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    get ahead

    1. ‘Don’t get ahead of yourself

    2. A bus or train ticket symbolizes the price you pay to get ahead in life, while a movie ticket represents your need to be more objective in a situation

    3. “Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, young Miss,” said the Tinker, still shrouded in azalea foliage

    4. The nurse seemed to not believe Junya"s story to get ahead of the

    5. process of legal immigration? What about requiring, for the benefit of the immigrant, the learning of English? It was difficult to get ahead in a country without knowing its

    6. “That's the more advanced form, there's no need to get ahead of ourselves

    7. He was a young scientist trying to get ahead

    8. She just couldn't pass up a deal where she had such a great opportunity to help others get ahead, particularly women

    9. “He’s trying to get ahead of us!” Moshe strained to make out chariots within the moving line

    10. ICAL ESL Certification - Get Ahead of the Pack Those who have ESL certification sometimes have a better chance at getting the better-paying jobs they want

    11. "After years of hand to mouth it's a chance to get ahead—hundreds a month! And maybe the best thing is medical insurance

    12. And he knew the futility of the Caligastia method of trying to get ahead of the natural, slow, and sure way of accomplishing the divine purpose

    13. `When King Nathan came to us that the woman was controlling Gorham we thought that maybe it was part of his strange plans to get ahead but now with hindsight,' he sighed

    14. Otherwise, other marketers could use the same trick to get ahead of you easily

    15. “Joey this is not the time for your foolish inner child to get ahead of himself,” she quickly cut him off

    16. The only thing that mattered was trying to get ahead so that you didn’t become a slave to someone else and wind up the centerpiece in whatever demented plan they had for you

    17. “We have to get ahead of the politicians in the party,” he said to his aides

    18. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here! Else, I might have to spring the trap before it’s time

    19. We have been taught from childhood that the only real way to get ahead in

    20. mentality, it was also proof that you cannot get ahead working to

    21. The slow traffic in the city allowed Collins’ men to get ahead, and follow the white car, constantly swapping places in the convoy

    22. His attempts to get ahead and prosper are scorned by the other seagulls

    23. they know full well the suffering their actions may cause others, but they do not care Heck, that's the secret to success! Get ahead at all costs

    24. let’s not get ahead of ourselves

    25. That's how it thinks, and most decisions are made around how can I advance myself? What can I get? How can I get ahead? How can I advance myself? That's not entirely all wrong, however it says that there's a spirit that is at work in that thinking, so self-centred thinking is governed by a spiritual power, and when you look at people and how they run their lives, you see most of them are pretty self-centred and self-directed and basically they run their life around the principle of what's in this for me

    26. If you're going to get ahead, you've got to look out for number one, you've got to look after yourself, so don't worry about what God says

    27. So really the core of it was, what's in this for me? How do I get ahead? You can't trust God

    28. I've been trying to really get ahead

    29. What’s in this for me? How do I get ahead? It’s all about me and my interest

    30. It was assumed that, like America, they simply wanted to get ahead of the game

    31. Yeah, right! See, it violated what God had for her, and in doing so, that desire to get ahead, that desire to fulfil herself, that desire to make her way in life without reference to God, actually is the core of the human problem

    32. Without cause to live for the Next Generation: How can I get ahead? Loyal only to self

    33. “But it means that the most powerful nations are the most vulnerable, of course, which is why America is so keen to get ahead of the game

    34. They’ll try to get ahead of us, where our guns can’t get them

    35. Plus, he shouldn’t get ahead of himself

    36. But I let it get ahead of me so it would put up a fight

    37. same trick to get ahead of you easily

    38. In this part of the book I will reveal something that usually causes a lot of debate when I speak about it but let me not get ahead of myself

    39. She pushed herself harder to try to get ahead of him

    40. And they could not get ahead

    41. I believe your questions have allowed me to get ahead of myself

    42. “OK, let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” he said

    43. Caris wondered how she and Mair could ever get ahead in the race

    44. She was in the thick of the French army, but there was nothing to do but keep moving and hope for a chance to get ahead

    45. Caris ’s hopes rose: now she would have a chance to get ahead of the French army

    46. He would fear that the police would read his secret, and so he hastened on before they should get ahead of him

    47. I wasn’t doing this because I was trying to get ahead of a scandal, I was doing it to save my own life and prevent another scandal

    48. He wanted to get ahead of the news, so he dialed his contact preemptively

    49. The broadsheets and leaflets Clyntahn and Rayno had never managed to get ahead of had appeared all over Zion within a day of the explosion

    50. to see her get ahead and all she needed was money to start a house of her own

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