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    1. In the midst of the battle a bright blue-white light began to emanate from Ichor engulfing all the black ones around him

    2. the energy of our thoughts, which emanate from us

    3. may recall, all emotions emanate from the organs,

    4. heart chakra (that emanate out from both the front and back

    5. that seemed to emanate from the very bowels of the

    6. This liquid appeared to emanate from their beak area

    7. It seemed to emanate a black light, if there could be such a thing

    8. When we remember that we are powerful beings of light, who emanate vibrations of energies, we will then believe that our collective consciousness does affect Gaia

    9. One of them held a rectangular device, similar to a datacorder, pointed it at the ground causing a beam to emanate

    10. It is said that strange powers emanate from this tree, in the form of gifts

    11. It seemed to emanate from the Patriarch as far as Ursempyre could tell

    12. With that, the Patriarch tensed and a bright shiny aura began to emanate from within him

    13. Either the question asked was rhetorical or indicated that this messenger did not emanate from the omniscient portion of the Godhead

    14. emanate from his armpits

    15. but there was a special one that seemed to emanate a silver hue, and it looked

    16. She looked over her shoulder at the man who seemed to emanate

    17. Even in sleep a strange light seemed to emanate from her face, and he felt hunger as he looked at her

    18. A high pitched musical rhythm appeared to emanate from this

    19. The originating place is called the source of information, although it is only a source in the sense that a material pattern is thought to emanate from a particular object or place

    20. So we studied and researched and figured out a plan to stop them! We began to teach all of the Love Spirits that, in order to prevent the incarnation of these wicked spirits into the babies’ bodies, the mothers should emanate feelings of Love, directly and continually, toward the babies, from the beginning of pregnancy

    21. Then a moment later it would start all over again, each time showing more pieces of the past, and what she believed was to be the realms emanate future, then to as it was in its present state

    22. from within the plasma to emanate out from the plasma

    23. emanate out from the plasma in the arc or glow modes)

    24. qi and prana emanate from the Sun and interact weakly (or in subtle ways) with

    25. that qi and prana emanate from the Sun

    26. The hot spots wil lie along the axis and emanate radiation of different frequencies (as in a confined plasma

    27. wil emanate from these spaces

    28. The hot spots will lie along the axis and emanate radiation of different frequencies (as in

    29. chakras) to form on the surface of the magma bodies Meridians emanate

    30. religious apparitions would generally emanate from the third astral ring

    31. Most of the pleasant and helpful beings emanate from higher rings an

    32. Evil seems to emanate from the horde

    33. I’ve been delegated to assist you in bringing an end to the disturbances that emanate above

    34. You begin to emanate a golden aura of health

    35. physical conditions which emanate from mind, I would dare to say that a mental

    36. Moreover, a voice issued from it—a low subtle inhuman sibilance that was more like the soft abominable hissing of a serpent than anything else, and that apparently could not emanate from anything with human lips

    37. High above him he saw a great toadlike face, dimly limned in an eery glow that seemed to emanate from it

    38. A glimpse past the jamb of the carven door showed him the torches receding across the great throne room, but he was at the same time aware of a radiance that did not emanate from the torches

    39. But as Conan made toward the door that led into the throne room, he was brought around suddenly by a noise that seemed to emanate from the passage that led off from the alcove

    40. He had not gone far when he heard a low moan that seemed to emanate from the black entrance of a tunnel near by

    41. Conan sensed a malignant intelligence; the plant could see him, and he felt its hate emanate from it in almost tangible waves

    42. A young man’ s voice appeared to emanate from a space to the left of the pilot’ s seat

    43. The flies and maggots had done their part in opening the wounds, yet the rotting smell appeared to emanate from the Well

    44. I want you to go ahead and ask these questions of one another before you begin your development: Are you happy? What are you thankful for? What was a happy moment or situation that you both experienced together? What was a funny moment that you shared or experienced separately? These things, though they may not be answered with subjects of spirit or the creator, will attune your mind to the wonderful energy and love and joyous feelings that emanate and radiate unwaveringly on our plane

