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Inconsolable en una oración (en ingles)

The children were inconsolable, and Mr.
Jack was inconsolable at the loss of two who were.
Carney was inconsolable and began to struggle wildly.
Mary, mother of Jesus, is grieving the inconsolable.
I begged his pardon, but the old man was inconsolable.
Janelle was inconsolable, as she had thought of that.
His inconsolable widow continued to keep the wine-shop.

It was a baby boy that I lost and Rami was inconsolable.
The little boy’s mother was inconsolable when she saw how.
It was spring when I left the shop and an inconsolable Hag Younes.
I rejoice in our wedding, for it wiped away my inconsolable tears.
Callas said, quite inconsolable, that she felt she now was a widow.
Rose was inconsolable over the marriage, horrified [and] heartbroken.
I wouldn't say that Jake was inconsolable because he was no longer crying.
I'd leave her in peace for the time being, she's inconsolable in her shame.
She was inconsolable and cried often and her depression dragged on for months.
But what she felt was an inconsolable grief over the death of the BlackBerry itself.
She had to pull through, or Aazuria would be inconsolable and he would be devastated.
Emma and Bridget did their best to cheer me up, but I was inconsolable at this point.
Some nasty tongues relate that Lisa went a long way to console the inconsolable lover.
ALL MY FAULT!! Maggie wailed incomprehensibly, as she dissolved into inconsolable tears.
Dandelion was inconsolable to think that he might have stopped Hazel breaking from the ditch.
Tom's mum was utterly inconsolable and probably couldn't have said anything even if she wanted to too.
Inconsolable in his unrelenting melancholy, he leapt into the black hole and was sucked into oblivion.
She screamed and wept with heart-rending sobs when the telegram arrived and was devastated and inconsolable.
She ran as fast as a hare and within seconds had her arms around her small daughter, wailing with inconsolable joy.
He clasped his hands, as though nothing could be a bitterer and more inconsolable grief to him than such a discovery.
The sadness, the inconsolable grief was for Nora, though, not for himself: the unfairness of what had happened to her.
I thought of you often, of course, but it seemed beyond my rights to write to you expressing such inconsolable feelings.
Has, after those first few stunned and inconsolable weeks, spent many more trying to get used to the new order of things.
My brother Taiwit, he was sorry to report, died this past winter, and Simahi was inconsolable, although Mathilde was trying.
Claire had been inconsolable, because she had wanted so badly to honor his wishes, but both rings had been taken by the Snake Man.
The carer was inconsolable, she did not like Michael that much, but she did not hate him and certainly would not wish him any ill.
Their oldest son, Greg, tried to help his father and called upon a common friend who left his work and went to console an inconsolable Roger.
Her husband said their local doctor had been treating her for inconsolable delusions and feared she'd become a danger to both their young daughters.
In the middle of the bustling market, a very old man with an inconsolable expression on his face was pulling chicks out of the pockets of his beggar’s coat.
But that he was for ever inconsolable, that he fled from society, or contracted an habitual gloom of temper, or died of a broken heart, must not be depended on--for he did neither.
But that he was for ever inconsolable, that he fled from society, or contracted an habitual gloom of temper, or died of a broken heart, must not be depended on—for he did neither.
But Jai was inconsolable, and May Ling and Siri were still in the vehicle attempting to settle her, when there was a tremendous blinding flash and a deafening explosion from the palace.
She was completely inconsolable with grief and Matt pulled her into a corner holding her tightly as he rocked her like he would’ve done for one of his own children, if he’d ever had any.

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