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Flatten en una oración (en ingles)

  1. All the mower did was flatten it.
  2. Together they tried to flatten the body.
  3. The ultimate goal of the iron is to flatten.
  4. Overlay the panels as shown (a) and flatten out.
  5. Placing it upon her hair she tried to flatten it.
  6. Pulling back my fist I prepared to flatten his.
  7. Flatten these balls and roll into a 6 inch circle.
  8. Flatten with a fork dipped in confectioners' sugar.
  9. It should flatten when pressed between your fingers.
  10. They picked up speed as the trail continued to flatten.
  11. On the day ALLAH will flatten all of the mountains the.
  12. He felt Jim's ears flatten, saw him sniff the new dark.
  13. I have no doubt she could flatten a few drunken sailors.
  14. He saw Grace’s hands flatten slowly on to the stone too.
  15. A true wife's feet should have room to spread and flatten.
  16. But should she hedge at the end of each day, flatten out?
  17. Approaching the top of the hill we completely flatten ourselves.
  18. Slowly, the terrain began to flatten, with tiny forests far off.
  19. The Army will arrive with bulldozers and flatten the structures.
  20. He was told kranjans will flatten fences the way a landslide will.
  21. As trends approach their end, they tend to flatten out and plateau.
  22. When price flattens out, the average eventually will flatten, too.
  23. When Shi Chen reached the top, above the mist was a flatten terrain.
  24. This can flatten skew, especially when overall IV is average or high.
  25. And to flatten out, the longs must chase strength and short weakness.
  26. Watching the flame, how it gently flickered, then stretch and flatten.
  27. By the time they caught up with me, the slope had begun to flatten out.
  28. The villagers barely had enough time to flatten themselves on the ground.
  29. They wouldn’t have heard a diesel coming up behind them to flatten them.
  30. Let’s call for backup to flatten that village, they’re asking for it.
  31. Always trying to flatten the land and fill in the holes, creases and valleys.
  32. It will not expand the trade out; however, it will quickly flatten the curve.
  33. Flatten steak to about 1/8 inch thickness and sprinkle lightly with salt and.
  34. Flatten each ball with the bottom of a glass that has been greased and dipped.
  35. The Flatten button in the middle left of the screen is also very useful.
  36. If she wet her hair that would flatten it and she wouldn’t need the gel then.
  37. He just has to flatten this little striped bitch, then he'd be done for the day.
  38. I’ll flatten you into a pancake! shouted the angry officer to the soldier.
  39. Should he simply wait until near the bell and just flatten his delta all at once?
  40. Once it moves away from the two shorts, the skew should flatten and IV should come in.
  41. You may cheat up a touch on the put side of the curve to increase credit and help flatten delta.
  42. Sounds like a good idea to me, not a good idea in case a tornado decides to flatten this place.
  43. Roy made it to the church door in ten seconds, me after, to flatten ourselves against an outside wall.
  44. The 20 MA begins to flatten out, and the index moves all the way into the 50 MA, even slightly beyond.
  45. I thought for a minute he was going to flatten you! And us! He probably thought his roof was caving in.
  46. The treads shatter the drone’s fiberglass body and flatten the steel casing of the control unit inside.
  47. It worked but only on a small amount of hair, she would have to use the whole container to flatten it all.
  48. A bundle of folded sheets of A4 lined paper turns up in the file for 1994 … I open them out and flatten them.
  49. The purpose in MA-based analysis is to identify when a current trend begins to flatten out, slow turn, or reverse.
  50. As we passed, I noticed that the fences bulged out oddly: They seemed to grow wider and flatten out toward the top.
  51. A keloid formed over the wound and I had to inject myself with steroid to flatten it and revert the skin to normal.
  52. Give them a handful of house-soldiers and they’d flatten us as easily as they did that poor mother and her child.
  53. The stinging nettles flatten before them offering no resistance and Sharon finds herself driving along a smooth road.
  54. I felt that I wanted enormously to have a vulgar scrap with those gentry, where I could hit out and flatten something.
  55. For argument’s sake, we’ll say we own 1,000 shares, and we want to flatten, so we enter the collar 10 times.
  56. And what if it turns back down to the strike? The option shorts now have to sell back those 2000 shares to flatten out again.
  57. I lay for a few minutes, finding patterns in the ceiling, then put on my shoes and run my fingers through my hair to flatten it.
