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    1. The brain has to integrate sensory information from the inner ears, from vision, from proprioceptors (sensors in muscles, tendons and joints that tell the brain where the limbs are positioned) and from pressure sensors in the soles of the feet

    2. Once I actually got some sleep, I was allowed to integrate with the general public a little bit

    3. On the contrary, in order to achieve control over your weight, you need to integrate

    4. If you can integrate and weave most of the following twenty-four tips into your

    5. programming knowledge, it can be difficult to install and integrate with

    6. There is nothing to integrate, no code to setup and it has the advantage of

    7. Also have a regular meditational practice established which will help you to steer your trip and to also integrate what you learn

    8. To dream that you are playing a harmonica indicates that there is some emotions that you need to release and integrate into your daily life

    9. To get the most from meditation, it is important for it to be integral - that is, with an approach to living that seeks to integrate body, mind, and spirit

    10. mere creature needs to know and integrate into their life

    11. The advertising production team, owing to the lack of accord between the partners, was left with a two-track advertising strategy that failed to integrate the two essential themes

    12. There are several ways to integrate a de-

    13. ‘We are encouraged to integrate in the fullest sense possible

    14. …(that is to say) particularly striking to the casual observer is an inability to differentiate between generations whose phonic accents and (ethnic) customs and forms seem to suggest an unwillingness to integrate into the mainstream…

    15. Present tendencies, however, seem to be running counter to traditional practices that sought to integrate diverse cultures (E Pluribus Unum)

    16. Try to integrate yourself with them but beware of the Stockholm Syndrome

    17. “Garden of Eden,” for humans will have a wealth of experience to integrate and reflect upon

    18. integrate or unite one’s own being

    19. Those who do integrate the knowledge of cause and

    20. that time, those who are ready to change and who accept and integrate new

    21. The solution of the serious socioeconomic problems must be systemic so that the human society can really be organized and to integrate its agents in a wide global network, without frontiers and without the blockades of the limitation of the use of the money in any region of the planet

    22. It doesn’t use this power with effectiveness because it lacked it new operational systematics that is capable to build an organizational structure that it makes possible to integrate diverse activities of organizations, to accomplish transactions of payments and to accumulate resources, without the need of the physical money, without depending of the eternal state of helps

    23. These will be created in the world to integrate global actions of the Third Sector, letting the local and individual actions for Bank3Sectors in the regional ambit

    24. Let´s think on a15 meters long beast with large jaws and sharp teeth that dies and sinks to the bottom of the Tethys Sea in the territories that many years later would integrate Egypt

    25. It’s not quite a lie, because the people in the Bureau do believe that healed genes will fix certain things, that if we integrate into the general population and pass our genes on, the world will be a better place

    26. The Mongols did not integrate with the Hanjen, but always treated them as inferiors to be despised and oppressed

    27. vendor to integrate to another vendor’s software

    28. The following attempt to integrate the ideas of karma, rebirth, and the Christian perspective is speculative

    29. “Why don’t you just integrate yourselves into the Khanate

    30. He is learning to integrate the two worlds so that he can live in both simultaneously

    31. to think about the different parts of your marketing systems that you can integrate some kind

    32. integrate them into their products

    33. Q: Again a counsel of perfection! To integrate and strengthen

    34. and evaluate how you can responsibly integrate them into your life

    35. integrate a workout into your life during the day; maybe at

    36. You have to integrate all 3 aspects into your life at the same time

    37. Others came from Hong Kong to invest, for the amount of two hundred thousand American dollars granted them an immediate visa to live in Canada, when, several years ago, negotiations started to integrate Hong Kong with China

    38. made changes to integrate women but it was the actions of the government that

    39. There are seven types of Twitter cards you can integrate on your website

    40. Further, I have never been able to integrate into my logic structure a concept that says 90+ percent of a society must accept/condone immoral behavior -and be told that we must ‘respect’ others viewpoints even though better than 90 to 95% of us know ‘it’s not normal”

    41. The organizing concept for a given human being allows him to integrate all facets of his existence

    42. been able to integrate into my life as just another of the extended

    43. sequence of the individual events would not necessarily integrate

    44. much easier to see where I have been able to integrate myself into

    45. Even Povon, whose physical combat abilities are quite fearsome, could greatly benefit if she could access and integrate Kragorram’s more highly trained fighting skills

