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Floating en una oración (en ingles)

  1. It is a floating forest.
  2. He was floating in time.
  3. Ask it to stay floating.
  4. We are floating in a pool.
  5. It was floating in the air.

  6. Dust, floating in the air.
  7. It was like he was floating.
  8. Mim had been floating nearby.
  9. I felt as if I was floating.
  10. It was floating on the water.
  11. Floating a trace higher than.
  12. It felt like she was floating.
  13. It felt like floating on water.
  14. See, he was floating face down.
  15. Maggie was floating next to me.

  16. The Anna Belle was a floating.
  17. Things were floating around me.
  18. He was floating in the air! As.
  19. They shoved aside the floating.
  20. Whether you are floating about.
  21. I could be floating in the river.
  22. They were now floating high over.
  23. There was talk of a floating body.
  24. I raced for the floating elevator.
  25. As suspected, Harmony was floating.

  26. A moment is floating through time.
  27. And that's what keeps it floating.
  28. I suddenly feel like I'm floating.
  29. He had me floating on a pool with.
  30. You inhale a cluster floating away.
  31. His fingers are floating over them.
  32. Some men were floating in the surf.
  33. I was floating above the ash cloud.
  34. I felt as if I was floating on air.
  35. I remember a floating human head.
  36. Not even a floating bolt in our way.
  37. Again, he was floating in stability.
  38. It has been reported floating along.
  39. Someone who is floating in the ether.
  40. We found Biggs floating in the canal.
  41. Fantine was innocence floating high.
  42. He spotted Tina floating on her back.
  43. We came to a stop, floating in mid-air.
  44. His flashing eyes, his floating hair!.
  45. He was floating in the water, Martha.
  46. This floating sphere, that seemed evil.
  47. His globe appeared floating before him.
  48. Floating around by her underwater home.
  49. Floating disembodied through the Void.
  50. If it didn’t have bugs floating in it.
  51. We’re floating, floating over Georgia.
  52. Two pairs of gears, floating in the dark.
  53. The supreme floating visions are abject.
  54. She felt almost as if she were floating.
  55. There are lots of things floating about.
  56. Floating up to Thebes on the River Nile.
  57. It reflects the floating cities above it.
  58. They were floating eastwards at 12:30 pm.
  59. Floating in a sea of virtual nothingness.
  60. It was more like floating along on cloud.
  61. Televisions were floating here and there.
  63. Aidme followed, floating one metre behind.
  64. Vulcan ever considered a floating city?
  65. The limitless uses of their floating pumps.
  66. Floating up from Memphis on the River Nile.
  67. It refers to the qualities of this floating.
  68. I found you floating face down in the water.
  69. There were no apologies floating back to her.
  70. Floating over the bloody, nearly decapitated.
  71. The ancestors were still floating in the air.
  72. They were in a floating retirement home and.
  73. And those funny short ones are floating ribs.
  74. A fireball appeared, floating above his palm.
  75. An invisible soul, floating up to heaven to.
  76. He rested floating above the floor exhausted.
  77. Some floating docks had walkways to the shore.
  78. The wizard materialized on his floating cloud.
  79. Sunny completed his talk while floating in air.
  80. It was far away and I was floating but I knew.
  81. There’s that other thing floating around, too.
  82. The condoms floating by were a pretty good clue.
  83. But they weren’t dissimilar to us, floating.
  84. Each step she made was as if she were floating.
  85. Don't just do the floating bag thing and then.
  86. The floating elevator touched down on the island.
  87. We’re up above the bank and floating loose.
  88. Maybe it was the floating feeling, I don't know.
  89. A blimp appears overhead floating over Toomb's.
  90. Movement? Floating! His mind asked and answered.
  91. We are really „receivers' floating through a.
  92. I felt as if I were floating at the bottom of a.
  93. Finally, Samantha felt her burdens floating away.
  94. We wouldn’t want any copies floating around.
  95. Onassis had transformed it into a floating palace.
  96. Our new ship doesn't have a floating elevator.
  97. Just as they would appear if we were floating in.
  98. Image after colorful image kept floating past him.
  99. In seconds, I was floating and the pain went away.
  100. What’s with the floating stuff? Jeff asked.