  58. And, he said the heel of the hand will flatten and even become somewhat concave over time, and I see some slight indication of that.
  59. I could see the wheat waving about in a gentle pattern as from a central point it began to flatten in an outwardly moving spiral, gathering speed as it went.
  60. In the broad economic sense, there is the law of diminishing returns and of increasing competition which must finally flatten out any sharply upward curve of growth.
  61. When the company announced its results for the second quarter of 1998, investors could see that the rate of growth both of revenue and earnings was starting to flatten out.
  62. The 30mm cannon shells still stored in the fuselage then started cooking off and exploding, forcing the two aviatrix to flatten themselves on the ground behind a large tree.
  63. Crass did not feel very satisfied with the result of this machinery argument, but he consoled himself with the reflection that he would be able to flatten out his opponent on another subject.
  64. David is the author of, Firm and Flatten Your Abs an online best seller which teaches you how to lose body fat and develop Six Pack Abs while improving strength, function and athletic power at the same time.
  65. A fact that Harris chose to ignore because he was determined to flatten Germany and announced that he now intended to wipe Berlin off the face of the earth, which would end the war for the cost of about four hundred RAF bombers.
  66. The VIX was coming in; shouldn’t skew flatten as implied volatilities drop? SPX skew is steep, more so in October than in September (although it’s elevated there too), where the 10 delta put is trading at a volatility of about 152% of the ATM straddle.
  67. Already he had hammered his way through five men and there were none left to oppose him, and I could not stand it, couldn’t stand watching him flatten everyone who stood in front of his fists, so I moved over to where the challengers were getting their hands bound in bandages and offered myself as his next opponent.
  68. When nothing else matters except that single part of a disconnected linear chain of a linear, causal process that rips ore out of the earth, filters it, crushes it, washes it, chemicalizes it, melts it, refines it, turns it into an alloy, ships it around the world to other factories that refine it further, shape it, re-melt it, pound it, twist it, flatten it, and then sell it to another set of disconnected linear processes that makes that metal ends up in half the houses of the world as a screw, as a pipe, as a nail….
  69. In one well-marked instance, I put the comb back into the hive, and allowed the bees to go on working for a short time, and again examined the cell, and I found that the rhombic plate had been completed, and had become PERFECTLY FLAT: it was absolutely impossible, from the extreme thinness of the little plate, that they could have effected this by gnawing away the convex side; and I suspect that the bees in such cases stand in the opposed cells and push and bend the ductile and warm wax (which as I have tried is easily done) into its proper intermediate plane, and thus flatten it.
  70. I imagined, indeed, that you would have been cloyed and tired with uniformity of adventures and expressions, inseparable from a subject of this sort, whose bottom, or groundwork being, in the nature of things eternally one and the same, whatever variety of forms and modes the situations are susceptible of, there is no escaping a repetition of near the same images, the same figures, the same expressions, with this further inconvenience added to the disgust it creates, that the words Joys, Ardours, Transports, Extasies and the rest of those pathetic terms so congenial to, so received in the Practice of Pleasure, flatten and lose much of their due spirit and energy by the frequency they indispensably recur with, in a narrative of which that Practice professedly composes the whole basis.
  1. They have the peculiar flattening and.
  2. Ben’s wheelchair was flattening his face.
  3. Even the ones that were flattening each day.
  4. The two crash into an empty store front, flattening it completely.
  5. At last the junk was out, sprawling and spilling, flattening the weeds.
  6. The earth flattening refers to the vanishing of its conglomeration.
  7. Here he is, said he, sitting down and flattening it out upon his knee.
  8. Then he’d be in the clear for flattening the site and selling off the plot.
  9. The van took off backwards, flattening the letterbox and went into a sharp turn.
  10. He watched the first whitewater hit the coast and surge over the land, flattening.
  11. Flattening the delta makes your trades volatility plays and not directional trades.
  12. She starts tending to his up-turned collar, dusting debris off it and flattening it down.
  13. Near the state line he slowed further, glad the road was flattening and running almost straight.
  14. Loudly stomping, the man succeeded in chasing the roaches away, flattening a few in the process.
  15. Last night there was a huge thunderstorm and a tree fell into my neighbor’s hot tub, flattening it.
  16. Up them she went, flattening herself against the stone as she caught the faint clack of muffled oars.
  17. The gritich had gone still, flattening to the ground and the trees, backing away from the circle of enchanters.
  18. She wondered idly just how much his hands had had to do with the broadening and flattening and changement of her body.
