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    1. It is an uninterrupted flow of concentration aimed to heighten one's awareness and oneness with the universe

    2. This will heighten your senses, speed up both strength and reaction time and dull any sense of pain

    3. Aggression built until I saw what was causing my dominant nature to heighten

    4. The revenue of an individual may be spent, either in things which are consumed immediately, and in which one day's expense can neither alleviate nor support that of another ; or it may be spent in things mere durable, which can therefore be accumulated, and in which every day's expense may, as he chooses, either alleviate, or support and heighten, the effect of that of the following day

    5. Were two men of equal fortune to spend their revenue, the one chiefly in the one way, the other in the other, the magnificence of the person whose expense had been chiefly in durable commodities, would be continually increasing, every day's expense contributing something to support and heighten the effect of that of the following day ; that of the other, on the contrary, would be no greater at the end of the period than at the beginning

    6. “But besides these senses, our bodies have other organs that can heighten the enjoyment of love and intercourse; and you need to know which these are and how to get the most pleasure from them

    7. The lack of oxygen to her brain was supposed to heighten her orgasm

    8. Additional searches of their room were to be expected, and apparel that had not been there earlier would undoubtedly heighten the interest of those watching them

    9. People will enter the caves, terror will heighten

    10. A state of fear, for example, might switch on resources that heighten our speed and awareness while switching off resources devoted to reflection and the pursuit of entertainment

    11. How else could hearts heighten

    12. “This could use some attention” is a gentle way to heighten arousal

    13. that it’s shit or heighten its

    14. Chance had it that it also coincided with carnival week, but no one could get the stubborn idea out of Colonel Aureliano Buendía’s head that the coincidence had been foreseen by the government in order to heighten the cruelty of the mockery

    15. 27 If you invoke race to heighten your cause of mobilizing African Americans, be sure to preserve your full spiritual right to mobilize all races together without discrimination

    16. Open the apertures, heighten activity,

    17. “This core understanding of multidimensionality provided each newly manifest Portion, or personality, with a basis from which Time, itself a new concept in terms of physical matters, was understood to heighten the importance of a moment-point that involved the quest of all personalities

    18. Although inside, he could feel his temporary self-loathing heighten

    19. ” After a brief pause to heighten the statement’s effect and 162

    20. Heavy burgundy drapes, opened to reveal the sliding glass doors leading to the balcony, only seemed to heighten the darkness of the room

    21. Not only would this solidify their position as the preeminent cartel on the Eastern Seaboard, but this would also prove to heighten their influence with their suppliers in Colombia

    22. The atmosphere lent itself to letting one’s guard down even in the ordinarily stuffy surroundings that would tend to raise one’s level of alertness and heighten the senses

    23. ‘We wanted Modi to appear as lifelike as possible to heighten audience excitement,’ is how the 3D adventure was described to me

    24. It seemed not only to heighten the mood for

    25. In order to heighten the impression of an organization as omniscient and divine as its leader and to cultivate the necessary sense of sin and guilt within the people, the security services are anonymous and select victims at random

    26. Providing asylum to people claiming refugee status on ground of persecution can heighten antagonism between states, examples: Australia and Indonesian, China and USA in the students revolt at Tiananmen square massacre which was condemned by China as interference in its internal affairs

    27. I donate this milk to the courtroom, should it heighten our chances of leniency

    28. one reason or another, use this time to heighten old skills, learn new ones, and gain an education

    29. They heighten our negative thinking and impair our normal perception, rationality and comprehension

    30. She lifted her knees and held his waist between her thighs, pulling on the soles of her own feet to try to heighten the pleasure for both of them

    31. Heighten the pleasure

    32. Even though he used to be a divine being, he still experienced the same emotional states as humans that walked the Earth, albeit at a heighten level

    33. It was generally accepted that the letter that had been written more than an hundred and twenty years earlier and signed by that name was probably penned ironically by a journalist to heighten interest in the story

    34. opening of old wounds, hurts that may heighten a sense of

    35. Her eyes were large with the look of someone who’d stepped on something sharp as she saw Fern's body become rigid and heighten a little

    36. “Fern you have to wake up!” Elm’s hand was moving briskly across her chest as if he hoped to stimulate her heart to beat faster, to increase her neurological stimulation, to heighten the electrical impulses to her brain, her whole being

    37. This Principle should heighten

    38. In order to heighten the read, a lot of writers include a ‘clock/time’ within their storyline, for example:

    39. But this factor needs further explaining; thus, a person with an addictive personality has probably inherited some factors that heighten vulnerability but do not make it inevitable that addiction to drugs will happen