    46. God created both halves of you, the reasoning half and the emotional half, so that you could learn to integrate them

    47. The need to reform and integrate border security operations was illustrated by the post September 11 INS report which revealed that of the 19 terrorists involved in the attacks, 13 had entered the United States legally, but several had remained in the nation after visa violations

    48. how to integrate the data offered by religion, philosophy and science, so we

    49. see how that service or product will logically integrate into your

    50. become conscious of it and integrate it inside of us

    1. Walking requires the integrated use of our arms, legs and torso

    2. The Kick Start Cart Integrated Shopping System Includes: Hosting on their server

    3. The Kick Start Cart Integrated Shopping System

    4. Biological Controls: The use of beneficial organisms offers an effective system of integrated pest management

    5. The use of beneficial organisms offers an effective system of integrated pest management

    6. It is economical for all families as the integrated costs are considerably less than the addition of individual households when living separately

    7. Tig checked his version of the integrated capacitor discharge control system one more time

    8. practitioners already use will hopefully be integrated

    9. He was getting a good understanding of the workings of the planet's ecology, and getting an appreciation of how well the native economy was integrated into the biosphere

    10. So far, all were deeply integrated with the Dead Tree, their bodies full of more vines than blood

    11. Clocks are based on repetitive events but cannot register the flexibility integrated within the notion of time

    12. North, out of area of icial y integrated in

    13. which systems to use (and which systems need to be integrated)

    14. that’s hosting your website (unless it is a cloud server with an integrated CDN

    15. If you wish to try an integrated (zero technical) platform, then give

    16. Some systems make this easy (mostly the integrated solutions such as

    17. I finally came back, but my reality had been shattered and it took years before I finally fully integrated the experience

    18. Social media works best when it is a part of an integrated effort

    19. system, which was integrated into the Atlantica database, came up empty

    20. His form was not grotesque in a conventional sense: the exoskeleton had a perfect symmetry, a perfectly integrated system of servos overlaid with chrome plating, a design that bespoke maximum efficiency

    21. Serious kit: Kevlar and titanium construction with an integrated cooling system (he wasn’t going to bear unnecessary discomfort on a warm June day)

    22. “And has an integrated air-supply

    23. E: -- Thirdly, when considering the Bible as an integrated unit or message system, evidence of integrated “design” should also be evident throughout the scripture as a whole, if we are to accept the Bible as the Truth

    24. This is just another example of numeric structure found in the Bible, but it is a level higher than the actual compositional structure of the text, but it is nevertheless fully integrated and fully dependent on the structural composition

    25. A: -- The ELS is hidden within - and forms part of and are fully integrated with - the amazing numerical structure that is found in the Bible

    26. How would he have known that the Bible, as we have it today, would one day exist? How could he predict what would happen in the future and know the numerical requirements, which he would have to adhere to, for including codes about the future into his writing? Every single letter in the Bible fits perfectly into a masterfully designed, fully integrated compilation that can only serve its intended purpose, if each individual letter is in its intended designed position and remained there over millennia

    27. ‘No, the cells are only recognised as one unit – an integrated system

    28. ‘L76M is now a fully integrated entity, evolved into something beyond mere sentience

    29. ‘I am fully integrated now with the other AI’s, though we are not as one, there is only I

    30. Once you’ve integrated de-loading into your program and

    31. The minus-12 air was already beginning to bite: his shell coat didn't have an integrated heating system, its outer layer had to be as cold as the surrounding

    32. It is written in the Perillan, The Elven Book of Life, that the tenth age of Elves would bring an end to the Elves and herald a new beginning for them as long as they had integrated with other races

    33. Seems like they were something like flip flops, but I know they weren‘t because flip flops had not been integrated into the American Society at this time

    34. Graphics and visual effects are very resource-hungry and can severely affect system performance, especially if you have an older computer and an integrated video card that has no dedicated memory of its own

    35. In this manner, its members are integrated parts constituting a common whole in the manner each part is considered one with that body

    36. In this manner, the vital link establishing a connection between integrated parts has been severed, thereby rendering each impression or idea, uncertain or meaningless by having assigned the essential character of that whole to each (constituent) part

    37. But, there is a God, and if the children are integrated into the spiritual and social dynamic of the family it can be easier for the two sets of children to grow and learn to trust and love one another

    38. It includes remaining an integrated, diversified public company

    39. endeavoring to foster inter-service and regional cooperation by assisting in the organization of integrated command and control centers; the establishment of common operating procedures; and the conduct of joint and combined training exercises

