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    1. was bathed in a golden hue and her breath hitched at the

    2. The One Elf’s staff began to take on a bluish hue as Tetloan leapt forward, his strength, speed and agility enhanced to their utmost by the Singularity

    3. Opposite the foot of the bed, a gold and green tapestry shimmered with a hue of blue, while a man, devoid of hair, stepped through it

    4. Chubby and round, her cheeks were filled with a constant crimson hue and speckled with tiny black spots like a sprinkling of pepper

    5. Resting against his chair was a strange wooden staff that was dark at the center, but otherwise crimson in hue

    6. The veins in Coba's face bulged, his flesh shifted in hue from crimson to blue

    7. The hue surrounding his robe fizzled into nothing as he raised a hand of blue fire to deliver one last blow

    8. A falling star shimmering faintly in a hue of blue and what appeared to be

    9. matches the same hue as the halls and walls of school

    10. His robe reflected the deep red hue in the pattern of the shawl

    11. Yet he wasn’t as afraid as he thought he should be; the world was disconnected, an ethereal quality through its pink-orange hue

    12. On closer examination, the stranger would notice that Shelagh's hair had the odd strand of grey and that her complexion was of a rosy hue compared to Rosemary's which was pale and drawn

    13. The moon was half full and gave ample light, bathing the camp in a blue hue

    14. As we walked on I saw that the whole of ‘No Man’s Land’ had come to life with men throwing shadows a darker hue than the night sky

    15. As the plane continued to climb they entered a cloud with a purplish hue; mist curled its way around the wings and spiraled beyond, a diminishing vortex, in a way that didn't seem authentic

    16. almost comforting, giving the bared flesh of her arms and face an eerie hue

    17. A rich hue saturated the fields, the mountains, the stone of the long wall, the trees beyond

    18. They appeared brighter than usual and smaller, the hue of its light a pale blue, as if a sickness had befallen it

    19. The sun did not seem to have that blueish hue

    20. Then, the other door pane turned transparent and the same greenish hue was emitted from within

    21. but there was a special one that seemed to emanate a silver hue, and it looked

    22. bubbly gelatin, with a reddish hue

    23. The red hue of the luminous vat highlighted her violet hair,

    24. “And then Nigel confronts me and I ask him if the pink hue has faded off of the electric guitar on your heinie,” I said as I reached the door

    25. A sparkle could be seen in her eyes, they were not brown anymore, but the hue of black diamond, something that Sit pretended not to notice

    26. hue into the sky

    27. trees of darker hue, some sort of conifers perhaps

    28. The inside of the arch was smooth heartwood of a rich, reddish brown hue, for no bark grew there

    29. The morning sky was a deep golden hue as the sun peeked over the hill in front of Arthur's house

    30. ” she told him as she settled on a hue and turned away from the mirror

    31. The REMF contingent Monaghan and crew cleaned up on were civilians hanging out at Mimi's bar on Nguyen Hue

    32. that the ashen hue of her face had been replaced by a slightly feverish flush

    33. There had been such a tremendous hue and cry over their disappearance and all stops had been pulled out to find them

    34. He could have been clear and away before the hue and cry started

    35. Lorna looked more closely and saw that the diamonds had indeed a bluish hue

    36. ” It’s a fitting hue, given that the violence that characterized much of the Old Testament is just about to give way to a much more gracious era under God’s Messiah

    37. nothing, but a bluish hue

    38. aglow in the hue of newest wisdom

    39. Zoe sighed and looked around the cemetery as the early morning sun started its climb casting the cemetery is a golden hue

    40. The rich, opulent fields of wheat flourishing as the time for harvest neared gave an almost golden hue to the skyline

    41. range of acceptable variation - blue things, even those of the "same" hue, are rarely all of

    42. Latex covering? No shine off if it so it is all natural hue

    43. Their glowing, crimson bodies illuminated the central, stone column with an eerie hue

    44. ” Still, I was deeply moved to tears as I observed what I could see: exquisitely triangular, enormous in its scale to me, both walls, full windowed, framed vast scenes of stars and distant galaxies reflected like pure diamonds upon a highly polished floor that had the hue of midnight blue, as mystical as beautiful

    45. Canst thou see Her within thy mind? Her look is sapphirine in hue; indeed, a rare and precious gem of oceans, clouds and continents

    46. The second squat fisherman, whose skin had taken on a hue that looked more amphibious than human, was ripped forward off the ramparts with a stout pull on his line and he fell into the dark water, croaking fatally

    47. took on a red hue

    48. Her eyes seemed to change hue as they darkened and narrowed

    49. The mid-morning light took on a noticeable orange hue, and along with the accompanying chill left the crisp feel of the first days of autumns

    50. He had cheeks of a yellow, or rather a greenish hue

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    chromaticity hue imbue shade cast tinge grain colour brilliance saturation