    40. Whether thus adorned she would have been beautiful or not, and what she must have been in her prosperity, may be imagined from the beauty remaining to her after so many hardships; for, as everyone knows, the beauty of some women has its times and its seasons, and is increased or diminished by chance causes; and naturally the emotions of the mind will heighten or impair it, though indeed more frequently they totally destroy it

    41. varying sensations of my active soul, which only served to heighten the lustre of the luxuriant scenery

    42. But every circumstance that could embitter such an evil seemed uniting to heighten the misery of Marianne in a final separation from Willoughby--

    43. The sight of your dear sister, however, was really dreadful; and, to heighten the matter, I found her alone

    44. little heighten the joke to her

    45. The pulpit seemed to heighten his charmlessness, and his sermons were poorly received, in general

    46. Anxious to show his independence and to advance, he had refused a post that had been offered him, hoping that this refusal would heighten his value; but it turned out that he had been too bold, and he was passed over

    47. Ladislaw, which I think will heighten your opinion of him," said Dorothea to her husband in the coarse of the evening

    48. But she hesitated, fearing to offend him by obtruding herself; for her ardor, continually repulsed, served, with her intense memory, to heighten her dread, as thwarted energy subsides into a shudder; and she wandered slowly round the nearer clumps of trees until she saw him advancing

    49. The pills they gave me were supposed to hone and heighten my analytical mind, and at the same time, they were designed to quash pesky, distracting, irrelevant emotions

    50. Rising prices and the success of some investors attract public attention and heighten expectations for further price rises, raising investor demand

    1. My already heightened sense of smell recoiled from the metallic odour of fresh blood

    2. My pulse quickened at the sound of his boot-steps, and with every one of these heightened moments I found myself reciting verses from long forgotten texts

    3. First Kai added, “They have a heightened sense of smell and hearing, and they love the cold weather; they make perfect guards for the Hold

    4. "We can't tell the crew about the spy," Glayet said, "but we do need to be on heightened alert

    5. The feel of her smooth skin on his body heightened all his senses

    6. that organ will often be heightened

    7. may feel that pain and heightened response for the

    8. He didn’t blame her, entering the spirit world with one’s head encased in an ensorcelled helmet was too scary to contemplate and was making him cold, especially with his senses heightened by the yaag

    9. “As you can imagine, this was a time of heightened tension in

    10. breathing and moans heightened to a point of not being able to raise any further

    11. Also, their eyes, the pupils of white encased in gray, an indication of their heightened sight

    12. Our senses heightened to an almost painful intensity until I touched her again

    13. The Fixer's outburst heightened the boy's curiosity,

    14. No words were spoken, only looks of heightened urgency

    15. His sense of urgency had been heightened all the more as the name of the troubling and still-yet unknown Imperial snaked into his thoughts

    16. sex-drive to have heightened also

    17. Tensions were heightened as the Russian

    18. Back at Ariel, Rex was given a heightened

    19. b: to value or admire highly c: to judge with heightened

    20. If, by such a system of administration, smuggling to any considerable extent could be prevented, even under pretty high duties ; and if every duty was occasionally either heightened or lowered according as it was most likely, either the one way or the other, to afford the greatest revenue to the state; taxation being always employed as an instrument of revenue, and never of monopoly ; it seems not improbable that a revenue, at least equal to the present neat revenue of the customs, might be drawn from duties upon the importation of only a few sorts of goods of the most general use and consumption ; and that the duties of customs might thus be brought to the same degree of simplicity, certainty, and precision, as those of excise

    21. It was sensing for the Power that was always just beyond your reach, until the True Flow heightened your senses and you moved with greater speed and agility

    22. Everything heightened and more intense than it seemed he could ever recall in any previous experience; an explosion of feelings, of desire

    23. Above all rose an intolerable stench which seemed heightened by the vultures and wild curs we disturbed from gruesome feasting

    24. …that will leave a spiritual vacuum in its wake…‖material‖ bodies overcome by a heightened sense of misery and despair…of

    25. The Motion Picture industry has enjoyed a long running fetish with strong, physically intimidating women routinely beating up on or otherwise skillfully out-maneuvering the obnoxious designs of pretentious, self-centered males filled with a heightened sense of their (own) self-importance; convenient foils portrayed as anachronistic, insensitive, chauvinistic types deserving an occasional thrashing every so often from women scorned or in response to inopportune or unsolicited (sexual) banterings or harmless wisecracks intended to make a definitive statement about strong women coming of age