    40. really integrated and more events that are integrated

    41. All they could do then was to poke and prod with other systems, systems which aren’t integrated with the missiles

    42. That was my first big question, the first time I fully formalized and integrated it

    43. The dining area was integrated with the kitchen; snug and homely

    44. I become integrated and embedded

    45. problems with actuation in an integrated

    46. In the case of Brazil that has approximate population of 180 million people in 2004, there is need to agree 1,966,419 organizations of the Third Sector to constitute 117 Bank3Sectors and to act in an integrated way

    47. participate and to act in an integrated way

    48. a) Coordenational Structure organizes the human society with its resources through the coordination of the activities for each corporation to execute only its role in an integrated way, but with total autonomy

    49. That methodology dynamicalally allocates all the agents in the diverse Areas of Activities so that its actions occur in an integrated way through Usuarist Projects of other corporations that participate in this innovator Coordenational Structure

    50. Therefore, the application of this challenging methodology is justified for the complexity of the activities and in the verification that nobody makes something alone, because all obtained result for the human activity occurs in an integrated way in a complete partnership even in the competitiveness, also in process of personal creation

    1. The notion integrates perfectly with the principle of a nature in constant and endless evolution

    2. Google Trends integrates news stories and events to give you a

    3. Lastly, this practice integrates our three major centers or “brains”, the third eye area, the heart center and the stomach

    4. “Reason” is defined as “the mental faculty that integrates information

    5. It integrates processes, products and services in complete partnership among the agreed organizations, without they lose autonomies or without ruining competitively

    6. It integrates all acquired knowledge and existent wealth with its availabilities for the accomplishment of so expected social well-being in any region of the planet

    7. Bank3Sector is the way that integrates and administers the amount of material and monetary resources that will be collected by the producing units of social services (NGO, cooperative, foundation, institute, association, public organisms, etc

    8. Parietal Lobe: Integrates our senses, and has something to do with visual-spatial (space) awareness

    9. With this, it integrates the knowledge, it reduces

    10. This innovative structure integrates thousands and thousands of agreed organizations with its suppliers that desire to participate in its Areas of Activities so that it can supply all the necessities of goods, products and services that satisfy the people fully

    11. the world, we are a partner that integrates a

    12. It integrates all this knowledge in a unifying whole

    13. It integrates and incorporates data gathered from Psychoanalysis and the

    14. Mainstream Science proposes that the brain integrates the patchy and fragmentary bits of information on the retina available in successive fixations into a stable, detailed model or representation

    15. of their role as symmetrical opposites, which integrates and supports the role

    16. Systems thinking achieves its position by being the discipline that integrates the other four

    17. Personal peace integrates personality

    18. It is frequently said that feminist psychotherapy does not involve a particular model or method of therapy, but instead adds or integrates a feminist perspective on any of the

    19. The memory chips expand his intelligence as he integrates them into his brain by a multitude of nerve connections

    20. training model that integrates multiple delivery modes and

    21. He/she would have a staff to interface with all the citizen’s committees and act as the project manager head of the personnel program that integrates with the government

    22. is that his is the only cognitively applicable system that integrates the

    23. simpler to remember and also integrates other areas of risk into it

    24. They say that spiritual work integrates the human being and as this integrative process continues then the person becomes stronger

    25. integrates into his own soul, making it bigger, greater and even

    26. •AmProtect – Plugin that integrates with WordPress and Drip Feeds content to

    27. “No, they practice being love, for it is love which is divine, since it integrates and elevates

    28. The trans-culture of love that integrates diverse, self-defining cultures to create locally resilient networks that are globally supported inhibits the fadpeding cascades of hyper-kinnected homozygotic think-clacking: screen-442

    29. Spirit unifies and integrates; its first transcendence is the soul being born in the act of caring for horrors seen ubiquitous

    30. Life, however it changes, integrates or not, creates new fluid harmonics or conflicting dissonance

    31. that integrates with your gmail account and allows you to communicate

    32. • Page layout: Leave this at “Default” so that your article integrates properly within the

    33. The beauty of ClickBank is that it integrates the affiliate

    34. call gravity would be time is running on the measure of Π and every aspect of cosmology integrates Π as

    35. It integrates both

    36. time is running on the measure of Π and every aspect of cosmology integrates Π as the basic concept on

    37. Then there is the inner biofeedback of growth-learning-understanding: as it integrates and balances its experiences by comparing them, evaluating them, and putting them into perspective

    38. The state of Pure Wonder is the natural state of human awareness that naturally compares and integrates your Inner and your Outer wisdom into an integrated Totality

