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    famous person

    1. And, unlike being named after a famous person, Pat doesn’t carry the burden of my parents’ expectations, except their modest hope that I could spell it, which I can

    2. Kennedy said, “We used to play games where one person described a famous person and the rest tried to guess who it was

    3. “You can’t be the most famous person in the 21st Century,” the underwater hockey boy said as me and Jess both laughed

    4. He’s the most famous person of this century

    5. It was a quirk of mine to think of people in terms of which famous person they looked

    6. It is nice to see a relevant quote by a famous person that is related to the

    7. At the time, I didn’t realize that this attempt at contacting a famous person would not be my last

    8. Unlike most televised specials, as for a politician or a famous person, we have absolutely no program other than the pre-show from Reverend Marks

    9. famous person or another, swearing up and down that he or she is the

    10. Our obsession with which multi-millionaire sports heros are defeating other painfully wealthy game players diverts us to vicariously mean by attentively observing and critiquing virally famous personages' escapades

    11. the good and bad seasons in the lives of famous persons have alternated from the

    12. Observe the lives of famous persons around you

    13. The commandant had been already made aware of his good fortune in seeing two such famous persons as Don Quixote and Sancho, and the instant they came to the shore all the galleys struck their awnings and the clarions rang out

    14. He knew how to pretend you’d never heard of the famous person to whom you were being introduced, and how to pretend to buy the famous person’s pretense of never having heard of you

    15. Another famous person began life as a child in a poor household

    16. He was rich, of course, but according to Janet, Harry Chandler was very normal for such a famous person

    17. Throughout my career, I have understood that for a person to jeopardize a long-standing, important relationship with a celebrity or a famous person’s family just for the sake of one of my books is a purely personal choice

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