  1. He floated a bit closer.
  2. She floated out the door.
  3. They floated down to Bev.
  4. The eyes floated to her.
  5. He floated down into the.
  6. A voice floated over them.
  7. The crew floated in the Rec.
  8. The smoke floated softly up.
  9. The mask floated on the wind.
  10. A portion floated on the top.
  11. Floated midway on the waves;.
  12. He had no legs, but floated.
  13. Dunk shoved away and floated.
  14. His smoke floated into the air.
  15. All his clothes floated around.
  16. High overhead a heron floated.
  17. Samantha floated back to Brady.
  18. Some lyrics floated over them.
  19. It floated away like a glowfly.
  20. They floated, fell: they faded.
  21. Faye Anne and Janet floated away.
  22. The landscape floated under him.
  23. Red Mars floated near the rocket.
  24. Sharon floated into the darkness.
  25. Her robes floated gently on the.
  26. Isaak's, floated across my mind.
  27. It just floated there, inanimate.
  28. Low moans floated in on the breeze.
  29. Flybe floated in 2010 at over 300p.
  30. Brittany just floated up and over.
  31. His head floated up next to my ear.
  32. Mammy and Cookie floated up to her.
  33. The men floated in a sensory vacuum.
  34. Music floated in as the door opened.
  35. A thought floated through her mind.
  36. After a while they floated restfully.
  37. The figure floated above Zar’s bed.
  38. For a while this floated motionless.
  39. Then silently it floated into the air.
  40. The ark floated above the mountains.
  41. I contacted him and floated the idea.
  42. As they floated above their earthly.
  43. Mim floated above us about three feet.
  44. Particulate matter floated in the air.
  45. The objects still floated and Deitus.
  46. But not much good floated in the muck.
  47. As this observation floated into his.
  48. Zem as Pim and Mim also floated nearby.
  49. As I floated above the skies to heaven.
  50. They floated there next to each other.
  51. An image of Raf floated through my mind.
  52. A loud fart floated out of the en suite.
  53. Mist and magic floated through the air.
  54. Another example was when Betfair floated.
  55. Emory, images of him floated through her.
  56. Pim floated down to near the table and.
  57. They floated effortlessly to her ankles.
  58. One such evening Sam floated over to him.
  59. The Opera House floated past and.
  60. Mim quickly floated over to Sue’s hands.
  61. Just then, the wizard floated past again.
  62. A spark of electric floated between them.
  63. All that day I floated up and down, now.
  64. In the water floated a few shards of ice.
  65. A black backpack floated across the room.
  66. Sue released them and they floated over.
  67. A tag of poetry floated into his mind—.
  68. But as it floated down, Rex looked stunned.
  69. Suddenly a thought floated into his mind.
  70. Pim and Mim floated between the door and.
  71. Yet as the feline Daitya floated downward.
  72. Faith? A phantom of something floated.
  73. She floated on the sea of blissful feelings.
  74. Troy’s voice floated through the receiver.
  75. Greg rolled up and floated in her direction.
  76. Slowly, quietly, he floated the words into.
  77. Setne whistled and floated along beside us.
  78. It seemed as if I’d floated there instead.
  79. Fannie's voice floated on the warm clear air.
  80. Louie floated through it, too sick to resist.
  81. He tried to catch a star, but it floated by.
  82. But I had the drug then, and simply floated.
  83. She floated like a leaf on the hugest river.
  84. His limbs floated and splayed like a ragdoll.
  85. Dust floated everywhere, Amaranthe corrected.
  86. Em’s voice floated through the curtain wall.
  87. He floated around the WWI battlefield for a.
  88. Sea gulls floated against a cloudless blue sky.
  89. The rest floated in blue wisps about the room.
  90. An image of the old funeral home floated into.
  91. He watched as it floated, unseen, out of the.
  92. The ark floated around for about seven months.
  93. Yes, he lived but his soul floated Between All.
  94. Kinsley a peck on the cheek as she floated past.
  95. He floated again into nothingness once more….
  96. He floated away completely stunned and out of.
  97. Joseph didn’t drive home that day, he floated.
  98. Remnants of inflatable boats floated among them.
  99. From the cellar grating floated up the flabby.
  100. More like floated really, her mood was so good.
  1. But it floats back up.
  2. He floats over his house.
  3. Oil floats on water, and the.
  4. Catch the Star that floats afar;.
  5. It floats but sadly is devoid of.
