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  1. Safe in the gracious Fatherhood.
  2. Fatherhood and motherhood are thrown away.
  3. Fatherhood is a never-ending part of your life.
  4. Fatherhood Principles of Joseph the Carpenter:.
  5. Love for the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of.

  6. One of the great signs of the Office gifts is fatherhood.
  7. They are not monogamous, they have no concept of fatherhood.
  8. But with his impending fatherhood, he wouldn’t be as tolerant.
  9. He needs to learn the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.
  10. Fatherhood, in the sense of conscious begetting, is unknown to man.
  11. God does not acknowledge spiritual fatherhood to those who work evil.
  12. Asked was he knowledgeable of these accounts, his fatherhood primarily, whether.
  13. He rests, disarmed of fatherhood, having devised that mystical estate upon his son.
  14. Salvation should be taken for granted by those who believe in the fatherhood of God.
  15. The teenage father a drop out who disappeared on notice of his impending fatherhood.

  16. I recently came across a Yiddish proverb that says a lot about fatherhood in very few words.
  17. This group released a national survey which examined the views of many mothers on fatherhood.
  18. Here are a few suggestions that can help you sail through the challenges of single fatherhood:.
  19. Religion is valid only when it reveals the fatherhood of God and enhances the brotherhood of men.
  20. By faith in the fatherhood of God you may enter the kingdom of heaven, thus becoming the sons of God.
  21. He could hear the television arguing the pros and cons of gay fatherhood but there was no sign of Lucy.
  22. Not having ever experienced the dubious joys of fatherhood, he had only his imagination on which to draw.
  23. Yet again, I come back to the question of whether it is fair to any man to deprive him of fatherhood ….
  24. And thus did the doctrine of the fatherhood of God make imperative the practice of the brotherhood of man.
  25. At least then there could be the minute hope that he actually possessed a feeling of fatherhood, of kinship.

  26. He is a loyal man but has put little effort into fatherhood, often ignoring his children when they need him most.
  27. And then shall you all know the voice of one shepherd, the true shepherd, and shall all acknowledge the fatherhood of God.
  28. I love its message because it promotes men taking on the job of fatherhood with more importance than anything in their lives.
  29. The acceptance of the doctrine of the fatherhood of God implies that you also freely accept the associated truth of the brotherhood of man.
  30. Frank, full of the pride of new fatherhood, summoned up courage enough to forbid Scarlett leaving the house while conditions were so dangerous.
  31. No matter what they say, she’s suffering, and it’s the sins of the father, his sins against the very idea of fatherhood, she is paying for.
  32. The ultimate goal of human progress is the reverent recognition of the fatherhood of God and the loving materialization of the brotherhood of man.
  33. Their death always an indirect result of hiding their feelings, the girls boyfriend comes back to claim his fatherhood, finds them holding each other.
  34. God must come in human or dismissing every thing related to love, life, truth, mastership, mercy, fatherhood respect, rejoice and the dark satanic mills.
  35. The ultimate goal of society's most advanced achievement can never hope to transcend Jesus' brotherhood of men based on the recognition of the fatherhood of God.
  36. Jesus never argued about either the fatherhood of God or the brotherhood of men; he was a living illustration of the one and a profound demonstration of the other.
  37. And, sooner or later, these concealed truths of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of men will emerge to effectually transform the civilization of all mankind.
  38. This week I saw that there was the 15th Anniversary of a special group called the National Fatherhood Initiative and it was founded in 1994 by a man locally here in near Lancaster, PA.
  39. An argument insisted on by Universalists is, that the fatherhood of God renders it positively incredible that He will either destroy or eternally banish any of the human race who are His sons.
  40. Whoever would have thought that he of all people would be so shamelessly, so openly proud of fatherhood? Especially in view of the embarrassing circumstance that his first-born was a girl and not a boy.
  41. It's the spirit of God in Me that has manifested what fatherhood looks like and He says that spirit, that same spirit that's in Me, once I've gone to heaven that Holy Spirit's going to be released into every one of you.
  42. Upon assuming the office he spoke favorably of the attitude of the Catholic Church towards the Negro, saying especially: 'The Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man is taught and practised by the Catholic Church in no doubtful terms.
  43. However, there were still any number of his followers who were material-minded, and who failed to grasp the truth that the kingdom of heaven is the spiritual brotherhood of man founded on the eternal fact of the universal fatherhood of God.
  44. Human salvation is real; it is based on two realities which may be grasped by the creature's faith and thereby become incorporated into individual human experience: the fact of the fatherhood of God and its correlated truth, the brotherhood of man.
  45. To Jesus the kingdom was the sum of those individuals who had confessed their faith in the fatherhood of God, thereby declaring their wholehearted dedication to the doing of the will of God, thus becoming members of the spiritual brotherhood of man.
  46. We would not belittle the place of the person of Jesus in a religion which might bear his name, but we would not permit such consideration to eclipse his inspired life or to supplant his saving message: the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.
  47. On this higher plane of wholehearted social service growing out of the consciousness of the fatherhood of God and the consequent recognition of the brotherhood of man, there is discovered a new and far more beautiful interpretation of this basic rule of life.
  48. Jesus said: The people of another age will better understand the gospel of the kingdom when it is presented in terms expressive of the family relationship -- when man understands religion as the teaching of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, sonship with God.
  49. God is Father and so Jesus came to represent the Fatherhood of God and He's now speaking to his disciples who'd only known what it is to live like a slave under the laws of the old commandment, under the laws of the old covenant, in a realm of obedience; do this, you're blessed.
  50. Akili's books include two series of Bible/Christian Word Search puzzle books, fatherhood books such as: Fatherhood Principles of Joseph the Carpenter, On the Outside Looking In: Hope for Separated Fathers Who Want to Be Good Fathers and Fun Meals for Fathers and Sons, written with his two sons.
  51. But neither of these by any peculiar right of Fatherhood, but by the reward they have in their hands to inforce and recompense such a Compliance; and is no more power than what a Frenchman has over an English-man who by hopes of an estate he will leave him, will certainly have a strong Tye on his obedience.
  52. That the Godhead should be itself distinguished into Persons, such as may be denoted by the relationships of Fatherhood and Sonship, or by such images as that of Mind and Speech, or Thought and Word, is itself a notion altogether foreign to the circle of ideas respecting Deity gathered by the study of matter and mind.
  53. They teach that God’s 'Fatherhood, was not of the nature of the demoralised fatherhood of the modern world; where the leading notion, on the part of bad children, seems to be that it is the part of a good parent to bear patiently any excess of rebellion or extravagance, to forgive it universally, and even to find means for these excesses, such a line of action being considered specially 'paternal.
  54. The fatherhood of physics never once diverted from acknowledging that Newton’s contraction is the prevailing thesis on which the cosmos is built because they accepted that Newton used unlawful arguments and to cover up Newton’s fraud which they still use to this day, they then proceeded with further criminality when producing the bluff they established with Einstein just to fool everyone in the normal public.

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