    26. How could Gordy be so pleased? They were already at heightened risk because of all the American DEA agents snooping around all over the country, without Gordon’s own brother doing their job for them

    27. La Vasse’s voice had assumed a harsher tone, the weight in his voice and words punctuating his heightened status of authority

    28. The activity level heightened and the sense of anticipation and urgency was palpable

    29. There, in a bubble of still time, in a heightened state of mind he would find what seemed important, come up with theories about its existence and role, its properties and characteristics, and then start eliminating what didn’t fit or was not as probable; in the end he’d come up with a solution to a problem, or a keen insight that would prove to be correct and to the point

    30. These platforms might have been heightened (and indented for stability and/or easy access) in seasons of unusually high annual floods

    31. The next two days passed uneventfully, although Colling’s anxiety was heightened by his companions’ continued desire to occupy themselves with outdoor activities, even though the temperature remained cold

    32. And on a darker note, “on the Continent, the horrors of the time were heightened by fearful persecutions of the Jews, suspected of causing the epidemic by poisoning public wells” (Encyc

    33. All his senses were heightened to a degree he never even thought possible

    34. alertness, mobility and heightened responsiveness that involves the

    35. Jonathan Lash, president of the World Resources Institute, agrees that water is cleaner, air is clearer, and resources are better managed as a result of heightened environmental concerns

    36. “You know we have heightened senses of reality?” I questioned Akua in between giggles

    37. the item, but he felt it with all of his heightened senses

    38. 75 Senses tend to be heightened, and

    39. Not only are heightened senses reported by most who have experienced

    40. display a more heightened awareness of the present moment, claiming an importance of being ‘in

    41. help the person achieve the hypnogogic state while maintaining a heightened state of awareness

    42. As a seventeen year old, his father made him a tunic of many colours, which only heightened the tension and fuelled the jealousy that already existed between him and his brothers, and then, to top it all, young Joseph had a dream, in which he saw his brothers, represented by sheaves of wheat, bowing down to him – a dream of him reigning over them all

    43. Because of the heightened awareness and familiarity with the context and content of the financial, spending and cost cutting plans and strategies, goals and savings, the family budget process and product now offer avenues to solutions rather than barriers of debt and no point of return

    44. As a seventeen year old, his father made him a tunic of many colors, which only heightened the tension and fueled the jealousy that already existed between him and his brothers, and then, to top it all, young Joseph had a dream, in which he saw his brothers, represented by sheaves of wheat, bowing down to him – a dream telling him that he would reign over them all

    45. I remember my senses being heightened

    46. “You know,” he said, “when you started consulting with Inspector Carrillo and Patrick, the security measures around you heightened once again

    47. It was as if what had just occurred between the mind-cane and himself had heightened Simon’s senses so he had no need to delve for other men’s secrets

    48. Then something in his mind cleared and his eyes travelled over the black outline of the mountain, the few scrubby trees clinging to nothing with their thin roots, then downward over the dark grey stripes of strange lizards, the reality of them heightened in the dry air and the wind’s cry

    49. The roaring of the fire heightened and sang

    50. Louella and I glanced at each other with heightened curiosity, when Fred said, “You tell ‘em Ezra

    1. altering surgery, a heightening of the

    2. In my opinion, technology does not promote a heightening of self-awareness in a spiritual sense although it may advance, however, a ―sense‖ of material awareness

    3. Yet, as he followed, in heightening fascination, those same tedious details gave depth to a grizzly scene that began in the early hours

    4. Any decision in which the individual is taking more responsibility for the quality of his or her life inevitably will lead to a heightening of that person's awareness

    5. passage, thereby heightening the friction between us

    6. heightening in tone and volume, “Is that all you’re here for – you

    7. heightening sensibilities and sensations washing over her

    8. The sound of waves crashing against the beach beyond the clubhouse was muffled, further heightening the apparent tension in the room

    9. fingers wiggled, heightening her pleasure as the muscles held them captive and gave

    10. Occasionally a car of revelers departing from the Sahara City nightclub passed by on the road a little way off lighting up Lizzie's outline, illuminating a barely discernible smile with a momentary flash, then the withdrawing quantum of light leaving us again minus one sense, heightening the rest

    11. Heightening anxieties, fears

    12. noise heightening as if their group was running into a trap

    13. � When we look at those stories carefully, we might also find that we tell the same story multiple times with an every heightening sense of outrage