  19. Rising, she scurried to the nearest wall and stood there panting and trembling, flattening herself against the stones.
  20. First with words, then suddenly the elderly man threw the first blow, flattening his hand across the young man’s face.
  21. Dark and angry looking, they may tower to 6,000m (20,000ft) with the top flattening out in what is often called an anvil top.
  22. Two minutes later the UH-1F rested on its skids in the clearing, rotor downwash flattening the elephant grass into green waves.
  23. There was no pointy top where I could stand and survey the land for miles around, just a gradual flattening out of the terrain.
  24. Only a quick grab at my rope and flattening of my back on the tiles stopped me from going over as Arianell popped up onto the roof.
  25. All in all, I appeared as if I had been in a hit and run that involved about twenty automobiles taking their turn in flattening me over.
  26. My heart was pounding in anticipation of some huge blast coming out of the sky flattening me like a bug, and then my exodus would be for nothing.
  27. Someone must hold it at bay, or else it would crush down upon this place, instantly flattening the mountain and everything within a hundred leagues.
  28. The bridge in front of him ran through an opening in a solid wall, and he flung himself forward and to one side, flattening himself against the wall.
  29. Now he merely turned the paper over, took out a stubby lead pencil, licked it and began to write on the blank side, flattening the paper on his bank book.
  30. The guns roared and a line of parked cars was suddenly full of bullet holes, hissing radiators, flattening tires, and the sounds of car alarms screaming.
  31. She at last drew back the flap and emerged from her tent newly clad, flattening out the wrinkles in the soft leather and smacking loose stray dust and dirt.
  32. Conan got one glimpse of her as they thundered by—a slim, dark girl in silk trousers and a jeweled breast-band, flattening herself against the ravine wall.
  33. I also had to destroy your bulldozers which were in the process of flattening the Arab districts of Haifa and Jaffa, stopping at the same time some of your troops from looting abandoned Arab houses.
  34. That mean can, of course, move, as we show later in the chapter, but as a general trading strategy, fading noise and flattening at a mean (maybe defined as a moving average) sure seems like a solid approach.
  35. Meanwhile, Mark had cast again on the two largest pieces to reshape them, flattening the Levitating stones into thin discs with rounded indentations on one side, like large versions of the symbol of the Truthstone.
  36. Propelled by a small explosive powder charge to a muzzle velocity of 120 meters per second, the blunt nose, rubber-tipped twenty millimeter caliber slug slammed in Zembelo’s ribs, flattening on impact while also delivering a 50,000 volts discharge through a small needle in its tip.
  37. Having heard enough and disturbed by it, Tina walked out of the cafeteria, then took a moment to take out her gum and tear a small part away, gluing and flattening that part against the outer face of the cover of her wrist communicator, where a small red light indicator would be normally be blinking when the device was operating.
  38. My step-mother cleared her throat, and remarked that successful public men often had to pay for their successes by being the victims at home of nerves, and that their wives, whose duty it is always to be loving, might be compared to the warm and soothing iron passed over a shirt newly washed, and deftly, by its smooth insistence, flattening away each crease.
  39. Several persons pursuing a pathway, passed within a few inches of one of them without his betraying any emotion, but the moment he perceived me advancing with my eye fixed upon him, he with a sudden exertion assumed a defensive attitude, by elevating the anterior portion of his body, flattening his head, and 3 or 4 inches length of his neck; these he waved with a steady and oblique motion from side to side, uttering at the same time an audible sibilation, he made no attempt to escape, and seemed absolutely fearless until taken.
