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    1. ‘Oh, it was only a case of unscrewing the U bend and cleaning it out, Nick, those things get really clogged up with gunk sometimes

    2. ” I reached out to stroke Ozzie’s head, but he had already raced off to his roost on the television, determined to clean the nasty toy gunk from his immaculate coat

    3. Mud and some sort of damp green gunk adorned the stranger’s boots

    4. Brokin tried to open his eyes but they were stuck together with gunk

    5. I mean I could have caught diphtheria or typhoid or honkus of the ponkus swimming in that gunk filled river, but in I go

    6. "Nah, mate, this is me home," the bum says, before clearing his congested sinuses and spitting the gooey gunk in my direction

    7. pulled out some gunk

    8. And the coolant water’s got all kinds of nasty gunk in it

    9. I had never seen the statue, but I would prefer cleaning the gunk off of that if it meant I never had that horrible black liquid injected in me by Dr

    10. Kevin turned on the windshield wiper, but it couldn’t clean off the thick gunk

    11. moldy bread and other unidentifiable gunk filled the air

    12. And the front of her gown is caked in dark-colored gunk

    13. My eyes move to the pool of gunk Sammy had been rubbing his hands in

    14. The sick welled up and exploded from his chest in one great pillar of porridgy gunk

    15. anyone who has used one can tell you about the smelly brown gunk that gets pulled from the

    16. that the excess "gunk" (or whatever the waste products of the pellets is called) is skimmed out

    17. first collection cup full of gunk that is removed from your aquarium you will be hooked on

    18. gunk that you remove from the system

    19. the neck doesn't accumulate as much protein gunk around the inside of the neck on the

    20. The gunk collected in my skimmer is gag

    21. ‘Pimples are troublesome pests, but with new La Gunk Cleansing Gel and Moisture

    22. La Gunk products and a month later she won the Teen-Zeen Cover Girl Contest

    23. Taking the stick, she placed a bunch of the slimy green gunk onto the furrow mark across Roric’s shoulder

    24. An environmental mess involving this gunk they keep in lakes

    25. I rub the gunk out of my eyes, and when the street comes back into focus, I see that the shadows fluttering over the cobblestones are rats

    26. A loud clatter of gunk music flooded through the Heart of Gold cabin as Zaphod searched the sub-etha radio wavebandsfor news of himself

    27. More gunk music, but this time it was a background to a newsannouncement

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    goo gook goop guck gunk muck ooze slime sludge