    45. Small ripples in your area of influence, where you can emanate these ideals are important

    46. Other problems emanate from government

    47. The reasons that you are not alone, the reason that you are all connected is because your true forms all emanate and radiate your true source

    48. Yet still he found himself not wanting to pull away from this sweet power she seemed to emanate

    49. Unlike then, the fog seemed to emanate from the dense forests to their left that separated them from the beach and shielded them from the breeze blowing off the ocean and drifted eerily over the open fields like the fresh morning dew that so often materialized in the South during the warmer months

    50. The temperature extremes on the surface of the eight-person, track-lit tub, caused steam to emanate off the water

    1. The boy recites his poem emanated from the depths of her

    2. Trapped emotions are always found to have emanated

    3. in a good while, a voice that emanated from the depths of his soul

    4. His eyes were pure white, and emanated a ghostly glow

    5. Even he was squinting at the light he emanated

    6. Her eyes widened and her voice pleaded, “Ash…” I couldn’t bear the pain that emanated from her

    7. to feel the unseen power that emanated for

    8. They sprang to life and trotted off in the direction they knew from whence the 'readings' had emanated

    9. horrendous monsters that had ever existed emerged from the hallways the noise(es) had emanated

    10. revealed that it was only his voice that had emanated from the hallway entrances

    11. A rumble emanated from deep in the kitten’s throat

    12. The ground shook as shock waves emanated from the blast crater throughout the entirety of the USA

    13. Another problem was the foul air that emanated from the steel mill next door

    14. is history; this was war and it emanated from the commanding general that “All who were not on board the transports by daybreak would be left behind

    15. Overlooking the fact that such information emanated from the United Nations and from many other sources of intelligence of other countries such as England, France and Germany, and disregarding furthermore the fact that Saddam had used those very same weapons against his own people killing thousands of Kurds, for example, it is fitting to remember that non-compliance of Resolution 1441 did not limit itself to “weapons of mass destruction” and did not consist, of course, in finding them

    16. In the hours spent wandering the halls, the eyes had adjusted somewhat, and the dimmest glow emanated from the direction of the water hole

    17. “With that accent, you really have to squint with your ears,” and a few giggles emanated from the back of the group

    18. The sweet laughter emanated from his darling daughter Ruby

    19. The sounds of battle emanated through the darkness as she opened her eyes

    20. He knew this wasn’t the only music that emanated from the planet, but Hrickletl only heard what Hartle chose for him, that’s one way of looking at it

    21. He spoke then with a voice that emanated menace, as if blood stained his tongue and venom coursed in his veins:

    22. Enilia took a step away from them as if she could not stand the grief that emanated from the two women on the ground

    23. It was as though the noise had emanated from all around her

    24. They lived in double lean-tos covered with hides from which an unsavory odor emanated boldly even through the sense-dulling cold

    25. unnatural pink radiance emanated from the small window on the

    26. cation emanated from the beliefs

    27. their lives had caused the light that emanated from within

    28. her, I rapturously absorbed the warmth that emanated from her flesh, not quite sure where

    29. ” I said and gasps emanated from somewhere around us, but all I saw was her priceless expression

    30. The only sign that it had ever been there was the heat that still emanated from the ground

    31. compared to the life that emanated from the others

    32. These were a class of evil spirits that used telepathy to transmit wicked ideas to their victims while at the same time hiding the fact that these ideas were emanated by them

    33. The Love that emanated to Ijyu was so great that he was one hundred percent healed and his magical powers ready for use again

    34. Feeling the Love that emanated from Yania, Kami stared also into Yania’s eyes, meditating on her beauty

    35. A low dangerous sound emanated from Morgan's being; once the gate opened he was going to drag the truth from one of or both of them

    36. Chay searched for the one whom the voice had emanated from; when she saw no one she refocused her attention back to the book that was still in her hand

