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    1. "She hoped I would distract you from that question

    2. Jake urged Kate to distract him, which she did and they continued down the mountain

    3. that Tom rapidly decided that it was best if he did not distract his

    4. She didn’t want to let that distract her from the inquiry she was pursuing either

    5. Of course, there was furniture and boxes to be unpacked, but it didn't distract from the giant white columns, stretching some thirty feet to the ceiling

    6. I have found that there are three things that distract me from that Sabbath rest of living in the presence of God: sin, selfishness, and fear

    7. When his presence is far from us we must come to that place where we cry out in the streets, “Have you seen my beloved?” We must move every obstacle that keeps us from his presence out of the way till there is nothing to distract us from him

    8. Greed comes as I distract myself with

    9. This wasn't her favorite music, his either, but it was acceptable to both of them and didn't distract them too much from each other

    10. Bernadette, trying to distract their thoughts as they

    11. Glenelle screamed about the trouble she was having with her android, but Alfred couldn't let that distract him now that they had finally found the person they needed

    12. Desa was even more impressed with Luray for trying to distract him

    13. I picked up my mothers' journal, because I promised Willow I would study it some more and I hoped it would distract me

    14. My reluctance to formally get involved has been simply due to the worry that it would distract from my primary mission here

    15. They probably were using material possessions as a psychological pacifier of sorts to help distract them from the unpleasant reality that they had created for themselves, as well as to aid them in repressing their somber feelings regarding their otherwise bleak emotional and spiritual existence

    16. It's him again… what is he doing here? Why is following me around? She refused to let it distract her

    17. As you learn to develop one-pointedness, you will find that your negative thoughts have less power to disturb or distract you, and that you can maintain an overall state of calm and happiness

    18. Let’s be honest, we don’t need all that fluff and filler to distract us from the job in hand

    19. transitory to distract you from the greater truth that all

    20. “I have been told that he fought very well,” the Thane said, trying to distract himself

    21. By means of the unproductive class, the cuitivators are delivered from many cares, which would otherwise distract their attention from the cultivation of land

    22. He’d managed to properly distract her from her crying

    23. If you can interfere with its thinking processes you might distract it into not measuring its replies so precisely

    24. Terese disagreed however, always insisting that the bliss of terael could distract her from the forms

    25. To distract him may prove fatal for any one of the travellers

    26. Sliding his back up the wall, Terry stood on shaky legs and listened as hard as he could, holding his breath so as not to distract himself

    27. “I know it is raining out, but surely there is something you can find to do to distract yourself from whatever is eating at you

    28. She turned with a quick movement, putting her back to the cheese, her mind seeking for something to distract Galeron with

    29. A journalist who enjoys a First Amendment right to obtain certain information as it relates to his or her pursuit of a ―storyline‖ should properly consider the sensibilities of the individual being interviewed; that questions raised should be fair and balanced and not intended to either harass, embarrass or otherwise offend that individual and that the highest (professional) standards should be (properly) observed at all times and that that journalist should neither conceal some hidden agenda nor interpose pre-conceived biases that purposely seek to discredit, distract or place that individual in a compromising position and that answers to stated questions should never be taken out of context or pre-determined and that, (most importantly), privacy rights should be observed at all times

    30. Many years ago, I realized that ideas that once seemed to distract me

    31. Let‘s distract the people

    32. They distract people from doing things that might actually make a difference

    33. He was trying to distract me with cheerfulness and irrelevant stuff

    34. action that would distract the crew’s attention away from me

    35. It was unusual for Colling to have anything stronger than beer, but he tipped the whiskey back into his throat, hoping to distract himself from the unpleasant thoughts he was having

    36. Hoping that a quick question would not distract him from his efforts, she asked

    37. But his successes seemed to distract him to where in the end, unlike Joshua, he had experimented with the beliefs of the many wives that he had taken because of his worldly associations

    38. I will try to catch a fish that will distract me and I´ll stop thinking about the vision

    39. I am glad he has found something to distract him from his grief

    40. “I figured if he got annoyed it would distract him and he would let us through

    41. left in the corner of the table and flipped it open; anything to distract her from

    42. Puzzling over this helped distract me only slightly from my devastation at being separated from Carlotta only a year and half after finally finding her

    43. Without television to distract them, without Sierra’s constantly ringing phones and busy schedule, the two of them were able to hold lengthy conversations on everything and nothing, just as they had before Sierra had left England

    44. “Are you still attracted to her?” Why couldn’t she stop her tongue? Was she just trying to distract herself from what lay ahead?

