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    1. "That gives it a name, he uses manipulations in his derivation that I just have to take his word for

    2. The gravitational laws that allowed it to stay there were well known and the derivation that showed they would stay in line was easy enough to follow since he’d taken RNAcid of all the world’s great mathematical minds

    3. She talked about the Latin derivation of the words “inter” and “digit” and then did a rationalization quick step about the sanctity of marriage and the consensual nature of adult couples

    4. This philosophy stands to this day, and it is observed in both Hinduism and Buddhism, which can be considered a new and current derivation of the first, based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama the Buddha

    5. But does this river exist? In his book, Walker says Pishon is simply a derivation from Hebrew Uizon -similar to Pishon-, name of an aquifer that irrigates the lands of the region

    6. When a new scientific principle is offered, its method of derivation must be laid out for others to test and verify in the same way in which the theory was originated

    7. derivation function that employ a salt makes this attack infeasible

    8. Any part of the meal will be a derivation of these

    9. what, as the word's derivation actually means,

    10. This explains the association of the island with female homosexuality and the derivation of the words ‘lesbian’ and ‘Sapphic’

    11. [71] A common sense of this idea comes in the word "prejudice" (pre-judge in derivation), but a meaning perspective holds us much further in its sway than simple prejudice although both can be hard to move

    12. fact that the meaning of a word is not definitely fixed by its derivation, aei does not signify endless duration

    13. definitely fixed by its derivation, aei does not signify endless duration

    14. To deduce that meaning from its relation to aei is absurd; for, apart from the fact that the meaning of a word is not definitely fixed by its derivation, aei does not signify endless duration

    15. In his will, Paul had requested a wake, though Claire had been too hung up on the derivation of the word to call it that

    16. We will not go into the formal derivation of the Black-Scholes equation in this text because it can be mathematically complex

    17. Without going into the mathematical derivation, we can summarize the critical underlying prices S as follows:

    18. Without going into the complete derivation of the VIX,5 there are some important aspects that are worth pointing out:

    19. Another derivation of these lines would be Side-by-Side White Lines that do not gap, but are in an uptrending market

    20. In his work, Liber Abaci, he explained the derivation of the sequence, which originated in Indian mathematics, by describing how a population of rabbits would grow under ideal circumstances

    21. You can read more about the derivation, but you get the gist

    22. That's why institutions tend to use some derivation of a GARCH model when figuring out how much they really have at risk in a market

    23. Using MeanExecutionEfficiency we can estimate the prices (ModelPrice) appropriate for derivation of implied volatility:

    24. In the 1960s, Gladys explained the derivation to Rose Anne Cooper, a young nurse’s aide at the Rock Haven Sanitarium

    25. Rudimentary organs may be compared with the letters in a word, still retained in the spelling, but become useless in the pronunciation, but which serve as a clue for its derivation

    26. The annexation of Nice to France, Lorraine to Germany, the Czechs to Austria, the partition of Poland, the subjection of Ireland and India to the English rule, the waging of war against China, the slaughter of Africans, the expulsion of the Chinese, the persecution of the Jews in Russia, or the derivation of profits by landowners from land which they do not cultivate, and by capitalists from the results of labor performed by others,—none of all this is done because it is virtuous, or because it will benefit mankind and is essentially opposed to evil, but because those who hold authority will have it so

    27. (1 a) The first, the physiological-evolutionary definition, is inexact, because, instead of speaking about the artistic activity itself, which is the real matter in hand, it treats of the derivation of art

    28. In the next place, the gentleman remarked that there was a number of cases in which Congress had departed from the particular enumerated powers in the constitution and had resorted to implication or construction for the derivation of its powers

    29. It is not sufficient, say they, to show that it is a convenient instrument to carry into effect an enumerated power, because it is an independent authority of itself, and the genius of our Government prohibits the derivation of any powers by implication with scrupulous limitation

    30. It should be stated at the outset that the writer accepts the ordinary derivation of the two words, and the meanings assigned to them in accordance with their origin

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