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Enforce en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Now let him enforce it.
  2. Ah, but you enforce them.
  3. So, how could he enforce them?
  4. They were put into place to enforce.
  5. I dont know who dare enforce that word.

  6. Not a very effective way to enforce rules.
  7. They’re supposed to enforce the rules.
  8. Whether he could enforce it remained to be seen.
  9. Yes, it was decided then to enforce another Loss.
  10. God is not limited to super powers to enforce his.
  11. I’ll begin to enforce it in the next few days.
  12. The earl will send his men to enforce the king's law.
  13. Obviously, on will enforce SSL and off will remove it.
  14. Hoover knew the rules by which the mob enforce bad debt.
  15. Each of you has the power to enforce peace or wage war.

  16. Teacher, I may not try to enforce this step too strictly.
  17. It is my hope that you will choose to enforce the peace.
  18. Much as same-sex peers enforce the emphasis on physical.
  19. Failure to properly enforce the UCMJ is itself a crime.
  20. Impracticable to Enforce Basic Legal Rights of Lien Holder.
  21. Therefore police are recruited in order to enforce societys.
  22. Its function was to enforce the collection of tariff revenue.
  23. We rely too heavily on the Guardians to enforce such a law.
  24. Rape: The Japanese used a policy of rape to enforce their rule.
  25. This is why I enforce the mindset that money should never be your.

  26. Yes, but it’s more difficult for the Italians to enforce them.
  27. The Statute of Labourers is difficult to enforce, we find, he said.
  28. Thus did the waves completely enforce the payment of their terrible toll.
  29. Most countries have allowed the UN to monitor and enforce water disputes.
  30. The Attorney General’s job was to enforce the laws of the United States.
  31. How perversely did people enforce it! How they suspended their powers of.
  32. This is one I very much learned the hard way, and now enforce, as does BNI.
  33. The only way he could enforce an order like that would be to arrest the man.
  34. When Grant did enforce the law for a time, KKK violence dropped dramatically.
  35. They were put into place to enforce the federal laws handed down by Congress.
  36. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.