    37. They traveled with no stops, Ryan forcing his tired wings to stay on course, a sound of joy emanated from his inner being as the wind shifted

    38. A wailing noise to his left had him stopping in his tracts, turning to where the sound had emanated from for a moment he tried to see what it was, but was unable to

    39. Dryan had trouble taking his eyes off her, as he noticed a natural glow that emanated from her

    40. His only understanding emanated from the sensations filtered through the book and he could not tell their origin

    41. A short chuckle emanated from the others

    42. emanated from the direction of the towering roiling cloud

    43. He pushed a button, and a noise emanated from the box

    44. It emanated a beautiful radiant light that lit up the

    45. ” a voice emanated from the mass, which

    46. clashing together and groans emanated from the airfield

    47. The laughter that had earlier emanated throughout the chamber had now changed to a lower tone, one more like a series of angry animal growls

    48. emanated, the bodies of these plasma life forms would behave as near blackbody

    49. I caressed them, and was not surprised when a feeling of love and respect emanated from deep inside the stones

    50. Arms, abdomen and legs well muscled, and the look of health emanated from him

    1. “It only emanates from the modules that are used as veron store,” he said

    2. Charity, this pure love, is a gift from God, and emanates

    3. it emanates from the love of God

    4. It would benefit Mankind’s quest immeasurably, they aver, if their efforts were to produce a direction from which this “unknown quantity” emanates

    5. “great land”, and its greatness emanates from the treasures of its wild life

    6. I believe with complete faith that there will be a resuscitation of the dead whenever the wish emanates from the Creator, Blessed be His Name and exalted is his mention, forever and for all eternity

    7. It is described as ‘the relative ground of becoming, out of which each individual mind-stream emanates

    8. truth, nor is it based on a truth that emanates from the world of ideas and is

    9. through the translucent ovoid and finally emanates as

    10. This can happen if the life review emanates

    11. literature) that qi emanates from the Sun In Chinese culture (under the

    12. The aura is a colored radiation that emanates from magma bodies and can be

    13. You can cultivate gracefulness, but graciousness is the aroma of friendliness which emanates from a love-saturated soul

    14. The kindness which emanates from those who have this understanding will find others to approach you even after you have felt as though you have been defeated in battle

    15. Your energy emanates from all around you

    16. You are a unique individual that emanates and radiates the universal possibilities present in all areas and all things

    17. The man's brow is like an oscilloscope, and when he looks at you he emanates irresistible rays, until you too are in phase with his demonic vibrations

    18. For the first time, a study emanates from our beloved country and offers good health to the citizens and their cattle

    19. Whether you are aware or not, sympathy emanates an energy which is picked up and received by the other person (requiring)

    20. The aura that emanates from the physical body is gross

    21. “And it is from them that the threat to you personally emanates

    22. Every religion admits that everything in life emanates from Me and is

    23. This full emanates from that full

    24. Thus, this Verse is saying: you, human! Contemplate these winds as they run, and notice the sound which emanates from them; behind this, seek to recognize the Grand Provider Who sends them and moves them

    25. The centre from which it emanates is Al-Ka’ba, which the Almighty has honored with His noble Prophets and the true men and women

    26. The creation of the type of beauty that emanates from the ability of two souls to become one, as described by Homer, is the creation of secondary beauty as described by Cosmo-Art

    27. No one has yet studied what the energy consists of that emanates from a work of art

    28. A real religious person is one who acts according to the truth and what is right, and according only to what emanates from the Qur’an and its sublime precepts and teachings, whereas he who commits any breach of the Qur’an is not truly a religious person at all

    29. ”: that is: if this appreciation and jealousy and the desire for the grace that is bestowed on others emanates from the envious one while in a state of forgetting Al’lah, it will cause the one who is envied to be harmed by what people call ‘being hit with the evil eye’