    45. ” She grabbed his hand and placed both of hers around it, Harry smiled, it managed to distract him a little

    46. Dropping objects such as staplers, binders and tape may not produce a similar sound, but if done in rapid succession could distract others from the initial event

    47. I sat next to her laughing too “I need you distract me, plus the fact that he’s going with Bianca you’ll probably need to bleach my brain

    48. I guessed he was trying to distract me

    49. Feeling a little irritated I decided to distract myself with work

    50. I admitted that I had a personal interest in being as busy as possible: to distract myself from William

    1. I just got distracted

    2. " She must have seen Ava looking distracted, "Sorry, I guess I haven't really changed much in the last couple years

    3. "The native men on the ground could easily have you distracted

    4. But my mind was still distracted

    5. For Ava to be this distracted when these events on the ground were unfolding, events her sister was involved in, meant there was some dire emergency to the system

    6. "You're distracted," Jaseem eventually accused him, "You're not turning into one of those who think we should never enjoy anything aren't you? Not even here in the reward of Paradis?"

    7. Suddenly, I'm distracted by a voice, wake up!" Immediately, the sensation of Apollo standing over me inundates my senses

    8. He had his grounds completely trapped these days, he was not about to let himself be distracted to the point where any uppity mundane could pseudo-encapsulate him again

    9. Alan distracted her with questions about some floating animal they were passing on the river

    10.  Don’t be distracted about what your mind thinks will

    11. Being distracted like that, it was then that I surprised a mystical pomegranate tree, her bold round fruit already ripening amongst long, glossy leaves and she actually tried to trip me amongst her roots, lying like stiffened serpents around her base

    12. It says much for Berndt’s distracted state of mind that he doesn’t notice; he usually notices my every move – this whole situation with Joris has hit him hard

    13. "You seem distracted," he said when she refused the jug

    14. "Me thinks you looks more distracted than that

    15. I ended my conversation, as I was distracted by two young boys who said not to fuck with them, as I walked over to them aggressively

    16. It had been a tense day, Thom had given his presentation, and been terribly distracted while he did

    17. He was so distracted by that he couldn't think of anything better than a little bread-crock of crossed stew and some rolls of fresh lon and braised red-tail

    18. He wondered what those extra cycles were doing, but had to stop getting distracted into that

    19. " He was really distracted by now

    20. Imogene hadn't been distracted for long

    21. Thom didn’t let himself get distracted by the bruhaha that Ava’s return started, it was almost as bad as her disappearance

    22. He wouldn’t get distracted into that

    23. “It just took a while, I had to get a new appointment with the Adept and he had already been in a coma for days, but lets not get distracted with the presentation I was trapped in

    24. Jorma didn’t want to get distracted into that

    25. were naturally rather distracted by the necessity of protecting the

    26. “You seem quite distracted,” he told her

    27. All the time he chewed himself up over how he allowed himself to be distracted like that, like a bumpkin, by something as simple as a bigger pair of tits

    28. ” The fact that she asked pretty much confirmed that it was, he tried to look distracted

    29. He appeared distracted, staring into the

    30. She had been told that he had been distracted for some time

    31. “Oh?” His back was to the cabinets, his table faced out over the view of turrets that Ava was still distracted with

    32. It must have been while she was distracted gazing at the ship’s lanterns coming out on the lake

    33. Instead she got distracted into looking up old cases of people who had been expelled from the Kassikan

    34. distracted and – yes, there was no question about it – even

    35. He was easily distracted from the reading by the wonders of the world portrayed in the book

    36. He just needed to cling; she was distracted by the cabinet in which he'd put his clothes

    37. Maybe it had even told Alan that she had watched them and that was why he was so distracted

    38. Before the Innkeeper could answer they were distracted

    39. they were distracted by a slight movement in the

    40. was too distracted, but Henri had picked up on the use of

    41. While the other stevedores were distracted, Edgar removed the locking cones from where the containers were to be clamped in place