    14. If we had never experienced blindness in others we would never know the existence of the ability of those who are blind to deal with the pain and inconvenience of not seeing, their courage and tenacity, and their ability to compensate through the heightening of other senses

    15. He did not know if it was due to the alcohol in his system heightening his consciousness to the reality of what had happened in the past week or if it was something else

    16. Often heightening the effect with a wash, he conveyed marvellous suggestions with the simplest scribbles

    17. But this is the usual way of heightening alarm, where there is nothing to be alarmed at in reality

    18. The secrecy with which everything had been carried on between them, was rationally treated as enormously heightening the crime, because, had any suspicion of it occurred to the others, proper measures would have been taken to prevent the marriage; and he called on Elinor to join with him in regretting that Lucy's engagement with Edward had not rather been fulfilled, than that she should thus be the means of spreading misery farther in the family

    19. this delicious girl, gradually heightening her beauty as they heightened

    20. As I declined the proposal on the plea of an appointment, he was so good as to take me into a yard and show me where the gallows was kept, and also where people were publicly whipped, and then he showed me the Debtors' Door, out of which culprits came to be hanged; heightening the interest of that dreadful portal by giving me to understand that "four on 'em" would come out at that door the day after to-morrow at eight in the morning, to be killed in a row

    21. In the mean time, we could plainly mark the prodigious effect the progressions of this delightful energy wrought in this delicious girl, gradually heightening her beauty as they heightened her pleasure

    22. Dashwood remained at Norland several months; not from any disinclination to move when the sight of every well known spot ceased to raise the violent emotion which it produced for a while; for when her spirits began to revive, and her mind became capable of some other exertion than that of heightening its affliction by melancholy remembrances, she was impatient to be gone, and indefatigable in her inquiries for a suitable dwelling in the neighbourhood of Norland; for to remove far from that beloved spot was impossible

    23. The secrecy with which everything had been carried on between them, was rationally treated as enormously heightening the crime, because, had any suspicion of it occurred to the others, proper measures would have been taken to prevent the marriage; and he called on Elinor to join with him in regretting that Lucy’s engagement with Edward had not rather been fulfilled, than that she should thus be the means of spreading misery farther in the family

    24. It is improbable that the mere heightening of a weak, bad man's ambition would make him good and great in half an hour

    25. But to others an historical novel like the ‘Martyr of Golgotha’ comes like a revelation, opening fresh vistas of thought, filling out blanks and making clear what had hitherto been vague and unsatisfactory, quickening insight and sympathy, and actually heightening the conception of divine traits

    26. This din of voices and the clatter of the chairs, together with the close smell, always flowed into one tormenting sensation, and produced in Nekhludoff a feeling of moral nausea which grew into physical sickness, the two feelings mingling with and heightening each other

    27. A good lesson on the importance of keeping color subdued, for the sake of heightening architectural effect, can be derived from any of Front's works, which, by the way, might with great advantage be used to copy from

    1. My forest-green dress heightens the colour of my eyes, looks pleasing with my auburn hair hanging loose

    2. not felt immediately but one major setback is that it heightens the risk of liver

    3. As we read through pages, this greatness heightens, never ceases to diminish and the legacy is born once again while we become part of it when we finish reading it

    4. This heightens previous suspicions, and we wonder if the one-dimensional

    5. window, only heightens the throbbing in my head

    6. other and that heightens our pleasure

    7. within the room heightens everyone's

    8. The women are very much aware of this corruption of the process of a "secret ballot" and it heightens their desire to have the right to vote as they believe that they would refuse en masse to comply with despotic demands such as those of the mill owners," Olin informed him without realizing that it would be another 66 years before the ladies would have the lawful ability to test their theory

    9. � When we rush to get somewhere on time, we do so in that same sort of fear which heightens that standard level of bodily, and therefore psychological, tension

    10. UNSEELIE FLESH: Eating Unseelie flesh endows an average human with enormous strength, power, and sensory acuity; heightens sexual pleasure and stamina; and is highly addictive

    11. Even so, this conservative approach heightens the danger that an upstart currency could emerge, à la Google, and eat Bitcoin’s lunch

    12. *With reference to the Polar bear, it may possibly be urged by him who would fain go still deeper into this matter, that it is not the whiteness, separately regarded, which heightens the intolerable hideousness of that brute; for, analysed, that heightened hideousness, it might be said, only rises from the circumstance, that the irresponsible ferociousness of the creature stands invested in the fleece of celestial innocence and love; and hence, by bringing together two such opposite emotions in our minds, the Polar bear frightens us with so unnatural a contrast

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