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    1. Remember an octave's nature is to double and halve, if we look at its own inner assembly we notice a curious thing, it doubles and halves within the course of its own gamut

    2. philosophical, and my mind was a gamut of emotions

    3. Suddenly awakening from a bad dream, at once startled however relieved; the gamut of one‘s emotions, a hairsbreadth (yet) seemingly lasting a lifetime

    4. Portable toilets were even in place, and the Council even supplied a full gamut of recycling bins

    5. Then, imagining the gamut of dangers the boy must have had to run against the wiles of Ralph and the mind-executioner in order to salvage even so much of these precious tools, he stopped trying, placed the collection on the earth and hugged the boy to his heart

    6. I now have extensive files on a whole gamut of distinct negative emotions such as bitterness, pain, betrayal, neglect, anger, and resentment

    7. The whole gamut of emotions in between is caused by our thoughts as

    8. It was better to just start afresh than to risk any gamut of originality

    9. Last year, thousands of people–two huge buildings full of someone’s children and loved ones–were blown out like birthday candles, leaving mothers, fathers, lovers, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, friends, the whole gamut of human connection behind to grieve for them

    10. ger, the whole gamut of human emotions that he

    11. Never knew the gamut of emotion?

    12. The whole gamut of properties that can be obtained in STEEL is because of

    13. The above Compositions cover the ENTIRE GAMUT OF IS-2644 &

    14. Conflicting emotions ran the gamut within my heart, changing from a loving friendship with the sweet endearing man I had first met, into a burning hatred for the man I now perceived him to be

    15. Yogic practices when used properly on a repeatedly gamut is a great

    16. His face runs a gamut of expression

    17. to cover the vast full gamut of country music, Gary Heins

    18. "Are you going to cover the full gamut of ski stu-

    19. The spectrum of all human trauma-damage-defense systems-adapting-survival-functioning runs the complete gamut of society and has no exceptions

    20. FB - Really? That’s surprising, there’s a wide gamut of

    21. And there, I think, for the first time, the whole gamut of natural vision, tone, colour, form, light and shade, atmosphere, focus, &c

    22. There is a kind of screaminess set up when one goes the whole gamut of tone, that gives a look of unrestraint and weakness; somewhat like the feeling experienced when a vocalist sings his or her very highest or very lowest note

    23. gamut of emotions but because he knew that I had successful y coached others

    24. Razz displayed a gamut of

    25. Accordingly, the forger was put to Death; the utterer of a bad note was put to Death; the unlawful opener of a letter was put to Death; the purloiner of forty shillings and sixpence was put to Death; the holder of a horse at Tellson's door, who made off with it, was put to Death; the coiner of a bad shilling was put to Death; the sounders of three-fourths of the notes in the whole gamut of Crime, were put to Death

    26. But this is Colorado, and any area offering such vast arrays of spectacular natural scenery is destined to attract the gamut from the stoners to athletic minded people to the athletic minded people who enjoy getting stoned

    27. In place of leaves, most of them sprouted blades of unpredictable shape, which were confined to a narrow gamut of colors consisting only of pink, crimson, green, olive, tan, and brown

    28. He’d been through the whole gamut of emotions in the short time since he’d arrived at the Glade

    29. From such slender threads hang the destinies of nations! I also observed some wonderful snappers belonging to the order Lutianida, sacred fish for the Greeks, who claimed they could drive off sea monsters from the waters they frequent; their Greek name anthias means "flower," and they live up to it in the play of their colors and in those fleeting reflections that turn their dorsal fins into watered silk; their hues are confined to a gamut of reds, from the pallor of pink to the glow of ruby

    30. "Gamut—David Gamut," returned the singing master, preparing to wash down his sorrows in a powerful draught of the woodsman's high-flavored and well-laced compound

    31. The Mohicans boldly sent back the intimidating yell of their enemies, who raised a shout of savage triumph at the fall of Gamut

    32. Duncan seized the favorable moment to spring to the body of Gamut, which he bore within the shelter of the narrow chasm that protected the sisters

    33. Alice unconsciously dried her tears, and bent her melting eyes on the pallid features of Gamut, with an expression of chastened delight that she neither affected or wished to conceal

    34. By this time the song of Gamut had ceased, and the sisters had learned to still the exhibition of their emotions

    35. When the banks of the little stream were gained, Hawkeye made another halt; and taking the moccasins from his feet, he invited Heyward and Gamut to follow his example

    36. Gamut cheerfully assented, and together they sought the females

    37. "Lady," said Gamut, who, helpless and useless as he was, had not yet dreamed of deserting his trust, "it is the jubilee of the devils, and this is not a meet place for Christians to tarry in

    38. "Stay—lady—stay," called Gamut, after the unconscious Cora

    39. If she felt, which she doesn’t, her emotions would run the gamut from stunned to furious

    40. His lurking Indians were suddenly converted into four-footed beasts; his lake into a beaver pond; his cataract into a dam, constructed by those industrious and ingenious quadrupeds; and a suspected enemy into his tried friend, David Gamut, the master of psalmody

    41. Without ceremony, and with a rough hand, he twirled the supple Gamut around on his heel, and more than once affirmed that the Hurons had done themselves great credit in the fashion of his costume

    42. Imitating the example of the deliberate Gamut, he drew a bundle of fragrant brush from beneath a pile that filled the corner of the hut, and seated himself in silence

    43. Gamut, who had stood prepared to pour forth his spirit in song when the visitors entered, after delaying a moment, drew a strain from his pipe, and commenced a hymn that might have worked a miracle, had faith in its efficacy been of much avail

    44. The words of Gamut were, as has been seen, in his native tongue; and to Duncan they seem pregnant with some hidden meaning, though nothing present assisted him in discovering the object of their allusion

    45. It proved to be the abiding place of David Gamut

    46. First making the circuit of the hut, and ascertaining that it stood quite alone, and that the character of its inmate was likely to protect it from visitors, he ventured through its low door, into the very presence of Gamut

    47. The exquisite organs of Gamut could not readily be deceived (and, to say the truth, it would have been difficult for any other than Hawkeye to produce a similar noise), and, consequently, having once before heard the sounds, he now knew whence they proceeded

    48. Without stopping to consider his person, the rifle of Hawkeye was raised; but a rock, which fell on the head of one of the fugitives below, exposed the indignant and glowing countenance of the honest Gamut

    49. Gamut stood at his side, his meek head bared to the rays of the sun, while his eyes, wandering and concerned, seemed to be equally divided between that little volume, which contained so many quaint but holy maxims, and the being in whose behalf his soul yearned to administer consolation

    50. Gamut, who had been a close observer of rites he deemed so heathenish, now bent his head over the shoulder of the unconscious father, whispering:

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