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Insane en una oración (en ingles)

All of it is insane.
It was an insane idea.
That is how insane it is.
To go back seemed insane.
This bitch must be insane.
Sanity? This is insane !!.
It is an insane situation.

I must have looked insane.
Why the Undead are INSANE.
He bt comes almost insane.
Others said she was insane.
Is the man totally insane?
This was driving me insane.
Sheep panic and die insane.
The man was totally insane.
Is sick, stupid, and insane.
I reckoned he was not insane.
Is there worse than insane?
The ones who try, go insane.
Mostly because it was insane.
The concept itself is insane.
Because that would be insane.
An insane resolve possessed me.
This is insane stupidity and.
This is the most insane thing.
The blood of the insane.
That was how insane they were.
As she read, the insane story.
Mothers are all slightly insane.
The highest are the most insane.
I must look insane, she thought.
All mono-linear logic is insane.
Eke was thinking Bill was insane.
Their question is itself insane.
Say the ladies are insane there.
The insane idea of only one god.
He is insane, but not heartless.
Only, I know I was never insane.
What he’s suggesting is insane.
Are you insane? she asked.

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