  1. He flattened the bushes easily.
  2. And was flattened to the floor.
  3. Her hair flattened in her face.
  4. Flattened him! Man is he fast!.
  5. His skull was flattened on one side.
  6. Her answer flattened me on the spot:.
  7. The ceiling was a flattened hemisphere.
  8. Instead, he saw a typewriter, flattened.
  9. Grace flattened herself against the wall.
  10. His head lowered and his ears flattened.
  11. His apartment was now flattened and gone.
  12. David flattened himself against the ground.
  13. Sure enough both were flattened, but edible.
  14. Amaranthe’s lips flattened in a grim smile.
  15. Or they buy the market, and it gets flattened.
  16. He flattened his shirt, trying to look cavalier.
  17. I grabbed the tongs that were on the flattened.
  18. Air still hissed softly from the flattened tires.
  19. A disheveled Willie crawls out of the flattened.
  20. Tenney flattened out with a shout of rage and pain.
  21. The three of them flattened themselves against the.
  22. The boys were killed instantly, crushed, flattened.
  23. He hit her with another shield slam that flattened.
  24. His eyebrows, dark and winged flattened over his eyes.
  25. Charging Hagan again, she flattened him to the ground.
  26. Barnes’s face scrunched up and his nostrils flattened.
  27. I loaded the car to the roof, and I had flattened down.
  28. Hartle was looking at a smashed and flattened building.
  29. Thomas hard enough, he would have flattened a pigeon in.
  30. The door had been removed, the deployed air bag flattened.
  31. It’s flattened a bit of grass on the lawn, that’s all.
  32. The scrub was flattened in equally sized rectangular plots.
  33. Jaron flattened himself on his stomach and crawled forward.
  34. With flattened ears and belly pressed to the wet floor he.
  35. The turbulence flattened out but they stayed where they were.
  36. One of them had close-cropped white hair and a flattened nose.
  37. Let them at first be all equal: they will each be flattened 49.
  38. I hope the box, flattened as it is, doesn’t hold what I’m.
  39. Without the dispensators, however, he would have been flattened.
  40. Jed suddenly called out, ‘the ground here’s been flattened.
  41. Than flattened against the building, pulling Therese beside him.
  42. She flattened herself against the wall and her hand to her mouth.
  43. Oh, Jade said as the cave flattened and opened up before us.
  44. But the front of it was flattened and ugly, like it hit something.
  45. Finally, the price trend flattened out toward the end of the chart.
  46. I flattened more broads than a steamroller at a Baptist skinny dip.
  47. The range shortened for the archers, and their trajectory flattened.
  48. To David’s relief, the terrain flattened and the going got easier.
  49. Stevie Blow dropped his merchandise, flattened his palms to his chest.
  50. Out of the bottom of her eye, she saw her comrades similarly flattened.
  51. The clouds had flattened a bit, with silvery gray lining their bottoms.
  52. Jim flattened the paper out and began to read the words, struggling to.
  53. This, she says, holding the flattened box up for me to see, is.
  54. The ground was littered with flattened soda cans and fast-food wrappers.
  55. The flattened area of the wave (Fig 30) indicates that the music has ended.
  56. Finally they formed a sphere, which then flattened itself into a large disc.
  57. Whenever you can, lean against a wall with your hands flattened against the.
  58. A fringe of snow-white hair was flattened against the back of her gaunt head.
  59. Distinguish snakes from eels by their scales and their broad flattened tails.
  60. This will enable you to analyze your swing plane to make sure it is flattened.
  61. Midge nodded and flattened against the wall as the noise of the cart grew louder.
  62. I brushed my teeth with a flattened toothbrush that sat in a mug on an old sink.
  63. Overhead was a roof of green, shimmering like flattened emeralds in the sunlight.
  64. Falling to his knees he scooted to the nearest clump of bushes and flattened out.
  65. He flattened out 10 feet above the saw grass headed north toward the bamboo clump.
  66. Back in her room, she threw the cushions off the futon and flattened it into a bed.
  67. Not without my reading glasses, although I did see they were flattened and engraved.
  68. During the journey, she sat immediately behind him where he had flattened the seats.
  69. I fisted my hand on the table and then flattened it, debating which lie to tell Raf.
  70. Just then, the wizard came by again and noticed poor Tiddles with her flattened tail.
  71. In its place on the wooden peg hung a cloth cap jauntily flattened in on either side.
  72. Sherlock Holmes took a folded paper from his pocket and flattened it out on the table.
  73. After his brief inner contemplation, Hilderich stepped on the flattened plateau of rock.
  74. There was no Woundwort jumped into the pit, flattened his ears and went down the shaft.
  75. Coat a large cutting board with cornmeal and place the flattened dough onto the cornmeal.
  76. Once the wings have been placed, you will be short delta; that delta should be flattened.
  77. With dieting, you can lose fat and become thin, but a bulging belly will not be flattened.
  78. A whitish speck flattened against the rock does not prevent the condor from soaring aloft.
  79. He rolled off Ralph’s body onto crackling soil which flattened itself beneath his weight.
