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    1. She figured she should inform Ava when she brought up the last backup of his home

    2. He limped off to call Rosy Panicker to inform her of the situation

    3. ! A few days later, Aphrodite will inform me Billy is interested in lucid dreaming a lot, and Alexander has been teaching him in private! What a serious person for the guru to teach personally! Is Bill supposed to be balanced enough for this? ?

    4. ‘Hmmm … you’ll have to inform your employers fairly soon,’ he went on gently, ‘You know that?’

    5. Kofo Awoonor, by seeking his voice and reflecting on all that he did to inform our imagination and culture

    6. I am authorised by the High Guild to inform you that in recognition of the services of the family of James Joris Lilwin (known as Sweet) a small pension will be paid to you for the duration of your life

    7. If a follower likes the contest, this will automatically inform their friends on Facebook of the contest as well

    8. Kate went to the Great Hall to inform Sam and Lucy that Sally had gone thru the change and she was spent; she had gone home with Michael to rest for a while

    9. inform a writer’s view of the world,

    10. Having convinced him I am settled, Berndt rides off to inform his mother of his change of status, his promises that he will be back within the week if he can, ringing in my ears as I watch him leave

    11. She knew he would inform her later as to what this was all about

    12. Rather than employing actors to tell classic tales, to make people laugh, or to inform and to educate, he hit upon the novel idea of making ordinary people the stars of television shows

    13. Tarak cleared his throat, “Please excuse this late call, I just stopped by to inform you that Lord Duncan is resting

    14. He took time to educate her on the current politics; inform her of the state of their treasury; and gently pointed out Lord Boras as the only real threat she faced

    15. Queen Naria is going to inform him herself of your presence in my Hold; he wouldn’t dare object

    16. ) The member should inform the Church when his or her birthday is

    17. valley to inform me if any strangers approach the mountain

    18. ’ He said wryly ‘And you had better inform your mother

    19. Her death is recorded and her body is moved to the hospital mortuary to await the Coroner and police action to inform her parents

    20. They make a note of a number stored on her mobile under the name Home and inform the two police officers

    21. the House maintenance has made a botch of it, and Mother told me to come and inform you

    22. doesn’t need to inform you of his motives,' said de Plassan

    23. “Thank you, that would be lovely, and would you be so kind as to inform Mrs

    24. Belle continued, seeing she had hit the mark in one, “For you will have to win him outright, and then inform him of the change in management

    25. ‘I have to inform you that Dan Sherman will be terminated in one weeks’ time if you do not conform to our wishes

    26. willing to inform on them if they try to cheat the system

    27. In a month from the date yesterday they'll inform me for an interview

    28. That the price of linen and woollen cloth is liable neither to such frequent, nor to such great variations, as the price of corn, every man's experience will inform him

    29. He would inform you, quite seriously in his clear firm voice, that he was six and a quarter years old

    30. We regret to inform you that Ava has not descended to the flesh with us

    31. Or bother to inform Nerissa that she was being leased out to the mine

    32. Despite her anger, and attitude toward this war, I felt it necessary to inform her of our exodus,’ Ome stated, bluntly and without any apparent emotion

    33. She told me to inform you to wait at the

    34. Sometimes, I pass at the hotel to inform about

    35. “Unfortunately, I am here to inform you that the

    36. The other one he instructed to ride to Riften to inform the Jarl of the incident

    37. She turned and walked into their quarters to inform the family of the latest developments

    38. The official representative of the infirmary interrupted their thoughts to inform them that the body had been moved to the preparation chamber

    39. But now the time was ripe to inform Zarko about what had transpired in the meantime

    40. Who we are what we are where we are when we are is our choice Inform, Plan , Act

    41. out a way with Crystals’ help to inform the

    42. For example, a politician who intends to make a personal donation to charity may choose to inform the press, so that he could acquire extensive publicity to improve his image or increase his ‘political mileage’

