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    1. She looked good but not gaudy today, in a white peasant blouse and big colorful skirt, both of a gauzy material, both without underwear

    2. She was dressed in a gauzy flowing robe, semi-transparent and tastefully adorned with tiny bits of embroidery

    3. Kadak was a cute little thing dressed in the same gauzy robes as her girls, with curly black hair and pointy black nipples

    4. She pouted, flipping a gauzy veil over her thick auburn hair

    5. She was dressed in a long gauzy, flowing dress with skinny straps

    6. panties of the same gauzy material

    7. It was early morning because the sun shone through the diffuse and gauzy curtains which were separating, modest, as to make room for the golden bands

    8. She was a woman, wearing a gauzy tunic who gave her the ethereal look of an appearance; the black hair hung to her waist and on her hands was holding a small grey leather pouch

    9. Berbers, Arabs in woollen jellabas and yellow babouches, their women in blue or green gabardine, hoods up and a gauzy cloth covering nose and mouth

    10. She had, as it was her custom, a pronounced cleavage wearing a sleeveless blouse and a skirt in gauzy fabric, adhering to the legs outlining her figure; and my fury would have exploded if I hadn’t seen Leonardo trying to get rid of her stubborn embrace with a grimace of annoyance

    11. They were on the floor in pools of their own blood, and the girl was storing her daggers in their sheathes, which were hidden under the billowy, gauzy cape she wore

    12. With only candlelight to illuminate it, I made out a king-sized poster bed with gauzy white curtains fluttering in the breeze and rose petals scattered on the mattress and the floor

    13. in rows of gauzy sequined flounce,

    14. Nicole, dressed in a gauzy white tunic, shivered as much from the chill as from the fear that gripped her heart

    15. It was an ephemerally beautiful piece of work; sheer gauzy white with silver thread woven in a curiously intricate and somehow meaningful pattern

    16. He removed my blouse, and drew in his breath as he gazed upon my heavy breasts through a sheer red bra, his thumbs circled my nipples and they stood at attention through the gauzy material

    17. She paused in the master bedroom, her hands stroking the gauzy

    18. Kiera felt the cold penetrate through the seemingly thin and gauzy clothes that she had

    19. Everything was visible, as she was only dressed in a series of see-through gauzy veils of different shades of color

    20. It was dark now over Athens, except for gauzy red streaks where the streets ran; and the front of the Palace was cadaverous from electric light

    21. But in their kindness Meg saw only pity for her poverty, and her heart felt very heavy as she stood by herself, while the others laughed, chattered, and flew about like gauzy butterflies

    22. It was Renata, smiling brightly as she leaned down into the car, a gauzy wrap about her shoulders clutched in one hand

    23. Their gauzy skirts had brushed up from the grass innumerable flies and butterflies which, unable to escape, remained caged in the transparent tissue as in an aviary

    24. Now they seemed obtrusive, artificial, like the bouncing mass of the woman’s hair, the gauzy orange of her university sweatshirt

    25. Though a few feet separated the curtain from Mercer’s head, he could make out individual particles of blackness, the democratic meaninglessness of them scattered at random across the gauzy gray cloth

    26. Then the helicopter was in a dead fall, sailing and spinning into the gauzy gray nothingness of the Brooklyn Navy Yard below

    27. And there in fact was Sonya lying face downward on Nurse’s dirty feather bed on the top of the chest, crumpling her gauzy pink dress under her, hiding her face with her slender fingers, and sobbing so convulsively that her bare little shoulders shook

    28. I remember her appearance at the moment—it was very graceful and very striking: she wore a morning robe of sky-blue crape; a gauzy azure scarf was twisted in her hair

    29. And there in fact was Sónya lying face downward on Nurse’s dirty feather bed on the top of the chest, crumpling her gauzy pink dress under her, hiding her face with her slender fingers, and sobbing so convulsively that her bare little shoulders shook

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    cobwebby diaphanous filmy gauze-like gauzy gossamer see-through sheer transparent vaporous vapourous