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    1. Richard Rowinski would come in first thing in the morning and he would attend one or two classes and then he would hitchhike home on the highway and not be at school the rest of the day

    2. She paced the walkways of the park, never too far from her phone, returned to it, called again and said that she would wait another fifteen minutes before attempting to hitchhike to San José, then sat, staring at the telephone and battling a whole new set of worries: Caroline had a history of betrayals, and Beth had heard her described as cunning and evil

    3. Had she just made a terrible mistake? Should she go now and hitchhike, or would that be more stupid because of the chance of a police car in the line of traffic? Then it came to her: Sylvia might possibly help

    4. If we can find a road, we can hitchhike to the nearest city

    5. to hitchhike into medical school

    6. 2B mimic meme's that hitchhike and parasitically stow away on pirate frequencies

    7. I just wish your ex-girlfriend wouldn't try to hitchhike on our popularity

    8. He thought of it as a means of taking Sophia to the lake house for it was, somehow, a one-and-a-half-hour trip from the town proper, and he did not want them to walk, nor to hitchhike with deer hunters

    9. Lydia thought about all those times her own mother had told her to stand up straight, stop slouching, hold the book away from her face, moisturize, wear a bra to bed, always suck in her stomach, and never hitchhike, and she wanted to slap herself for not following every single stupid piece of advice that had ever come out of the woman’s mouth

    10. I hung up the phone feeling more relieved that I didn’t have to hitchhike than worried about the snow

    1. There, a young couple from Idaho with a two-year-old in a stroller, delighted with Beth’s adventurous account of hitchhiking to the park from McAllen, cheerfully offered to take them back

    2. That pretty much made the idea of hitchhiking out sit on the back

    3. When hitchhiking with truckers, I get offered beer fairly regularly

    4. “As a child who suffered from crippling and irrational fears, Jamie was not the typical candidate to start hitchhiking alone through Europe

    5. as a student, she was hitchhiking through Europe

    6. hitchhiking, she did not bother to report the rape or even to tell anyone that it had

    7. Hector then entered Edinburg Junior College, which required hitchhiking 30 miles each day to get there

    8. Maybe, he was just tired of hitchhiking

    9. Says he's been hitchhiking across the country for a couple of weeks, but can't produce a single name of anyone he rode with or anywhere he stayed

    10. “Are you really hitchhiking, or are you just pulling my leg?”

    1. They had hitchhiked across to Russia and had

    2. They spoke via cell phone the morning of November 15, then X hitchhiked [he did not have a car or driver’s license] to Westerly where he remained until he returned to the apartment and found Mike 4 days dead on the bathroom floor, naked

    3. [I hitchhiked from Istanbul to the UK, enjoying many delicious food filled days in Italy, spending an average of €2

    4. I could have hitchhiked in, but, well

    5. Gladys hitchhiked most of the way to Kentucky, riding the occasional bus when she grew tired of thumbing rides and being passed up

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