    43. Due to the loss in business we regret to inform you that we are laying-off all of our hosts and hostesses for the winter and spring

    44. Memos are sometimes used internally to inform an entire company or department of something

    45. Would you please inform her?”

    46. The graphical displays then went into further detail: a dispassionate clinical analysis from a subsentient AI, that felt no obligation to inform him

    47. The AI told him, ‘I must inform you that it is not advisable to enter into its local space

    48. “Here you are Sir have a drink we might as well make the most of it whilst were here Then we can inform Battalion that we have found a source of water close at hand

    49. Tell Major Danby that we have found a source of water and that he can inform Battalion

    50. As he worked on the table, I wrote mother to inform her of our decision

    1. I was informed that no exception would be made to the rule, to which I

    2. He was taken aback, "Who informed

    3. He had informed her, numerous times, that even though her body was local, her mind was of Earth and he would have registered their children as pureblood terrestrial

    4. "Well, I thought you would want to be thoroughly informed in advance and I saw that you had signed in but not signed off on the briefing forms so it struck me as strange

    5. "I was informed that the morgue was closed for the night

    6. ‘Mr Lisle, as I informed you at the start of this interview, the murder of Joanna Sadler is nothing to do with me

    7. The Gardai just informed me this afternoon He died at midday

    8. "Have the Gardai been informed

    9. While those natives had to be informed by the one of their clan who had gone to a data terminal, the network was connected to everyone on Narrulla's Tear and she was able to query, 'what is known about an asteroid that could collide with the planet Kassidor?' and find out quite a lot

    10. She was not even informed when her You found the Nupie on the local air band, and transmitted Ginger's message to it

    11. It is truly sad when men (especially young men) are not fully informed about the

    12. Keeping a congregation informed of decisions is a wise choice by an eldership or a

    13. Women can be informed of what is happening in the work of the church

    14. Married women should be informed by their husbands

    15. In the evening Louise phoned and informed me that the young man I liked had come into her office once again later, but all he did was laugh up his sleeve before her

    16. whose husbands are not Christians can also be informed:

    17. How then can women be informed of what is going on in the local church? There are a

    18. informed them of plans and happenings and invited their questions and comments

    19. As I was informed by an advertisement posted up all over the city of Athens, a famous lama has just arrived in Greece

    20. I think the fact the members were kept informed and felt very much a part of the work of the church was one of

    21. women would be kept informed of what is going on in this way, I believe it can be handled

    22. informed me that he had been in a religious discussion with a Catholic co-worker

    23. We were informed that in order to do this we would have to get permission from the

    24. This requires biblically informed elders

    25. You should have informed me about those papers

    26. We are informed that a service of thanksgiving will be held in the Great Gotteshouse in London next month and will publish details as soon as they are available

    27. “Most rattlers strike distance is twice their length,” she informed him

    28. He kissed her softly on the forehead and informed her that this is what is referred to as ‘love-play’, and there was nothing more important

    29. Jake informed Kate

    30. I have also informed Daniel and he is on his way to you My Lady

    31. That way all the riders will be informed at the same time

    32. The patient should also be informed about the nature of the postoperative

    33. Sam had pulled everyone into the mess hall and informed of what was taking place

    34. “Jake informed me of this turn of events, it is most unusual

    35. He gave Jake much information; he also informed Jake about the existence of 22 dragons in Oregon on the West coast who had agreed to join in the fight against the dark devils

    36. I went on to literally point fingers at him and I informed him that I knew of his escapades

    37. She and Michael had informed Sam and Lucy first that they were going to be grandparents; news that thrilled Lucy so much so that she bawled like a baby

    38. The next morning Jake informed Daniel that he would be his rider in the coming battle

    39. The nurses informed my mother one day that they thought we might have a problem, which would be Turrets Syndrome

    40. “She informed me the night before last that it was sounding more and more like a little girl

    41. Her father went berserk when he was informed that Tiffany was helping the police with their enquiries and was quite ready to give her a good thrashing and to call her all sorts of nasty names