  6. A drum beat floats over the Temple.
  7. Earth floats in orbit around the Sun.
  8. Within the immensity of space floats a.
  9. One of the floats dipped under the water.
  10. I say fine, honey, whatever floats your boat.
  11. All the sub light squared stuff floats in it.
  12. They say that is the reason the globe floats.
  13. She floats into the kitchen some minutes later.
  14. The cables are removed and the ship floats free.
  15. Willie's skull-cap floats up with the dust cloud.
  16. A relaxed body floats best—so try to stay calm.
  17. It is very odd that it floats at all, isn't it?
  18. You watch yourself turn to where your ghost floats.
  19. He steps onto it and floats over to where Bellona is.
  20. The water turns into little balls and floats forward.
  21. She floats free of the earth, just a crafter of doors.
  22. Blood splatters in all directions, but floats upwards.
  23. The King Magnus still floats and can be readied within.
  24. The lotus grows in mud, but its leaf floats above the water.
  25. Steam floats off the water as Cap orders, Roll call!.
  26. Paper, too, escapes my paw and floats, serenely, to the floor.
  27. Examples of floating point numbers (or floats for short) are 3.
  28. Mount Shasta, draped in Alpenglow, seemingly floats above the.
  29. Hear their sweet song as it floats on the mild breeze blowing.
  30. A gray dress clings to her shoulders, floats away from her waist.
  31. Whatever floats your boat Kemp, I said trying to stay calm.
  32. In each bowl floats in one or another liquid a pinkish body part.
  33. It floats in a sleepy, timeless wonder of nourishment and silence.
  34. She jumps up out of her seat and almost floats over to the counter.
  35. Fuel cans, plastic bottles, logs—anything that floats can be used.
  36. The modern version would be ‘whatever floats your boat is good’.
  37. A sphere floats through the intersection, so he jumps forward and—.
  38. He floats like a white cloud, one with the existence, in tune with it.
  39. Consider a firm who floats a bond issue of 100 million at 8 % interest.
  40. Eventually, a huge chunk of the country breaks off and floats out to sea.
  41. Another aura—white this time—separates from his and floats over to me.
  42. The figure which floats above the hills is of enormous size, but exactly.
  43. The bubble rain floats around slowly in different directions behind the UFO.
  44. He floats upward to a stand, his eyes popping out and his tongue swelling up.
  45. The CKO floats the idea of a computer-based collaborative system to the group.
  46. The mind is an iceberg; it floats with only 17 percent of its bulk above water -.
  47. Get a hundred community supporters to post the interactive gamesign, Polar Floats.
  48. The smell from the dining hall floats over my nose, sweet and yeasty: baking bread.
  49. All yields, splits, cracks, floats, rolls, falls, jostles, hastens, is precipitated.
  50. A small stream of bubbles comes out of the plastic tubing and floats to the surface.
  51. The girls keep partying around you, Spencer’s body floats on the top of the water.
  52. This is what floats up confusedly, pell-mell, for the year 1817, and is now forgotten.
  53. If you have to jump overboard, first throw something that floats and jump close to it.
  54. It passes through her shields and floats about twenty feet in the air and gets larger.
  55. There is the spirit truth which floats through the bible calling for a greatest lesson.
  56. The sound of a struggle floats down the hallway and my captor tightens his grip on my arm.
  57. It floats in a sleepy dark effluvium of timeless wonder and warm nourishment and silence.
  58. If the subject floats, some water is returned from the collecting container to the bottle.
  59. Then, as if by magic, part of his aura separates from the rest of it and floats over to me.
  60. The train floats above the single rail with electricity and magnetism as the propulsion force.
  61. I remember watching Dave and his boy-toy of the night flash their boobs at the parading floats.
  62. Thank you Babsy, The boating bus which floats along the stream will flow steadily and quicker.
  63. The island's base floats under the water, hovering above the ocean floor, and now I understand.
  64. Reminds me of the joke, said Brian, Chap playing golf and a hot air balloon floats over.
  65. What? Chris said, Why not? It saves water and the pee just floats down the river anyway.
  66. They shoot the fireworks out over the ocean and grandma’s ash neatly floats down into the sea.
