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Intellect en una oración (en ingles)

  1. His intellect in close array.
  2. But intellect never shows us.
  3. Her intellect is on the wane—.
  4. You have a first-rate intellect.
  5. Intellect, the card says, must.

  6. Striking the intellect with awe.
  7. It is hitting below the intellect.
  8. This is, what the intellect is for.
  9. Man has been bestowed with intellect.
  10. Her memory and intellect are intact.
  11. There is something beyond intellect.
  12. The intellect which has only a dim.
  13. It seemed to sharpen her intellect.
  14. These are they who possess intellect.
  15. Kyrie! The radiance of the intellect.

  16. I loved his spontaneity and intellect.
  17. These are manifestations of intellect.
  18. Who have foregone the good of intellect.
  19. Why his intellect did not work then…?
  20. Success in Training Intellect and Talent.
  21. Intellect is the creative energy in you.
  22. The hermit is the intellect of the tarot.
  23. You are a scoundrel and a false intellect.
  24. Through pure force of will and intellect.
  25. By money, by intellect, between and through.

  26. Clearly, the intellect is one of the tools.
  27. They use their intellect as a tool as they.
  28. Most men would not appreciate her intellect.
  29. He found the intellect arousing, almost as.
  30. Scorpios are people of depth and intellect.
  31. Maybe he did think something of her intellect.
  33. Love is not of the intellect but of the heart.
  34. I said to myself that, maybe my intellect is.
  35. The intellect is a frail and finite instrument.
  36. Intellect serves us only while we are on earth.
  37. Intellect is killed in relation to eternal life.
  38. The appeal was to emotion, not to the intellect.
  39. He always stresses the importance of intellect.
  40. Ego plane, plane of intellect and Transcendence.
  41. He was the one with the intellect and the ability.
  42. He realizes that knowledge (intellect) is Brahman.
  43. It will satisfy both the intellect and the heart.
  44. Also, it is unknown how one’s intellect should.
  45. The intellect and will are spiritual functions;.
  46. It is not the mind, or the intellect, or the reason.
  47. I’ve learned you have a most remarkable intellect.
  48. But there are very few who use their intellect to.
  49. Of course we have left the plane of the intellect.
  50. For example, his intellect is not occupied 99% of.
  51. Her intellect stimulated his own mind and put him.
  52. We don’t do violence to the intellect or judgement.
  53. They had a very sharp intellect and shrewd sense of.
  54. Her intellect surpassed even the Kelvan’s intellect.
  55. You are ignoring your intellect and rational thinking.
  56. Part of it was because her intellect wouldn’t let her.
  57. It's not for a goose like you to judge of his intellect.
  58. As being is to becoming, so is pure intellect to opinion.
  59. Therefore, God is the proper object of his own intellect.
  60. Certainly, the intellect is at the heart of much learning.
  61. Corbin has an expansive intellect and technical skills.
  62. His eyes were a gray blue and reflected a strong intellect.
  63. Unfortunately, our lesser intellect, with all of its man-.
  64. Her intellect was more a loss to them, to him in particular.
  65. He does not have the intellect needed to function at coun-.
  66. To William, Sarah’s intellect seemed equivalent to his own.
  67. So beware of God, O you who possess intellect and have faith.
  68. Application of intellect is categorized here into three kinds.
  69. If there are no interruptions from the ego or the intellect.
  70. It took intuition and intellect to create a healthy lifestyle.
  71. The intellect, as much as we aggrandize ourselves for it, and.
  72. Sometimes courage and the intellect are also blocked and this.
  73. Nixon was an enigmatic man of prodigious intellect and talent.
  74. Their fields of study absorb all their interest and intellect.
  75. To him, Blacks were inferior to the White Man in intellect.
  76. The intellect would say, Times are hard, no activity in real.
  77. Thee in thy pinnacles, intellect, thought, thy topmost rational.
  78. Homo-Sapient, with it's intellect, has an unpleasant amount of.
  79. It’s not many girls who have the intellect to limn a hero well.
  80. Paul did not use his superior intellect to create another Gospel.
  81. Everyone who stayed with Gurdjieff grew, not just in intellect -.
  82. Was it only yesterday? His intellect moved in to join Sharon’s.
  83. Mind is superior to the senses and intellect is superior to mind.
  84. His intellect should also rein in the mind firmly and make it.
  85. Everyone, except Ben, marvelled at Liberty’s incisive intellect.
  86. Without such wisdom, the incisive tool of the intellect is easily.
  87. Since I am also the intellect in wise men and the magnificence.
  88. We live in a culture where intellect predominates and where in our.
  89. Justice holds a sword—long a symbol for the intellect within the.
  90. My Intellect rebels, but O my Heart and my Body are all too willing.
  91. Although in reality the only thing in which "intellect" is really.
  92. Even the intellect gets confused because the intelligent energy of.
  93. They were committed to nurturing intellect so that we could become.
  94. The intellect is very acute in terms of its methods and tools, but.
  95. Preludes of intellect tallying these and thee, mind-formulas fitted.
  96. Gayathri’ in relation to life, speech and the intellect, Gayathri.
  97. Use your intellect and intuition to become really aware of yourself.
  98. That intellect is of the nature of ignorance, O Parth, which is.
  99. Her intellect tells her that’s not the case, her instincts do not.
  100. Success for us is the death of the intellect and of the imagination.

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