    42. Ichor informed him that the Blue Dragons from the coast had already been called

    43. Ichor informed him

    44. He was informed that the doctor was due in two days time

    45. Jake had kept pace with the goings on and now informed Jeffery and James of the birth of the twins

    46. Mistress Sera informed what was happening

    47. He informed Rayne that all women wore long gowns when attending the court; to do otherwise would be considered an insult

    48. Both had decided that Lord Boras was not to be informed of the meeting between the Queen and the so-called ‘Outsiders’

    49. “All in this room think the same Altera,” Naria informed her

    50. “Why was I not informed of this meeting?” He stormed down the steps and headed towards the Queen shouting loudly,

    1. The boys shouted obscenities back, informing anyone who was listening that they knew where everyone lived and would be back later to get them

    2. Lord Tarak asked if she had suffered any casualties from the Scather attack while at the same time informing her of the attack on his Hold

    3. Time had taught him that Serena would have found out about the Scathers attack anyway; she would have acted on her own quickly before informing him or anyone

    4. The boys shouted obscenities back, informing anyone who was

    5. After a brief, telepathic conversation, Ollius sent the two fleeing Chosen to Brontes and the others, informing them of who they were, and why they came

    6. slowly, without informing the “scholarly men”

    7. It’s merely informing us of the incident

    8. Companies and other organizations are usually required by law to present a written notice to employees informing them of a lay-off

    9. That was a very odd sensation for him, as although his eyes were informing him that he was the right way up, as he was standing on the floor of a normal room, his sense of balance was arguing that down was behind him

    10. So what would be the point of informing them about it? even to place the thought in their minds: the possibility of the ship’s failure? No

    11. To her amazement it switched on, the screen illuminating to show a warning prompt, informing her that it too had lost network connection, she switched it off but kept holding it, reluctant to drop it back into the salty water

    12. She promptly ushered them to the door, informing

    13. However I was wrong about the amount of time I had and just five days later a telegram arrived informing me that I should report to the Battalion at a transit camp on Salisbury plain

    14. “I will brief you again closer to the time of the raid informing you of what’s what and what you need to know”, after this Major Danby dismissed us and we left the bunker

    15. of customs in San Francisco informing that the men left stranded on Ponape Island by the Shenandoah had been left on the island for about two months

    16. In truth, Adem had started the rebellion, by informing a number of Alit’aren and Gai’den of Carl’s new declaration to outlaw male wielding

    17. What a woman! Felicity and I both thanked her, and she smiled back, informing Felicity that she was welcome for dinner

    18. One indeed attacked me without reason on the border, and I am afraid I distressed the Army medic by informing him I would most definitely shoot him if he didn’t quit fooling around and pull it out with pliers (which I had appropriated from the Army the week before) immediately and without leaving pieces of the spike in me either! After that I passed out because he had mixed the antibiotic injection with a knock-out drug after I had given him the evil eye, or so he said during a fatherly chat about the attempted murder a few days later

    19. “I sent you a missive informing you that we were putting to sea early and the Captain had a communication for you?”

    20. Another petite female officer arrested a well-known boxer simply by smiling and informing him that he was under arrest and she is sure there would be no need for unpleasantness

    21. She wasn’t happy and now here was Booker informing her that cats had attacked other people as well, for goodness sake!

    22. General Shafter sent in a demand of surrender to General Toral, informing him of the loss of the fleet

    23. (The) news, apart from informing the Public, is a medium (oftentimes) lacking underlying or supporting proofs or creditable evidence

    24. The kettle clicked informing us that the water had boiled and our attention was required

    25. Being about eleven years old I immediately afterwards had a fatherly talk with the teacher's pet for informing on me which brought me another invitation to explain my beastly and violent ways much to my regret

    26. In what manner do ―prevailing‖ moral and spiritual agencies informing the ―good life‖ reconcile contemporary standards lacking (historical) precedence; that is to say, whose identities or stores of knowledge have been irretrievably lost?

