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Downright en una oración (en ingles)

1. Now Smythe became downright chatty.
2. After a while it got downright hot.
3. The expression downright sin is Mrs.
4. You might say he was downright p*****.
5. This rendered him downright intolerable.
6. You can be downright spooky, ya know?
7. So funny it was downright depressing as hell.

8. Most investment firms were downright bearish.
9. It dawned on him how downright absurd this was.
10. That level of ignorance was downright terrifying.
11. In comparison, our other case is downright benign.
12. From certain angles, it looked downright ungrateful.
13. Helga was downright thrilled when after a few minutes a.
14. If this weren't terrifying, it would be downright humiliating.
15. In fact–and as expected–she’d been downright belligerent.
16. The reception office was unassuming, if not downright unattractive.
17. In fact, compared to the books from Mantis, it was downright plain.
18. Now it’s very profitable, and its clientele is downright exclusive.
19. Being stuck in traffic is a very lame and downright unforgivable excuse.
20. But it wasn't her and his mood fell from excited to downright irritated.
21. At last he exhaled a long, low whistle—the note he hit was downright sorrowful.
22. The popular mood in Japan is now downright ugly, with unanimous calls for revenge.
23. What I’m reiteratng is that it’s downright unethical to present those kinds of.
24. Stubb and Flask looked sideways from him; the honest eye of Starbuck fell downright.
25. Nothing! Can you imagine such a preposterous outcome? Why, it is downright barbaric.
26. She has done nothing but try to care for you and you’ve been downright nasty to her.
27. Letting us delve so far into the depths of the caverns is downright irresponsible on his part.
28. Changing the plans is seen as fraudulent behaviour and arrogant if not downright disrespectful.
29. It ain’t always losin’ someone nor hard times nor high taxes nor even downright starvation.
30. Is it possible that this means another delay? More excuses! No, that would be downright wicked.
31. Those blue things are downright mean critters – others may say they’re just tough birds –.
32. As the nights progressed from just chilly to downright cold, I was sure the porch wouldn’t be.
33. I didn't own anything that wasn't pretty after a fashion, or downright beautiful, if I could help it.
34. Because I could touch it? With my feet? she suggested, with a downright fearless look in her eyes.
35. Down deep in his heart he regarded the whole performance as a little childish, if not downright foolish.
36. And what would they all say after such a beautiful ceremony? It would be downright rude not to stay dead.
37. Away from the general population where she was a shoe-in for mental torture, and downright physical abuse.
38. And as I grew older his disapproval of me became downright dislike, which, I admit, I did little to change.
39. Only this time, the feeling wasn’t as sensual and alluring as it was with Levi, it was downright painful.
40. Did I mention that? I downright hated the damn things and had forbidden my two children from ever having them.
41. The day had gotten downright hot by Nassau standards, but manageable with the sunshade that covered the terrace.
42. And the image of Rapp and that frog showing up to find Obrecht already tied and gagged was downright uplifting.
43. Yesterday Fred had gotten splashed in the crotch, and it had been windy and cool, downright uncomfortable it was.
44. Of course it's hard! You have years of waste, self-indulgence, wrong thinking and downright laziness to put right.
45. There was a bathroom that was downright swank compared to the compost cans on the poop deck that most riverboats have.
46. This is not a joke and things don’t look very good for you at the moment in fact they are looking downright bleak.
47. The most recent glaring example of the ineptitude (or downright hostility) of the Obama regime ran something as follows.
48. She, too, wound up with a better offer and management was downright shocked when she presented her letter of resignation.
49. Was this an encouragement, or a downright insult? I couldn’t find out, and I didn’t have enough time to read his aura.
50. But she carried the child through its time with a minimum of discomfort, was downright common—ladies should suffer more.
51. You can’t really argue with that without appearing downright ungrateful – underhand of him – but he’s a lawyer -.
52. The medic stood at the sidelines throughout, wearing an expression that alternated between disapproval and downright horror.
