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    1. Consequently, I found myself regularly judged as being of inferior ability by automotive industry

    2. This time it's for the romance of being who I really am, who I am without the distractions of an early death and resurrection in an experimental environment, a starship expedition that went wrong and the founding of an industry to deal with

    3. We were fellow exiles starting a great industry with our alien knowledge and got caught up in it

    4. Department of Agriculture officials and from representatives of the agriculture industry for the most effective ways to expedite equipment development

    5. ‘Not now, but there used to be a massive coal industry all round Radstock and up towards Bath

    6. ‘Dad got an education – trained as a skilled worker and got a job in the aeronautical industry based in Bristol

    7. He knew it because he spent his youth and a good portion of adulthood there working in the Sao Luis aerospace industry

    8. Breakfast food can be limited by the presence of only one mammal on the planet and the economic impossibility of using mother's milk in a dairy products industry

    9. It was quite a romance novel wasn't it, - shy, bookish Angel re-incarnated in a body seething with uncontrollable lust, and a dashing latin Lothario rebuild the technology industry in a new world-

    10. "It was a grand time in my life," he said, thinking especially how much fun it was to found that industry and the study of virtuality

    11. Earth's industry pursued this technology to the point where the devices had more thinking power than a human brain, then to the point where they could simulate a brain

    12. You want to showcase your business as an innovator, as a company that is a leader and as a company that is going to take charge in the industry that it is in

    13. With so many competitors that they could turn to in nearly any market or industry that your business is in, they decided to follow your company

    14. These are a few ways to keep your customers coming back, keep them following you on social media and to keep them from turning to competitors in the same industry

    15. There is also a budding industry making musical instruments growing up in the area around the Performance Hall

    16. It had produced titans of industry; leaders of legend, and far thinking scientists who provided this country the advances she enjoyed

    17. This is much more of a cottage industry type operation

    18. For what it was worth, this time was a prelude to trouble because the captains of Atlantean industry were already stirring up trouble by trying to find cheap labor on the mainland

    19. mystery, no one in the industry having heard of Allium Records

    20. It happened to industry

    21. for the heavy industry so typical of the age: collieries, iron foundries

    22. Lavished, as it were, on the upholding of this village's standards of excellence and good reputation;” she paused, “So valuable to our native industry,” then curtly added, “Don't you agree?”

    23. The heavy industry was considered ‘done’ by this society

    24. He didn't really care so much about what he looked like, for himself, but he was the traveling companion of a captain of industry, and his own benefactor

    25. Kev stared out of the window at the little town he had driven through in the dark - just an ordinary, little town with a few shops and a bit of a tourist industry

    26. Once he had settled for himself their relative personal tastes and positions in society and industry, he listened more attentively to the banter with which the three men were engaged

    27. The traffic on the roads is light at seven, made up of early shift starts and the twenty-four hour grind of the haulage industry

    28. It sounded like the same society but with some kind of industry

    29. How very appropriate, do you not think? Considering also our own community's native industry and reliance upon that season?” She concluded with the question, and left it to the group before her

    30. His industry was paramount to their recent successes in the market and, he decided, if they were unwilling to part with him again so soon, he reconciled himself to beginning fresh with one of their rivals

    31. The cook had, with great industry, replanted the little back garden and numerous green things were sprouting up in this cool spring weather

    32. That canal was where the products of the Hyadrain Valley's heavy industry were floated out to the great canal called Fourth Harbor

    33. The whole quantity of industry annually employed in order to bring any commodity to market, naturally suits itself in this manner to the effectual demand

    34. But, in some employments, the same quantity of industry will, in different years, produce very different quantities of commodities ; while, in others, it will produce always the same, or very nearly the same

    35. It is only the average produce of the one species of industry which can be suited, in any respect, to the effectual demand ; and as its actual produce is frequently much greater, and frequently much less, than its average produce, the quantity of the commodities brought to market will sometimes exceed a good deal, and sometimes fall short a good deal, of the effectual demand

    36. In the other species of industry, the produce of equal quantities of labour being always the same, or very nearly the same, it can be more exactly suited to the effectual demand

    37. Marco Polo, who visited it more than five hundred years ago, describes its cultivation, industry, and populousness, almost in the same terms in which they are described by travellers in the present times

    38. The liberal reward of labour, as it encourages the propagation, so it increases the industry of the common people

    39. The wages of labour are the encouragement of industry, which, like every other human quality, improves in proportion to the encouragement it receives

    40. A plentiful subsistence, therefore, it has been concluded, relaxes, and a scanty one quickens their industry

    41. Years of dearth, it is to be observed, are generally among the common people years of sickness and mortality, which cannot fail to diminish the produce of their industry

    42. In years of plenty, servants frequently leave their masters, and trust their subsistence to what they can make by their own industry

    43. They naturally, therefore, commend the former as more favourable to industry

    44. The one enjoys the whole produce of his own industry, the other shares it with his master

    45. In a year of sudden and extraordinary plenty, there are funds in the hands of many of the employers of industry, sufficient to maintain and employ a greater number of industrious people than had been employed the year before ; and this extraordinary number cannot always be had

    46. The funds destined for employing industry are less than they had been the year before

    47. industry was the chaos and disruption to traffic in the

    48. The connection between the increase of stock and that of industry, or of the demand for useful labour, has partly been explained already, but will be explained more fully hereafter, in treating of the accumulation of stock

    49. The diminution of the capital stock of the society, or of the funds destined for the maintenance of industry, however, as it lowers the wages of labour, so it raises the profits of stock, and consequently the interest of money

    50. industry, the quantity of industry annually employed is necessarily regulated by the annual

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    industry manufacture diligence industriousness sector branch business trade manufacturing enterprise application perseverance zeal hard work assiduity