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    depending on

    1. It literally breaks our overnight fast, which can last from 12 to 16 hours depending on what time we had dinner the previous night

    2. things depending on what state or country you live in

    3. Depending on how much mixture you need, use a cup for the part

    4. mint soap), depending on the insect

    5. Decoction: This is made by simmering the part of the plant (usually roots, twigs and bark) in a nonmetal container, in boiling water, for 1/2 hr or more depending on the material(s) and its use

    6. Use not more than 10 drops per gallon of the extract, depending on the pest

    7. There are many different types of bacteria present in a compost heap depending on the time from the start of the pile

    8. You can increase effectiveness of the above mixture by adding one or more of the following combinations (depending on use):

    9. This usually happens around the 20-30 day, depending on the weather

    10. the strongest sensation of vertigo, and depending on when you find this note, there

    11. ‘Sometime between seven and eight thirty I should think … depending on the traffic

    12. He was fuming but my family were depending on me

    13. "The tear-drop tattoo has different meanings depending on where you get it

    14. I usually spend my time in jeans and jumpers or t-shirts, depending on the weather – or smart trousers when I’m on official duty, so to speak

    15. and protein than others and depending on how you eat them; raw, fried or roasted makes a huge difference in the long run

    16. “Yes Daniel, and depending on your reaction to that shocker, we would have proceeded with a meeting with Jake

    17. What kingdom is it that we subscribe to when we choose our homes? How much land is sufficient? How large of a house is conducive to claiming that we are Kingdom oriented? What is the proper mentality to hold for occupation and self-life? When guests come, what is the proper way to house them and feed them? What I find is that even across the United States of America the answer to these questions are vastly different depending on where you live

    18. depending on the place, the time and the audience

    19. The Taverna Virgenia was used by the noisier visitors while Taverna Antonis was respected as the locals' meeting place and throughout my stay I'd wander between the two depending on my mood

    20. Bodies the size of the smallest impactors could be detected to a range of only a hundred million miles or less, depending on their size

    21. Every Saturday morning he brought fresh flowers up to the manor house and created the most delicate or the most vibrant arrangements, depending on the patterns of the weather and the moods of his employers

    22. Depending on the state of their dress, their general fashion sense, their hairstyle and the amount of cleavage on show, Tom could calculate their “Naughty” ratio

    23. "It's about thirty to forty five proof depending on how much of each ingredient they have left at this time of the evening

    24. In another hour, I could check in or check out, depending on your point of view

    25. As they were introduced there were more or less cheering, depending on how they were received

    26. “It’s not really different times, it’s different echos, copies of the land are created for each generation or so, depending on how many die

    27. The wealthy had plush private cars, the poor rode public cars that were more or less drab depending on the city

    28. depending on the patterns of the weather and the moods of his

    29. That was about the late 35th to late 41st depending on what basin you were from and what your income level was

    30. He had three different persona’s depending on what part of the institution he was in and who he was talking to

    31. It lets more or less of the force thru to the handle depending on how hard you step on it

    32. Cody: Why did Douglas Adams choose the number ‘ 42’ to answer the ‘ ultimate question’? It means many different things depending on what context you’re using; for example from the actual story’s perspective, it’s an appropriated warning sent by some unknown alien force, symbolically it’s about cosmic connections, from a philosophical perspective it’s about how easy it is to apply meaning to arbitrary phrases and verses, from a thematic perspective it’s a red herring, because it seems like it has a religious meaning but is actually entirely secular

    33. late spring and summer depending on the size of the

    34. I had visited two (2) tailor shops and prices are depending on the materials

    35. fortunes fluctuated depending on the skill of the hunters

    36. “I noticed that they have different engines depending on the model: Rolls Royce or GE

    37. that a lot was depending on what he was able to achieve

    38. Bill paid more depending on how many dependents a Vet have

    39. If pressed for details he might say he grew up with a scientific expedition or fundamentalist hermits depending on what the situation called for

    40. a month – depending on the nature of the

    41. Depending on their location, the towers were constructed in various ways; some were entirely tunneled into the mountain face, while others were mainly stacks of granite blocks

    42. Grandpa Wellbelove had erected the marquee with Sky's help and many there felt that at last this might be the end of Knockwit's devious wins, or run of luck, depending on whom you supported

    43. Depending on the number of records you added to the system you will see something similar to the following:

    44. Chatuum was here more or less a year now, depending on just when you called her 'moved in'

    45. a single one, depending on the mayoralty,

    46. Depending on how many main points you have to flesh out, you should easily

    47. others, depending on the offer, which is the

    48. depending on the following letter

    49. Depending on the type of business you are in, may depend whether you

    50. The military situation oscillated, depending on

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