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    1. this year that will move you forward towards achieving the life that you want to live? Just achieve a simple goal that you haven't done yet

    2. Do you do this every year?” Sarah leaned forward

    3. Looking forward to the rest of your payment

    4. forward to] for, the evidence, proof, confirmation, and

    5. She curled forward, clutching her stomach and bit her tongue

    6. “Really? I highly doubt that,” Silence said as she stepped forward, bringing the spinning blades closer to Nancy

    7. We need to overcome these and move forward confidently

    8. He didn't answer, but avoided her by going inside and using the head, doing his teeth, shaving, and crawling forward into the bedroom to load some fuel bags out of there and into the space that was free'd up on the kitchen floor during Dawnsleep

    9. Nancy walked forward, holding the wrist computer ahead of her as the beeps reached a frantic pitch

    10. ’ I heard myself suggest, as I lean forward and run my hand slowly up his thigh towards his crotch

    1. A minute or so later she received the data and forwarded it to Kandhi's You, with commands to begin the sweep and report on contact

    2. My mother forwarded them to the Scientologist doctor that we had seen before

    3. Allcock, true to his promises, had forwarded the required reading for aspiring College entrants, which he acquired from the University directly

    4. All their sketches and ideas had been forwarded to Harry

    5. Alfred noticed an image file had been forwarded from Elmore

    6. The fiancé petition, which was approved on May 9, 1984, was indeed forwarded to the United States Consulate Gen

    7. The human male was speaking, demonstrating the effect of the temporal eradication process through the probe’s recording Zorandi himself had forwarded, speaking (according to the audio translator) as if he were central to the plan

    8. contents forwarded on that date to the Secretary of the Treasury, Hugh McCulloch, who received it on August 10

    9. Then, as gently as I would be with our new litter of lab puppies, I forwarded my gloved hand towards that damned squawking hen

    10. As a specimen of their cool effrontery, they wrote the following letter in London, and forwarded it to the Queen, but needless to add, their character and fame had gone before, and they were not received

    1. She went over to ask Ava what she really meant by forwarding her this message

    2. It was under filtered forwarding, only giving Kandhi what Ginger permitted it to

    3. Anton was a highly successful Veracruz businessman, involved – apart from forwarding shipments of cocaine – in natural gas, shipping, tourism, and whose cousin in New York provided documents for illegal immigrants

    4. It seems there‘s no forwarding address for her

    5. are responsible for the deviation, and forwarding these energy

    6. of forwarding the communication to your boss as wel

    7. (As a postscript, Dan’s email forwarding Bill’s local phone number stated that EI had returned to Taylor Street very recently, but no one had been rehired

    8. Merritt which allegedly arrived at NASA without the PMBO'’s attachments and the handwritten fax forwarding Stan’s unanswered 11/01 letter to M

    9. Simplifying your life doesn't mean you have to ditch the cell phone, pager, e-mail, instant messaging, voice mail, call forwarding, and on and on

    10. months after the date of forwarding by the Secretary General where it may be

    1. Tiffany looked over her shoulder and, to her horror, she saw two uniformed policemen rocking backwards and forwards on the heels of their big black boots

    2. running forwards, in reality he was being dragged back towards the

    3. forwards, crashing through the living room door

    4. He stops walking forwards a metre away from the short, squat Scottish gangster and slowly moves his hands behind his back, as if he is about to stand at ease

    5. ' He paced backwards and forwards across the

    6. That day had seen us swing backwards and forwards

    7. All the three seem to be stationary manufactures, or which, though their produce may vary somewhat from year to year, are, upon the whole, neither going backwards nor forwards

    8. backwards and forwards constantly

    9. I've been with Alan a decade now and I've gone over his stories backwards and forwards and found they all hang together no matter how unlikely it seems

    10. Though it goes backwards and forwards between the ground and the granary, it never changes masters, and therefore does not properly circulate

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    Sinónimos para "forward"

    forward send on advancing forward-moving ahead forrader forwards onward onwards forrad forrard frontward frontwards forth fore earnest prompt ready sincere willing zealous front up front first foremost assuming brazen confident flippant impertinent impudent pert extreme progressive unconventional future preliminary premature in advance out