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Disapprove en una oración (en ingles)

1. No heart can disapprove it.
2. They can disapprove if they wish.
3. Some Christians will disapprove of this.
4. My enemies, such as they are, disapprove of my research.
5. I'm going now, because I disapprove of this whole scene.
6. Just because the ones with a louder voice disapprove, it.
7. Alderfolk Pottypears would disapprove off said Catwhiskers.

8. M: What an idea! I disapprove of the entire universe, why only.
9. Your parents will disapprove and your grandparents will be appalled.
10. If you do not disapprove of it, I will come to see Cosette from time to time.
11. Until I realized he took far too little notice of me to approve or disapprove.
12. It's perfectly legal to do that here: not even the police would disapprove of it.
13. I cannot agree with you; I am convinced that my father would totally disapprove it.
14. Except for Doña Carlota, who affected to disapprove of her charge’s dashing cousin.
15. His parents would disapprove of him going out with a Protestant girl, even in those days.
16. Here, in just ten lines, they have set out an argument which those people who disapprove of.
17. I thought they would disapprove it totally, but fortunately I submitted my revisions on time.
18. Ask questions about their interests, and when you disapprove, keep negative comments to yourself.
19. It’s one thing to disapprove of someone’s behaviour but quite another to write this sort of filth.
20. You are one of a flock; and you disapprove of sheep like me that choose to wander off and browse alone.
21. I know you disapprove of lying, but I can’t handle my mother’s disappointment on top of everything else right now.
22. The article mentioned, More and more people, particularly Republicans, disapprove of President Bush’s performance.
23. He could only think of his brother Phillip, knowing that he would immediately disapprove of his motives for being there.
24. Chloe had told George never to mention them to the house—they would deeply disapprove of the way she had abandoned them.
25. Rachel and Wendy suspected that the old man appreciated the attentions of the younger lady and they certainly did not disapprove.
26. However small and innocent what you are doing may be, if they disapprove something turns up to cause them to have been altogether right.
27. Between concentrating on making dinner, the words she needed to remember, and Lydia, Alice didn’t have the mental reserve to protest or disapprove.
28. My only regret is that I didn’t buy any for my company because I was afraid my boss, who was on vacation at the time, would disapprove of the investment.
29. I cannot remember when the old gentleman It would be much more dreadful if I pretended to be sorry, when I wasn’t, wouldn’t it? did not disapprove of me.
30. It's not a requirement to hide your disapproval in all situations--just let your grandchildren know that while you disapprove of their decision, you will always love them.
31. The radiant eyes gazed at him questioningly: would he approve or disapprove of her diary? There could be no doubt not only of his approval but also of his admiration for his wife.
32. Why, sir, does the gentleman disapprove of the President's proclamation? Because, says the gentleman, the letter of the Duc de Cadore, of August, was not a repeal of the Berlin and Milan decrees.
33. He had looked from Elizabeth to me sitting at the table and I could tell he was disappointed that she wasn’t doing something he would disapprove of so that he would have a reason to punish her.
34. Mori seemed to disapprove of cutlery as a sort of unnecessary decadence and by way of reinforcing the point, he did all the washing up except Thaniel’s fork, which he left in a jar like a chemical specimen.
35. It is precisely this compromise between true investment and true speculation that we disapprove, chiefly because the purchaser has no clear-cut idea of the purpose of his commitment or of the risk that he is incurring.
36. I glanced over to him and met his gaze as he said, There’s nothing wrong with you and I certainly don’t disapprove of you fulfilling your created function and the desire intended for you to experience from the union.
37. Those who, while they disapprove of the character and measures of a government, yield to it their allegiance and support are undoubtedly its most conscientious supporters, and so frequently the most serious obstacles to reform.
38. Edmund might still look grave, and say he did not like the scheme in general, and must disapprove the play in particular; their point was gained: he was to act, and he was driven to it by the force of selfish inclinations only.
39. Yet, sir, feeling myself bound by these high sanctions to pursue the course pointed out by my own judgment, and the dictates of my own conscience, I am compelled to declare, that I disapprove the conduct of the administration in the affair with Mr.
40. He is, moreover, aware that she DOES disapprove the connection, he dares not therefore at present confess to her his engagement with Marianne, and he feels himself obliged, from his dependent situation, to give into her schemes, and absent himself from Devonshire for a while.
41. He is, moreover, aware that she does disapprove the connection, he dares not therefore at present confess to her his engagement with Marianne, and he feels himself obliged, from his dependent situation, to give into her schemes, and absent himself from Devonshire for a while.