  37. My proposal of the health care Bank would then enforce the concept that.
  38. The size of the US coast and small US Navy made the ban difficult to enforce.
  39. Besides, it was always smarter to win support before trying to enforce a rule.
  40. Another more important point is the likelihood that one day, laws will enforce.
  41. Petersburg, whence the governor was ordered to enforce the decree of the court.
  42. There was no way to enforce a law, there was no way to enforce a tax collection.
  43. And by what power could I enforce the rules? I’d be no better than a human.
  44. It’s seems more plausible to me he will enforce the security or come after us.
  45. It is my job in this coven to do the punishments and to enforce and create the.
  46. The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.
  47. Often times sanctions are difficult to enforce and can only apply limited pressure.
  48. These people enforce great influence over the government affairs and policy making.
  49. However, banks have every right to enforce such restrictions if it is felt that the.
  50. One hundred messengers were immediately dispatched to convey and enforce this decree.
  51. Manual (DSM) in 1952 as an attempt to categorize and enforce the medical perspective.
  52. The Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.
  53. But he was a long way away, at Avignon, and it was up to others to enforce his rulings.
  54. The deliberate woodsman had little occasion to hunt for arguments to enforce his advice.
  55. I think they have other ways to enforce that, Eugene says, glancing at his sister.
  56. They can plan their operations how they want! Laws on what to enforce govern the Police.
  57. It is fortunate that the captain is a kind-hearted man, and does not enforce the rules.
  58. It’s costly and time-consuming to apply for, defend and enforce patents and copyrights.
  59. This is methodical mind control as much as it is the brainwashing I show that they enforce.
  60. But, it is still partly up to us to help the Lord enforce this seal, and we can do this by.
  61. So the rulers have the right to enforce peace by invading their own starving riotous people.
  62. Such moves result in demands for the police or military to enforce the laws more rigorously.
  63. If their stories were the truth, there would be no need to enforce them because it would be.
  64. Arakcheev was a faithful custodian to enforce order and acted as the sovereign’s bodyguard.
  65. Arakchéev was a faithful custodian to enforce order and acted as the sovereign’s bodyguard.
  66. And from the expression on her face, she’s not going to go easily if he tries to enforce it.
  67. In precisely the same way the specialty of government is not to obey, but to enforce obedience.
  68. Sometimes he would overstep his authority and try to enforce things he had no jurisdiction over.
  69. To summarise: the SAP stepped up to enforce parliaments’ laws as it was compelled to do by law.
  70. Why should we stand by Zulimistan in its fond desire to enforce world super order in whole world.
  71. It was chilly outside, typical of mid-December weather, and a strong wind blew to help enforce it.
  72. It made rules for the conduct of business, and elected an alderman and six wardens to enforce them.
  73. She hated this process but she had to enforce Time Patrol rules, rules she believed Nancy had broken.
  74. This is methodical mind control as much as it is the brainwashing and I show that they enforce this.
  75. Christian believers, some of the Jews wanted to enforce circumcisions on all new male converts, but.
  76. It is surprising that we have so far been able to sustain and enforce what’s left of criminal law.
  77. The Nationalists could afford their arrogance because the SAP was there to enforce all of their laws.
  78. Vatican’s concerted efforts to enforce their approved versions of history and dogma and the clearly.
  79. Under this metaphor the main idea is clearly seen, and the metaphor is brought in to enforce that idea.
  80. The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.
  81. Magicians, at least white magicians, don’t dominate chance or enforce their own will on the universe.
  82. This process serves to create labels for ourselves, and we use it to create and enforce labels on others.
  83. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.
  84. The very reason for its existence was to enforce the laws of the country since it was the National Police.
  85. DOJ must use all of its powers to enforce our antitrust laws in these proposed mergers to protect consumers.
  86. His subjects did not have any right to vote, or to uphold, or enforce the civil code he had written for them.
  87. To this purpose Dahms has already set up a watch detail with patrollers armed and ready to enforce the law.
  88. They are natural leaders and have no inhibition to shout orders or fatherly enforce their orders if needs be.
  89. I say that corrective punishment is necessary, your Excellency, to enforce obedience in the domestic animals.
  90. Besides, who could be on the wharf now? You know the regulations, and the watchman is there to enforce them.
  91. This was the shore of the lands of Shem, where there was no law save as each city-state could enforce its own.
  92. Legally the SAP had been created by parliament in 1913 with the sole purpose to enforce the laws of parliament.
  93. He expects perfection in these standards and, if a mother is present, expects her to enforce and reinforce them.
  94. There should be government and local authority checks and controls operating to enforce proper safety procedures.
  95. Then the trader should trust the risk administrator to enforce this rule, protecting the traders from themselves.
  96. Coast Guard cutter (USCGC) Chase was ordered to the Persian Gulf to enforce the United Nations Iraqi oil embargo.
  97. The Compromise included an agreement to no longer enforce Black civil rights and withdraw US troops from the south.
  98. We refuse to establish and enforce rules and laws that will begin to set a standard for the men to deal with truth.
  99. The Congress and the several States shall have concurrent power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.
