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    1. Or even that the signatures were forged

    2. get forged by the strength of Christ

    3. me! No weapon forged against me will prevail! The Lord protects all

    4. Therefore, if your shield is a shield of faith, no weapon forged against

    5. Strapped under each arm he carried ornate forged steel blades, ceremonial daggers, razor sharp, designed for surgical accuracy

    6. iron forged, heavy with rivets of rain,

    7. Both began to follow Sarah and Jackson, and soon a lifetime friendship was forged between the two strong couples

    8. Michael naturally had gravitated towards the younger group of riders and he forged a strong friendship with Andrew

    9. Normally Thom wouldn't keep the company of full colonels, but they had known each other as mortals and that forged a bond more important than rank and wealth

    10. A partnership forged out of mutual suffering

    11. forged a bond between the two parties

    12. He stammered a bit, then forged ahead

    13. She stopped when she saw the crowd, then forged ahead once the surprise was over

    14. tails of the nearest person and forged ahead in his wake

    15. The pain was beyond her control and she knew the scream that forged from her lips, was inappropriate, but couldn’t control it

    16. possible, and forged ahead with his questioning

    17. Brushing the powder from her shoulders, she flipped her hair and forged towards the edge of the house, where she’d hoped to see him, but she couldn't see anything

    18. "I assure you that in all the millions of crystals forged in the golden age, none had the ability to build an imaginary universe, even with a helmet

    19. friendships forged on the road don’t necessarily translate

    20. Alfred took a slow breath and forged ahead

    21. bitter, it would have burned clean through forged iron

    22. But an unlikely friendship forged over Cyrodilic drink shared on a log in the middle of gloomy Hjaalmarch? Now that was something entirely unexpected

    23. Who else could a thief bond with, let alone trust to back him up at any given time - or at least, most times? Who else, but other thieves with whom the bond is strong and understanding is forged by time

    24. bat ears, elegantly forged, projection out of the side of the head without revealing the face

    25. Immortals received more thorough training with the Power during those years, though the mortal wielders were forged into weapons, using teron to tear demons apart with Air, blast them with walls of Fire, or strike them with bolts of lightning

    26. But how does anyone go about discovering (the) Truth? If Truth is predicated on Natural Law(s) understood as God‘s Eternal Law(s), because such laws (naturally) proceed from God, ―hidden yet pre-determined,‖ and if Humankind‘s problematical interpretation of God‘s Law has rendered its meaning less viable than what was arguably uncertain to begin with, then how or where does anyone proceed in recovering important points of reference? Conventional wisdom, forged by the (social) dynamics of customs and habits and experience, is insufficient

    27. From The Rock are they forged, and with a heart like adamant stone have I made them unwavering in My purpose

    28. For our bond is love, and any bond forged in My love can never be broken,

    29. Most relationships are oftentimes forged by chance encounters or events confined to time and space falling within an individual‘s immediate sphere of influence

    30. ” Herminia’s pleas for mercy and horrifying shrieks of agony reverberated in Beth’s head as other questions about log barges, kilos, Boston and forged checks, all of which she had no answers for, were fired at her

    31. The bond is forged

    32. She told me he started in bragging about his brother being a major drug smuggler, you his assistant and himself as the one who pays off the police and politicians, and that he and the guy we had dinner with want to rob Gordon’s money with forged checks

    33. He’s also the one Herminia said was going to rob Gordon’s money with forged checks! Don’t let it be that you told Gordon Edward about that and that’s why this has happened! Maybe she made up the whole thing! He was a nice guy, Truman; really: he loved his wife and his daughter

    34. One was the part concerning the forged checks

    35. He felt quickly through his Sandinista corporal’s uniform to ensure that his forged Sandinista identity card and leave papers were still with him

    36. “Then she says the politician’s brother was up to his nuts in a plan to rob 'ol Edward out'a six hundred thousand dollars usin' forged checks printed by some gringo fuck

    37. However badly this wonderful creature had behaved, she had forged a place in the deepest heart of his affections

    38. Once Madame Macziewskie had clattered off down the stairs, they opened their suitcases and removed their money and the extra forged documents

    39. As they forged the river, Beth noted that the water rose above the rider’s knees, soaking his pants

    40. I know of someone who is able to provide forged papers…for a price, of course

    41. Colling made one last check to make sure the Luger and extra ammunition, cash and the forged passports he had brought back from Zurich were still snug in their concealed receptacle

    42. He looked at himself in the mirror over one of the sinks, and silently hoped that his appearance would match the photo in his new forged passport

    43. He was uncertain as to whether the forged travel documents were still valid, and the American passports could prove to be a fatal giveaway, even though the cover story he had constructed was about as good as he could make it

    44. Fullerton was using Elena’s name from the forged passport Colling had had prepared in Zurich, so that she could play the role of the girls’ nanny

    45. He forged many compromises on the road to creating a unified Canon, forcing many, who dearly wished to reject, what others had only reluctantly accepted

    46. We can get whatever we need in terms of forged papers in that city

    47. It was taken from a shady source, backed with bogus (forged)

    48. International cooperation forged in Vienna and later in Montreal, led to the halt in production of halon and CFCs by 1996

    49. The predicament of their loved ones forged a team out of these quite different women

    50. His administration’s purpose was forged by Nine-Eleven

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