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    1. On the other hand, when characteristics of the world are not understood and favoritism or extremism is practiced, an imbalance takes place and quite often, havoc ensues

    2. This favoritism in the assembly may reveal a lack of

    3. elders and teachers, but not allow favoritism over other

    4. Finally, the solution of the foreign debt and national debt interests for all sectors of the economy and of the human society, it can be creditors, debtors, citizens, producers and governments, because it pays with very little investment what was considered priceless, it generates benefits for 100% of the population, it eliminates the misery, it puts an end to the lack of income and it activates the economic development, without favoritism and without being privilege for minorities

    5. They would always call your ranking a result of my favoritism rather than your skill

    6. I must admit I avoided them most of the time to prevent any apparent favoritism

    7. But these could never compare to the unbeatable inheritance that God has freely given us through the cross! Not of works, lest any man should boast! God shows no favoritism to any of His children for He loves us all equally, and He demonstrated that through the cross of Jesus

    8. All of His children are equally loved, valued, appreciated, treasured, and more! For He shows personal favoritism to no man (Rom

    9. The gods may not show such favoritism

    10. " You would hardly suspect such a magnanimous personality as Jesus to be guilty of showing favoritism, of loving one of his apostles more than the others

    11. They grasped the teaching that God is no respecter of persons, races, or nations; that there is no favoritism with the Universal Father; that the universe is wholly and ever law-abiding and unfailingly dependable

    12. Then for a while the teacher bashing would be nonstop, deploring tenure and promoting merit pay, never mentioning that tenure was a weapon against favoritism and unfair firings

    13. His open favoritism of his son Joseph

    14. This method of favoritism was widely in practice at the time throughout the South

    15. but your sister pointed out that it would have been rank favoritism and I had to agree with her

    16. Once in office, legislative and executive officers will be monitored for how they uphold their election promises and for any indication of favoritism

    17. The hunters seemed delighted that such attention was being paid to their ways, but favoritism began to show its face when the older hunters were about to select the four young hunters

    18. How can we handle favoritism? To start with, we should not play favorites

    19. Favoritism can never release the captivating potential of individuals

    20. Favoritism in the family or in the work place creates hostility and antagonism since there is preferential treatments or partiality bestowed to a special individual or group

    21. Do not cloud our thoughts with pessimistic implications of favoritism

    22. If one of these lines descend, to the heart line (Figure 66 B), there will be a favoritism from the subject towards the children against the partner

    23. "The short story is that it was Natalie's birthday and once again my parents threw their favoritism in my face

    24. "Are you serious? Because of the favoritism?"

    25. Favoritism, nepotism, corruption, office politics, etc, were just as rife in these small companies as it is now in large corporations

    26. She started up her own newspaper and fought her way into the upper circles of influence peddling, found out how these people really do the business of politics by favoritism and nepotism and corruption: and peddled the appearance of being morally outraged by the behavior of her own class of filthy rich scum

    27. child, there is not (or should not be) any favoritism, any more or less love for one than

    28. Don't show favoritism for one employee's suggestions and advice

    29. I love all my children and I have never shown any favoritism

    30. There’s some resentment already, some whispers of nepotism about my hiring, though nobody could accuse the chief of favoritism after my suspension

    31. Will not the same causes produce the same effects now as then? Sir, you may raise this army, you may build up this vast structure of patronage, this mighty apparatus of favoritism; but—"lay not the flattering unction to your souls"—you will never live to enjoy the succession

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    discrimination favoritism favouritism partiality unfair preference preferential treatment inequity inclination