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Dismissal en una oración (en ingles)

1. I nodded thanks and dismissal.
2. Jared took that as a dismissal.
3. We should have gotten a dismissal.
4. Dismissal of the Conventional Wisdom.
5. Plassan with a brief wave of dismissal.
6. Saul accepted this dismissal and went out.
7. Joyce kissed her teeth in dismissal and.

9. The dismissal look changed into thoughtfulness.
10. Perhaps her first dismissal had been too hasty.
11. The next day she received a notice of dismissal.
12. Rest well, darling, she said as a dismissal.
13. Sheramiv took this as a dismissal, and disappeared.
14. Skepticism confronts confrontation with dismissal.
15. Roman was unfazed by his dismissal from Collingston.
16. This was my dismissal, and I reentered my stateroom.
17. Libby, hurt by the dismissal, confused by the mixed.
18. The officer waved his hand in light-hearted dismissal.
19. Chandio shook his head, then flicked his hand in dismissal.
20. Oh, he’s fine, Jurak said, waving a hand of dismissal.
21. It looked as though Tyrone would receive a similar dismissal.
22. Is it going to be? It is! It is a dismissal! Miz cal ed.
23. Fung nodded in dismissal, then was accompanied away by Gloria.
24. He waved a hand in dismissal, The wolves will be dealt with.
25. He deserved better than the ignominious dismissal he received.
26. She jumped at the dismissal and jogged back into the courtroom.
27. What if Maxwell Hayes Lewis leads with a request for dismissal?
28. Lope waved a dismissal hand at me and directed her attention to.
29. She hoped the weariness in her voice did not emerge as dismissal.
30. It was a dismissal, of sorts, but Ralph hesitated before turning.
31. Third Of Those Who Fight waved an appendage at Frank in dismissal.
32. He nodded in dismissal, then called after me, Order the Chivas.
33. But Read appealed his dismissal, and in 2003, the RCMP's External.
34. Barron accepted the papers and nodded to Gladstone as a dismissal.
35. Hearing the chairman’s patronising dismissal of me he must have.
36. Des cleared his throat as a subtle dismissal of the playful banter on.
37. Burley said as a dismissal then turned his attention to the next witness.
38. He also received his dismissal, his half-sovereign, and the order to wait.
39. After his dismissal, Chakely and his family had settled in Tempe, Arizona.
40. Unimpressed with this dismissal, The Imaginings spilled into his waking life.
41. It is said that a holy man never used the dismissal prayer - Through the.
42. Your Honor, he says, the defense moves for a dismissal of all charges.
43. You know what that means at Drummond Melanie: instant dismissal for both of you.
44. We had a very brief Russian phase, Sionna said, waving her hand in dismissal.
45. His dismissal happened without any warning, ceremony, compensation or negotiation.
46. In anybody’s book this was sabotage and summary dismissal to whoever had done it.
47. Human Resources insisted that instant dismissal could be the only appropriate option.
48. Charlie certainly did not take his dismissal as Anne's imaginary rejected suitors did.
49. Jefferson, one moiety at least came into the Treasury after their dismissal from office.
50. I go now to join my troops on the overland route, he finished in way of dismissal.
51. There is no doubt in my mind that it is serious enough and repulsive to require dismissal.
52. Tyrese’s dismissal from the military, due to the strange bond with his brother, came first.
53. Isabella made a sudden movement with her hand, as if in dismissal, but Johan shook his head.
54. Smith opened a separate folder which contained Graham’s CID records and his dismissal report.
55. There followed accusations, calls for her dismissal from the parents of the children involved.
56. The curse followed short time latter under a short notice of dismissal by the Governer General.
57. Chris did not immediately reply to Andrew’s comment as he was still fuming about his dismissal.
58. I know of one instance where the dismissal was done under the legal pretext of no work no pay.
59. He did that dismissal move on me when he wanted me to know that, for now, he was tabling the situation.
60. Takes a bit of getting used to, I imagine, he added then thanked the waiter as a polite dismissal.
61. Aysha although unhappy at her dismissal from Michaels employ was nonetheless upset to hear of his death.
62. She felt guilty demanding a physical response, but in his eyes she didn’t see dismissal, she saw fear.
63. I took the dismissal for what it was and rose from my chair with Krista’s papers and the book in my hand.
64. But the mock dismissal would not cover the emptiness in his eyes, or the fresh emotional scars on his face.
65. Farah Tolkonen is defending the actions of Miss Laplante but Mien still is calling for Laplante’s dismissal.
66. Thank you Jansen, Kemp muttered with a quick nod of dismissal before he did a slow head to toe scan on me.
67. The police agents were afraid of making a mistake; the prefect laid the blame on them; a mistake meant dismissal.
68. Sam had committed multiple acts of gross misconduct under the Firm’s policies, and the rules stipulated dismissal.
