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Extirpate en una oración (en ingles)

  1. The five kinds of salutations extirpate all the sins.
  2. These are hard times! The Papal bull authorized the torture as a resource to extirpate the sorcery in his territory.
  3. I have endeavoured to extirpate the last remnant of the false estimate of the importance of my education and talents, and to repent; but before answering the question, What is to be done? there stands a new difficulty.
  4. I had not intended to love him; the reader knows I had wrought hard to extirpate from my soul the germs of love there detected; and now, at the first renewed view of him, they spontaneously arrived, green and strong! He made me love him without looking at me.
  5. Every individual was to be specified by name; not for that hard servitude of labour which we have a little before mentioned but that he might expose them to the before-mentioned tortures; and finally in the short space of a day might extirpate them by his cruelties.

  6. He said the people of the United States had the power and the will to break up and to extirpate those hostile savages, to desolate their country, or compel them to surrender at discretion, as the Miamies had done lately when they beheld the strong arm of the Government uplifted and ready to fall upon them heavily.
  1. These, though they do not increase in the same proportion as corn, which is altogether the acquisition of human industry, yet multiply under the care and protection of men, who store up in the season of plenty what may maintain them in that of scarcity ; who, through the whole year, furnish them with a greater quantity of food than uncultivated nature provides for them; and who, by destroying and extirpating their enemies, secure them in the free enjoyment of all that she provides.
  1. The birch copses were extirpated in support of discipline.
  2. The brigands have never been really extirpated from the neighborhood of Rome.
  3. Complete control of the mind can be attained, when all the thought-waves are extirpated thoroughly.
  4. If we’ve not extirpated the demons in five Outerworld centuries, why should we expect to do so now? Not without some brilliant new scheme, anyway.
  5. According to Angelo Pernetta and colleagues (citation below), the Round Island skink might soon be reintroduced to islands on which it was extirpated.
  6. Oh, the Russians ought to be extirpated for the good of humanity, like noxious parasites! We've been striving for something utterly, utterly different.
  7. I am as far as any one from relying implicitly upon this mode of treatment, and would only resort to it when the part bitten could not be extirpated, and when a cautery was not at hand.
  8. This species seems never to have been very nurnerous; and the dogs and cats of the Spaniards are said to have long ago almost entirely extirpated it, as well as some other tribes of a still smaller size.
  9. Their cattle are allowed to wander through the woods and other uncultivated grounds, where they are half-starved; having long ago extirpated almost all the annual grasses, by cropping them too early in the spring, before they had time to form their flowers, or to shed their seeds.

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