  100. Uh, yes, General: what about the curfew established by the Germans? Do you plan to enforce a curfew as well?
  1. That is not enforcing a boundary.
  2. Yeah, as you'll see in the big chapter Enforcing.
  3. Amos would have much trouble enforcing his rule anymore.
  4. Although the IWC doesn't have direct enforcing powers, many.
  5. For enforcing the role of Ahimsa, the heart is to be kept purified.
  6. These are the guards on the frontier, enforcing the revenue laws.
  7. The Amity will have trouble enforcing that policy, says Marcus.
  8. Johnson could no longer fire officials for enforcing the nation's laws.
  9. The authorities responsible with the monitoring, control, enforcing the animal.
  10. All law enforcing agencies of government completely failed in all circumstances.
  11. As in other sports, these melees could easily be eliminated by enforcing the rules.
  12. They are an attempt to control a large population by enforcing conformity of behavior.
  13. The bill for enforcing the non-intercourse system was reported with that limited provision.
  14. The rest were indifferent, enforcing the rules with blows but at least behaving predictably.
  15. Prove the attraction Newton said was enforcing gravity that is pulling by mass and is gathering.
  16. Nancy Laplante is perfectly content where she is, enforcing the rules on time travel and protecting our society.
  17. He is connected with the Mafia, which, as you know, is a secret political society, enforcing its decrees by murder.
  18. That it is inexpedient to prosecute the war, because we have no means of coercing our enemy or enforcing our claims.
  19. Past that grace period, the base security police will start enforcing the blackout and will report the violations to me.
  20. They are considered human to an extent, but the laws covering them are far more lenient when it comes to enforcing the law.
  21. Civilization is based upon the irresponsible wealthy and powerful enforcing responsibility upon the powerless and the poor.
  22. The Germans were enforcing the curfew, but Stavros found that if he acted dumb, sometimes the soldiers wouldn’t pick on him.
  23. A few centuries ago, the government of this country became interested in enforcing certain desirable behaviors in its citizens.
  24. Union generals, instead of being fired by Johnson for enforcing the law, would have more successfully arrested racist terrorists.
  25. Gain respect from your clients by weeding out the ones that don’t want to be there, and enforcing the rules with the ones that do.
  26. It is confined to enforcing the law for its operations, while the Army is limited only to the laws of war when conducting their campaigns.
  27. But we do know that, if and when trouble should come, the owner of foreign obligations has no legal or other means of enforcing his claim.
  28. On the one hand, there was the infantry--soldiers armed with kickshellacs marching from town to town, enforcing the ideals of a new order.
  29. Uncle had made it very clear that such losses of control were not acceptable, and he had ways of enforcing both his will and his displeasure.
  30. You can start anywhere; and civilization can be systematically improved… even by enforcing one simple Law… without any complicated legality.
  31. Thus, sir, believing the French decrees to be repealed, we departed from our neutral stand by enforcing the non-intercourse law against Great Britain.
  32. Despite the order of the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts enforcing that intention, Mandelbaum shared his accommodations.
  33. As Administrators who plan and micromanage every aspect of the individual and society, we must perfect the science of creating and enforcing conventions.
  34. I’ll bet the credit card company sold the judgment to the collection company for pennies on the dollar, and now it’s enforcing an outdated court order.
  35. The Environmental Protection Agency is the government department that has been given the responsibility for enforcing all of the environmental bills passed by Congress.
  36. The commander of the 7th Infantry Division, for utterly failing to keep control of his units and for enforcing piss-poor rear area security, is also relieved of command.
  37. But I can’t really see why passage of a law enforcing the mechanism would be necessary, if verifiable, nonpartisan auditing procedures are put in place and agreed upon.
  38. Please be sure that we are enforcing the regulation that invitations to the press for White House Church Services are on a totally controlled basis and handled by invitation.
  39. Yes, the Iggers, first called ziggers, or zombie niggers, created the infrastructure for the Ims by doing the techno-creating jobs and enforcing GovCorp's law of gun-money.
  40. I ponder the irony that she denounced her mafia parents years ago to escape this very fate, yet now sits with us making barbarous laws in a barbarous time, enforcing them without mercy.
  41. Money is not required, except where The Law limits access to actual necessities by fencing them off with ownership and enforcing those boundaries with contracts, guns, and those so enslaved.
  42. Since Revenue Service days, the Coast Guard has had the multiple responsibilities of being a military service and having jurisdiction over civilians while enforcing national and international law.
  43. Using strong electronic media Muslims nation was dubbed in a wrong way despite the fact that Muslims has always been peaceful and peace loving and they had always stood by peace enforcing powers.
  44. Wa wished that he could return to the peaceful days of simply enforcing custom regulations and dealing with space claim jumpers, but he was now stuck in a war that had to be fought to the finish.
  45. He was too tall to pass anonymously through the streets, but his unique presence had always proved of worth for enforcing the sorcerers’ demands in the past, especially when a rough hand was needed.
