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Godforsaken en una oración (en ingles)

1. Alone as any soul can be in this Godforsaken city.
2. Godforsaken frozen wasteland was where Ulrich chose to call his home.
3. When I came to this territory, it was a godforsaken no man’s land.
4. I don’t want to go out there, not at this godforsaken hour of the morning.
5. If I said yes, they’d rescue me and I’d be done with this godforsaken trail.
6. Jack: I don’t want to be a prince that badly and not in this godforsaken hell hole.
7. The dog was their only method of navigating this Godforsaken maze of rooms and corridors.

8. What could the president possibly want you to do in that godforsaken corner of nowhere?
9. She was trapped in the godforsaken alley while precious seconds ticked away against Eva’s life.
10. Dogs alone with their mournful howls showed at least some signs of life in this Godforsaken place.
11. A little more relaxed I began to do the memory of the last impressions lived in the godforsaken room.
12. He sat down shakily as I crawled back to the prop and got us the heck away from this godforsaken island.
13. Now she was hovering in a chopper over the most barren godforsaken looking land she’d ever seen in her life.
14. I never in a million years pictured the two of us sitting in this godforsaken hole in the wall talking over a beer.
15. The captain was my connection to a couple of loathsome serial felons from a godforsaken, landlocked pile of rocks called Sumar.
16. She may have lost her faith in God on that godforsaken day when Helena was killed, but she still loved and respected the priest.
17. Best thing would have been DDT, but try to lay your hands on that! And I wasn't expecting to spend forever in this Godforsaken barbaric hole.
18. There’s more! Fantastic really! Of all places, renia mushrooms of this size, right here in this godforsaken place! My grandfather would have had a fit!.
19. Maybe it was not so strange that he wanted to preserve that moment in history, carry it with him to this godforsaken boxing hall in the Södermalm district of Stockholm.
20. This is a real home from home lads it’s the best place we’ve had since we landed on this godforsaken peninsular that sheeting’s a good idea not only will it keep the rain off but it will act as a sunshade as well during the hottest part of the day, as he informed us of this he placed another large rock on the sheet.
21. Sitting on front porches, standing barefoot in dry fields, perched on fences, wearing faded coveralls or tattered gingham dresses, they raised their hands to their brows and stared at the train as it passed, giving it hard, cold looks—looks that seemed to begrudge the train and those who rode on it their ability to get out of this godforsaken land.
22. The river became muddy and narrow, and instead of the tangle of colossal trees that had astonished Florentino Ariza on his first voyage, there were calcinated flatlands stripped of entire forests that had been devoured by the boilers of the riverboats, and the debris of godforsaken villages whose streets remained flooded even in the crudest droughts.

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