    27. seemingly render Free Will problematical once (the) events informing ―rational‖ behavior have been properly considered

    28. “If you’re supposed to be informing me of this procedure of yours, you’re doing a bad job of it,” I said

    29. As for my endeavor in this matter, I tried to soften the misunderstandings by informing the people involved that, for me, neither the “surprise” nor the particulars surrounding it count as much as the “honor” that the homage brings with it

    30. If this was coincidence, why was Smith-Barry the one informing me of the promotion?

    31. As she learned later, when her attorney was allowed access to the report, the Boston PD’s narcotics division had called Costa Rica, informing the OIJ of the arrest of her man at Logan International

    32. The task that remained, that of informing Enrique she was quitting the cocaine business, was something she greeted with jubilation and it didn’t come with a sense of regret

    33. He disposed of it and his Eagle sweat suit and his Oriole cap and then rested waiting for a call from Washington informing him of his wife's death

    34. A woman’s voice came on the line, informing him that the number was not a local one, and asked him where he was attempting to call

    35. Well, perhaps she was, he thought, and informing on him was her way to eliminate him from her team – but that couldn’t be because, the moment he became aware of her treachery, Michael would give her up

    36. I have the unenviable task of informing her about her Mother's illness

    37. In January, she received a telegram that had been forwarded from Pennsylvania, informing her that her husband was missing in action

    38. The angel Gabriel said those words to Mary informing her of the

    39. It was a message from Zabiewski, informing her that there were several Red Cross officials to whom she had not yet spoken who wished to meet her

    40. A graphic appeared down low in the left corner informing viewers that Hot-Wheels is a registered trademark

    41. everyone had been informing me that i

    42. government could have known this information, such leaks represent governmental abuse and harm the safety of the country by informing the enemy

    43. On the day of the surgery, he was in a meeting informing the bureaucrats that it was their fault his client was undergoing surgery as he spoke, implying this cancer was caused by stress – as indeed it may have been

    44. Yet above her bed stood notices informing of measured fluid intake and excretion

    45. These scripts are available for us to read and they are indeed very informing and enlightening writings

    46. The first was from California Confidential informing me that John Koflanovich, or one of his representatives, will be making a statement on the show this evening, refuting his connection to the Russian Mafia

    47. "I do not know, Monica, only your informing him and getting his reaction will answer that question

    48. These standards would include informing the public, not molding them! It was journalists who gathered together in 1923, and wrote “the Cannons of Journalism

    49. This way, the author tries to fulfill his double purpose to inform entertaining and to entertain informing

    50. The weekend saw me informing the FBI anonymously on their website about a drug dealer’s presence in the college

    1. ’ The voice of the receptionist informs him

    2. This verse informs us that an elder is a person who is entrusted with the goods of

    3. ” Peter simply informs us that there is no better example than that of Jesus

    4. Act 2 starts with Jim and Molly in a clinch which, Andy informs me in a whispered aside, he is looking forward to rehearsing

    5. A little later, Mrs Stavrakis informs me that shrew of Parissis went to the managing director and told him “This morning Yvonne was half an hour absent from her office!” – that's when I was out to buy Mrs Stavrakis some coffee

    6. She quickly informs Seth that she and Luna will remain in Alcazar for a while

    7. It is not the prescription that informs us,

    8. They are not of great monetary value, Miss Grey, but would be a reminder of someone who, as Philip Stevenson informs me, considers herself to be a friend of Bunty Danvers

    9. He informs us, too, that if we were to judge of the quantity of gold annually imported from the Brazils to Lisbon, by the amount of the tax paid to the king of Portugal, which it seems, is one-fifth of the standard metal, we might value it at eighteen millions of cruzadoes, or forty-five millions of French livres, equal to about twenty millions sterling

