suffers no pride ’n possessive not; Who's patient ’n cheerful / Self-willed as well persevering / Who's hearty ever at work / Makes he devout My beloved; Who’s simple, never in want / Covets he not in vantage post / Shakes him none, he keeps his nerve / It’s such who Me please the most; He’s My darling who craves not / Yet won’t shun the pleasures of life / Takes but things all as they come; Treats he equal friends ’n foes / Scorn or honour minds he not / Keeps he cool in grief and joy / Nurses for none soft centre, and above all, Pats ’n slights all in the score / Treats as equal score My man / Takes he lot of his in stride/ But won’t put the blame on Me

    26. God, whom he craves for, has taken upon himself the task of supporting

    27. There is just something inside of me that craves to become

    28. rest of his life and not a human, like he now craves to be but he can’t

    29. I will spend a lifetime educating you on the pleasures your body craves

    30. Lives move on, welcomes wear down and out into the stream, they flow into another life, a shore, a tending to the shipwrecked survivors there and another moving on into Vermont, my daughter's heart – twisted around a wound pierced by a parting she remembers as abandonment, a pain starving her from the love she craves

    31. The only way to make peace with it is to give it the acknowledgment and affection it craves

    32. My mom craves Buffalo wings almost as much as I do pickles

    33. Apparently, my brain craves the “wrong” fuel

    34. He craves nothing else except for an even greater satisfaction of his passion

    35. is not because of him that humanity craves notoriety, talent, and

    36. A dominant tool-brain, which craves more stimulus, more excitement, because it is too numbed by its civilized-dead environment to be stimulated, because the environment of civilization is basically unchanging-boring

    37. Why are only the biggest fakes elected into office? Because the public craves fakery at all levels

    38. Because it craves distraction instead of true exploration

    39. evil it craves to constantly produce

    40. “My patience with your continued impudence is growing thin, but my curiosity still craves the answer to your foolish notion of there being anything that could induce me to allow two of my prize possessions to walk out of this house

    41. He’s not easy but he loves fiercely and that’s what Jasmine (and most of us) craves

    42. The person may mistake the condition for wellbeing, and here lies the potential for addiction or abuse as the person craves for more of the drug

    43. incomplete stools passed with pain and difficulty, patches of wind in intestines relieved by rubbing, person craves sweet things and feels worse between 4 and 8 pm

    44. Craves the conveyance of a promised march

    45. He craves approval and applause, thanks to growing up the son of an alcoholic father who gave him little of either

    46. Still, the original Sinsar Dubh craves a body of its own and for Mac to embrace her copy so that it will finally be flesh and blood and have a mate

    47. craves with a hungry longing to hear the cuckoo's note again?'

    48. As much as my body craves his touch, my mind is rebelling

    49. "The Taltos craves its mother's milk in order to grow," said Rowan

    50. My soul craves this miracle! My soul craves your face, you! My soul has been always with you

    1. in a lifetime craving, a passion that inflamed her entire being beyond anything that she

    2. ‘Children would have been an added bonus, but I don’t have a craving to be a father just for the sake of it, Liz

    3. She could feel the need, could sense the exquisite pain of that once in a lifetime craving, a passion that inflamed her entire being beyond anything that she had known in all these years of absolute and necessary thirst

    4. Craving is the life-‐depleting force that creates negative

    5. Craving is what we feel when we are struggling with an

    6. Honey is absorbed at once without excessive stimulation or shock to the system and it does not result in a craving for more

    7. It's actually more difficult to quit this way, especially during the last days, because although you can have a cigarette here and there, you'll still be craving them like mad in between and you'll still have to go through the three days of hell that will follow

    8. Whether you stay in or go out, you can watch a movie to kill a couple hours while you're riding a craving

    9. She feels a need, a craving

    10. B’theen was no doubt on his own sun porch enjoying the attentions of Illick, so he really had nowhere better to be than satisfying Bethai’s craving for tit-worship

    11. Nor would Anon care, only the craving would matter at that point

    12. The more you have, the more you crave until nothing can sate your craving and you’re willing to give up anything, to have more of it

    13. She had a craving to eat one of the pears, but she resisted

    14. At least I was able to brew some tea every now and then when the craving hit

    15. She now had a craving for boys, very young boys

    16. and shockingly at some point in the future, they find themselves craving that experience

    17. “God, Jevan, it is so much more than a longing, it is a craving, a cascading desire that saturates every corner of my being -”

    18. "A family favorite for years, this is a melt in your mouth fudge which will satisfy even the most insistent chocolate craving

    19. Paul completely forgot about his craving for the coffee and muffin and headed directly to the librarian who was managing the microfiche desk

    20. It would have been like getting mad at a dog that had a craving to kill chickens

    21. “I’ve been craving a chicken club sandwich for two days

    22. Their craving for a beautiful place to live in turned into an obsession and decided to get the Realms and Earth for themselves

    23. was once craving and praying for so badly

    24. Watson describes scientific research as exceedingly competitive, conducted without regard for ethical principles, and as driven, not by a cool search for the truth, but by a passionate craving for recognition and fame

    25. M: This is another illusion of yours, born from craving for re-

    26. The child is craving for love and be-

    27. Craving born of memory is also the

    28. ings whose lives are squeezed between fear and craving

    29. Pregnant? That would explain a lot, the sudden emotional outbursts, craving chocolate all the time

    30. Craving for him to touch me, more intimately, but he was very careful while we kissed

    31. My throat is cracking with a craving I cannot explain

    32. “How’s the craving going?”

    33. chocolate! That was her craving

    34. Still, the question continued to beat at his mind, craving an answer:—Why him? And another question too—when will Ralph and the one Simon should call “the enemy” overtake them?

    35. “Sushi was just what I was craving

    36. charming, good looking young man was offering what he"d been craving for nearly two years

    37. The mighty Lord Thulsa with his craving for war had been felled by the most basic of moves

    38. Now at last his craving would be satisfied

    39. this craving creates that usually hang about and drive the person who has

    40. craving or greed for that raw power is the “invisible

    41. I began narrating him, saving neither verbs nor adjectives, on the primitive years of my infancy, flowing of the home-loving life in the city with my father in the head, where an army of caregivers commanded by the affable hand of my mother was craving to condense our most insignificant desires

    42. Through his love and through him you will find what you’re craving

    43. “Tathagata, the cause of suffering is craving

    44. To end suffering you must end craving—both the craving of that which is pleasurable and the craving to end that which is not pleasurable

    45. You may just feel the craving to shave it

    46. He was actually craving the dinner date and whatever

    47. Tony reached out to grab a handful of what he was craving most

    48. Instead he said, `You lied that Victor was just satisfying your craving for power

    49. If not, why should the feeling of contentment insulate man from being ambitious? After all, isn’t the sense of contentment all about the realization of materialistic insignificance? Why, it signifies the irrelevance of the self itself? On the contrary, won’t ambition exemplify man’s craving for his social relevance through every conceivable means? Given the collective irrelevance of man in the universality of being, what is the individual significance existentialism advocates?

    50. As a way out of his predicament, Gautam toyed with the idea of firing Naina and to gratify the craving with a willing replacement

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