42. Alexey Alexandrovitch was in principle in favor of the publicity of legal proceedings, though for some higher official considerations he disliked the application of the principle in Russia, and disapproved of it, as far as he could disapprove of anything instituted by authority of the Emperor.
43. An undefined told Pierre that these explanations, and repeated requests to be told the whole truth, expressed ill-will on the princess’ part toward her future sister-in-law and a wish that he should disapprove of Andrew’s choice; but in reply he said what he felt rather than what he thought.
44. An undefined instinct told Pierre that these explanations, and repeated requests to be told the whole truth, expressed ill-will on the princess’ part toward her future sister-in-law and a wish that he should disapprove of Andrew’s choice; but in reply he said what he felt rather than what he thought.
45. One needs but to talk with them to become convinced that all,—landowner, judge, minister, governor, Czar, officers, and soldiers,—at the bottom of their hearts not only disapprove of such deeds, but when a sense of their true significance is borne in upon them, really suffer at being forced to take part in these scenes.
46. You know already, senor, the wealth and noble birth of my parents, and that I am their sole heir; if this be a sufficient inducement for you to venture to make me completely happy, accept me at once as your son; for if my father, influenced by other objects of his own, should disapprove of this happiness I have sought for myself, time has more power to alter and change things, than human will.
47. I have narrated all this in such detail because it strikingly illustrates the indubitable truth that all compromise with institutions of which your conscience disapproves,—compromises which are usually made for the sake of the general good,—instead of producing the good you expected, inevitably lead you, not only to acknowledge the institution you disapprove of, but also to participate in the evil that institution produces.
48. They are, therefore, interested in keeping up a state of war; and being invested with the management of an instrument of war, it is to be expected that it will be used in some degree to answer their own purposes? No man who will reflect for a moment, but must be satisfied that the disgraceful and lawless conduct of the British naval officers on our coast originated in a desire on their part to bring on a war with this country, in which they looked forward to large dividends of prize money; and these acts were contrary to the wish and expectation of Great Britain; in one instance the act was disavowed; and it may be asked why were the officers not punished who acted contrary to the wishes of the Government? The answer is obvious; because the influence of the Navy in England is so predominant that the Government are afraid to touch the subject, and the consequence is, that the Government are compelled to bear the odium of acts which they disapprove; and the same cause which has produced this effect in England, if permitted to operate, will produce a similar effect in this country.
