Oraciones con la palabra "giggly"

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Giggly en una oración (en ingles)

1. Just then a giggly couple came out into the kitchen.
2. The girls were still giggly, and looking even more.
3. She was giggly and gay and I enjoyed being with her.
4. Shela stopped ahead and glowered at the pair of giggly women.
5. She was gay and chirpy and giggly, as usual, and sexy, oh yes, as usual and.
6. The girls were giggly, and penniless, because they had to pay a fortune for drinks.
7. The kindergarten mothers gathered in a ragged, giggly line at the start line of their race.

8. Minzy and I sat in her car, sweaty and giggly, laughing at each other’s messed-up hair and makeup.
9. Luckily his fellow students were giggly and not very bright young women and Robbie found the lessons.
10. The fibbing secretary was there; a young, sexy, giggly girl to whom he talked atrociously and kissed on the cheeks.
11. Long after dinner was over they were having deep and giggly girl stuff conversations to which Charlie and Wren were not invited.

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