  46. By defining a set of policies and enforcing them, you can control what elements of the operating system your users are able to access, what applications they can run, and the appearance of the desktop.
  47. Congress is failing in its oversight functions, not only in enforcing the Civil Rights Act’s prohibition against quotas, but also in making certain that the money it appropriates is used for authorized purposes.
  48. In addition, the issues regarding the information itself need supporting mechanisms, such as establishing and enforcing standards, utilizing the contribution of knowledge workers, and managing the overall process.
  49. I apologise if this has been an unpleasant experience but everyone you have encountered this evening has only been doing their job, working to make our borders secure and enforcing the laws of the United States.
  50. If the United States government found anyone enforcing slave labor now that the slave trade was illegal, whether it be against an Indian or a black person, the punishment usually meant death in one way or another.
  51. We have restricted ourselves in the full enjoyment of our rights, lest by strictly enforcing them, we might produce a collision with any nation, however little her conduct might be guided by the principles of equity.
  52. He could not put up any resistance under the justified lashing being dealt to him at the hands of Officer Mohammad Amin who was enforcing his need to bring about justice, and which caused him to forget his own strength.
  53. They are only enforcing the law; they are only following company policy, obeying the law, obeying regulations, they are only following one linear train of thought, one linear set of rationalizations, and one linear model.
  54. Jefferson and Lincoln warned of the danger posed by an irresponsible Supreme Court more interested in inventing and imposing its own arbitrary sense of justice than in enforcing the rule of law legitimately enacted.
  55. The torturing of the peasants with rods for the purpose of enforcing the decision of the authorities, although corporal punishment was abolished by law thirty years ago, has of late been applied more and more freely in Russia.
  56. The executive branch, which consists of the president of the United States, the vice president of the United States, the Executive Office of the President, and all of the cabinet departments, is tasked with enforcing those laws.
  57. But in the long term, the combination of continuing American troops in the south enforcing the law and groups of former Union veterans organized to fight the Klan and other terrorists means that ex-Confederate racists cannot win.
  58. And we call on the Department of Justice (and state Attorneys General) to get involved in enforcing such disclosures and transparency, since their investigations and consent decrees now often take the place of traditional regulation.
  59. It succeeded in enforcing submission from the jaded man this morning: his empoisoned system at this moment quailed before Bulstrode's cold, resolute bearing, and he was taken off quietly in the carriage before the family breakfast time.
  60. Ferrars and Fanny still more, did not see the necessity of enforcing it by any farther assertion; and Marianne, when called on for hers, offended them all, by declaring that she had no opinion to give, as she had never thought about it.
  61. On the contrary, this festival was the occasion of much cursing and blaspheming on the part of those whose penniless, poverty-stricken condition it helped to aggravate by enforcing unprofitable idleness which they lacked the means to enjoy.
  62. Though he was angry at the perpetrators and their peers who didn't silence them, he was more angry at the military for not setting and enforcing higher accredi�tation standards as well as giving their briefers meatless baloney to hand out.
  63. The collation and collaboration of these frightening verses, are obviously calculated to inflict the inducement of maximum fear on the believer, enforcing strict adherence and obedience to the rules and laws of these particular religious faiths.
  64. The gentleman will find laws and decisions in abundance, regulating the effect of endorsements and other collateral circumstances, and prescribing the manner of enforcing the payment of promissory notes, but he will never find a law giving the right to execute the promissory note.
  65. If they cannot obtain their pay by your votes, they will collect it by their own bayonets; and they will not rigidly observe any air-lines or water-lines in enforcing their necessary levies; nor be stayed by abstract speculation concerning right, or learned constitutional difficulties.
  66. The court of exchequer, instituted for the levying of the king's revenue, and for enforcing the payment of such debts only as were due to the king, took cognizance of all other contract debts ; the plantiff alleging that he could not pay the king, because the defendant would not pay him.
  67. North Africa and Arab states suddenly liberate themselves and become emblems of democratic desires, while post-industrial western nations march out legions of austerity propagandists to terrorize dream-starved populaces with tyrannies of corporate malfeasance enforcing social penury for slaveholder's benefit.