    30. The form will depend upon the mental image from which it emanates; this will depend upon the depth of the impression, the predominance of the idea, the clarity of the vision, the boldness of the image

    31. “My daughter, religion emanates from tradition of the originators; and religion is a belief, choice and medium of worship of the gods of the originators

    32. The Lady who emanates and gathers all things stable and

    33. There are no things with red eyes on the distant horizon, as there are no hills for them to stand upon, and though she is very near the forest there is no light that emanates from the darkness

    34. from which all life emanates

    35. emanates, saying that Jesus is His Son…the Messiah and

    36. a female order over the contemporary male order emanates out of this

    37. What he prescribes to me emanates from the insecurity that

    38. Regrowth hair is hair which emanates from treated follicles

    39. It could be said that the invisible door has been slowly closing for such a long time that the door through which the Creator emanates may become rusty and cannot easily be opened without some extra incentive and personally intended application

    40. But this love for Self and others will not be a love that emanates from the fear of any anticipated or impending punishment and retribution or an eternity in Hell that may be unleashed upon a Self that does not love

    41. The dragon symbol emanates from Babylon and the Priesthood of Belial

    42. Since righteousness is symbolized as fire, this also illustrates that it is at the heart of the Seven Spirits of God and emanates from all seven as shown by the fire atop each candlestick

    43. seven-spirit grouping models the central (foundational) characteristic that emanates from all seven

    44. righteousness is the central quality, says that the zeal for Truth and Justice emanates from each of

    45. The concepts of a Spirit and Soul must be necessary to explain Self’s complexity, specifically in terms of Self’s invisible constructs of consciousness, individual personality, and all that comprises Self that emanates from and into Self

    46. emanates from and is regulated by a core set of laws (wisdom) and knowledge within these seven

    47. The Creator has acquired unencumbered victory over all that which emanates consequence of the human acts manifest as diabolical perversions from human imperfections that negatively affect Self and others

    48. righteousness, which emanates from the Creator’s primary inspirations of Truth and Justice

    49. physical universe) emanates from this hidden zone of shared thought

    50. symbol since it has wings and the sun emanates light (truth) and heat (justice)

    1. Emanating from the car as he opens the door is a

    2. Bolt rattles his head in assent, grins, takes the hose emanating from the hooka, closes his eyes, puts the mouthpiece between his lips and takes a huge drag

    3. We hear Ahmed’s indistinct voice emanating from the phone

    4. She lay there for some minutes, unwilling to move, until the rumbling emanating from her stomach region reminded her that she’d missed a meal … better get some food inside yourself, Karalintze Thwaite

    5. He could feel the vibrations emanating from the egg

    6. we can al ow the unconditional love emanating from our hearts to rise to

    7. Silently peeking around the doorframe, she was shocked to see him spread eagle across the bed; because she could still hear the strange sounds emanating from the living room

    8. Emanating from all directions, a constant wailing filled his ears as if the earth itself was in torment

    9. Galimoto sensed the presence of his master, felt him emanating fear, far away at the outskirts of the city

    10. I could feel the worry emanating from the coven

    11. ” she took the strands of pasta from her plate and arranged them as rays emanating toward each of those at the table from the napkin still laying in the middle

    12. The powerful blue field emanating from Danny's body reached out with a second pod-like arm toward the diamond and steered it out of the Leader's way

    13. Unlike the previous attempt, the shield for now was holding against the onslaught of megagravitons, emanating from a single point

    14. The suit’s AI persisted in its warnings of severe gravimetric distortions with increasingly opaque orange waveform graphics, emanating from the dark vector of the ship

    15. There was barely a sound, except the grunts and other noises emanating from Jesus

    16. There was an energy emanating from her; not the kind of energy that one senses from an athlete or a dynamic worker, such as Shelagh had, but an almost violent deep-rooted energy - a vibrant restlessness, even as she sat there sleeping