1. The disapproving look on his.
3. Illiat gave a small, disapproving frown.
4. The nurse looked still more disapproving.
5. And the disapproving glances of his Angel.
6. Clayton smiled and gave her a disapproving look.
7. I saw that, she said in her disapproving tone.
8. The watchmaker made a disapproving sound at the cold.
9. Disapproving hoots and murmurs echoed around the group.
10. He gave me a disapproving look, and I smiled in response.
11. They shot him disapproving looks, but pointed towards the.
12. Gold immediately gave me a disapproving and strained look.
13. Kenney gave a somewhat disapproving look to his chief of staff.
14. She continued to look up at him with the same disapproving air.
15. Omi stood up, gave Ish a disapproving glance and left the room.
16. The other café customers were giving her disapproving stares.
17. He gave Lovern and me the stern looks of a disapproving father.
18. The four in their shorts looked disapproving, but said nothing.
19. Obeast looked at the other two trolls with a disapproving stare.
20. His wife looked first astonished and then severely disapproving.
21. Meg turned around in her seat and gave him a disapproving glare.
22. And the disapproving glances of his Angel shamed him to the core.
23. Joey pulled away from Terriak with a disapproving shake of his head.
24. Evans threw a disapproving look at Russell, who just shook his head.
25. He and Abigail were at the rear, away from disapproving adult glares.
26. A lady with a large hat turned around and gave us a disapproving look.
27. Gabriel looked disapproving response from Junior, but it was too late.
28. Emma threw a disapproving glance across at Louise as she made her exit.
29. Godwyn had seen the same disapproving expression on his mother’s face.
30. That does not help the situation either, Tarmon said, disapproving.
31. He made a disapproving sound and I could almost see him shaking his head.
32. Disapproving, Kifter glared at the Hite, trying hard to keep the mood calm.
33. She thought quickly of her disapproving husband and her anxious steps ceased.
34. Oh? And why not? Bob fixed him with his most military disapproving stare.
35. He answered the staff captain’s question by a disapproving shake of his head.
36. Aw mom, you shouldn’t have stole her thunder like that, I said disapproving.
37. Seeing the disapproving expression on the face of Krulak, Ingrid glanced back at Larose.
38. She shot through that excuse with one disapproving look and I cringed visibly this time.
39. Just then Miles noticed Summers Presley, who'd been silently disapproving of the whole thing.
40. Just stop it, that nice eager woman would have surely said, disgusted and disapproving.
41. Ashat looked up to meet his mother’s disapproving eyes, but he shrugged it off and turned to.
42. The door opened and another doctor walked in and gave James a disapproving stare but said nothing.
43. The intervening Garden Councilors shot him an assortment of disapproving glares and catfish mouths.
44. I smiled and he caught me in his arms and kissed me, I made a disapproving sound when he broke the kiss.
45. Most ignored Edwin, but one or two took the trouble to cast him a disapproving glare every now and then.
46. You are making a most disgraceful connection, and such a one as your family are unanimous in disapproving.
47. You’re covering for Madison again, Carl said, now poking his disapproving bald head around the corner.
48. Not a single man there, it was what Diane would call a hen party (and then make that disapproving sinus sound).
49. As darkness gathered in the corners of the yard, the light of Caris ’s fire reddened Alice’ s disapproving face.
50. I thought I might have a sore neck tomorrow from all the disapproving head-shaking I was administering to this crowd.
51. All the manners of a butcher, I guess, she remarked rudely, shooting a disapproving glance at her fellow patron.
52. It was a name his own soldier father had mentioned a few times, only to be hurriedly hushed by his disapproving mother.
53. Nurse Nosworthy shot her a disapproving look, They’re both outside having a cigarette, they should know better!.
54. You really should have some class Roger once remarked sarcastically while looking Mikhail up and down with a disapproving eye.
55. Atkins laughed briefly at that barb shot at the French, whose sexual mores had always attracted disapproving remarks in Great Britain.
56. On a few occasions she would point her gun at the guys, really wanting to shoot but would be stopped by a disapproving look from Rani.
57. For some reason, which I could only faintly guess, the bishop's wife after disapproving of me in the morning was petting me in the afternoon.
58. Gilbert in person he said and I blushed sparing Jesse a disapproving look for having bored his uncle with stories about me, he just shrugged smiling.
59. When that worthy matron went out of the house with her bonnet jerking with rage, Scarlett knew she had an open enemy now instead of a disapproving friend.
60. She’d never been a very strong witch, according to Aunt Rachel, who seemed disproportionately disapproving, considering Grandma Irene was her own mother.
61. The fact is not, as I understood the gentleman to say, that the Legislature of Maryland have passed resolutions disapproving the measures of the Government.
62. The mother seemed to hover over Hilkea offering her the first portion out of each dish as it was served, to the slightly disapproving glances from her husband.
63. They are saying, Stepping on a person’s lawn may get you a disapproving look, but stepping on God’s lawn will get the soul that is in you eternal torment by God.
64. He brushed away a tear that escaped the corner of my eye You wouldn’t mind being in my mother’s position too, would you? he asked his tone slightly disapproving.
65. He needs to remind himself why he's doing all this, why he's putting up with meetings and lessons, with nobles and guards, with disapproving looks and uncomfortable clothing.
66. The laughing chorus of stiffy, fatcock, horn, rod, boner, was silenced by Arthur, the natural leader of the disapproving boys who shouted angrily, ‘Melvin you’re disgusting!’.
67. The gangly one with glasses was concealing his insecurities behind a supercilious facade, and four obvious Christians were betrayed by their prim, pursed lips and disapproving manner.
68. The lieutenants were responsible for making sure the men were kept in line, and either approving or disapproving every activity that came up on the board, occasionally with the advice of the other lieutenant.
69. The Crowd went wild upon her Appearance, the Men remarking lewdly upon her Nudity, and the Women disapproving loudly, calling her Whore and Strumpet, but being unable to unglue their Eyes from her Bosom for all that.
70. Think of my disapproving scowl when you are beginning to do it, and then perhaps your day of slaughter will resolve itself into an innocent picnic on the moors, alone with sky and heather and a bored, astonished dog.
71. He recounts the fates of failed acts or “turns,” faced with the indignity of being “paid off”—that is, sent on their way without completing their engagement rather than left at the mercy of a disapproving or hostile crowd.
72. The lowest, cruelest, and worst populace of a city, never without its quantity of low, cruel, and bad, were the directing spirits of the scene: noisily commenting, applauding, disapproving, anticipating, and precipitating the result, without a check.
