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Fantastic en una oración (en ingles)

1. It was a fantastic story.
2. It was a fantastic feeling.
3. She is one fantastic woman.
4. This is a fantastic signal.
5. This is a fantastic way to.
6. The food eaten was fantastic.
7. Today, the day is fantastic.

8. It sounded a fantastic story.
9. That was a fantastic moment!.
10. You have unique and fantastic.
11. This was truly fantastic, miss.
12. This is a fantastic find!’’.
13. Thorn said you were fantastic.
14. Her eyes were a fantastic weapon.
15. Then it did a most fantastic thing.
16. Joy riding was a fantastic thrill.
17. They said she was a fantastic lay.
18. It’s a fantastic place to find.
19. What a fantastic day this has been.
20. We had had the most fantastic year.
21. Fantastic for them, but not for you.
22. Joe made a fantastic job of the cart.
23. It's fantastic to be a child of God.
24. I had an awesome and fantastic life.
25. Interviews And A Fantastic Job Offer.
26. It was too beautiful, too fantastic.
27. You've been a fantastic help already.
28. You look fantastic, Jim said.
29. It was fantastic to see her so happy.
30. And you do look fantastic in that.
31. Besides, she’s fantastic with Annah.
32. That is, they seemed equally fantastic.
33. Alexa, that’s a fantastic question.
34. He then began his fantastic revelations.
35. Business was fantastic; he already had.
36. Why bother to tell us a fantastic tale.
37. That would be truly fantastic, Ingrid.
38. Is that fantastic? Well isn't this great.
39. She put it on, it looked fantastic on her.
40. He has a heart, and is a fantastic fellow.
41. I just find it fantastic for posting and.
42. We had a fantastic weekend, thanks to him.
43. There with fantastic garlands did she come.
44. This one is from my fantastic childhood.
45. The success was fantastic, to put it mildly.
46. Some of these techniques are quite fantastic.
47. Aren’t butterflies fantastic? Doreen was.
48. It’s fantastic, enthused Roger Gould.
49. Yuki, you did a fantastic job, I mean it.
50. But then this happened, and it was fantastic.
51. The shower was long, hot, and felt fantastic.
52. All this sounds fantastic, Khosrow said.
53. But it's fantastic that she's back to normal.
54. What a fantastic place for us to spend the.
55. Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven.
56. As usual, she looked fantastic and she knew it.
57. I felt obliged to say the effect was fantastic.
58. I remember it has fantastic audio applications.
59. This has been a fantastic year, he thought to.
60. Oh no, Akenji insisted, this is fantastic.
61. It was just the two of us and it felt fantastic!.
62. But when I start to sing, the feeling is fantastic.
63. Are you kidding me? That would be fantastic!.
64. Hey buddy, nice job out there, you were fantastic.
65. Her breasts were small, but she had fantastic legs.
66. These are fantastic appearances that people affect.
67. The extent of the propaganda is fantastic, and here.
68. Suffice it to say that we had a most fantastic trip.
69. Of a truth, they have more fantastic dreams than we.
70. My Dad and Tom were a fantastic team, the very best.
71. He checked his cards—nope, it was a fantastic hand.
72. Our memory is fantastic – it's recall that we need.
73. Exbrus is fantastic, the problem is Tony, and we.
74. This is my first time trying it, but it’s fantastic.
75. Welcome to the kingdom of God! It's a fantastic thing.
76. Tell all the waitresses that they’ve got fantastic.
77. He helped me with homework via Skype, he was fantastic.
78. Unbelievable! All this cultural learning was fantastic.
79. It's fantastic [laughs] so you need to learn to rejoice.
80. The closer he got, the stronger the fantastic aroma got.
81. Joe and Bridget were making a fantastic job of the house.
82. It's a fantastic resource, and many people have used it.
83. Some of the corpses lay twisted in fantastic contortions.
84. If you could abide by my wishes, that’d be fantastic.
85. Yes, fantastic! Now, guys, have you been filled in on.
86. You better have a fantastic reason for awakening me!.
87. I said it will be fantastic for both of us, he said.
88. Asians are fantastic gamblers, willing to risk huge sums.
89. It’s quite remarkable and fantastic come to think of it.
90. As a result, the sale of iron-and-wine tonic is fantastic.
91. Backed by you Ewen, and full of fantastic information and.
92. That was an idea so fantastic that Elowen found it almost.
93. Wow! That’s fantastic! she blurted out impulsively.
94. Rain is fantastic isn’t it? The way the perfectly formed.
95. I have a fantastic wardrobe with everything from jeans.
96. They are all hardworking people with fantastic candy bowls.
97. It was fantastic because the manager of the apartment, for.
98. It was fantastic, although the glacier has retreated since.
99. Claire said to Yuki, Miller is a fantastic surgeon, Yuki.
100. We go beyond, we offered 3 fantastic strategies as solution.

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