    17. All except for two, Terese Silverblade and Arig Flamebow, remained! Terese’s armour and Arig’s silk robe had lost most of its shine, simply reflecting light now rather than emanating it; however, their enchanted weapons still glowed brightly

    18. Vast tracts of forest collapsed under the explosive force of super-heated air, emanating from a point ten times the heat of Earth’s sun

    19. A giant brain inside a semi translucent fluid; tubes and wires emanating

    20. Its mouth was moving in quick successions, emanating sounds

    21. Gone were the memories of weak cabbage soup, and the only sound emanating from them was the smacking of their lips

    22. I was pleasantly assaulted by the smells emanating from the kitchen as I entered the door

    23. Calling off their search, they chose a spot to settle for the remainder of the night and Saldon spotted a dim glow emanating from a cave half way up a stone wall

    24. Thesa entered the tunnel, the shimmering light emanating from his still sodden fur reflecting dully from the walls around him

    25. Again the coldness swirled through Brokin's body but this time it seemed to be emanating from Thesa

    26. Along with these tenuous feelings went a shroud of coldness emanating from the cave deep below Fire Rock, the cave where even now, a beautiful orb span madly, gathering speed as its destiny neared completion

    27. ‖ There resides in each of us, a spiritual prism that seems to radiate a stately radiance like sunshine emanating its essence through a pane of glass

    28. “Did you notice the terrible stench emanating from the Russian that was released today?”

    29. The SCCU's mandate is to prosecute complex commercial crime cases emanating from the commercial branches of the SAPS

    30. From the squeals emanating from Uncle Hobart's car, you'd have been forgiven for thinking that the contents of the local piggery were stuffed inside

    31. It was a bit of a laugh actually, realising that all those quaint depictions of evil demons were actually true, but it wasn’t as funny when that demon stood twelve feet tall, with an impossibly inhuman but overly developed physique, the stink of rotten eggs and stale blood emanating from him reaching hundreds of feet away, and a very real, shiny, and quite sharp-looking set of serrated bone claws of the sort that made visceral death a most literal notion

    32. Apart from her enormous size, she appeared luminous, with a white shimmering glow emanating from her feathers

    33. And the technicians at the real Simulator Corporation are even now monitoring what they think are real phenomena of my psycho-sexual makeup, but those inputs are emanating from a pre-programmed simulacra

    34. It could be some primeval sort of warning emanating deep from within

    35. Ursempyre’s stare remained on the Patriarch, deeply seated hate emanating from his eyes

    36. Surprised again at the sense of Being emanating from it, she laid her cheek against its face

    37. Then she shrieked, her wrath emanating from every inch of her

    38. smokers out there, the thick haze of their stale smoke emanating off their

    39. But as she turned, the smell was overwhelmed by the fearful stench emanating from the one on the other side of the brook

    40. The apocalyptic calls to control global warming or face imminent catastrophe emanating from the radical core of environmentalism have infected the entire country

    41. “establish” Christianity by “law?” The Court has even prohibited a moment of silence in schools or other public places, fearful, evidently, that a prayer surreptitiously emanating from the spirit of a devout student might contaminate her neighbor

    42. Prescriptions emanating from these new sources, she cautions, are likely to be about “narrow ideas of social justice” that are sure to be “hazardous to your health

    43. and she wondered where they were emanating from

    44. My fingers slide off the metal's velvety, almost frictionless, surface, and an instant later the white light emanating from the wall dims

    45. It was warm in the kitchen, the heat emanating from the stove, she found to her

    46. Emanating from the mouth of a so-called black (worm) hole

    47. Lyndi materialized even more, to the point of almost seeming to have a physical body, although the extremely delicate light emanating from her made it clear that she did not

    48. Joseph was having a wonderful time, his face emanating

    49. Weak whimpers emanating from her mouth now

    50. Chay looked up at the High Prince, “Why me?” His smile was kind and pure, emanating love Himself, “I choose you, the simple, because I call to Me all those who are lost, those who are deemed by others unworthy and unimportant

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