53. And the meager fare at Mother Palmer’s boarding-house up on the bluff was proving downright starvation inducing this year.
54. Nancy finally called it quits after nearly one hour of exercising at a rhythm and intensity that Farah found downright infernal.
55. But you must not suppose from this specimen of his sermonizings that he ever flew into downright passions with his congregation.
56. We soon found out, however, that downright famine prevailed in the town—the town which we had pictured a veritable Land of Promise.
57. It was downright astonishing that the man simply peered through the sand and found a spot where water could be found barely two feet deep.
58. It was downright eerie the way he always got to the spot the kite would land before the kite did, as if he had some sort of inner compass.
59. It was with a feeling of downright pleasure that he took his place in yet another queue at the immigration desk, passing through without any.
60. Of course we were all insensitive, if not downright cruel to him afterward, and he really should have stuck to his story of merely passing out.
61. I did have to admit though that my grandfather’s hiding place for the knowledge of our ancestors had been ingenious if not downright brilliant.
62. Their immaculate tailoring probably concealed a variety of weapons and body armor as well as a physique honed for defense, if not downright killing.
63. In a sulky triumph, Drummle showed his morose depreciation of the rest of us, in a more and more offensive degree, until he became downright intolerable.
64. You can then well imagine my astonishment, not to say downright horror, as I read his latest column saying flat out that Obama cannot be defeated in 2012.
65. An attitude that was chilly all along, but grew downright frigid after the huge fight they had when he decided to discipline me with a belt when I was nine.
66. Now he was not one to use sarcasm under normal circumstances but morose, inefficient and downright ignorant shop assistants really hit a raw nerve with him.
67. I find it downright amazing how people seem to forget, when on the safe terrain of their mother tongue, what a struggle the foreign language is for the other person.
68. The information that the medical community is preaching regarding saturated fats is downright criminal, yet they continue to broadcast lies and we allow it to happen.
69. Two men with a heavy rope-fender would have been better, but even the other one might have made all the difference between a very damaging accident and downright disaster.
70. Indeed, the underlying assumptions at the heart of both G&D and MCT are either downright wrong or just plain misleading for purposes of understanding fundamental finance.
71. It’s a great boon to the plain Jane and the downright ugly, I’ll tell you! Kind of a payback for all those centuries of taking a back seat to the fair of face and form.
72. I had and still have a profound admiration for that incredibly brave and capable woman and I find your prejudiced view on this quite myopic, if not to say downright stupid.
73. It bears the evident marks of having originally been, what the honest and downright Doctor Douglas assures us it was, a scheme of fraudulent debtors to cheat their creditors.
74. They took her at her own valuation and endured much at her hands, her airs, her graces, her tempers, her arrogance, her downright rudeness and her frankness about their shortcomings.
75. I began to grow vexed with him; it seemed so downright senseless and insane to be sitting there all day and half the night on his hams in a cold room, holding a piece of wood on his head.
76. Having seen and used a number of times the incredibly advanced computers used by the Time Patrol, the American computer technology of 1957 ‘C’ felt downright like stone age stuff to her.
77. He shrugged his shoulders: shook himself, indeed, as if his flesh crept with aversion; and thrust back his chair; while I got up, and opened my mouth, to commence a downright torrent of abuse.
78. The great majority of such flotations were either downright swindles or closely equivalent thereto by reason of the unconscionable financing charges taken out of the price paid by the public.
79. I don't know if this actually happened, but I do know that no one was allowed to smoke near their air compressors, and they got very fatherly if not downright violent if that rule was broken.
80. It was considered inauspicious and downright dangerous to go much near Wolf-skull Cave these days, what with the stories of lights and unexplained disappearances related by several in Solitude.
81. He hated Wellington with a downright hatred which pleased the multitude; and, for seventeen years, he majestically preserved the sadness of Waterloo, paying hardly any attention to intervening events.
82. There are men who are downright infidels, only they are far more terrible than those others, for they come with God's name on their lips, I have heard of them more than once, but I have not met them at all.
