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Fizzle en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Most leads fizzle out.
  2. And in a static fizzle the connection broke.
  3. Who could dream it would fizzle out into--well, into this?
  4. There was a pop, a fizzle, and everyone held their collective breath.
  5. Both spheres fizzle between the walls, then slam into each other and shoot in opposite directions.

  6. And here we see that it’s because we had less than 2% odds that the shooting star wouldn’t fizzle into darkness.
  7. Though without the ability to climax and wrap up the proceedings, the daydream would often fizzle out and end awkwardly.
  8. What would have been a minor fizzle in Earth’s atmosphere became an uncontrolled conflagration in the container’s pure oxygen environment.
  9. Unfortunately, the shells would only set small pieces of the marsh on fire—they’d burn a bit, then fizzle and go out because it was so wet.
  10. Unfortunately, the shells would only set small pieces of the marsh on fire—they’d burn a bit, then fizzle and go out because it was so wet.
  11. It is important to realize what is being accomplished here: The trend has accelerated with a big gap and then starts to fizzle, but it still moves in the same direction.
  12. It is important to realize what is being accomplished here: the trend has accelerated with a big gap and then starts to fizzle, but it still moves in the same direction.
  13. Although the last kiss is not guaranteed to avoid all fake-outs, it will provide you with a valuable method of filtering out many of the very worst fake-outs that fizzle quickly.
  14. All the stops are pulled out in this big, brassy, over-the-top musical, with the studio creating a role in it especially for Marilyn as insurance against a fizzle at the box office.
  15. Plutonium 239, another type of isotope that is used in nuclear weapon, cannot be used in such gun type devices, as it will only partially explode, producing what is called a fizzle reaction.

  1. Shrivel and scorch! A fizzling torch.
  2. I heard some noise on my panel, then a fizzling sound, then nothing.
  3. When the fizzling noises fade, I look both ways down the aisle and find that it’s empty.
  4. Johnny scooped up a pan of water, marched up the bank to the red embers and poured the lot with a hiss of fizzling steam.
  5. Who else transferred? Did Susan? Are there any Abnegation initiates this year? If Abnegation is fizzling, it’s our fault—Robert’s and Caleb’s and mine.
  6. It would be so quiet, the only sound the fizzling of the flares, and then you’d hear the whistle of a sniper’s bullet streak out of the darkness and bury itself in the mud.
  7. Missing the three figures that had been made to look like people by some two feet, the ball crashed into the trees, breaking two of them like matchsticks before coming to rest and fizzling out with a loud crack.
  8. Unfortunately, his plan was quickly fizzling out, as young Bernard simply got progressively drunk while listening only partly to his mentor, eyeing instead the young and pretty maid of the inn and attracting in return a couple of light slaps from Jean meant to make him listen better.
  1. But ultimately they all fizzled out and I was.
  2. His brain fizzled and he was instantly exhausted.
  3. It just fizzled out and he got back to his studious ways.
  4. The relationship only lasted six months, then fizzled out.
  5. A few stars have been observed as they fizzled into nonexistence.
  6. A cold wind blew through the room and the third and final candle fizzled out.
  7. Goenaddes walked into the classroom, my problem was solved, it just fizzled out.
  8. The flare fizzled brightly as it bore its way into the back of the monster’s thigh.
  9. I didn’t know what to expect, until the screen fizzled and a familiar face appeared.
  10. A surge fizzled through her scalp and neck, and she reached up to touch her skin soothingly.
  11. There had been a country wide search for Tar and Tighe, which had fizzled out after a few weeks.
  12. From there the search fizzled, and they decided to have coffee downtown, not far from the courthouse.
  13. The fund really did go on a tear at first, then the momentum fizzled before going the wrong way fast.
  14. I had this advantage but it was not appreciated by the prospective tenants and their interest fizzled out.
  15. The hue surrounding his robe fizzled into nothing as he raised a hand of blue fire to deliver one last blow.
  16. So, in disappointment of the hopeful schemes of both sets of parents, the match fizzled and faded without consummation.
  17. The Nigerian occupation of the northeast had ended a generation or two before, no one was sure because it had fizzled away slowly.
  18. Unfortunately, many of these airline stocks were over-owned by institutions and their rally off their lows eventually fizzled out.
  19. But eventually and having suffered major looses the Turkish attack fizzled out and our counter attack chased them back up the Krithia road were we took some new ground.
  20. Dark had not moved, though Charles Halloway could see him, during all this, lighting and setting off cannon crackers in his head; but each, one by one, fizzled and died.
  21. However, that attack proved to be disorganized and badly coordinated and it fizzled out into a series of small scale fights, with the Marines succeeding in holding tight to their perimeter.
  22. I shall not go into our sexual life except to tell you that, after the few initial months of adjustment, it was just about tolerable during the first two or three years and then it fizzled out.
  23. She lasted until they both graduated … I think she was expecting it to go on, but they were unable to get jobs in the same town and, after about six months of living fifty miles apart, it fizzled out.
  24. Her attempt at raising his morale however fizzled as it became evident that their life raft was already overloaded, with ten persons, including herself and Johnny, still standing on the deck of their yacht.
  25. Seib, the ombudsman for The Washington Post, investigated and wrote in a column July 22, 1975, that the charge had fizzled and the leaders of the congressional investigations found zero support for the charges.
  1. Fame fizzles, beauty fades, continents shift.
  2. It will rise if prices rally, but if the rally fizzles out, selling will not be easy.
  3. Consequently, if the storm fizzles out, the premiums would return to where they were prior to the announcement.
  4. Whenever masses of traders become gripped by greed or fear, they surge but after a while their intensity fizzles out.
  5. If you are down 3 percent on a position and the stock is trading above-average volume as it rallies from your short-sale point, it is best to implement the 3 percent threshold for your stop-loss with the idea that the stock can always be re-shorted if the rally suddenly fizzles out.

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