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Degenerate en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Obedience is the sign of the degenerate.
  2. All the symptoms of degenerate life were in her.
  3. Dirty, degenerate, and hideously desecrated was this scene.
  4. He also said that in degenerate times he would appear in an.
  5. I’ve had a degenerate punting account for ten years.
  6. But now I heard the words, bestial and filthy and degenerate.
  7. In this spiritually degenerate time there are five impurities.
  8. I need to rename the account the degenerate gambling account.
  9. How long it had stood here, not even its degenerate inhabitants knew.
  10. A drunken degenerate was attacking a slave girl on the public highway.
  11. It is not for God to obey the often misguided and degenerate laws of mankind.
  12. Just in case it isn’t a ghost, but some degenerate trying to mess with us.
  13. A list of the degenerate state of the land of Canaan follows in verses 21 to the.
  14. In our school the boys' faces seemed in a special way to degenerate and grow stupider.
  15. Depending on the mindset of that civilization, such an encounter could degenerate into war.
  16. They caused that revolution, at first so remarkable for its unanimity, to degenerate into a quarrel.
  17. And all is well, provided that the light returns and that the eclipse does not degenerate into night.
  18. They painted Bob as a non-conforming degenerate preying on people’s weak minds and trusting hearts.
  19. Their eyes are usually degenerate, which is only to be expected of an animal living in total darkness.
  20. Without the accepted hierarchy and externally imposed discipline it could easily degenerate into anarchy.
  21. Natala believed it to be the elixir described by Thalis, which lent vigor and vitality to the degenerate Xuthal.
  22. Then, under the influence either of poverty or of wealth, workmen and their work are equally liable to degenerate?
  23. She has always been somewhat degenerate and with her husband safely cremated, she now openly satisfies her whims as they occur.
  24. This, coming from a degenerate who routinely abused his body (over the years) with drugs and alcohol and heaven knows what else.
  25. This contact is degenerate in the sense that different collections of atoms may interact to produce the same or similar contact.
  26. It would not be difficult to contrive a story about why degenerate communication is good, for this sort of evolutionary story-.
  27. He said he wanted me to take over Private, that Tommy was a degenerate gambler and was running the business Dad had backed into the ground.
  28. The pharmaceutical industry, government agencies, and other animal abusers have so much clout with the degenerate lawmakers of Washington, D.
  29. Jesus first walked around to near where this degenerate husband stood and wrote upon the sand a few words which caused him to depart in haste.
  30. He pointed out that overmuch sympathy and pity may degenerate into serious emotional instability; that enthusiasm may drive on into fanaticism.
  31. His degenerate little mind would come to the conclusion that the CIA might try to recruit Gould to help them get their hands on his old -handler.
  32. Here they entered the ring with long daggers in mortal combat with helpless beast, to satiate the wicked lusts of ten thousand degenerate spectators.
  33. Hitler was the supreme antithesis of German blonde health: just like FDR a degenerate cripple, who was the supreme antithesis of American youth and health.
  34. When the animal has no opportunity to exercise its muscles the latter degenerate, and nourishment, instead of being converted into energy, is turned into fat.
  35. In the gross emphasis of his attributes, in the leer of his satyr-countenance, was reflected the abominable cynicism of the degenerate cult which deified him.
  36. Sironka was not overly surprised; he had heard many tales from the military regarding some of the degenerate behaviour of the ferals, and the Dravidiens in particular.
  37. His features, allowing for the strains and stains of battle and his hiding in the marshes, reflected that same untamed wildness, but they were neither evil nor degenerate.
  38. He smiled happily as he looked at his arsenal weapon that just ended the lives of three delinquents that were probably not worth the sperm their degenerate fathers squirted out.
  39. She said that Dennis Martin was a degenerate womanizer and a stalker with a well-honed gift for emotional abuse but that he had a good reputation in the community and was well spoken.
  40. What is the general condition of the people: the children are half-starving and degenerate; the houses are full of vermin; an everlasting dull round of labour, of submission, and of sadness.
  41. When it happened, he would turn the unprovoked assault into an interstellar war that the dissolute and degenerate Federation and their morally corrupt sycophants could not possibly win.
  42. For instance: a father accumulates a million by energetic and clever exploitation, and leaves it to his son—a rickety, lazy, ignorant, degenerate idiot, a brainless maggot, a true parasite.
