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    1. I would have liked to expound further, but I have just

    2. "It is because my programming is so advanced that I am able to become intoxicated and thus expound wisely on any subject

    3. It is in Ephesians that I desire to expound the first topic

    4. It is in verse 18 that Paul starts to expound the wisdom of men versus the wisdom of God

    5. Of course there would hardly be a soul here who had an interest other than their duty, but here they could talk of it as they wished, carry on ad nauseam and expound their own opinions

    6. In time, you will receive additional support and manpower to this end, ones who will be in a better position to expound upon the subject of the renegade and exile, Roscius Avienus

    7. expound upon the many boons of the fishing business in Riften

    8. Often the surface text would either relate to the phrase or further expound it

    9. The New Testament goes further to expound on the blindness of the Jews with a yet another prophecy where Paul, inspired by the Holy Spirit, explains that the Jews will be blinded until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in

    10. Dreamer who thinks it appropriate for him to expound on every conceivable subject except that on which he is supposedly an expert

    11. He didn't expound much on that; the remainder of the discussion centred on how they deal with what could not be seen either in terms of an enemy or potential ally: L76M

    12. We will not expound on these verses here but

    13. We will expound the following actions: a) Solution of the payment of the foreign debt

    14. That’s all he said, and I was reluctant to ask him to expound

    15. soul; 20 But do You, O Lord, expound to me regarding those things which you have revealed to me, and inform me regarding that

    16. expound things to us, and furthermore, that is His

    17. 14 And he said to them, Out of the eater came out meat, and out of the strong came out sweetness; And they could not in three days expound the riddle

    18. I will expound no

    19. 47 And he said to me Stand up on the right side and I shall expound the similitude to you

    20. 19 Adam is therefore not the cause save only of his own soul but each of us has been the Adam of his own soul; 20 But do You O Lord expound to me regarding those things which you have revealed to me and inform me regarding that which I besought you; 21 For at the consummation of the world vengeance shall be taken on those who have done wickedness according to their wickedness and you will glorify the faithful according to their faithfulness; 22 For those who are among your own you rule and those who sin you blot out from among your own

    21. 5 If a man be faithful if he be mighty to expound knowledge if he be wise in the interpretation of words if he be pure in his deeds 6 by so much the more ought he to be humble and by as much as he seems to be greater by so much the more ought he to seek the common advantage of all and not of himself alone

    22. But Dimarico was still playing his silly game, as Swann saw it—so he had decided to play his own silly game, and make Dimarico beg him to expound

    23. I would lay there basking in the glory of these revelations while still sensing His love emanating from Him standing next to me! Other times Jesus and I would read the Bible together, and He would expound on different Scriptures as I would read

    24. It may be well to expound its principle here at somewhat greater length than the

    25. But when we come to try to expound its

    26. This forces us to not only look around and absorb matters, but also to take advantage of the media and what they expound, which you can find by reading and listening

    27. I expound on this strange tale a bit in Mirror, Mirror, On My

    28. called, he then sets about to expound the Immaculate

    29. It was a time to exhort one another, and learn the different ways that the Lord was leading, it was certainly enjoyable listening as one by one would detail the happenings of the Holy Spirit, and another would then expound on what he saw

    30. ” He paused to let the suggestions linger and offer Higgins a chance to expound on the theories

    31. For he had heard Paul preach and expound several times and knew this life was for him and his

    32. ” Then you expound upon the unique

    33. How can man go to school, talk with the traditional old-men of the past, put on their shiny clothes, rehearse their weekly sermon, draw their pay check and think that they have come up with a way-of-life that’s actually going to change others in a Godly direction? If I’m seeing right, then is not the Holy Spirit that knows all things, and teaches all things, anointing men to expound on the things of God? Again of course, it wouldn’t matter what type of clothes we wear, or if we have a Rolex watch, some institutionalized seminary training, or maybe just a gift of gab, since the people world-wide have been trained through the centuries to accept the status-quo

    34. ” I said to Tai, hoping that he would expound

    35. is going to expound well the meaning of action to him, so that he can be

    36. The following verses expound that way

    37. he will expound in brief how through constant exercise of renunciation-

    38. He asks all the right questions about the neighborhood, and Beatrice is happy to expound on how it had once been predominantly Ukrainian but now is filled with yuppies and Mexican “foreigners” — Beatrice doesn’t quite catch the irony in her being from the Ukraine and a foreigner

    39. While speaking, you may nod your head occasionally to expound on a subject or to give more meaning to what you are saying

    40. He declined politely to expound upon the matter and bid them all good evening as he left the barn

    41. "If it please the court, I will expound upon the just accusations of the town fathers

    42. kindly expound reality’s ultimate truths to those gathered here tonight

    43. vanced terrain with powder snow and then expound on complicated technique: just

    44. expound and allege to have been accepted by multitudes

    45. States passed by Congress and as the courts expound

    46. I’ll expound on further proof of this in subsequent chapters, but here are some insights

    47. asked to seriously expound upon them we tend to falter and fall and as a consequence I had

    48. expound upon the subject

    49. The divine incarnation, the sacrificial death of Christ, His ascension, the free pardon of sinners, the world-wide aspect of redemption, the final issue in an endless life,—all these are parts of a system, incredible in fragments; and you must expound the whole at once to render any single portion thoroughly intelligible

    50. The key point in making job listings is not to expound more on the highly technical business terms

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    dilate elaborate enlarge expand expatiate exposit expound flesh out lucubrate set forth