  68. Now instead of Noriega we have independent free-lancers rising up as powerful drug cartels, in direct competition of our own low-handed government, which continues the charade of enforcing anti-drug laws and eradicating illicit trade, while all the time, raking in billions of dollars in their own illegal trafficking endeavors.
  69. Trescott, who compels admiration by his fine, straightforward course, takes his wife to a small Missouri town, where Southern prejudice is still rife and laws are lax, and where feeling is bitter against the uncle of Constance, the absentee landowner, who has sent Trescott to represent him in enforcing evictions from a tract of land to which he claims ownership.
  70. Sir Thomas saw all the impropriety of such a scheme among such a party, and at such a time, as strongly as his son had ever supposed he must; he felt it too much, indeed, for many words; and having shaken hands with Edmund, meant to try to lose the disagreeable impression, and forget how much he had been forgotten himself as soon as he could, after the house had been cleared of every object enforcing the remembrance, and restored to its proper state.
  71. Suffice it to say, that for safe-keeping, for transmission and payment of the funds to any part of the nation, and for enforcing the punctual payment by the debtors to the customs, by addressing to those debtors the arguments to the sense of honor and shame, and also to their interest, to wit: by denying them credit in the bank on failure in punctuality—all these have been afforded to the Government without its incurring therefor one cent's expense.
  72. Here was a bankruptcy in which the equity was not wiped out—and no one expected it to be wiped out—whereas Graham and Dodd had argued that bondholders would be best off not enforcing their rights to the hilt because “receivership” (to say nothing of “bankruptcy”) was so dreaded a word on Wall Street that “its advent means ordinarily a drastic shrinkage in the price of all the company’s securities, including the bonds for the ‘benefit’ of which the receivership was instituted.
  73. And if ever the Duke of Cadore shall condescend, which it is probable he never will, to reason with our Government on the subject, he may tell them that they knew that the French Emperor had issued those decrees, upon the pledge that they were to continue until the British abandoned their maritime principles; that he told us, over, and over, and over again, that previous revocation by the British was absolutely required; that for the purpose of putting to trial the sincerity of the British, he had indeed declared that the French decrees "are revoked," on the first day of November ensuing; but then it was on the expressed condition that in consequence of that declaration, not of the revocation, but of that declaration, the British were to revoke, and, if they did not, the "understanding" was not realized; and his rights of enforcing his system remained to him.
  74. The result was Europe’s reactionary descent into martial law and military occupation and control that lasted for over 70 years, until Europe became a bunch of police states nakedly enforcing their oppression by martial might; with army barracks in every town and village and patrols and armed soldiers guarding every main road, every bridge and every border crossing,.
