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    1. He threw it down in disgust, it landed on the kitchen counter face up and she could see what was on it

    2. Kara stared at the sky in front of her, the blue of daytime now streaked pink and scarlet and orange … it was second nature to her to conceal that part of her life … but … but if she couldn’t do that, she’d have to face up to what she had lost …

    3. dating and finding they have to face up to so many related issues they could never have had to

    4. ‘There was a tremendous sense of … oh I can’t find the words, of … as though someone was standing there beside me making me face up to the reality

    5. She laid them face up on the table and turned them for Belle to view them directly

    6. " Beth tugged her face up to look straight at her

    7. “Put the thing face up on the pavement over here Fizzicist, its quite clean? ‘VOTE FOR TAKIT your DORTT candidate

    8. Helez put out her hand and gently lifted the slave girl’s face up until their eyes met

    9. Face up to the fact that if

    10. Glen’s hands paused, and he brought his face up to glare at Sebastian while Russell’s mouth dropped in surprise

    11. He cried to the empty walls for her to come back and together they could face up to it

    12. “God that’s ‘fab’” and she dragged his face up to hers to shove

    13. in the middle of a square face upon which rested a pair of small circular spectacles which he took off

    14. hopes and joys, he hid his face upon his desk and sobbed aloud

    15. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time,” he had said, and then his mouth came down over mine, and I had tipped my face up to meet him

    16. She resisted, then, with a throaty whine, slowly lowered her hands as she inched the incline of her face upwards

    17. He bent, and I tilted my face up to his—so eager, so hungry for his touch

    18. What would it be like to have such higher level skills, to travel between earth and heaven, to have such powers? What would it be like to turn her face up to that golden face, to gaze into that challenging emerald gaze, knowing with confidence that he was hers, all hers!

    19. He stepped in front of her again and forced her face up so that she looked at him again

    20. She crawled over to Laino and looked from his stiffened face up on Mevarn

    21. He tilted his face up in sheer rapture at the loveliness of the clear lime-green leaves above him with the sun shining through

    22. “Where could that stupid piece be?” Sierra mumbled, turning all the pieces face up

    23. He zooms in and sees Robinson’s old, wrinkled face up close

    24. In respect of my feelings evidently, Levi came to me and placed his hand under my chin decisively, pulling my face up, forcing me to gaze at him

    25. It seems that I chose this life to be one of suffering so I would face up to the evil forces and challenge the churches

    26. “What are you hiding?” I hold his face up

    27. moments in life, we are just put into situations that knock us for six and we are forced to grow up and face up to what’s

    28. me realise I have to face up to my future

    29. But I had to face up to the fact that unless I did something

    30. that you need to face up to it

    31. At that moment he held her in magic bonds, spread-eagled face up on the bed, and was whipping her nakedness with a leather belt

    32. If a player remembers where a matching card is, they can turn it up and leave both cards face up until the third card is found

    33. “How can it be?” The old voice faltered, his face upturned, teary eyes still full of the torment he had borne so long

    34. As he stared, she turned her face upwards towards him and her expression held only emptiness, and something like accusation: he couldn’t blame her for that

    35. Stretching out his hands, he lifted the boy’s face up so their eyes met

    36. “How can it be?” The old voice faltered, his face upturned, teary eyes still full of the torment he

    37. Instinctively, she turned her face up and opened her mouth and was able to swallow a little water

    38. The hillside they are scrambling up disappears and they land on cool earth, face up, staring at blue sky

    39. Then lie down with your face up

    40. It’s true we should face up to what scares us, but there will be a time for that

    41. Bryony knew they were right; she was a coward, too scared to face up to her fear

    42. It’s true we should face up to what scares us, but there will be a time for that, and you will know when

    43. Eva made Zoe laugh when she screwed her face up and puckered her lips like a fish

    44. Every boy held within him a closet full of unconscious inhibitions, fears and foibles that would prevent any useful change unless the lad was forced to face up to them

    45. “That was very brave of you, to face up to Tyrus

    46. Alex, examining its chest, worried his expensive new guest had died of fright, finally putting his face up against the pudgy nose to feel the breath

    47. his face up to the sky with arrows sticking out of him all over

    48. ” Reema held Nathifa’s face up to look into her eyes

    49. The cards are spread out, face upwards, in the centre of the table

    50. He fell without a sound, his massive face upon the ground

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