73. Two boys a bit older than herself were leaning against the narrow walls of an alleyway across the street sharing a cheroot, out of view from the disapproving eyes of their elders, and they mischievously took an uncharacteristic interest in her solitary idleness.
74. He actually smiled ; as soon as he smiled, my mother and sister smiled after him, confidence was restored ; but Tatyana Pavlovna,who Lad finished laj-ing out the good things on the table and settled herself in a corner, still bent upon me a keen and disapproving eye.
75. She rose earlier than he did to drive out Peachtree road and frequently did not come home drove the long miles to the mill with only the disapproving Uncle Peter to protect her and until long after he had locked up the store and returned to Aunt Pitty’s for supper.
76. It is the peculiar misfortune, sir, of this system, if again to be revived, that the right of approbation fully implies the right of disapprobation and censure; and during the same Administration of which we are speaking this right of disapproving and censuring was also attempted to be exercised.
77. Yates's family and connexions were sufficiently known to him to render his introduction as the "particular friend," another of the hundred particular friends of his son, exceedingly unwelcome; and it needed all the felicity of being again at home, and all the forbearance it could supply, to save Sir Thomas from anger on finding himself thus bewildered in his own house, making part of a ridiculous exhibition in the midst of theatrical nonsense, and forced in so untoward a moment to admit the acquaintance of a young man whom he felt sure of disapproving, and whose easy indifference and volubility in the course of the first five minutes seemed to mark him the most at home of the two.
78. We needed only to look at the both of them with disapproving frowns, our hands on our hips,.
1. You name it, I disapproved of it.
2. But every one around her disapproved.
3. I felt like he disapproved of me in some way.
4. But I disapproved of adultery, and fornication.
5. Trim and anxious to be of use she was disapproved of.
6. Bilbo, of course, disapproved of the whole turn of affairs.
7. She suspected that her uncle's scheme was disapproved by Mr.
8. He disapproved heartily of Rhett Butler and poor Pitty knew it.
9. Nuke said he had also told Candace he disapproved of her methods.
10. When asked, Thaen said only that his parents had disapproved of.
11. I knew my father disapproved, but I believed I could persuade him.
12. I am aware that my vote will be disapproved by many of my friends.
13. The action of which she heartily disapproved, was at a disadvantage.
14. Mrs Hartley-Jones! ‘Spect his family would have disapproved of me.
15. She made it vociferously clear to Jeremy that she disapproved of the.
16. That he disapproved of the way Ozzie treated Chrissie was equally clear.
17. Bernhardt was devastated, not because she disapproved of the bride, but.
18. If the second application is also disapproved, then we are so sorry, but.
19. Ka Rudy told me that Nitz told him of your plan but she disapproved it.
20. Here I spent years thinking he disapproved of me as frivolous, she thought.
21. I was too much like his own father and he disapproved heartily of his father.
22. They disapproved of the marriage, and could not be expected to countenance it.
23. It took Pat a lot of courage to marry me when her old man disapproved so much.
24. Aesa couldn’t tell if Bephistoles disapproved, though he didn’t sound pleased.
25. There were pictures of me everywhere receiving the awards she had disapproved of.
26. Caris sat with Mair at the end, holding her hand, not caring if anyone disapproved.
27. But as much as the doctor disapproved of Scarlett, he never suspected her of drinking.
28. Many factions of the church disapproved of the availability of the Bible to the common man.
29. My mother-in-law was of the conservative old school and disapproved of extramarital affairs.
30. Rachel reacted with surprise, and her reaction conveyed to William she disapproved of his tone.
31. Stock dividends of all types seem to be disapproved of by most academic writers on the subject.
32. It was the only compliment I ever gave him, because I disapproved of him from beginning to end.
33. Jim’s mother, Ethel, who had always been an ally for Norma Jeane, also disapproved of her modeling.
34. Both were talking and listening too eagerly and too naturally, which was why Anna Pávlovna disapproved.
35. If there were passages in the Bible that disapproved of slavery, they were not read aloud by the pastors.
36. REGINE, YOUR PROPOSAL has been disapproved, said Ka Rudy when he called me to his office one morning.
37. But at length she was secured by the exertions of Elinor, who greatly disapproved such continual seclusion.
38. They were probably very good examples of what Graham and Dodd most disapproved of in the financial markets.
39. The guests, among them not a few scholars and journalists, for the most part disapproved of capital punishment.
40. It had come to the ears of the merchant’s wife that Alyosha wanted to marry Ustinia, and she disapproved of it.
41. My uncle disapproved it all so entirely when he did arrive, that in my opinion everything had gone quite far enough.
42. Hm, I intoned, craning my neck to get a look at what he was showing interest in, an action game I disapproved of.
43. Aunt Pitty disapproved highly of these last, for she felt they had come to Atlanta for no reason at world was coming to.