69. Words must have spread from hidden observers that had seen and exaggerated his dismissal of the Necropolis Administrator.
70. The law of Moses says, If anyone wants to be rid of his wife, he can divorce her merely by giving her a letter of dismissal.
71. I realise that the above scams and shysters paint a dismissal picture but I also explained how to prevent and minimalize losses.
72. The ceremony concluded five minutes later with the departure of Boran Kern and the dismissal of the graduates for their vacation.
73. Lynch to dismissal from the service and confinement for a period of two years or more (Coast Guard Captain Refuses…, 1990).
74. Despite my anxiety over the ritual and my annoyance at his dismissal of my fears, my body still responded to him as I meet his gaze.
75. Whatever the words might be, the tone seemed like a dismissal; and quitting his leaning posture, he walked a little way towards her.
76. She didn’t want a dismissal, not after all that she’d been through on this case, not when she believed she had the killer on trial.
77. It was, after all, her first official day as a student; if she was unlucky, she wouldn’t even have a full day of it before dismissal.
78. Both matter and manner were, to be sure, objectionable, but the former, in his estimation, formed much the most solid ground of dismissal.
79. It is advisable to instigate disciplinary proceedings where dismissal may be a possible outcome but the correct procedures need to be taken.
80. They all agreed that the master was behaving unreasonably, but they also knew that even to mention the subject would mean instant dismissal.
81. All situations were an opportunity to please the boss, but this was especially sweet, as it was Fritz’s wish to target ‘P’ for dismissal.
82. Entering the railway service, Jasper Myddleton worked his way up to the footplate only for the past to rise up against him and cause his dismissal.
83. His ideas and beliefs had caused quite a raucous within the Magi's hierarchy, a disruption that nearly ended with the man's dismissal from the Order.
84. That was our first drama at Hurlstone; but a second one came to drive it from our minds, and it was prefaced by the disgrace and dismissal of butler Brunton.
85. He was innocent of having conceived, still less suggested, so tremendous a contingency; indeed, her contemplation of it, even in dismissal, appeared unseemly.
86. There was a certain Indian connected with his father's business in Antioch who had become so unpleasant and disgruntled that his dismissal had been considered.
87. After bringing up a wad of phlegm, catching it in a stained handkerchief, examining it and folding it into a pocket, he flapped nicotine-stained fingers in dismissal.
88. I would imagine that the Chiefs would drag their feet with this job unless subject to immediate dismissal under general discharge (not honorable, but not dishonorable).
89. For large public companies, however, the vast majority of Chapter 11 cases have resulted in plans of reorganization rather than a dismissal or a conversion of the case.
90. The problem that he now faced after his dismissal of the general, was that Onus’ attitude had spread to the men, who were now convinced that a butcher was at the helm.
91. My fear was of having to deal with the intolerable question of the grounds of his dismissal from school, for that was really but the question of the horrors gathered behind.
92. While I appreciate Dawkins attempt to bring about a discussion of religion (and Dawkins has done that), you can see that the tone of his argument is not discourse, but dismissal.
93. Seeing the doubt in the faces of the near-elders and their dismissal of Stedder’s words, she had risen and come to stand beside him, and the hissed hubbub subsided in her wake.
94. To the Muslim the dismissal of Christ – in this case – had been a result of seeing an external list of necessary compliance and comparing it to their list of necessary deeds.
95. The fact that he had predicted such air attacks did nothing to decrease Stilwell’s bitterness towards the Imperial General Staff’s early dismissal of the Luftwaffe’s threat.
96. No scoffing or dismissal as less capable but the patience and love expressed to all mankind should be shared on to these individuals as they too are souls in a physical existence.
97. His first instinct in the situation was to greet him standing: a quick ‘hello’ could then be concluded with an unmistakable dismissal by the simple act of returning to his seat.
98. Why was Arbitan keeping the clippings? For a moment, she wondered if he might be the wizard who warded the house—and created deadly magical creatures—but she snorted in dismissal.
99. The young lady, for some reason, was offended at this, though nothing was more certain than that knowledge of _Mutterglück_ would have meant instant dismissal from Berding and Kühn's.
100. A news broadcast announced the dismissal of all charges against Melvin Briggs and ended by mentioning that a brief graveside service would be held that afternoon for his wife and daughter.

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