  43. And so before the night began to degenerate, as it always did after prizes were distributed for the best costumes, he suggested to the girl that they go to the lighthouse to watch the sunrise.
  44. Kinsey reported that various sexual practices that had always been thought of as bizarre, immoral, and the sign of a degenerate and perverted mind, were actually entirely common and mainstream.
  45. For instance, very active stocks might show fractal patterns down to the 15-second time frame, while less liquid commodities or stocks might degenerate into noise anywhere below the daily level.
  46. But if we fall to the other point of view and see a lost and degenerate race we shrink into the contracting mind; and our dealings with men and their affairs will be in a small and contracted way.
  47. Those eyes and that smile contained all the cruel cynicism that seethes below the surface of a sophisticated and degenerate race, and for the first time in her life Valeria experienced fear of a man.
  48. Hoover Institution research fellow Shelby Steele, a leading black commentator on current events, links this degenerate genre to the myth of what he refers to as the Bad Ni--er of the slavery era.
  49. It may be asked in ridicule whether I suppose that the megatherium and other allied huge monsters, which formerly lived in South America, have left behind them the sloth, armadillo, and anteater, as their degenerate descendants.
  50. Fortunately, the block between here and Sixth Avenue teemed with New Yorkers as degenerate as himself, and when he felt dissolved among them, protected by them, he looked back and saw no such person waiting on the traffic island.
  51. So, with the remnants of the Hindu State yielding ground, first to the Sultanic Rule and then to the British Raj, the swadharma of various varnas began to degenerate into varied caste creeds to the hurt of the Indian social unity and purpose.
  52. Breaking and entering was not something that Archibald had studied with his tutors, and so it was with some difficulty and quite a lot of noise that he eventually managed to force a window at the back of the ramshackle and degenerate building.
  53. Hundreds of millions of young healthy people being led by and following the orders of the sickest most degenerate cripples and thugs and criminals alive when will people learn not to follow anyone who is sicker and more degenerate than they are?
  54. But Man’s neglect of thinking of himself and of the signs which God created in this universe, and his occupation with food and drink and absorption in worldly concerns and earnings made him degenerate in this way and decline from that elevated rank.
  55. The pipe, tabret, and harp were associated so intimately with the sensuous heathen cults, as well as with the wild revelries and shameless performances of the degenerate theatre and circus, that it is easy to understand the prejudice against their use in the Christian worship.
  56. It is not much to be wondered at that when they became a little older they were so degenerate intellectually that they imagined that the surest way to obtain better conditions would be to elect gangs of Liberal and Tory land-grabbers, sweaters, swindlers and lawyers to rule over them.
  57. The paint was of a dark drab colour and the surface of the newly painted doors bore a strong resemblance to corduroy cloth, and from the bottom corners of nearly every panel there was trickling down a large tear, as if the doors were weeping for the degenerate condition of the decorative arts.
  58. Oh yeah, right! She’s always with guys younger even than himself, wops and now even a nigger, but he’s the one who gets called a degenerate for humping a white woman! So there she is screaming her feminist crap and telling him that he has to let both of the broads go while his dick just melts away.
  59. It opposed the world’s foolish and degenerate cults, it denounced vile social customs, it made all things new; but we find no record in the Apologies that it was rejected because it was morally incredible, because the God whom it revealed was a Being in character unintelligible, or detestable to the moral faculty.
  60. Rich men of the present day, as a general thing, are mere vulgar amassers of wealth, for the most part having but little care beyond that of increasing their capital, and that most often by impure means; or are the degenerate inheritors, who, far from playing an important part in society, often incur general contempt.
  61. When the greater part of the coin, however, was in this degenerate condition, forty four guineas and a-half, fresh from the mint, would purchase no more goods in the market than any other ordinary guineas; because, when they came into the coffers of the merchant, being confounded with other money, they could not afterwards be distinguished without more trouble than the difference was worth.
  62. People as depraved as Cissy Eccleston and Claude Morland, so sordidly unprincipled as Lady Eccleston, so uselessly selfish as Arthur, so nearly degenerate, physically and mentally, as Sainty, the hero, is intentionally represented to be, should, if they are to be used in fiction at all, be subjected to the counterbalancing influence of decent people; but in Belchamber there is no such relief.