    10. This letter informs customers of a change in price

    11. Elena informs me that she has contacted Dr

    12. Ralph Waldo Emerson informs us that it is the hallmark of a small mind

    13. And in the same essay he informs us that the first responsibility of government is to govern the people, and the second necessity is to govern themselves, an injunction that seems to have completely escaped the notice of the current Democrat administration

    14. As he informs us in Federalist No

    15. I remain skeptical, however, of a Washington Mindset that seems to operate within its own guidelines whatever political party is in power; or so history informs me inasmuch as Republicans haven‘t been in power during my lifetime, not at the national level, at least

    16. Learning informs an inquisitive mind by shaping unformed thoughts and opinions and providing form and substance to ideas while reconciling the diametrical dynamics of intellect and passion

    17. In the case of the Christian, (the) fear of eternal damnation is the underlying factor that informs his or her decision; the mother, an intolerable existence without her child

    18. (It is understood (here) that God informs or counsels the heart)

    19. The Trinity of Existence is Being (the object of Existence), Consciousness (that which properly informs Existence), and Essence (its spiritual component)

    20. It may be correctly argued that although unusual circumstances often give vent to (our) latent tendencies, Reason must necessarily assert itself as the final authority that correctly informs our (potential) actions

    21. ‖ It provides the framework that governs our motives, informs our decisions and provides legitimacy to our beliefs

    22. impulses (or motives) may be understood in terms of that individual‘s essential designs or a product of (social) conditioning that in some manner informs that individual of the potential consequences (or effects) of his or her response

    23. She forces him to have sex and when he informs her that their affair is over, she scratches his back in anger

    24. My business partner informs me that he met with you last week and recommends that we talk

    25. ) that informs, educates, inspires or entertains your target audience

    26. Engage in conversations and share useful and meaningful content that informs, educates and solves specific problems for your prospects

    27. She informs Raymond that she will be back as they walk to the cafeteria and talk for hours about Raymond

    28. ” He informs her as her mouth drops open but she feigns showing her hurt

    29. “I’m not content with just being your friend or cut buddy anymore”, he informs her

    30. ” Ethan informs his wife

    31. ” She informs him

    32. “Actually I’m the owner”, “he informs

    33. “I have sprite, cranberry and apple juice”, he informs her

    34. ” Ethan informs them as Torin looks at Trina

    35. ” Torin informs her as she begins to leave only to stop her by saying, “and Teresa, please inform this woman that if she continues her antics at my place of business, I will call the police

    36. when my manager, Claire informs me that there was a robbery last night at the Sonic fast

    37. She informs the other nurses that they found traces of white arsenic in Denson’s system and he needs to be in ICU for administration of Dimercaprol, an unusual, sometimes toxic antidote

    38. their claim amounts to, is that the cognitive content that informs the exercise of control requires

    39. } Unit-2 informs you through the umbilical attached to a tiny port in the back of your head that controls your information and logic chip neural stimulators

    40. He informs me that

    41. It is the Holy Spirit, ever the same, that enriches, renews and enlivens the experiences of the saints throughout the ages, and informs the faithful that they are indeed in Christ and Christ is in them

    42. Mark the Ascetic informs us that with these tears Christ has visited us and has opened our eyes

    43. “Xin, the Odyssey informs me that eleven ships are leaving orbit around the fifth planet, and are headed on a course that will take them out of the system

    44. Taking his mobile phone out of his pocket he calls again, after five rings the answer phone informs him that he is unable to answer the call and would he like to leave a message? Stef disconnects the call with an angry push of his thumb and shifts in the chair in agitation

    45. � informs Natalie as they approach

    46. � he informs as he walks towards the kitchen

    47. The insurance company informs the Space Force that the ship has been located and drops the criminal charges but we keep the ship

    48. ’ Jabar informs Oded about New York, Selena, the burglary and the book that has been stolen

    49. This was the talcum powder, sterilised of course, the specialist informs his team

    50. Miss Turner informs us that our destination was not as much of a secret as we would have hoped

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