  1. It was just never enforced.
  2. And rules needed to be enforced.
  3. So he began an enforced hour a day.
  4. Rules are there to be enforced and.
  5. All slavery is merely enforced power.
  6. It was enforced with brutal ferocity.
  7. A number of newly imposed and enforced.
  8. However, it is not widely enforced and not 100%.
  9. It was a rule that was strictly enforced on all.
  10. They created and enforced them to ensure loyalty.
  11. The lies get enforced; and truth, wisdom and the.
  12. These federal laws had to be enforced on a national.
  13. The Federally Enforced Aerial Roadways Act of 1925.
  14. Even though Banks enforced the law, Ellis was a higher.
  15. These federal laws had to be enforced on a national level.
  16. Noblat; and third, the enforced rest had given his body an.
  17. This persecution has been enforced since 1996 and stil contin-.
  18. The law of Prester John is enforced without exceptions and you.
  19. This was more frightening than any willfully enforced punishment.
  20. The clause in a mortgage or deed of trust that can be enforced to.
  21. This presumption was enforced by a booming announcement over the P.
  22. This doctrine, therefore, can never be enforced by obligatory laws.
  23. Therefore, it is a law enforced through the violence inherent in the.
  24. She had to re-teach him how to behave and she enforced household rules.
  25. I will not experience imprisonment, or enforced solitude and monotony.
  26. If it could be enforced, he believed it would be prodigiously partial.
  27. Lynching prevented retaliation and enforced other Jim Crow injustices.
  28. In Alaska, the rule that you must be silent in a forest is not enforced.
  29. As long as a president enforced the laws he introduced he was respected.
  30. This is my kind of pub; it will be my haunt during my enforced vacation.
  31. Until they become so obsolete, so absurd, it is ignored and not enforced.
  32. It must be admitted that most of these laws are not enforced to the hilt.
  33. We had become great friends during our enforced inseparable companionship.
  34. Those rights are out of date – they haven’t been enforced for years.
  35. He was plagued with attacks of cramps brought on by his enforced inactivity.
  36. It is enforced on the honor system but I have heard that higher stakes games.
  37. Remember that this is only a convention and is not enforced by Python (except.
  38. As long as Napoleon put teeth into his laws and enforced them he was respected.
  39. Speed limits were enforced and fuel efficiency stickers were placed on vehicles.
  40. The Coast Guard has not enforced every maritime regulation with equal enthusiasm.
  41. No Law is respected unless it is fair, unless it is fairly applied and enforced.
  42. Theron’s security teams enforced his strict rule of 'pack only' on their lands.
  43. This indecision and lack of stability is enforced when the third day opens lower.
  44. This created the precedent for all presidents to be above the laws they enforced.
  45. This indecision and lack of stability is enforced when the third day opens higher.
  46. But what did that mean? A long life of enforced loneliness? Robert hadn’t minded.
  47. My love burnt the more hotly for my enforced quiet, and tormented me more and more.
  48. It was probably the original cause of all compulsory, enforced cultural conformity.
  49. The numbers of the injured had been growing until Sionna had enforced a strict curfew.
  50. But none of these claims, although enforced by violence, can be recognised as a basis.
  51. This was a rule strictly enforced by the Confederate officials in England in order to.
  52. Neither would have enforced the fraudulent Treaties of the Dancing Rabbit or New Echota.
  53. It was the UN that voted these sanctions, and a mixed military force that enforced them.
  54. Richone smiled slyly and then softly enforced a Royism, by saying that there was no such.
  55. Wave upon wave of systematic illegal robbery and enforced taxation at the point of a sword.
  56. My guess is that on Monday, we engaged a bundle of behaviors that enforced your codependency.
  57. The same super power that enforced its words of mouth as law and its allies fully favored it.
  58. Christ and His apostles steadfastly enforced on their disciples the same lamentable prediction.
  59. Don't forget either, you unhappy man, that voluntary is much heavier than enforced imprisonment.
  60. During the day the drainage hole covers were re enforced so no man or vampire could remove them.
  61. Laws that are improperly enforced are vapid and unmanly and should be unceremoniously repealed!.
  62. Not merely enforced labor, but anything you are forced to do-think-feel that you do not want to.
  63. Infection may prove the greatest danger and strict hygiene and sanitary practices must be enforced.
  64. At this time the "quinine parade" was strictly enforced, because of malaria, which was very prevalent.
  65. Who's responsible for the child's life—the enforced mom? The "father" (if he's around)? The court?
  66. He had plenty of time to watch TV during his enforced layoff, and watched plenty of news programming.
  67. Reign of Terror–also called the Dark Ages–they violently enforced the concepts of the flat Earth and.
  68. As this latter motive is the more honorable, it ought to be the more scrupulously adhered to and enforced.
  69. Cosmology is about light flowing by means of lines indicating space obeying the rules enforced by time in.
  70. If, when the soldiers have become attached to you, punishments are not enforced, they will still be unless.
  71. Having wrung all that he could out of the enforced airport stay, Putin then rubbed salt in American wounds.
  72. Unfortunately, many students threw out some godly moral standards that the missionaries had strictly enforced.
  73. The perfect outcome for him personally was to implement a scheme, and have himself sent on an enforced holiday.
  74. In some ways it was worse before his enforced fanatical anti-booze trip, anti social trip, anti everything trip.
  75. He has published his modern and enormous tariff, and caused it to be enforced throughout his extensive dominions.
  76. Thus, he enforced justice strongly and fearlessly when he stood up to the oppressive perpetrator and punished him.
  77. For this purpose, what he is pleased to call his great continental system has been devised and rigorously enforced.
  78. They enforced their authority with the sword, beheading people for infractions as trivial as the theft of a pumpkin.
  79. These men still looked to me as their trainer, and here I enforced it into them what they must do the following day.
  80. They came from a legacy of over 1,000 years of nearly uninterrupted slavery, unwilling slavery, enforced enslavement.
