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Ingrid en una oración (en ingles)

  1. It gave Ingrid a chill.
  2. Seeing it made Ingrid cry.
  3. There is no Ingrid Felton.
  4. Ingrid whirled on her heel.
  5. Ingrid stared back at him.

  6. Ingrid made a big grin then.
  7. Just tell me that, Ingrid.
  8. Ingrid shook her head then.
  9. Ingrid grimaced back at him.
  10. Jesus then looked at Ingrid.
  11. Let the region die, Ingrid.
  12. Ingrid thought of Lisa again.
  13. Ingrid hurried to answer him.
  14. I don't care, Ingrid thought.
  15. And then Ingrid screamed too.

  16. You're a mother now, Ingrid.
  17. Ingrid and Scott both looked.
  18. Ingrid swore on hearing that.
  19. Ingrid would drive this time.
  20. Ingrid felt like throwing up.
  21. Ingrid could lose her sanity.
  22. Ingrid then nudged him a bit.
  23. Ingrid bit her lip in thought.
  24. Ingrid smiled at that, amused.
  25. Ingrid looked next at Ascani.

  26. Ingrid then answered for Klaus.
  27. Ingrid took a step towards it.
  28. I need to get back to Ingrid.
  29. Look away, Ingrid told herself.
  30. I can hear you well, Ingrid.
  31. Ingrid shook her head at that.
  32. Ingrid then cut him off again.
  33. Ingrid was fazed by none of it.
  34. Ingrid smiled at her eagerness.
  35. Ingrid peered at her reflection.
  36. I am! Said Ingrid at once.
  37. By the way, her name is Ingrid.
  38. Welcome to our house, Ingrid.
  39. Ingrid turned around and waved.
  40. Finally, Ingrid and Rolf were.
  41. I remember that well, Ingrid.
  42. Ingrid gave her a resolute look.
  43. Dumoulin then looked at Ingrid.
  44. Ingrid lay back into the pillows.
  45. Ingrid poked through them first.
  46. At this Ingrid was almost gaping.
  47. Ingrid shouted out her location.
  48. Ingrid was in that command post.
  49. The compliment made Ingrid smile.
  50. I'm from the region too, Ingrid.
  51. Ingrid stared at him resolutely.
  52. You can start your dive, Ingrid.
  53. That made Ingrid chuckle briefly.
  54. Ingrid then addressed Felt again.
  55. It leaned forward to grab Ingrid.
  56. Ingrid sighed and nodded her head.
  57. Ingrid paled and lowered her head.
  58. Ingrid shrugged and sat back down.
  59. Ingrid gave him a blank look then.
  60. Ingrid smiled in response to that.
  61. Ingrid then looked back at Blamey.
  62. That made Ingrid smile with malice.
  63. A note to Ingrid, her housekeeper.
  64. It was time to get back to Ingrid.
  65. Ingrid jumped; Jo-Jo only laughed.
  66. This made Ingrid laugh even harder.
  67. Ingrid then spoke in a calm voice.
  68. Ingrid continued to look flustered.
  69. The three of them looked at Ingrid.
  70. Ingrid then turned to face Bandong.
  71. That is my doing, Ingrid said.
  72. Ingrid recognized it on the instant.
  73. Ingrid eyed him with near contempt.
  74. Ingrid gave her a reassuring smile.
  75. Ingrid looked out across the water.
  76. Ingrid didn’t hide the truth then.
  77. Ingrid blew air out on seeing them.
  78. Winslow then looked back at Ingrid.
  79. Ingrid could now nearly smell home.
  80. He collected Ingrid and they went.
  81. Ingrid looked back at him with shock.
  82. Ingrid turned back and smiled to him.
  83. Ingrid looked at him over her teacup.
  84. Ingrid? Are you still there?’’.
  85. She told Ingrid to finish her story.
  86. I am very proud of my friend Ingrid.
  87. Ingrid needs to open the interstice.
  88. Ingrid gave him a critical look then.
  89. Denise Bateman then surprised Ingrid.
  90. Ingrid shook her head slowly at that.
  91. From here, Ingrid finished her story.
  92. Ingrid closed the door and locked it.

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