    42. distracted the others from the real cause of our misery –

    43. She didn't mean to be distracted by this, but instantly she found that she could look at the room around him and just like that, she had come over into his universe

    44. While you are explaining the interpretation of the word, they are still distracted about the revelation and miss the interpretation

    45. were too distracted by life to embrace the call

    46. We are distracted by many things but don’t have what truly

    47. distracted by the entrance of Pippi

    48. " Meanwhile in virtual space Glenelle distracted him by announcing that she had a new location on Alan

    49. Finally all he could say was, "I got distracted

    50. "I thought Alan was a fine lad before he fell under the influence of native narcotics," the captain said, not caring to be distracted from his belief that the natives had to have a government of some kind somewhere

    1. Alan and Nuran started laughing loudly, distracting them

    2. "These questions are sufficiently distracting that you haven't guessed their true purpose

    3. That and he didn't like the 'let it go' feeling and the way everything was so distracting when he was on it

    4. job without his constant indiscretions distracting us

    5. The distracting warmth of Kortrax and Desa were so pleasant that they kept bringing him back to the here and now

    6. The robe she wore covered enough to be appropriate for business, but it did so in such a way that her proximity was distracting

    7. Her damn fault, always distracting me!

    8. You may find white noise to be distracting at first, but in a short time, you will forget it is there, as it becomes part of your environment

    9. ‘No more than pesky mosquitoes – they’ve got under the skin a few times and been a distracting irritation, but what have they really achieved?’

    10. But the pain had become too distracting

    11. She stepped in between them again, distracting Alex to the point that Josh came close to hitting him

    12. Waiting had none of the distracting qualities of plotting an escape or trying to draw information out of Hollowcrest

    13. Saldon’s sword clattered to the floor, distracting the beast for a moment, Manna leapt forward to guard the man as he leapt to retrieve his weapon and Halon knocked and loosed off two arrows into the demon’s neck, forcing him to recoil slightly as the arrowheads pierced his skin

    14. Her survival instincts kicked in and without thinking, she rolled to her left, distracting the beast

    15. Maybe she couldn’t help but to have them press up against me because they were so … distracting and all

    16. “You may find that it’s rather distracting for people when all their windows shatter at once,” he says with a small smile

    17. The whole time I sang my presentation aria, the professor was talking in such a loud voice to his colleagues on either side that I had to force myself to project over his distracting noise

    18. “He's distracting the fox monster,” said Mana as she locked another door

    19. many emails, letters and memos that have simple but yet distracting errors in them

    20. A wide and somewhat self-satisfied grin was locked upon his countenance, and he kept distracting them from their debate by fondly reminiscing on certain moments in their evening that he found particularly memorable

    21. It is communal healing, and the joy of shared sensation, and many other fine things, but those who become sexually aroused by it will almost certainly withdraw to a less distracting location to explore those feelings further, and be completely open about doing so

    22. The lead guard approached, cautiously peering at Moshe and Yigal, who had moved up as Youssaf worked at distracting the Egyptians

    23. She kept breaking into his thoughts, unbidden, distracting him

    24. For that reason, and because of Marjie’s fibromyalgia, I did not consider it necessary to enter the Great Pyramid, which required standing in line for a very long time and being with hoards of other tourists, which would have been very distracting

    25. Distracting the creature to the far side, the villagers swiftly erected a sturdy frame in the pen, behind which an adolescent would present himself, earning an attempted strike from the beast

    26. Refresh rates that are too low cause annoying flicker that can be distracting to the viewer and can cause fatigue and eye strain

    27. He thought about turning on some music but decided it'd be too distracting

    28. And the last thing Sarah needed was a CO distracting her with needless commentary

    29. My anger is the only thing that is distracting me however slightly from the heartache

    30. Her eyes are like emeralds, distracting the boys from her pouty lips

    31. I closed my mouth trying to find the way of distracting the oldster and her granddaughter, who at any moment might direct their look outward and see the unusual scene