83. Jennifer realized at once the amount of violence and deaths this probably meant and shook her head in disgust: she was no angel, but this was a downright stupid and needless display of violence that could lead nowhere.
84. I use the word natural, in the sense of its being unaffected; there was something comic in his distraught way, as though it would have been downright ludicrous but for his own perception that it was very near being so.
85. If you attempt to call them on their personnel, programs, and policies, you will inevitably be put off, if not downright lied to, for liberalism itself has become, over the years, a touchy subject for those of the left.
86. It was only hours later, when the sun had begun to decline in the west and Joe had finally grown downright chilly on deck, that he retreated into the bowels of the ship, starting to get his sea legs, looking for the rest of the boys and food.
87. In the past the speculative elements of a common stock resided almost exclusively in the company itself; they were due to uncertainties, or fluctuating elements, or downright weaknesses in the industry, or the corporation’s individual setup.
88. Why, the editor who accepted that clever little lever de rideau of hers and brings it out in this month’s issue of his magazine, was downright enthusiastic—can you imagine an editor having any enthusiasm left in him, Penn? I can’t, for one.
89. A vast deal of joy there is about it, isn't there? You will have a leg or an arm torn off, and that's all you will get! It's not far removed from a downright sin! And here in the town it's not at all like the bastion, and that is a perfect terror.
90. Johnson contain, on Rowe's part, an apology for him as a writer with obvious and admitted shortcomings (very ridiculously ascribed by Rowe to his working by "a mere light of nature"), and, on Johnson's, a good deal of downright hard-hitting criticism.
91. The church was full, the Sunday-school well attended, the Sabbath was kept holy, the women were one and all sober and thrifty, the men were fairly satisfactory except on Saturday nights, there was no want, little sickness, and very seldom downright sin.
92. How else describe the arrogance, hubris, and downright lust for power a la the second Messiah that infests the Obamas and their senior minions in the ant hill (or is it termite mound) that has remade our nation"s capital? Recall that in the mid 1960"s J.
93. Above all, he dwelt upon what he had seen in the cave of Montesinos; for though Master Pedro's ape had told him that of those things part was true, part false, he clung more to their truth than to their falsehood, the very reverse of Sancho, who held them all to be downright lies.
94. Not to mention the habit of turning day into night and vice versa, my habits connected with my bed, with my clothing, with conventional cleanliness,—which are downright impossible and oppressive with physical labor,—and my demands as to the quality of my food, were entirely changed.
95. Oh, that did torture me, but not in the same way: not so much as the damned consciousness that I had torn that damned money off my breast at last and spent it, and had become a downright thief! Oh, gentlemen, I tell you again, with a bleeding heart, I have learnt a great deal this night.
96. If I had been downright honest with myself, I would have seen very plainly in my heart that I did but half fancy being committed this way to so long a voyage, without once laying my eyes on the man who was to be the absolute dictator of it, so soon as the ship sailed out upon the open sea.
97. Particularly had Johnson's impeachment been earlier over his actual abuses of power, the precedent would have made it more difficult to use impeachment for such utterly frivolous and absurd cases as impeaching Clinton for lying about oral sex, or downright surreal and delusional birth certificate theories about Obama.
98. But to study every thing, as the men of scientific science in our day preach, without any idea of what is to come out of such study, is downright impossible, because the number of subjects of study is endless; and hence, no matter how many branches we may acquire, their acquisition can possess no significance or reason.
99. As long as she was in the main thoroughfare it would be difficult if not downright foolhardy for anyone to attack her … but there was a stretch just the other side of the river where the pedestrian path separated from the road, sloping down into a sort of culvert … a subway … if I were going to ambush someone, that’s where I’d choose.
100. The gods hadn’t been kind to him and, in his myopic view, it was downright unfair that he was now facing disciplinary action, a loss of a plum assignment to London and the humiliation of getting his security clearance suspended---not to mention the not-so friendly chats he was forced to endure with the department shrinks to explain he was, in fact, quite sane.

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