  67. More exactly stated, the investment banker who floats such issues is operating in a double guise.
  68. Using one meter makes good sense when you wish to cheat but no body floats on meter above the earth.
  69. Bellona floats across to the cloud the ship is on and the small cloud goes into the rest of the cloud.
  70. We approach the shore, the pilot reverses the plane, and the floats are smoothly beached on the sandy shore.
  71. With such a massive girth he floats over the water like leviathan moving the smaller bodies out of his way.
  72. As you might know, oil does not easily mix with water, but it readily washes or floats away in a thin film.
  73. In most cases they consist of two or more hollow metal or inflated rubber floats which support a wooden deck.
  74. It floats to a new position and it is sunk, so the process of gas harvesting starts again, about a month later.
  75. In the womb, the embryo floats carried on the placenta to be protected from the blood’s entering into his mouth.
  76. Zigler steps aside just as the door opens and a flashlight floats in, followed by a cool dank gust of tunnel air.
  77. A man of astounding perfection, the likes of which he has never witnessed, walks towards him, yet floats on the air.
  78. If he floats it would be for a while before swimmers notice he wasn’t kicking and screaming like the rest of them.
  79. Usually the dead Sperm Whale floats with great buoyancy, with its side or belly considerably elevated above the surface.
  80. Another spike from a different area on his back floats upwards, changes direction and passes through his right molecule.
  81. In the open way stands the elf queen, or more likely an astral projection of her, considering she floats above the ground.
  82. So, when we read of the spiritual body, we automatically think of a ghostlike, smoke like thong that floats in the air.
  83. Logic is mingled with convulsion, and the thread of the syllogism floats, without breaking, in the mournful storm of thought.
  84. Her heavy brown hair whips in the blowback around her smiling face, pointed canines pierce the darkness that her head floats in.
  85. She’s white, said Leode, she floats free of the ground, and she hasn’t ears or a mouth, and she lives under the stars.
  86. He stood up with the oar in both hands, and started moving the boat slowly over to their floats, pulling up three empty crab pots.
  87. Tobias presses into the wall behind me, so close to me that his chin floats over my head and I can feel his chest against my shoulders.
  88. A terror to the smiling innocence of the villages through which he floats; his swart visage and bold swagger are not unshunned in cities.
  89. The entire section floats in 433 tonnes (956,000 lb) of water in a special underground pool and is moved by just six 1-kW electric motors.
  90. O'Molloy he came forth slowly into Mary's abbey where draymen were loading floats with sacks of carob and palmnut meal, O'Connor, Wexford.
  91. Earth's resume entire floats on thy keel O ship, is steadied by thy spars, With thee Time voyages in trust, the antecedent nations sink or.
  92. The finger then floats to Hassan's face and makes a dry, scratchy sound as it slowly traces the curve of his cheeks, the outline of his ears.
  93. The torpedo is powered by a rocket engine, and in fact, it floats in a bubble which is created by the deflection, and filled with exhaust gases.
  94. And what could be more normal, in New York City, than a person with a camera to his eye? The little focal circle floats over cracked eyeglasses.
  95. But then from the kitchen floats the scent of Sewer Girl’s pot brownies, which isn’t what you’d serve if you thought there were cops nearby.
  96. Furthermore, no allied floatplane with one engine and two floats exist, except for the French Latécoère 298, which is not in service in the Pacific.
  97. As her consciousness dissolves from the physical dimension, it unconsciously attached dark energy, fragments and floats looking for a new energy source.
  98. The sky looks lacquered; clouds there are none; the horizon floats; and this nakedness of unrelieved radiance is as the insufferable splendors of God's throne.
  99. Hence, from the standpoint of sound finance, there is no basic conflict of interest between the strong corporation which floats bonds and the public which buys them.
  100. Unfortunately the village parade was in full swing by this time and the police, thinking that we were another entry, directed Uncle Hobart to join the rest of the floats.

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1. As I float on Mars.
