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Honorable en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Oh, yes, the honorable Mrs.
  2. I see I'm with honorable men.
  3. And the honorable chairman (Mr.
  4. It is not honorable to go back.
  5. I will, my honorable husband.

  6. But, an honorable gentleman (Mr.
  7. It was the honorable thing to do.
  8. He is the Powerful, the Honorable.
  9. A very worthy, honorable answer.
  10. Above all, his father was honorable.
  11. You are an honorable man, Amir agha.
  12. The death of honorable men and women.
  13. There was something to being honorable.
  14. It is an honorable sport and I do not.
  15. An honorable member from Tennessee, (Mr.

  16. An honorable gentleman from Vermont (Mr.
  17. Only, Courfeyrac was an honorable fellow.
  18. The honorable gentleman from Georgia, (Mr.
  19. But this method of yours, is not honorable.
  20. The honorable gentleman from Virginia (Mr.
  21. And waited until his most honorable Pater.
  22. The honorable gentleman from Kentucky, (Mr.
  23. Handing in one's resignation is honorable.
  24. But my honorable friend from Virginia (Mr.
  25. There is no such thing as an honorable.

  26. After my honorable friend from Virginia (Mr.
  27. The last section is an honorable mention of.
  28. They surly must have derived this honorable.
  29. To the Honorable the President of the Senate:.
  30. Maybe we can become brave and honorable again.
  31. You are the trustworthiest and most honorable.
  32. To the honorable the President of the Senate:.
  33. An honorable gentleman from South Carolina, (Mr.
  34. The honorable gentleman from Massachusetts (Mr.
  35. The honorable gentleman from North Carolina (Mr.
  36. To labor is to serve and all service is honorable.
  37. But there's still time to do the honorable thing.
  38. It was the only honorable and practicable course.
  39. Gold that my intentions were honorable and that.
  40. The Honorable Judge Ellis was most willing to.
  41. A man who has committed himself to the honorable.
  42. It's a great and honorable work, but it's not easy.
  43. Or it could be decorations for your honorable pub.
  44. The Honorable Reverend Doctor Harold Dunnavant had.
  45. One approached them only with honorable intentions.
  46. My intentions for your granddaughter are honorable.
  47. Were non-Elven beings capable of being honorable?
  48. It’s an honorable profession, but it’s not ours.
  49. He seemed way too honorable to be the cheating type.
  50. He had defended their actions as just and honorable.
  51. With such honorable people in a fine old house, it.
  52. Marriage is honorable in all and the bed undefiled:.
  53. Since the victors were honorable and submission of.
  54. As a means of obtaining an early and honorable peace.
  55. But my honorable friend from Pennsylvania says that Mr.
  56. Most honorable Ancient, another heku said, bowing.
  57. But, say the honorable committee, our honor requires it.
  58. An honorable peace is attainable only by an efficient war.
  59. Has the story of Abraham's honorable guests reached you?
  60. Your words are honorable Varek, just as they were before.
  61. Noah was an honorable man and found favor in the eyes of God.
  62. It has been said by the honorable gentleman from Georgia (Mr.
  63. I knew I would be able to count on your honorable nature.
  64. My honorable friend, the gentleman from South Carolina, (Mr.
  65. Those who knew Lovern knew he was an honorable druid and man.
  66. By the order of the District Judge, the Honorable Reginald P.
  67. You were described to me as stubborn, and tough and honorable.
  68. It wasn’t an honorable course, but it was the only one he had.
  69. Then I shall have attained my object, which is an honorable one.
  70. I find nothing honorable about the Vietnam war or Richard Nixon.
  71. I see no other honorable course in which peace can be maintained.
  72. She is not only tough and brilliant but also an honorable person.
  73. They treated for an honorable capitulation, receiv'd writing and.
  74. I know, father, you are the most honorable man I have ever known.
  75. Yes he is the second of his family honorable enough to bare it.
  76. Casaubon has always avoided dwelling on his own honorable actions.
  77. Although the tilling and sowing of the ground is an honorable and.
  78. But it is alleged, by the honorable chairman of the committee, (Mr.
  79. The honorable gentleman has discovered that this is a vulgar error.
  80. The manner has indeed been objected to by the honorable Speaker, (Mr.
  81. We have the honorable Major Thom Husband with us to make a report.
  82. He keeps pestering her with his offers, not honorable ones, of course.
  83. Worthington, and of course, the honorable chairman of the club, Senator.
  84. I rejoiced to hear the honorable Chairman of the Military Committee (Mr.
  85. It was different now than when I had first seen it, but no less honorable.
  86. A good fellow, a skilled hand, fond of us, and enthusiastic and honorable.
  87. Speaker, in one opinion expressed by the honorable gentleman last up, (Mr.
  88. Sometimes she loved that D’ven was an honorable man- others she hated it.
  89. Rather, for her, it was about doing what she felt was the honorable thing.
  90. These resources are amply sufficient to bring the war to an honorable issue.
  91. He enlisted at the age of 18 and received an honorable discharge at age 26.
  92. Uncle Baelor said that clemency was best when dealing with an honorable foe.
  93. My honorable friend from Georgia has been reminded of the Macedonian phalanx.
  94. Patricia, this is Harold McMasters, magician supreme and most honorable man.
  95. In the above Order, the Honorable Court has observed that visually impaired.
  96. I need to overwrite those memories with something better, something honorable.
  97. Regaining his wits the king questioned: But honorable ancestor, what of our.
  98. The judge appointed is a lifetime citizen of Eudora, the Honorable Everett J.
  99. The rest hesitated to fight him for it was not really a honorable thing to bully.
  100. In point of revenue how does it work? The honorable chairman of the committee, (Mr.

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