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    1. Tansy: An infusion of this herb with a dash of natural soap will deter most insects

    2. " But my interruption doesn't deter him, rather it leads him to his point

    3. As Gilla told me, the messenger birds are considerably larger than pigeons and have claws which would deter any predator

    4. – but it didn’t deter the young Doctor

    5. Maybe he had already encountered ancient weapons? Those fears would not deter him from this woman so far, after a breath he continued, "Do you want to fall in love?"

    6. group was large enough to deter all but the most

    7. Who’d go to the Mistress, who’d deter her

    8. demonstration would deter Tragus from the chase

    9. prevent her life draining away, but the cauterization failed to deter fever

    10. It hadn’t done a thing to deter Tragus

    11. He was a strange man, no question, but Kurt knew he was driven, goal oriented and that this set back would not deter him from his life objectives

    12. We had a couple of skirmishes on the way back but the size of our mixed unit seemed to deter the Turks from any real attack and besides which we were returning to our start point

    13. But not enough to deter his return because the next win would surely be due – by serendipity, laws of chance or just some law of universal fairness – at some point that following night

    14. Fully automatic fire was seldom used except on the border where fire suppression is rather important to deter the enemy from shooting accurately with RPG's

    15. She planned to use the magic to heal her mother and all of his arguments had failed to deter her from making the journey

    16. Both prayers and affirmations develop positive thoughts and deter negative ones

    17. The thirty-year difference in their ages did nothing to deter his fantasy that he actually had a chance with this beauty

    18. Kenichi knew whatever he said wouldn’t deter these brave men

    19. Yet, that does not paralyze us nor confine us, nor deter us from buying new cars, using other means of transportation to get to our work, nor doing our daily chores

    20. This analysis will not deter others from contriving ideal worlds that establish the appearance

    21. They have historically depended on the fierce cold of their lands to help prevent invasion, and so their settlements are all located deep within their frigid territory, but that does little to deter assassins who attack by Translocation, or by casting spells from a distance

    22. If some of them attack us, we will counter-attack them with overwhelming force in the most spectacular manner possible, in order to deter others from doing the same

    23. " Or, I remind them of Saint Uncumber, who miraculously grew a beard on her wedding-day, to defend her virginity; or Saint Agatha, who sacrificed her beauty by cutting off her own nose with a knife, to deter a lustful kidnapper; or the Abbess Hilda, who wildly loved expensive gems as a youth, before her call to the cloister -- in particular, a red ruby on a short neck-chain -- and how, many decades later, when Abbess Hilda was old, a tumour grew inside her throat, and upon it being removed from her body by a surgical physician, it was the exact size and shape and colour of that ruby!

    24. Does the situation I have described change your opinion at all? Does it matter that the wrongdoer is highly unlikely to be reformed by physical pain? Does it matter that she came here not as a willing applicant, but as a caged transvestite? And, finally, does it change your opinion to know she is an artist with God-given gifts? I fear that a wrong step on my part could deter her from using her talents on behalf of religion!

    25. King Aethelred has travelled around the kingdom, making speech after eloquent speech, demanding fortitude and strength, promising to deter the north-men

    26. That didn’t deter my mother

    27. guns to deter potential radicals on both sides of the Lakes” (Klobuchar,

    28. theory being that the wires would somehow deter cats from coming in for a drink or, if they

    29. caught her running away could not deter her belief that freedom was

    30. My refusal didn’t deter them from opening half a dozen bottles with their teeth and downing them in quick succession, laughing and joking at the expense of wogs, women and queers

    31. heart strings, but that did not deter him

    32. On the second weekend they made the perilous, three hundred and fifty metre ascent up the escarpment to the tablelands where they spent two days and a night tramping between swamps, covered in mud to deter biting insects

    33. I struck him several times in the face, but that didn’t seriously deter him

    34. Then his brothers had told us that we were getting married in ten days time, now, in the hopes that this would help deter Jack from coming after me

    35. audit trail to help deter or detect this type of fraud

    36. V cameras, to deter any unwanted intruders

    37. ‘What possibilities of life do they really have behind the bars? Don’t they realize that by slaying whom they hated, they compromised their own life forever? But, isn’t revenge a mad emotion, and murder its negative outcome? How naïve it is to imagine that the threat of the gallows would deter one to resort to murdering! It is man’s negative mindset that makes him go after someone’s throat

    38. The fact was that the whole area was infected with various experimental poisons that the Iraqi army was using to deter our troops

    39. “Now what?” He asked and I headed for a lower peak where I could rest yet was high enough to deter the enemy’s air forces

    40. Sabrina felt herself blush underneath her ski mask but it did not deter her from asking the one question she needed answered

    41. Stopping, he tied his handkerchief around his face and nose hoping to deter the penetrating stink

    42. By telling the suit that the devices they found in his workshops would need months to complete, he hoped might deter them from looking further

    43. I noticed she was scraping her nails into my skin, probably to try to deter me

    44. Please understand that it is important that all things know of lifetimes, there is much said to deter any thought or thinking regarding this and many are expressing themselves, their emotions, and reacting as if there is no life beyond that of physical death, that there is no impact, as if this is the only life

    45. It is true that WEP is better than nothing -- it will, at least, deter the casual

    46. You have my word, and you and your beautiful wife are more than welcome to join us if you feel it would deter the talk that might ensue

    47. “That should deter them

    48. the fabric of space to deter the movement of gravitational energy in these

    49. “Strong prosecutions are essential to deter this illegal trade

    50. That didn’t deter me, though

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