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    1. While I was here this world underwent a revolution in communication, and it seemed to make little difference, it was a fashion fad for a few years, decades I mean, and everything is the same

    2. So that's the difference in mindset

    3. Your brain doesn't know the difference

    4. "That's a difference of viewpoint

    5. grand scheme of your daily life isn't going to make much difference

    6. But one minute more and one minute less over the course of a year, adding all of those additional steps into your routine, makes a huge difference

    7. The more open and honest you can be with yourself and with others, in the moments of your life, will make a major difference in how your life goes

    8. But when he thought about the difference a single aluminum made in his life, he understood what that could do

    9. There is a huge difference between simple and easy

    10. I want to show you the difference so that you understand the distinction between the two words

    1. What are the differences?

    2. However, differences in sexual patterns between males and females are found throughout the life cycle

    3. We should listen to them, appreciate differences, encourage risk-taking (within limits) and discourage blind conformity

    4. It was in these sacrifices that he made the differences between Man and Woman

    5. Many social, economic, cultural or religious differences are not tolerated by us instead we want God not to create such people at all

    6. 4 light years and those cultural differences were enough to separate them from the ancient hatreds of Earth's ethnic groups

    7. While we separate the differences between the religion of man and the religion of God, we come across Romans 6

    8. ‘But I’m not really the best person to describe the differences between our cultures

    9. After an excruciatingly difficult fifteen minutes in which she tied herself in several knots, she gave up trying to explain stone technology only to get horribly bogged down virtually immediately in the various historical differences that had affected modern day cultures … comparative history had not been her strong point

    10. first reflect some key differences to the Universe


    2. indicator is similar to EVA and the ROE differencing that we displayed previously

    3. points in the differencing do not matter((µ(i) - X(i)) = (X(i)) - µ(i))

    4. lower partial moments function may be cubed, the differencing position matters and the

    5. With the simple PowerShell magic of the for-each loop, you can create hundreds of virtual machines with a single cmdlet that use a differencing disk

    6. The Merge-VHD cmdlet merges VHDs in a differencing VHD chain

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    difference conflict difference of opinion dispute departure deviation divergence remainder dash discrimination idiosyncrasy tone division contrariety feud contrast misunderstanding disagreement opposition