44. The reason I left this church was because I disapproved of the attitude and behavior of your predecessor, Pastor John.
45. It was obvious to Nancy that those three disapproved of her visit, but had most probably been told to put up and shut up.
46. Luckily, he didn’t need to see properly to listen in to the conversation between Mallika and her friends he disapproved of.
47. Norris a hint of his having hoped that her advice might have been interposed to prevent what her judgment must certainly have disapproved.
48. Smith,) that President Washington doubted; that his mind was in suspense to the last moment, when the act was to be approved or disapproved.
49. He stole upstairs to his old bedroom, now shadowed with cribs and playpens and toy shelves from which stuffed animals watched and disapproved.
50. Fox came last into power—he disapproved of the commencement and conduct of the war, and yet he called for and received the necessary supplies.
51. He was far from happy to let that nefarious magician carry on as this was an act that would be disapproved of by anyone who had a free conscience.
52. This part of the church was reserved for the clergy, and they would have disapproved of Caris ’s being there, but the monks and nuns had already left.
53. Cooper felt as though the couple’s phantomlike eyes were staring contemptuously at him, as if they could sense his actions and disapproved of his methods.
54. If Marjory disapproved she seemed to lodge her protest by dancing on her own and getting drunk or stoned, as she had done at the party and now again to-night.
55. The battle would certainly have ended in the capture of the whole of Murat’s force, had not Kutuzof, who disapproved of the engagement, refused to support Benigsen.
56. Yes, the conquerors did approve of her and her family now even Peter disapproved of her to the point of not caring to be seen in public with and her neighbors did not.
57. Philip disapproved of combined monastery-nunneries, saying the advantages of shared facilities were outweighed by the opportunities for the devil to introduce temptation.
58. He got quite angry with me when I disapproved of his efforts to compel Candace to get over her fear of intercourse, even though she had emphatically told him to back off.
59. He observes in a footnote that within the world community, the imposition of the death penalty for crimes committed by mentally retarded offenders is overwhelmingly disapproved.
60. This would be a delightful evening in which to learn more about her and perhaps discover what it was that so fascinated him, even if his wife still disapproved of her and her habits.
61. What if the lizard disapproved, she thought, at having a little girl eating a part of it? But, she tried to reason, it hadn’t done anything when her father nicked off a piece of its leaf.
62. He was not happy to let that evil magician complete his round of those present, stealing their golden liras, as this was an act that would be disapproved of by anyone who had a free conscience.
63. All her life, she had been looked down upon as the daughter of the disreputable Joby; and the women had disapproved of her even more when they realized she wanted to snatch Wulfric away from Annet.
64. He felt that everyone disapproved of Scarlett and was husband should not permit, according to his views, but if he ordered her to stop them, contemptuous of him for permitting her to unsex herself.
65. Johnson said, that however much the act laying a direct tax was disapproved, and arose from measures which were improper, yet he had never deemed it an unconstitutional law, as he had the sedition law.
66. I was certainly not in favor of the embargo; I disapproved of that system; and when I saw the non-intercourse system, I considered that as retaining the embargo principle, but not with so much precision.
67. But within her young body she had many things hiding: the dichotomy that was her father--a diabolical but righteous man; a mother that disapproved of her choices; and sisters that clamored to her for answers.
68. In fact, the ambassador, as he himself has declared, was never authorized to make that demand, and as soon as I was informed of it I let him know how much I disapproved of it and ordered him to remain at his post.
69. That might have sounded funny to some people in here, he said, still gazing around the room to indicate he knew who he was talking about and disapproved, because you conclude every briefing with these words.
70. As Ishvara took me to the side, I felt very much like I was about to receive a scolding the way my father did when he disapproved with the way I behaved, but I did notice Jiva walking across to Levi, looking him up and down.
71. He surveyed the carved front and low-browed lattices, the straggling gooseberry bushes and crooked firs, with solemn intentness, and then shook his head: his private feelings entirely disapproved of the exterior of his new abode.
72. He surveyed the carved front and low-browed lattices, the straggling gooseberry-bushes and crooked firs, with solemn intentness, and then shook his head: his private feelings entirely disapproved of the exterior of his new abode.