    32. Just as Harriet was getting ready to land another blow to my head, Crystal grabbed her hand, distracting her long enough for me to scoot away

    33. The other children were distracting the spider while the dragon, Clara and Millie used their magic to free their friends

    34. Other than distracting your listenerand breaking his or her concentration, it doesn’t serve any purpose

    35. The rinse had turned out more purple than blue and instead of distracting, had drawn attention to the pinkly blotched scalp beneath

    36. The hand that was on his ass was rather distracting

    37. constraints and distracting imaginations

    38. It minimizes distracting, negative thoughts and relieves stress

    39. Recalling his visage, she turned ecstatic, but soon realizing that her own reflection was distracting her from focusing on him, she moved away from the mirror

    40. As we mentioned earlier, the social life could be distracting you from finance

    41. 14 In all his teaching Jesus unfailingly avoided distracting details

    42. He was indeed grateful that the Master had released him from the burdens of leadership before they fell upon these distracting times

    43. completely on Aaliyah, her body the siren distracting me from my previous obsession

    44.  To learn how and why engaging in distracting activities during that

    45. b) it illustrates how powerful doing something that is both distracting and

    46. The crowds got so large and distracting that at the age of fifteen Simian, for the first time, decided to escape them

    47. The round exploded the man’s torso and splatted his friend, distracting him with burns long enough for a Xemingi to pop two rounds from her pistol in his head

    48. Fundamentalists wanted to prevent social outreaches from distracting from their mission of inviting people to have personal relationships with Christ

    49. Up to now, their plan seems to be succeeding in distracting the Japanese gunners away from his torpedo bombers and from the RP-38Ns of Captain Avery

    50. I got better at concentrating and the distractions got more and more … ah … distracting

    1. A fair fight will remain focused and bringing up the past distracts from the current issues and also sends the message that the past

    2. A balsamic mitigating sea breeze inspires, distracts and incites visitors to marvel once more at the pleasant outline of the city and to examine more closely one of the two majestic statues of the legendary icon Merlion

    3. It is unusual, so unusual it distracts me from the memory of holding a gun to Caleb’s chest

    4. The world distracts us

    5. near the top, it distracts from the headline and the response rate is lower

    6. It could also be that your focus on travel, religion and education distracts you on the financial level

    7. What is also taking place on this same time line is that others are realizing that this is not a true method for determining value and it distracts us all form the true meaning and effort associated with each product

    8. ����������� �I�m sorry if this distracts you

    9. Nothing distracts the attention of the workforce quicker than the chance of more pay

    10. It distracts from the intensity of her emotions

    11. This distracts the poor from any intelligent realization of the secret cunning of the rich gangsters: once called chiefs

    12. This distracts you to the point of forgetting to escape

    13. But then concealment by itself distracts the mind from the print and the sound

    14. She’s dressed to kill, weapons concealed: gun strapped to her thigh, knives flush to her skin, a sexy chain of a belt that distracts the male eye as it swings at her hips, a lethal garrote

    15. ” It’s the best that I can do, but it distracts her momentarily from… him

    16. “Ana Steele?” A woman with long, black, pre-Raphaelite hair standing by the reception desk distracts me from my introspection

    17. That didn’t necessarily mean meditate, but do something that relaxes and distracts you; let your unconscious mind go to work, making connections from disparate parts of the brain

    18. stays at home; she is always face to face with the grief from which nothing distracts her; she goes down to the depths of the abyss which yawns before her, measures it, and often fills it with her tears

    19. Dad’s lecture distracts me from the doctors while they anesthetize my scalp

    20. I, having spent two centuries in the Blood, should possess a wisdom and restraint that makes such a request unnecessary, but alas, within my heart I feed a human flame that it may never completely go out, and it is the heat of this flame which distracts me now and renders me so powerless in your presence

    21. In reality, though, they are strong verbal communicators— it’s just that they hear every sound coming their way, and sometimes it distracts them

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