  80. The twenty-one year old man ran his hand over his flattened black mohawk atop his bald head.
  81. Big toms crept about, their heads and shoulders flattened to the ground, seeking other toms.
  82. By November 30, the 10-day MA has flattened out and the price falls below the moving average.
  83. Therese now realized she had flattened her body against Than, on top of him from the waist up.
  84. A surface area of over seven square kilometers was utterly flattened and incinerated as well.
  85. Altschul’s questions, the Buddha-like invitation of those flattened but not knotted fingers.
  86. Chris flattened himself against the hull beside the hatch and gingerly took hold of the lever.
  87. Retracing his steps was easy; he had only to follow the flattened bushes and broken tree limbs.
  88. And though I can’t prove it with this photo, I believe this area was flattened, not cut down.
  89. When it flattened back out, he realized who he was, who she was, and what he’d been imagining.
  90. But my confidence was flattened somewhere in the three hours it took to make the one-hour drive.
  91. May I live to see that flattened vicious skull in its own niche amid the trophies of the Albany.
  92. It flattened him into his seat as it propelled him beneath the console and into a survival casket.
  93. Dewey’s small face had flattened out, become harder and wider, his nose flat with flared nostrils.
  94. He leaned in closer to the grid, his hand flattened against the glass so that his palm turned white.
  95. In those regrettable years, faced with too many beautiful women, my senses were flattened by excess.
  96. Surrounding them were crates upon crates upon crates on the ground flattened with stones and blocks.
  97. The city of Cleveland had been all but flattened during its country's intense three years of conflict.
  98. He handed me a flattened tin can that he’d probably been saving in his pocket for a thousand miles.
  99. She couldn’t very well cover her head, so she flattened herself against the wall as best she could.
  100. At least it was a clear path! Bushes were either pulled up and tossed aside, or completely flattened.
  1. A speeding car flattens him.
  2. Your stomach flattens out and ribs spread as the water takes you.
  3. When price flattens out, the average eventually will flatten, too.
  4. At some point the growth curve flattens out, and in many cases it turns downward.
  5. A bullish strong trend that then flattens out and morphs into a bullish weak trend.
  6. One of the coyote tin robot's feet comes into view from above and flattens the SAM.
  7. On the downside, though, it flattens out and eventually results in a very small profit.
  8. Almost subconsciously Suzy flattens her hair as she stares at the angry man in front of her.
  9. The difference is that when love goes, the fortress has been taken and all life flattens out.
  10. It also flattens and warns of a nearing reversal if high volume generates only a small price move.
  11. IV on the downside of the curve is still high, but ATM IV is up so much that skew actually flattens.
  12. If it is firm enough to hold its shape but quickly flattens at room temperature, it has reached firm-ball stage.
  13. She flattens out the creases as well as she can and drags the floor lamp closer and places the print before her son.
  14. If the change in prices is not confirmed by volume, Force Index flattens and warns that a trend is about to reverse.
  15. The reproduction here given unfortunately does not show these subtleties, and flattens the general appearance very much.
  16. But then the chart morphs into a range-bound condition as it consolidates all that upward movement and the 50 flattens out.
  17. Spread 3, the long butterfly, flattens out on both the upside and downside, so its risk is limited regardless of direction.
  18. We’re not wheat, we’re buckwheat! When a storm comes along it flattens ripe wheat because it’s dry and can’t bend with.
  19. Whenever open interest flattens out, it flashes a yellow light—a warning that the trend is aging and the best gains are probably behind.
  20. Then, hurrying after them comes a fourth, very large and menacing; it lifts the boat; on it goes; somehow merges without accomplishing anything; flattens itself out with the rest.
  21. Fur is shed and his face flattens out, and then he slowly stands erect once more as his front legs turn to arms, and the transformation from wolf to man, at least some form of man, is complete.
  22. III, which flattens all the concords, it is plain that raising any given degree by x will increase the temperaments of the concords above that degree, and diminish those of the concords below it.
  23. Boil, without stirring, until mixture reaches 234 degrees F on candy thermometer or until small amount of mixture dropped into very cold water, forms a soft ball which flattens when removed from water.
  24. Heat, without stirring, to between 234 and 240 degrees F (112 to 116 degrees C), or until a small amount of syrup dropped into cold water forms a soft ball that flattens when removed from the water and placed on a flat surface.
  25. When pressed for a comment by a gaggle of reporters, Ulbrickson spat into the water, chewed a piece of grass, and looked at the wind-ruffled river for a long while before finally saying, Going to be fast if she flattens out a little.

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