  63. Add this hidden agenda to all of human history and you will see how it always works out that the best, most healthy sensitive decent living humans are sacrificed… while the filthiest evil degenerate living human scum are protected and live long destructive evil lives, and magically avoid all retribution and punishment, while the best of living humans are attacked and murdered and massacred for the flimsiest of excuses.
  64. She has destroyed the ivory image of the goddess which these eastern Hyborians worship (and which, inferior as it is to the true religion of Mitra which we Western nations recognize, is still superior to the devil-worship of the Shemites) and filled the temple of Ishtar with obscene images of every imaginable sort—gods and goddesses of the night, portrayed in all the salacious and perverse poses and with all the revolting characteristics that a degenerate brain could conceive.
  65. However, as charities themselves degenerate into bloated bureaucracies more concerned about perpetuating themselves than about assisting the downtrodden, those administering these organizations no longer view the giving public as the real heroes behind what use to be considered grassroots eleemosynary but rather as dimwitted cogs to be lectured as to how the acts once perceived as selfless are actually reactionary gestures undermining the progressive vision of their enlightened betters.
  66. We stayed at Xocanti that day and when night began to fall Wedon took me aside and told me the affect the levies for Teotihuacan were having on the Tolteca in his immediate area, his report echoed what I had heard everywhere that we had travelled, the news was grim, the artisans and trades people were working into the night just to survive, the growers had forced another early harvest against their better judgement for they knew this practice would not allow the soil time to regenerate before the next planting, he could see his people slowly being stripped of the fruits of their labour, by the Teoti, the greedy and degenerate aristocracy of Teotihuacan, the worse part for Wedon was that he could see no way to solve the problem so had rightly brought it to me, I could offer no solution and told him it was the same complaint from all of the people I had met on my journey around the Toltec holdings, even my own village was struggling under the burden.
  1. Even the Maasai, who had resisted the degenerating effects of civilisation, were now suffering.
  2. Winter was fading, and yet the mood of the village remained lethargic, degenerating into a funereal sentiment.
  3. More likely the Rotham trust for the Imperial Military is degenerating with each successive attack by Raidan.
  4. Gāndhi, in the face of bitter criticism from his followers, withdrew the whole movement on the ground that it was degenerating into mob rule.
  5. As to my own little practice, it seems to be degenerating into an agency for recovering lost lead pencils and giving advice to young ladies from boarding-schools.
  6. Under existing circumstances the community is menaced by another equally great danger - the people are mentally and physically degenerating from lack of proper food and clothing.
  7. But Watteau's great accomplishment was in doing this without degenerating into feeble prettiness, and this he did by an insistence on character in his figures, particularly his men.
  8. They had to carry him on a stretcher to the crusade venue because he could no longer walk on his two legs on account of his prolonged degenerating poor health that has weakened his bones.
  9. Yigael Yadin, Chief of Staff of the Haganah, was both tense and apprehensive as he sipped his cup of tea: the discussion between David Ben-Gurion and Major General Dows was quickly degenerating into a verbal confrontation.
  10. If, in our domestic animals, any part or the whole animal be neglected, and no selection be applied, that part (for instance, the comb in the Dorking fowl) or the whole breed will cease to have a uniform character: and the breed may be said to be degenerating.
  11. Laughing without orders indicates f leftist longhaired liberal f ways with communist tendencies, but fortunately for the f Rooinek and I, he, Sergeant van der Merwe by the grace of General Coetzee blah blah blah, knows how to cure this f profound f error in my f personality and f stop me from degenerating into communist.
  12. Can it be changed? Will it ever be different? Can Greegs be changed back to their original form en masse? Is there a more effective way of stopping them from degenerating into Greegdom and keeping their Greegeromody under wraps than the current method of dividing them up into Carnivals? These are the sorts of bets we hope to settle on the Ultimate & Grand Greeg Carnival.
  13. The majority of rich men, similarly, in our time are no longer composed of the most refined and cultured men of society, as used to be the case, but of coarse accumulators of wealth, who are interested only in their enrichment, for the most part by dishonest means, or of degenerating descendants of these accumulators, who not only do not play any prominent part in society, but in the majority of cases are subject to universal contempt.
