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    1. Ava could get up there for a visit every couple years, it was a pleasant neighborhood

    2. The only time I ever hear of you is on an upper floor of the Kassikan and I don't get up the pyramid often these days

    3. He had all of Nightday to rig the crate for transportation, so he didn't try to get up early

    4. I tried to get up but I felt like I'd just run an ultra-marathon

    5. In it they were able to get up on a plane easily and push over forty knots wide open

    6. morning to get up and sit in the sun

    7. ‘I’ve got to get up to London

    8. "With that get up and this spear we'll be safe from theirops now," Luray told him in a normal voice

    9. "Oh they can get up to about this long," she held her arms at a comfortable reach, a little over four feet, "and weigh up to forty pounds, but most kinds are much smaller

    10. She protested that they had to get up; they had so much to do

    11. As I said earlier, you are here on day 10 because you have ‘get up and go’

    12. What was it Auntie Agnes had said? Every now and then get up out of your seat and have a good stretch? Trouble was I'd only just sat down and now I was far too embarrassed to make a fuss

    13. All you do is get up ten minutes earlier

    14. Ten short minutes each day—so very little time to devote to Yoga, but how rich will be the rewards, so rich that I feel convinced that many of you will soon want to get up even earlier to devote yet more time to this healthful study

    15. They hadn't gone away, but she was able to get up and face a day with hope and purpose instead of grim determination

    16. My mother took a plastic tag tie off a luggage bag and put one end around my wrist and the other around hers as handcuffs, so she would feel me get up during the night

    17. "Get UP!" Rage overcame her and she went to swat back but came up against the Instinct

    18. I was going to visit and started to get upset

    19. The child was scrambling, trying to get up

    20. ‘And before you can get up a head of steam, Lintze

    21. There are those that can run multinational corporations, get up in front of thousands of people

    22. I couldn't just get up and leave

    23. I’ve been thinking about your problem with regard to getting over to see your brother’s house and wondered if this weekend would be any use for you – you really have to get up there and sooner rather than later

    24. toes whooshed out blood and he couldn't get up

    25. Ish used it as a stick to get up

    26. She avoided more heaves and struggled to get up off the soldier she’d landed on, who also struggled to help her up by the chest

    27. They started to get up but the older woman motioned them to be at ease

    28. Gradually, the waking moments outweigh the dozing ones and I decide that I ought to get up and try something solid

    29. He might have been struggling to get up but his hands were still holding her breasts like bowling balls

    30. I roll over in bed and get up on my elbows, resting my chin in my hands staring at the pattern on the headboard

    31. He tried to get up but couldn't

    32. God that woman was a fool! To get upset about a fucking bird!

    33. Better call in before we get up to ICU

    34. ‘Now get up on your elbows and knees

    35. It was down to about one year out of six during the starship landing because he’d been too busy in the labs with discoveries they inspired to get up enough enthusiasm to teach more often

    36. Jorma was interested enough in that to get up and examine the keyboard

    37. It was a big step moving out of the student house, but although I enjoyed the company to some extent, I had to get up to go to work and partying until all hours really did not fit with that lifestyle

    38. It had cost him three pennies in elevator to get up here, but he could get one back on the ride down

    39. He passed First Canal, it would be way too long going that way, and waited an eternity for the big city-wall lock to cycle so he could get up to the next higher back canal

    40. When I get up it’s locked

    41. what was telling me to get up

    42. first told my brain to get up and then three hours later my bladder issued a red

    43. But I feel not good when I get up in the morning with the heater

    44. to let you practice in that get up of yours this one time

    45. Soon she didn't even bother to get up before the sun

    46. There was no reason to get up

    47. I told them it's is very late and I have to get up very early tomorrow so let's get immediately get in my car

    48. When he finally was able to get up he went on to become one of the most radical prophets ever

    49. morning that he had the strength to get up out of bed –

    50. " He held her shoulder because she was already starting to get up

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