  81. All law is sanctified beyond questioning, upheld and enforced by the authorities until people obey laws through fear.
  82. Can coercing these men to join in the labour make them consider that the sacrifices are enforced for their own good?
  83. The Revenue Marine rescued imperiled mariners, enforced maritime law, and monitored aids to navigation and lighthouses.
  84. No reliance, therefore, ought to be placed upon the duration of any regulation which is not enforced by their charters.
  85. Nearly everywhere else he had hit a wall of officially enforced silence and fabricated stories for close to four months.
  86. Susan hadn’t the strength to face them in their enforced mid-week alcoholic jollity after the encounter with her mother.
  87. That was until three years ago when the EPA‘s regulations designed to protect the three-inch Delta smelt were enforced.
  88. I consider you worthy of addressing me, though I would ask that you try to remain civil, or else my edict will be enforced.
  89. On the other hand, too many laws mean that they won’t be able to be enforced and the result is noncompliance or rebellion.
  90. The problem with this is that it is not based upon voluntary cooperation: it became an externally enforced form of conformity.
  91. What it prohibits is the establishment by Congress of a single nation wide religion sponsored, subsidized, or enforced by law.
  92. In provincial towns social conventionalities are so rigidly enforced than an infraction like this constituted a solemn promise.
  93. One of the biggest issues was what exactly would be covered by a parity law, and how this parity could be created and enforced.
  94. Today Cuban obedience is enforced by a power too strong to be resisted but any form of enforcement ultimately creates resentment.
  95. After every war: the new national boundaries which are enforced; merely become a cause for the next series of conflicts and wars.
  96. A new vision is enforced on the company, new rules, new expectations, new plans and new targets, all because of a loss of vision.
  97. If all these changes sound liberal, don’t be fooled: Tough penalties were enforced for defying Kemal’s liberalising policies.
  98. In the course of exploring my new surroundings, I found sources of food and water that would make my enforced stay on the island.
  99. Chertkov, during the time of his enforced two-year sojourn abroad, Tolstoi from time to time actually sent extracts of his Journal.
  100. The Coast Guard developed shipboard firefighting and prevention strategies, enforced legal sanctions and imposed fines on polluters.
  1. Still holding onto Enzo, TK enforces his clutch.
  2. The FAA oversees and enforces civil aviation regulations and air safety.
  3. Ask the other teachers what the school enforces and if they "back up" their teachers.
  4. When the mood strikes you to practice yoga, it enforces you to make a connection with.
  5. Our Lord then enforces His idea of life by recurring, after this lofty reference, to His.
  6. Artificiality forcibly attempts to change things according to its own conception and enforces.
  7. With any accumulation of people, no social harmony can prevail unless some central body artificially enforces it.
  8. When power creates, negates, and enforces the law, there is no justice, but only privilege, prejudice, and inequality.
  9. That virus is the mechanism that enforces the individual sovereignty policy by which the Kassikan rules mankind on this entire planet.
  10. I don’t know about your own personal opinions on the subject, Admiral, but I find the fact that the United States still practices and enforces racial segregation truly abhorrent.
  11. One of a group of immortals who reside in Dublin, many of them at Chester’s nightclub, and is their recognized leader, although Ryodan issues and enforces most of Barrons’s orders.
  12. And if the law is the one who protects, enforces, and decides who owns what, then they can always decide it is no longer you who owns it, but somebody else, or, most likely, themselves – The State.