  1. So Victoria degenerated over there.
  2. Democracy had degenerated into ochlocracy (rule of the mob).
  3. Everything has degenerated in this century, even the rascals.
  4. Somehow, we’ve degenerated as a culture to the point where we.
  5. It has also been suggested that humans have degenerated due to sin.
  6. Over time, the most degenerated and sorry excuses for what were once human.
  7. Seems a shame that he later degenerated into B class movies, and was killed in a plane crash.
  8. We are no longer pals; our friendship has degenerated to a rather chilly working relationship.
  9. IT REALLY TOOK HIM BACK, the old neighborhood, though it had changed—some would say degenerated.
  10. In some it is more, in others it is less worn, clipt, and otherwise degenerated from that standard.
  11. But the majority of them in course of time degenerated into a class of mere wage earners, having no.
  12. As the debate in the CNN studios degenerated quickly into an exchange of hot words, Obama shook his head in frustration.
  13. How could things have degenerated over the years to this? They were so in love; they had been through so much together.
  14. That had quickly degenerated into a general bug out by a whole company that had opened a big hole in the American defensive network.
  15. She found her former ability to have degenerated to the production of a hollow rush of wind through the lips, and no clear note at all.
  16. The result was that towards the end, the fighting degenerated into senseless destruction for the sake of merely continuing the struggle.
  17. The civil came to predominate over the military character ; and the standing armies of Rome gradually degenerated into a corrupt, neglected.
  18. You have learned that the focus of mankind throughout millions of years of development has always degenerated into destruction, violence, and greed.
  19. The poorness of the pasture had, in his opinion, occasioned the degradation of their cattle, which degenerated sensibly from me generation to another.
  20. With every word they spoke, their quarrel became worse and degenerated into a serious argument to the point where they were cursing and swearing at each other.
  21. Harris knew this from intelligence reports, but continued with his area bombing campaign, even though it had degenerated into the random killing of civilians.
  22. The small, narrow path had degenerated into a granite crevice with pockmarks and surfaces of chipped rock that one had to climb using his hands as well as his feet.
  23. The race used to be very industrious and intelligent, but have since degenerated into a bunch of party animals without a care, who live for nothing but a good time.
  24. The discussion quickly degenerated into an animated, excited exchange of comments and suggestions, prompting a smiling Boran Kern to call the Council to order with his gavel.
  25. He also told everyone that the proceedings of the conference had degenerated in to a ‘debating society’ suggesting that they were not going to achieve anything worthwhile.
  26. People might live longer now, but they’re simply living longer while being overweight, crippled with degenerated joints, plagued with heart disease and cancers, and on and on.
  27. In the disorder of the past year, when the central command fell apart and the revolution degenerated into a bloody rivalry of leaders, it was impossible to determine any responsibility.
  28. Another interesting facet of undue influence claims is that they can involve the degenerated mental state of the will maker without relating that state to the property or to whom it goes.
  29. But of course! Greeg is merely a sort of classification for any species that has given up on progressing and evolving, and degenerated completely to the lowest possible rung on the ladder.
  30. The mission has degenerated from general and applied research to the control of the academic standards for great and proud institutions, such as ours and our sister university at Chapel Hill.
  31. In ancient Italy, how much the cultivation of corn degenerated, how unprofitable it became to the master, when it fell under the management of slaves, is remarked both by Pliny and Columella.
  32. But may it not be, that while the whales of the present hour are an advance in magnitude upon those of all previous geological periods; may it not be, that since Adam's time they have degenerated?
  33. When none of these crushing victories materialized: it quickly degenerated into what was coined a Trench War: since so many trenches were dug… not that they had planned it this way: it just happened.
  34. Dynasties and aristocracies which have disregarded the laws of nature have decreased in numbers and degenerated in stature; 'mariages de convenance' leave their enfeebling stamp on the offspring of them (King Lear).
  35. His marital duties as a responsible breadwinner had degenerated into a struggle to keep his family afloat financially, which brought about feelings of frustration and inadequacy that were always bubbling up inside him.
  36. If only, their legitimate aspirations of political ascendancy were allowed to come to fruition under the Congress banner, the politics of the day would not have degenerated into caste combinations and communal permutations.
  37. The Army first intervened in Angola to safeguard the large Ruacana-Calueque hydro-electric scheme just across the border when all pretensions of law and order disappeared after Portugal left and Angola degenerated into a civil war.
  38. Inasmuch, then, as this Leviathan comes floundering down upon us from the head-waters of the Eternities, it may be fitly inquired, whether, in the long course of his generations, he has not degenerated from the original bulk of his sires.