2. He helped to float us.
3. See the notes float by.
4. I watch him float about.
5. No, it does not float.
6. The launch of float seems.
8. The rest quickly float away.
9. I Float Because Of Your Will.
10. We're going to float over you.
11. And she was on a float trip? No.
12. Wings to float among the clouds.
13. She needed something to float on.
14. There’s a house that can float.
15. A week to float aimlessly about.
16. Short Percent of Float is 1.
17. They seemed to float leisurely by.
18. All the while, the Jews can float.
19. As I float peacefully in the ocean.
20. Holding on to it helped me to float.
21. Dry flies are simply flies that float.
22. Scraps of burned paper float overhead.
23. Sometimes it’s best to float away.
24. Make me float in the river that swells.
25. Can I get a sage root float too?
26. They’re waterproof and they’ll float.
27. The same cop that was going to float me.
28. I hope they don't float around too much.
29. Do you think it will actually float?
30. Even if you and me can float on the sea.
31. There was a gap between one float.
32. It spells FLOAT and then it spells CAT.
33. She could make it seem to float in mid-air.
34. The top of board with no abortion yan float.
35. I couldn’t trust myself not to float away.
36. With Drudge's help, they made the boat float.
37. Float round the old suns when faileth the day.
38. Thin wisps of smoke began to float into the.
39. He lay peacefully, letting his thoughts float.
40. Wet flies are simply flies that don’t float.
41. To float with her, I longed to float with her.
42. Watching as small clouds slowly float on past.
43. I let my hands float up to the top of the tank.
44. They then float their way along this waterway.
45. All Obotrons float in water, replied Wilx.
46. All of the other "followers" will float in and.
47. Besides, the float values calculated during the.
48. The water was freezing and he tried to float on.
49. He pointed at a sailboat tied to a mooring float.
50. Here, lash yourselves to something that'll float.
51. Float butter on top and stir with a cinnamon stick.
52. I saw a golden Eagle float gracefuly over the lake.
53. How much time did I float there? I haven't any idea.
54. They float too deep-some of these are never empty.
55. At the time over 40 percent of the float was short.
56. They appear to float a few inches from their hands.
57. Something that will float on water, Noah explained.
58. It can be identified by the fact that the float on.
59. I float this carol with joy, with joy to thee O death.
60. The house and I shall most likely float into the sea.
61. The wind is heavy,The breeze is dead, Unable to float.
62. Holographic numbers float above each designated block.
63. At the end of 2009, that float was around $62 billion.
64. It would be nice to float away, a voice in my head says.
65. The Ziddics watched a cloud of Chaos Spores float by 4.
66. Suspend here and everywhere, eternal float of solution!.
67. He saw a microphone float before his mouth then heard a.
68. It is so fluffy that it could float on an ocean of water.
69. She seemed to float out over nothing, and it startled him.
70. The ashes from the fireplace started to float in the air.
71. He was seated, but seemed to float just above the ground.
72. The preacher let his arms and hands float on the surface.
73. Moving along, Brownie pointed his torch at the next float.
74. Henry had always wanted to float down the river just like.
75. I float out of the store with the maroon beanie on my head.
76. The nanobots and nanoscanners float back towards the ship.
77. Have a seat, I’ll make you an Erotin sage root float.
78. Unlike a credit card, a debit card does not have any float.
79. It warn't no towhead that you could float by in ten minutes.
80. Still, one is free to float, turning, tumbling, as in sleep.
81. The shadow Rochelle had seen on the balcony seemed to float.
82. All the planets float in a bowl of liquid that renders the.
83. They were all allowed to float along with only the push of.
84. It made my mind float in the most mysterious, beautiful way.
85. She was not going to let him float away – he might survive.
86. Otherwise, the only ways into the keep were to float or swim.
87. It's a float plane, a PB-Y or Catalina as we used to call it.
88. Not a single lifeboat would float and the firehose all burst.
89. Boats float because their hulls keep the water on the outside.
90. Or float down the tributary to see where your heart will lay.
91. Near Equator gravity is too strong, so the buses can't float.
92. She lowered her hand, making Dows float back down to the floor.
93. Concentrate on making it float and move at your walking speed.
94. Why don’t you guys walk north until your hats float?
95. A rush thrilled my body, a high that made me float in my seat.
96. I seem’d to float, to soar, to dip and dive thro’ the Air.
97. I too have bubbled up, floated the measureless float, and been.
98. How do they float in the air? Elam followed them with his eyes.
99. In 1967, Berkshire Hathaway’s insurance float was $16 million.
100. How does it fly like that? Isn’t it too heavy to float?

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