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    1. While I was here this world underwent a revolution in communication, and it seemed to make little difference, it was a fashion fad for a few years, decades I mean, and everything is the same

    2. So that's the difference in mindset

    3. Your brain doesn't know the difference

    4. "That's a difference of viewpoint

    5. grand scheme of your daily life isn't going to make much difference

    6. But one minute more and one minute less over the course of a year, adding all of those additional steps into your routine, makes a huge difference

    7. The more open and honest you can be with yourself and with others, in the moments of your life, will make a major difference in how your life goes

    8. But when he thought about the difference a single aluminum made in his life, he understood what that could do

    9. There is a huge difference between simple and easy

    10. I want to show you the difference so that you understand the distinction between the two words

    11. However, individuals need to note that there is one basic difference between Medical insurance and the CI rider

    12. Each time we make a difference in the lives of others, we create hope in ourselves

    13. Yehuda, Chief Psychiatrist at New York's Veteran's Administration Hospital, notes another difference between the sexes

    14. Venna and Jorma had been in that house almost a year now, another week would not make a difference

    15. In certain situations, it is best to simply accept that there will be a difference in opinion between generations

    16. If a child has not been given correct information, relevant to our perception, about questions he may have asked about God, birth, death, gender difference and so on, then the incorrect or insufficient impressions could affect his life all the time

    17. doesn't appear to make a difference to how efficiently he defends them though

    18. The difference between this and the tax-free rate is the risk premium one is paying

    19. If you have determined that its carpenter ants then go to the Dances with Ants chapter and treat like you would the ants, the only difference would be that you place the ant cafes inside the house, in the attic, crawl spaces, any place where they are seen, hidden from view

    20. Can you tell the difference?”

    21. This works like any MF but the difference is that any time in future it can be exchanged with gold at the price prevalent at that time

    22. What difference does it make? Do you plan to use that shuttlecraft and that rusty old starship to escape?"

    23. Whether they or the Colonel have the shuttlecraft makes no difference to your plans

    24. Bharat shining is the main difference

    25. It is rightly said that while western approach to science and religion is one of finding the difference between them, the Indian spiritual philosophy has always highlighted scientific theories as the backbone of the existence of a Supreme phenomena

    26. What is the difference between mulch and compost?

    27. Knowing I had Daithi and his 'couple of lads' behind me made all the difference

    28. Nevertheless, somehow she had thought that this time, just maybe, because he was a policeman too, it would make a difference He would understand the crazy career, the obsessions, the dark humor, the dark lows and the soaring highs of success that couldn't be shared with anyone else

    29. Didn't make any difference mentioning which battlefield, which country, which continent her dad had served in

    30. She would sit back, smoke a jay, enjoy the sunshine and the wide open space, but now there was a subtle difference

    31. aware of self and place and time, and of the difference between places and times and

    32. His younger brother Daniel was 6 foot 8 and the three inches had always made a difference

    33. difference within the quietude, as with the spectral shades of the void, caused Smith to

    34. The only difference between us is the mark on my head

    35. It was true many Angels forgot the fundamental difference between Angels and mortals

    36. The low menace in his voice reminded me of my father on report night, and for the first time in my life I sensed the difference between love and hate

    37. But there is a crucial difference recorded by the Holy Spirit:

    38. I thought about The Kid and the monstrous difference between the two men

    39. Perhaps the difference in the nature of man and woman is the reason that Satan

    40. When I tell her I earn no more than 160,000 drachmas per month, she looks at me scornfully and says: “You work in the production department, I work in the sales department -that's the difference! There is only one kind of work that's worth the while today, and this is sales!” she concludes triumphantly

    41. We need to realize that there is a difference between "inference and assumption

    42. Where before I was alone in my silence, down in the hole, here in the apartment there was a difference

    43. Klowee can do arithmetic and he made sure she knew what a year was and what an Earth year was and how to figure the difference

    44. The connoisseurs insisted they could taste the difference in the meat so there was a steep price trade-off for genetically modified karga, but still left a huge advantage for the karga

    45. Half of what they talked about didn't have a Portuguese word to go with it and the population difference was still fifty million to one

    46. "A difference in detail only," Ernesto said about the alien plants

    47. There is a difference between clicking the “yes” option in saying what we believe and actually living from that belief in a real and tangible way

    48. “It’s not as though it makes any difference

    49. To love silence, Smith realised, meant that as the creator He had become aware of self and place and time, and of the difference between places and times and selves, none of which could ever have existed in a true void

    50. Silence was bliss, was the summation of every force and vitality known to the universal mind, but the inevitably subtle tonal difference within the quietude, as with the spectral shades of the void, caused Smith to vacillate

    1. What are the differences?

    2. However, differences in sexual patterns between males and females are found throughout the life cycle

    3. We should listen to them, appreciate differences, encourage risk-taking (within limits) and discourage blind conformity

    4. It was in these sacrifices that he made the differences between Man and Woman

    5. Many social, economic, cultural or religious differences are not tolerated by us instead we want God not to create such people at all

    6. 4 light years and those cultural differences were enough to separate them from the ancient hatreds of Earth's ethnic groups