  39. What is more, unlike Mahatma Gandhi the Gujarati, whose ‘inclusive ideology’ degenerated into the Indian political expedient of Muslim appeasement, Modi’s redefinition of ‘secular ideology’ as ‘India first’ has begun to capture the middle-class Hindu imagination.
  40. His once blissful union based on the young couple’s high expectations of everlasting love had degenerated into an impersonal routine of convenience since it was easier for him and his wife to continue on their downward trajectory rather than go through a traumatic and painful process of separation.
  41. Rose has expressed a wish to watch the film which is on TV this afternoon – The Sound of Music - and as it would never cross her menfolk’s minds to suggest otherwise and also as the weather has degenerated into an unpleasant blustery rain, we decide it would be rather nice to curl up in the warm and do just that.
  42. Then she began to laugh with her lips tight together, without giving up the fight, but defending herself with false bites and deweaseling her body little by little until they both were conscious of being adversaries and accomplices at the same time and the affray degenerated into a conventional gambol and the attacks became caresses.
  43. But what am I saying! The romantic is always intelligent, and I only meant to observe that although we have had foolish romantics they don't count, and they were only so because in the flower of their youth they degenerated into Germans, and to preserve their precious jewel more comfortably, settled somewhere out there—by preference in Weimar or the Black Forest.
  44. Things were not bad at first, for I shall never forget the look on the wounded faces as I tended to them and read for them; those acts give a wholeness and richness to life that nothing else can, but the situation has gradually degenerated until I can hardly stand the pressure any longer; were it not for my unwavering faith in God—I can thank my father for that one thing—and the fear that I should be damned to eternal hellfires, I should surely take my own life, so bad are the circumstances.
  45. In a country where the expense of the coinage is defrayed by the government, the value of the coin, even when it contains its full standard weight of gold and silver, can never be much greater than that of an equal quantity of those metals uncoined, because it requires only the trouble of going to the mint, and the delay, perhaps, of a few weeks, to procure for any quantity of uncoined gold and silver an equal quantity of those metals in coin; but in every country the greater part of the current coin is almost always more or less worn, or otherwise degenerated from its standard.
  46. Because I cannot understand how it is, that while the Egyptian mummies that were buried thousands of years before even Pliny was born, do not measure so much in their coffins as a modern Kentuckian in his socks; and while the cattle and other animals sculptured on the oldest Egyptian and Nineveh tablets, by the relative proportions in which they are drawn, just as plainly prove that the high-bred, stall-fed, prize cattle of Smithfield, not only equal, but far exceed in magnitude the fattest of Pharaoh's fat kine; in the face of all this, I will not admit that of all animals the whale alone should have degenerated.
  1. Who, exactly, are the degenerates?
  2. A herd of beer swilling degenerates.
  3. You loved putting the degenerates behind bars.
  4. While the body ages and degenerates, those in-.
  5. Most of the people who lived there were moral degenerates.
  6. She degenerates into a mere slut! She is tired of trying to please me uncommonly early.
  7. These idolized degenerates had been inter-marrying between each other for hundreds of years.
  8. Every one will have cataract sooner or later because the eye’s natural lens degenerates over time.
  9. And the manner? What more natural than to use the dope fiends and the degenerates of the Montmartre gang?
  10. I hereby confess to failing to understand how these degenerates have been able to rise so far in American politics.
  11. These Nazis degenerates have called our hell, the final solution, but without knowing that it is in fact our Final Salvation.
  12. He felt, in a sense, beheld; anyone who cared to look out a back window right now might have seen them, two degenerates hunched in a circle of light.
  13. It wasn’t the sort of place she would ever patronize on her own, crawling with whores and degenerates, but her spirits brightened with the old memories so, with a light, lively step she went in to enjoy a drink in the bar where it had all began.
  14. And even a mind with a tendency to reason for itself was persecuted and intimidated from every source by the instruments of brute degenerates, and has accomplished just what these men anticipated—A plane where the few do the thinking for the many.
  15. Like iron that lying idle degenerates into a mass of useless rust, like water that in an unruffled pool sickens into a stagnant and corrupt state, so without action the spirit of men turns to a dead thing, loses its force, ceases prompting us to leave some trace of ourselves on this earth.
  16. If she tries to squeeze large profits out of this pattern by setting a large profit target, it is unlikely to work because the signal has no power that far out; the market degenerates into random noise a few bars after each occurrence of the signal—the profit target must respect this reality.

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