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    1. However, no one dared to defame him or denounce him, taking into account that the few that tried, ended up buried six feet under in the depths of the Death Valley or missing from the face of the Earth

    2. Having a good conscience, that when they defame you as evildoers, may, by your behavior, be ashamed

    3. I felt guilty that I had brought defame and ruin my family

    4. His Irish superiors, along with the Vatican, had however refused to believe Nancy, instead proclaiming that she was lying and had caused the Christian Brother’s worsening condition in order to defame the Roman Catholic Church

    5. Also there are other tools of disinformation spreading parameters like books, novels, movies, magazines, columns, etc, all in attempts to defame Islam and to show wrong picture of Islam and Muslims the world over

    6. Consultants for both what you want or should want to become and the form of its online presentation; defenders to search and scrub the web for any defamatory bytes of information that might besmirch your image and then vigilantly maintain your perfected reputation; lawyers to sue those who defame or copyright infringe upon your image; and counselors to aid you in adapting to and dealing with virtual relationships and screened feelings

    7. that rascal, who lacks any sense of honour, was about to defame me and have everyone talk about me

    8. Such lies are used to defame religion and its scholars

    9. You went along with her filthy plans to defame my mother

    10. Billy Bradford would seize any opportunity to defame them

    11. He realized that a time might come in any couple’s happy life when a lawyer’s black coat might defame their other colors of life

    12. and one that doesn’t defame either the character of

    13. That the world, and men for whom His Son die, will not be given over to monsters, whose very existence would defame Him

    1. It defamed several government lawyers, calling

    2. But I have defamed my father’s name with my bad deeds

    3. I wanted to see him defamed

    1. But when one man kills, wounds, beats, or defames another, though he to whom the injury is done suffers, he who does it receives no benefit

    2. But the Fourteenth Dalai Lama now defames this great Teacher

    1. defaming the College, but only if you turn up with

    2. defaming of the Romanians is caused by

    3. 10 For I heard the defaming of many, fear on every side

    4. about social status, defaming the kinship relations,

    5. This was in an attempt to hide his disbelief and religion under the sublimity of Islam and the glory of Ali and his family, and so that he could give free rein to his tongue in defaming the noble companions

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    asperse besmirch calumniate defame denigrate slander smear smirch sully libel slur vilify revile insult traduce