    7. While we separate the differences between the religion of man and the religion of God, we come across Romans 6

    8. ‘But I’m not really the best person to describe the differences between our cultures

    9. After an excruciatingly difficult fifteen minutes in which she tied herself in several knots, she gave up trying to explain stone technology only to get horribly bogged down virtually immediately in the various historical differences that had affected modern day cultures … comparative history had not been her strong point

    10. first reflect some key differences to the Universe

    11. Above are a few of the additional differences between Vine and Instagram video

    12. She’d been amazed by the overabundance of cleaning materials that she had correctly guessed would be stored in the cupboard under the sink – some things defy cultural differences! Kneeling on the floor, all the better to examine the various spray containers and bottles piled in there, her amazement turned into confusion … there were plastic spray bottles for limescale removal, disinfecting the worktops … apparently killing 99% of all known germs - though that did raise the question of what danger the remaining 1% presented if it was so vital to get rid of the things … bottles of cream for cleaning the sink and another, lavender scented, for polishing wood, a big bottle of bleach that at least smelt familiar, and noxious substances for cleaning the oven that had signs warning of danger plastered all over them … it was an education

    13. ‘The differences … the technology

    14. There were differences of opinion, ranging from weird through cute to typical boy

    15. differences with their generational inhabitants exist as well

    16. We are communicating our differences

    17. Show others that you are a torrent of differences

    18. were of equal strength, with the only differences being to

    19. “She’s scoring points here, the differences

    20. But what was she striving for? He didn’t know enough yet and maybe more important, he didn’t understand how that influenced the differences between Ava and Tdeshi

    21. “No, I think about the basic differences

    22. suggested to him differences in the way farming was carried out here

    23. Tom was fascinated by the differences between the two sides

    24. Noting the subtle differences in feel and texture of

    25. She might have been less social because of being ‘born’ in what she thought was a crypt and thinking she was coming back from death, but Ava’s social differences ran deeper, a need for secrecy or privacy being one of them

    26. Also, if you compare the book of Revelation with the books of Daniel and Zechariah, you will find slight differences in what are obviously the same stories

    27. Despite the obvious differences, it appears almost

    28. we never meet with those sudden and unaccountable differences in the wages of neighbouring

    29. , naturally suffer irreconcilable differences with her on all hair

    30. One of the big differences with writing a video script is you need to think

    31. I should add though that this has little relevance to our lives nowadays, taking into account the dramatic differences found in the levels of development of the huge amount of species that are living on our planet

    32. Everyone is focusing on their obtaining sufficient quantities of the limited resources, resulting in differences in their survival rate and therefore, their possibilities for reproduction and advancement

    33. If you decide that Buddhism is your path, it is important to recognize that there are differences that you must take into account when choosing the school that best fits your personality

    34. The differences in the various schools seem to revolve around three philosophical concepts: whether people are independent or interdependent; whether the universe is friendly or indifferent to the individual and his or her fellow humans; and whether the best of humanity is of the heart or the head

    35. If we accept and treat others as our equals despite differences in gender, race, nationality or culture, harmony will prevail

    36. Embracing differences is honoring the truths of life

    37. In the different ways in which this monopoly has been exercised, consists one of the most essential differences in the policy of the different European nations with regard to their colonies

    38. Our insistence on seeing differences instead of similarities is the chief reason for the propagation of a divisive environment that we ironically, abhor

    39. They focus on the common good of teachings found in various religions of the world, instead of identifying the differences in practices of these faiths

    40. Even within the Anglo-Saxon world, there are many differences in culture

    41. Cultural differences can also be seen in body language, which we have just discussed

    42. Here are a few differences:

    43. But there was something more fundamentally different he knew for sure, but he couldn’t quite place the differences in his mind

    44. From such a distance the differences were not obvious: just a switch to a more primitive form of plant-life

    45. Among other nations, whose vigorous government will suffer no strangers to possess any fortified place within their territory, it may be necessary to maintain some ambassador, minister, or consul, who may both decide, according to their own customs, the differences arising among his own countrymen, and, in their disputes with the natives, may by means of his public character, interfere with more authority and afford them a more powerful protection than they could expect from any private man

    46. Raiya thought about pointing out their differences, she had not changed her opinion of him

    47. The only apparent differences were healed sores and his too-thin body

    48. Returning to the differences between Evolution and Creationism - given the information as described above - I think it is reasonable to conclude that the differences between the two views are demonstrably irreconcilable

    49. Let us consider some other facts mentioned in the Bible that relate to God, the Creation and the differences when compared to the Evolution Theory

    50. And there are differences of administrations, but the same Lord


    2. indicator is similar to EVA and the ROE differencing that we displayed previously

    3. points in the differencing do not matter((µ(i) - X(i)) = (X(i)) - µ(i))

    4. lower partial moments function may be cubed, the differencing position matters and the

    5. With the simple PowerShell magic of the for-each loop, you can create hundreds of virtual machines with a single cmdlet that use a differencing disk

    6. The Merge-VHD cmdlet merges VHDs in a differencing VHD chain

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