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    dependant on

    1. False prophets will lead people to be dependant on them in order to hear God

    2. · And, this also is dependant on the amount of carbohydrates that

    3. Empty villages and towns were a stark reminder of the power of this process wherein a corresponding collapse of the communities dependant on that production was occasioned

    4. and hold something small, and wholly dependant on them? To find out the colour of

    5. Below I have included a test which helps you find out how dependant on

    6. It fed the fish everyday until they grew so dependant on free apples that they would have crawled out of the water for one more bite

    7. With all their stores used up, the people of Galilee were now wholly dependant on their

    8. One of the main problems being an increase in hormone cortisol, cortisol helps us to resist stress, maintain our blood pressure and our moods are dependant on it

    9. Not much to say other than she is not as dependant on the friendship of the others as

    10. His home planet had been dependant on computers for thousands of years; but this one, with the use of highly advanced organics, is a new dimension all together

    11. The moon had been dependant on supplies from the nearby planet and for several years food deliveries had been poor

    12. I have been too dependant on others for a long time, so it is about time that I start now in trying to look after myself

    13. For example, because I had been taken out of my body on my command, I knew first-hand that my life was not dependant on my body—my consciousness lived on

    14. this game you are completely dependant on your quality of communication with others

    15. dependant on a manufacturer or marketer running with it or buying the patent

    16. If you're machine is very co-dependant on the client's

    17. Make no mistake, we are dependant on you to maintain our current world view, for the technology is not yet at the point were it completely maintains itself, and replicates itself, and guarantees equal representation and mediation under the law, and equal distribution of resources

    18. Unfortunately for Messner and his operators, the telephone network in the 1940s was a clumsy affair dependant on multiple relay and switching centers that were manually operated

    19. hugely dependant on the tool material and coating

    20. He preferred it that way, as opposed to retiring and becoming increasingly more dependant on others and technology to care for him

    21. Our ability to communicate is really a lot dependant on the language we have to communicate with, so if you don't know many words, like I went to Taiwan and apart from 'Ni Hao' I knew very, very little language

    22. The image of man became related to the reality of his spirit, which is dependant on the order of his sins

    23. The security of the individual is dependent on the security of the nation which in turn dependant on the various players

    24. Salt intake was dependant on living by the sea, probably through cooking with sea water

    25. Structural reforms are distinctly dependant on growth (not recession) that can create new jobs

    26. He told us that our life is dependant on His permanent sustenance, so we cannot dispense with Him a moment

    27. So is it in the other abode, the spirit’s state and ascending will be dependant on its deeds

    28. “No”: that is, the case is not dependant on your intensive care and interest with them or him

    29. Everyone can obviously notice that the birth of Israel State and its existence are dependant on the help of America and Europe

    30. Becoming dependant on pills is one of the greatest concerns

    31. becomes dependant on heroin, and then sends off this kid to jail or a mental institution…

    32. Her cars and her lifestyle were all gifts to buy back her affection, and now she was dependant on him

    33. He was dependant on the decision they were going to make

    34. In other words, the struggle of life, evolution, is becoming less and less dependant on these chance-occurrences that could wipe it out, so, in yet other words, the struggle of life is absolute

    35. She wasn’t dependant only on the fire

    36. and their number is dependant on the shape of a plot

    37. What is using artificial sources of heat doing to us now? It is weakening us more and more and making us more and more dependant on artificial sources of energy and heat

    38. What is tool-use doing to us now? It is weakening us more and more and making us become more and more dependant on them

    39. Its size will move dependant on

    40. Reincarnation is believed by some to be a ‘spiritual’ vehicle, that allows a person who anatomically dies, to come back to earth as some kind of plant, animal, or human situated in a ‘better’ or ‘worse’ status, dependant on the quality of their past life in terms of being and doing ‘good’ or ‘bad’

    41. dependant on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class

    42. Because of the abrupt and often severe weather pattern changes it was safer to roam about living off the land than to stay in one spot dependant on crops that might not mature

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