73. While thankful for her attendance, he secretly disapproved of a woman bearing arms and dressing like a man, which reminded him too much of a certain famous French maiden girl who had been burned at the stake for her unnatural ways.
74. But till then he had had nothing to do with the law courts, and so had disapproved of their publicity simply in theory; now his disapprobation was strengthened by the unpleasant impression made on him in the lawyer’s waiting room.
75. Oh, in those days we were all boiling over with zeal for doing good, for serving th oublic weal, for a higher ideal; we disapproved of class distinctions, of the privileges of our rank, of our property and even of usury, at least some of us did.
76. However I disapproved, I couldn’t hinder her: indeed, how could she have refused him herself? What was filling him with dread we had no means of discerning; but there he was, powerless under its gripe, and any addition seemed capable of shocking him into.
77. However I disapproved, I couldn't hinder her: indeed, how could she have refused him herself? What was filling him with dread we had no means of discerning: but there he was, powerless under its grip, and any addition seemed capable of shocking him into idiocy.
78. Let us suppose the President has made a treaty of peace, which is disapproved of by the Senate—and suppose upon this he should say, the war ought not to be further prosecuted, and refuse to employ the public force, would you not impeach him? Most unquestionably you would.
79. What would my children think? Did I stand the chance of jeopardising my identity as their father if they disapproved of my behaviour with their step-mother? I was also afraid of losing the mother I had always wanted and just recently found, and the new brother I had come to love.
80. Alexey Alexandrovitch was in principle in favor of the publicity of legal proceedings, though for some higher official considerations he disliked the application of the principle in Russia, and disapproved of it, as far as he could disapprove of anything instituted by authority of the Emperor.
81. Bert took no part in these proceedings, and at first rather disapproved of them because he was afraid there would be trouble when Misery came, but when the fire was an accomplished fact he warmed his hands and shifted his work to the other side of the bench so as to get the benefit of the heat.
82. Any time she wanted to fill her house with there were other people in Atlanta who would come to her parties, other people far more guests, she could do so and these guests would be far more entertaining, far more handsomely dressed than those prissy, strait-laced old fools who disapproved of her.
83. It is then time for opinion to pause and reflect, whether any consequence can be worse, or more disgraceful, than joining a foreign against its country's standard? Whether it would not be better, more patriotic, more virtuous, to support your country even in a supposed unwise course of policy, than to join a foreign standard, and use it to correct and change the course of policy thus disapproved?
84. Every Order, Resolution, or Vote to which the Concurrence of the Senate and House of Representatives may be necessary (except on a question of Adjournment) shall be presented to the President of the United States; and before the Same shall take Effect, shall be approved by him, or being disapproved by him, shall be repassed by two thirds of the Senate and House of Representatives, according to the Rules and Limitations prescribed in the Case of a Bill.
85. Just like Jonathan Thomas disapproved of me,.
1. He disapproves of my lifestyle.
2. Trent disapproves strongly, of course.
3. Society approves of some, disapproves of.
4. He disapproves of the way Cid makes a living.
5. Needless to say, she disapproves of our relationship.
6. Moreover, the American Heart Association disapproves of.
7. The expert also disapproves his theory on using only the top.
8. She can look you through and through so, when she disapproves! I do think she might have written.
9. If a stockholder disapproves of any major policy of the management, his proper move is to sell his stock.
10. I’m trapped in my fat body, in my house in the suburbs, in a country that disapproves of my most private affections.
11. Tolstoï disapproves of the order of society which allows less land for the support of a village full of people than is sometimes owned by a single landed proprietor.
12. Smith suspects his regard for Marianne, disapproves of it, (perhaps because she has other views for him,) and on that account is eager to get him away;-- and that the business which she sends him off to transact is invented as an excuse to dismiss him.
13. Smith suspects his regard for Marianne, disapproves of it, (perhaps because she has other views for him,) and on that account is eager to get him away;—and that the business which she sends him off to transact is invented as an excuse to dismiss him.
14. And, sir, shall we now be told that it is a mere matter of moonshine, a thing of no moment, whether this House really does approve the conduct of the Administration of the Government of the United States, or disapproves it? Praise, in my opinion, properly and not prodigally bestowed, is one of the best resources of a nation.
15. According to this doctrine, it is a matter of no consequence whether one profess the revealed truth or not; there is no obligation to live in accordance with its precepts, or to refrain from actions opposed to them,—as, for instance, to serve the government, though one considers its power detrimental; to profit by the organization of capital, though one disapproves of it; to subscribe to certain forms of religion, though one considers them superstitions.

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