  13. No she isn’t! She something of much more value than just a mere house cat! She is in a trap, one of her own making, that only she enforces and you are the only one that can unlock her from it!.
  14. A perfectly logical materialism which, denying a spiritual basis of mind in man, denies it also in the universe, and enforces the result in a speculative positivism and atheism, may under certain circumstances become a real danger to society.
  15. If it wasn't for the treaty and the fence that is money, and the law and the gun that enforces the treaty and protects the fence, then everyone would steal from each other, assault each other, and plunge the world into prehistoric disorganization.
  16. President, when we inflict death for the support of institutions Congress had no right to create, and for the violation of laws the constitution prohibits that body from enacting—(and under the denomination of each of the political sects into which this country is divided, agreeable to the principles now contended for by gentlemen, such laws have been passed)—are not the Executive which sanctions, the Congress which passed, and the whole body of our Judiciary, both of the General and State Governments, which enforces such unconstitutional measures, and under their surreptitious authority inflicts death upon our citizens, worse than usurpers? Are they not murderers? Yes, Mr.
  17. For when the lightning lightens the thunder utters its voice and the spirit enforces a pause during the peal and divides equally between them; for the treasury of their peals is like the sand and each one of them as it peals is held in with a bridle and turned back by the power of the spirit and pushed forward according to the many quarters of the Earth; And the spirit of the sea is masculine and strong and according to the might of his strength he draws it back with a rein and in like manner it is driven forward and disperses amid all the mountains of the Earth; And the spirit of the hoar-frost is his own angel and the spirit of the hail is a good angel; And the spirit of the snow has forsaken his chambers on account of his strength -There is a special spirit in it and that which ascends from it is like smoke and its name is frost; And the spirit of the mist is not united with them in their chambers but it has a special chamber; for its course is glorious both in light and in darkness and in winter and in summer and in its chamber is an angel; And the spirit of the dew has its dwelling at the ends of the Heaven and is connected with the chambers of the rain and its course is in winter and summer and its clouds and the clouds of the mist are connected and the one gives to the other; And when the spirit of the rain goes out from its chamber the angels come and open the chamber and lead it out and when it is diffused over the whole Earth it unites with the water on the Earth; And whenever it unites with the water on the Earth; For the waters are for those who dwell on the Earth; for they are nourishment for the Earth from the Most High who is in Heaven; therefore there is a measure for the rain and the angels take it in charge; And these things I saw towards the Garden of the Righteous; And the angel of peace who was with me said to me: 'These two monsters prepared conformably to the greatness of God shall feed.
  18. For when the lightning lightens, the thunder utters its voice, and the spirit enforces a pause during the peal, and divides equally between them; for the treasury of their peals is like the sand, and each one of them as it peals is held in with a bridle, and turned back by the power of the spirit, and pushed forward according to the many quarters of the Earth; And the spirit of the sea is masculine and strong, and according to the might of his strength he draws it back with a rein, and in like manner it is driven forward and disperses amid all the mountains of the Earth; And the spirit of the hoar-frost is his own angel, and the spirit of the hail is a good angel; And the spirit of the snow has forsaken his chambers on account of his strength -There is a special spirit in it, and that which ascends from it is like smoke, and its name is frost; And the spirit of the mist is not united with them in their chambers, but it has a special chamber; for its course is glorious both in light and in darkness, and in winter and in summer, and in its chamber is an angel; And the spirit of the dew has its dwelling at the ends of the Heaven, and is connected with the chambers of the rain, and its course is in winter and summer, and its clouds and the clouds of the mist are connected, and the one gives to the other; And when the spirit of the rain goes out from its chamber, the angels come and open the chamber and lead it out, and when it is diffused over the whole Earth it unites with the water on the Earth; And whenever it unites with the water on the Earth; For the waters are for those who dwell on the Earth; for they are nourishment for the Earth from the Most High who is in Heaven; therefore there is a measure for the rain, and the angels take it in charge; And these things I saw towards the Garden of the Righteous; And the angel of peace who was with me said to me: 'These two monsters, prepared conformably to the greatness of God, shall feed.

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