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    1. ‘If you’ll let me finish, you exasperating woman! – you can then make an appointment to meet with Pippa Akeman and her cronies, explain your connection with Joris and how you wish to use your inheritence and introduce the idea of JJ – how does that sound?’ he suggested, ‘That way, they’d have a chance to consider the idea without him being there

    2. It was an extremely frustrating and exasperating experience, as you can imagine, but she could find no way to avoid these habitual detours that left her totally exhausted by the time she finally slipped the key into the front door of her estranged house

    3. Sons could be exasperating at times and this was one of the times

    4. When the parish happened to be situated in a great city, it divided all the inhabitants into two parties; and when that city happened, either to constitute itself a little republic, or to be the head and capital of a little republic, as in the case with many of the considerable cities in Switzerland and Holland, every paltry dispute of this kind, over and above exasperating the animosity of all their other factions, threatened to leave behind it, both a new schism in the church, and a new faction in the state

    5. Life in the old world was going to have been a frustrating and exasperating experience

    6. He talked and gestured and she talked and gestured, and in a slow, sometimes exasperating process, she felt sure he asked for some assurances that his father could, in safety, come closer to talk

    7. The Council of Nicaea appeared to start turning the tide against the Gnostic Christians, or Christian Gnostics, but as they gave ground they did so with such an extreme reluctance, that they still were an exasperating influence into the seventh century AD

    8. It was so exasperating! There

    9. simply repeating the same story over and over again, in an exasperating

    10. He is irritatingly persistent, arrogant, secretive, and more often than not exasperating, but he can be kind and gentle and human, when he wants to be

    11. When a women has worked hard al day, it is exasperating to have the

    12. And what about Mel? She liked him, could probably love him if he let her, but he was so exasperating

    13. With an exasperating parsimony he took down the chests, opened them, and placed on the table, one by one, seventy-two gold bricks, Everyone had forgotten about the existence of that fortune

    14. The more he opened champagne to soak his friends, the more wildly his animals gave birth and the more he was convinced that his lucky star was not a matter of his conduct but an influence of Petra Cotes, his concubine, whose love had the virtue of exasperating nature

    15. With her terrible practical sense she could not understand the colonel’s business as he exchanged little fishes for gold coins and then converted the coins into little fishes, and so on, with the result that he had to work all the harder with the more he sold in order to satisfy an exasperating vicious circle

    16. But to make up for that irremediable power, which was exasperating even for him, he had a cordiality that won the immediate confi-dence of others and a stupendous capacity for work

    17. That night at dinner the exasperating buzzing of the singsong had conquered the sound of the rain

    18. That wandering about of things was even more exasperating when she sat down to write

    19. ” She had commented, “OMG! I hate that exasperating little fucker too! Let’s roast him together! I’ll bring the wine!”

    20. Psychopaths Go To Work, that will at least alert the average office worker to the possibility that her amusing but exasperating - and,

    21. He was exasperating me

    22. exasperating is the sheer depth of Graves’ knowledge about preliterate myths and culture

    23. Her term of office in Umhlanga Rocks has at times been fun, exasperating, hard work but she always performed her duties with a smile

    24. This man was exasperating

    25. When a woman reaches the point of completely exasperating a man, acting herself in reaction to her feelings of guilt, all the ancient hatred that has been accumulated towards the phallic mother re-emerges, along with homicidal urges and a need to get revenge

    26. It's a really exasperating situation and can happen to us all anytime

    27. The only things that did follow were two confused exasperating days in which his moods varied with every hour, almost at last with everything she said

    28. It was exasperating

    29. Was it possible that she wouldn't leave the house at nine sharp? The thought that she wouldn't was too exasperating to consider

    30. more exasperating than trying to get the attention and re-

    31. The range of acquaintances of my wife is vast and the greetings and farewells can become unbearably prolonged and exasperating

    32. Pavlos was often exasperating but one could not deny his good points

    33. Her questions were exasperating

    34. It is highly exasperating that twenty-five people of your acquaintance should be able to say straight off something very much to the point about being in Greece, while for yourself there is a stopper upon all emotions whatsoever

    35. Amy was much offended that her overtures of peace had been repulsed, and began to wish she had not humbled herself, to feel more injured than ever, and to plume herself on her superior virtue in a way which was particularly exasperating

    36. On Monday morning the weather was in that undecided state which is more exasperating than a steady pour

    37. "If you have any order to give me it's my duty to carry it out," he answered, after another silent pause, with a slow, measured lisp, raising his eyebrows and calmly twisting his head from one side to another, all this with exasperating composure

    38. The stolidity with which I received these instructions was, no doubt, rather exasperating: for they were delivered in perfect sincerity; but I believed a person who could plan the turning of her fits of passion to account, beforehand, might, by exerting her will, manage to control herself tolerably, even while under their influence; and I did not wish to

    39. This exhibition of anger was noted by all present; and from an apprehension of exasperating a temper that was already chafed nearly to madness, several minutes were suffered to pass before another word was uttered

    40. "You're a game one," he returned, shaking his head at me with a deliberate affection, at once most unintelligible and most exasperating; "I'm glad you've grow'd up, a game one! But don't catch hold of me

    41. "Now," said Pumblechook, and all this with a most exasperating air of saying in the cause of virtue what was perfectly convincing and conclusive, "I will tell you what to say to Joseph

    42. She did not understand either that Alexey Alexandrovitch’s peculiar loquacity that day, so exasperating to her, was merely the expression of his

    43. What if Hirsch coughed or sneezed? To feel himself at the mercy of such an idiotic contingency was too exasperating to be looked upon with irony

    44. Senor, there is nothing more exasperating than to hear a woman you respect rail against your good reputation when you have not a single brass coin in your pocket

    45. She stifled her impulse to tell him exactly what an advantage over her that was exasperating, so she would have to change that by

    46. What a tease he was and how exasperating! If wasn’t in love with her, why did he call so often and bring her presents?

    47. He had formerly observed with approbation her capacity for worshipping the right object; he now foresaw with sudden terror that this capacity might be replaced by presumption, this worship by the most exasperating of all criticism,—that which sees vaguely a great many fine ends, and has not the least notion what it costs to reach them

    48. "On the contrary," said Lydgate, showing no smart; but smiling with exasperating confidence at Rosamond

    49. Bulstrode was laying down for the direction of the New Hospital, which were the more exasperating because there was no present possibility of interfering with his will and pleasure, everybody except Lord Medlicote having refused help towards the building, on the ground that they preferred giving to the Old Infirmary

    50. The frustration would have been less exasperating if it had been less gamesome and boyish: a serious assault of which the newspaper reporter "can aver that it endangered the learned gentleman's ribs," or can respectfully bear witness to "the soles of that gentleman's boots having been visible above the railing," has perhaps more consolations attached to it

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