    39. The next section describes a simple applet project that integrates with the Web application project

    40. Another form of ancient symbolism that integrates with this symbology is that of the cross, as the

    41. Why? Because it integrates with your other knowledge (world

    1. integrating 5 different systems and they still did not work

    2. The dream reflects how you are receiving, integrating, and expressing your ideas and thoughts

    3. “Oh so I se you got rid of him well I cant say as I blame you I mean trying to get his hand between your legs that would put you off but was that the only reason?” I gave her my best integrating smile when I had first started she looked a bit mad but now a grin came to her face as she replied

    4. The “visiting” set might have a tougher time integrating into the fabric of the household while the “live-in” set of children have an easier time of adjusting because they experience the day-to-day functioning and routine of the family

    5. We have seen that by integrating heavens and earth he attempts to cover everything, all that exist; and that by mentioning heavens and earth again at the end, he draws our attention to the purely human and earthly perspective of the narrator

    6. Is this action integrating with reality, or disintegrating with reality? How will this action move me towards my goals

    7. Integration testing is like integrating different modules or units

    8.  Trac:- Integrating a bug tracker with a wiki, and an interface to the Subversion

    9. Equally important to addressing the core is integrating the knowledge from one core area to other core areas

    10. They wish to keep humans and bots from integrating, in

    11. By accepting and integrating within themselves their positive and

    12. She learned this as companies formed and while thinking about the confidence quotient integrating into ultimately, value

    13. comes to fully integrating new

    14. purposes of integrating that

    15. (iv) Drawing Conclusions, and (v) Integrating With Prior Knowledge

    16. Integrating With Prior Knowledge

    17. Integrating the two interviews we had with hair

    18. picture and may have difficulty integrating either the more personal focus or the

    19. integrating a moment into the hive of information they

    20. integrating with one another not shutting yourself off

    21. away under "real memories" and integrating the experience into his life

    22. When integrating some computer chips into human bodies an initial extended electrical force was needed

    23. With refined gestures he starts to eat and looks integrating at me

    24. Integrating the crews was Wendy’s responsibility so she had the flight crews and the battleship’s combat crews run simulations involving the pickets and the two destroyers they had brought from Earth

    25. After that we will see about integrating them into the Stellar organization

    26. more questions about it, integrating what one finds useful in

    27. Allow your self to succeed by being yourself: feeling your feelings, integrating them through accepting and expressing them, then allowing them to leave your “hand

    28. This included her relationship with Saa-ra, in terms of fully integrating and trusting her senses and feelings

    29. of integrating it all together, testing, commissioning, etc, etc

    30. process of integrating this experience as I learn to really love and accept

    31. Believe it or not, but my air commanders in Europe refused to contemplate integrating female aviation units to their formations

    32. I observed that the integrating decadent politicians had already

    33. Attentiveness is integrating that awareness into our active consciousness in daily living

    34. Back even more and he unearthed deeply rooted beliefs that integrating too much would deem him Chinese

    35. research with an emphasis on integrating the evaluation of risk and return

    36. While not wholly integrating opportunity costs, the capital dynamic

    37. are, and of integrating that into our lives

    38. By integrating throughout your site, the key words for your products and services, you will have some advantage

    39. They also teach of Enlightenment; the Integrating techniques of

    40. them, and then by integrating these split off parts back into the

    41. being is learning the necessity of purifying them and integrating

    42. “We will have enough issues integrating the crew,” Kitara said

    43. integrating anything that enters it at too steep an angle

    44. • Salifatinos, Chris, "Integrating the Theory of Constraints and Activity-Based Costing", Journal of Cost Management, Fall 1995, Vol 9 No

    45. without integrating the equation

    46. Our open communication creates a fluid intimacy that flows into an integrating

    47. Not new, as in the evolution of heart and mind integrating as spirit, but nu as in techno-nouveau: nu for the sake of novelty, i

    48. ” integrating the chip-trip, her AS popped up with various monetization schemes tailored to her statistical individuality

    49. These organizational systems can interact with other organizational systems, either of greater or lesser complexity, by cooperating, integrating, conflicting, annihilating, synthesizing, mutating, hybridizing or transcending together into higher inter-intra-organizations

    50. Integrating intelligences shared, we see farther down the road than we know how to travel, our eyes seeing no path and feet feeling no ground, as the now expands faster and farther than we perceive; yet, we receive it – receptors in the GlobalMind

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